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October 19, 2007





thats quick


OGV Where does BC rank by sunday morning?


Play the soccer team - I am the only one allowed to purrrrrrrr on this blog - LOL


86 - read your eamil


Solar...by God you've done it again!

As Michael Strahan stated last night from the sideline of the game at Rutgers, USF learned it's different to be the "hunted" rather than the "hunter".



hiya cgnc, I'm in a rain delay at work can you believe it? it actually rained about two hours.

I'm out, but back after while, tell soup it's not magic, it's that new blog juice solarpower


CGNC...on my way.

Canechic, her son, Mrs. 86 and myself will be in Tally this weekend for the FSWho game.

Look for the Canespace T-shirts and world famous banner in the stands! Anybody hanging out in Tally tonight?

Aqua...where U at?



Francesco Zampogna and Matt Bosher will continue to handle the kicking and punting duties this week, even though Randy Shannon didn't seem happy about. "We can't trade them or cut them," Shannon said. "They're all we got."


LOl I meant "email" - canespace email


alabama vs tennessee more entertaining? those teams are boring. kentucky vs florida should be entertaining though. UM vs FSU will always be the most entertaining to me. the past two games have been ugly but entertaining since so tightly played and not being over to the very end. tennessee hasn't play any tight games, either they will beat up on alabama or get beat up on by alabama. won't be worth watching past the 3rd quarter.


Go NOW to Esteban's UM/FSU "Break It Down":


Check the photos of Barrow smacking Vanover! The UM equipment guy ragging on the FSU kicker after wide right II or was it III? And the Bobby Bowden FG upright collection...

The Truth

With Miami really only having a 3 man rotation at DT its going to be tough to keep the game close. especially when one of the starters isn't a real starter and not very good and the 3rd guy is 240 lbs and only reallt play DT regularly as a pass rusher.

I am worried about that.


Don't be worried, the FSU lineman will get tired trying to keep up with the quickness. It's not like they have a big bruising front line that is going to ram it down our throats, We actually have the advantage on the line, I am more worried about the secondary! and the LB getting off the blocks. All and all it's evenly matched and it will probably come down to whomever makes the fewest mental mistakes.


86 - read your email again, please


We have a history of difficulty with mobile QB's and I don't see this week being any different. FSU's QB is a big strong kid who does not shy away from contact when running the ball. Our DL must stay in their lanes and the rush has to be a controlled rush. If CC has his ass running up field X Lee will run right at the hole he has created and if we are poor at tackeling he will run for big gaines. FSU is going to blitz the hell out of us when we have the ball. History is the team who runs the ball best will win the game.


3:30 PM Michigan State at #1 Ohio State ABC

3:30 PM #15 Florida at #7 Kentucky CBS

3:30 PM #12 California at UCLA ABC

3:30 PM #14 USC at Notre Dame NBC

3:30 PM #24 Texas Tech at #16 Missouri ABC

3:30 PM Miami (FL) at Florida State ABC

Out of the 6 televised games kicking off at 3:30 U vs. FSu may be the fourth most interesting game at that time slot.

I just hope ABC dosn't switch to the other regional games when it is 3-0 and half the audience is asleep. Is it just me, or have the last 3 games miami has played been about exciting as watching Lou Holtz lisp and slur his way thru an imaginary pep talk on espn.

Fake Solarcane needs to go. The real solarcane is the man.

The Truth

Miami does NOT have any advantage on the Line either way. FSU's D-Line, while not great, is playing well enough and we coud say the same for Miami's O. If you wanted to call it a wash...ok, but, I think FSU has the edge there.

As far as our DL v. their OL. Even as week as they are up front, the injuries have left Miami rediculously thin. Tell me Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan and Dj Williams are the backers and I'd feel better. But the DT's are going to waer down as the game goes on. Bimbo is going to run run run and eventually that'll pay off for them.

The key for Miami is to run run run and hit some big plays early. IF they can do that they will control the clock and force FSU to throw.


LOL Truth - "Bimbo" that is funny!


x. lee is a much better runner when things breakdown than when it is a designed run play for him.


86, can U delete the stuff solarcane has placed in this site. We don't know if kids come to this site. Solarcane, keep your wet dreams in your closet.


Norm...it is not Solarcane, it is an imposter who we have banned and keeps coming back.

We have now notified TypePad which in turn has contact the FBI about the posting of porn on a public site and they will be tracking the IP address and paying our friend a little visit soon!



Says here that the Canes win. Rememeber you read it here first!


My apologize to solarcane. Thank U, 86.


Norm - jeepahs - you should know Solar better than that - LOL. 86 - is it the same guy from awhile back?

DallasTX Cane

Do that purrrr thing again CGNC...


ahhh purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - DTC


CanesgirlNC, I didn't know about the guy, which is why I said what I said, but I apologize. Now, I know, and it won't happen again.


No problem Norm - we're cool ;-D But LOL it was funny that you thought a guy who wrote about Schwinn's would post gay porn - kinda funny!


86 - I know you will be taking pics, how about some GUYS this time......U know the type.....
Canechic - you are in charge of making sure he does this.....

DallasTX Cane

LOL CGNC! Thanks, you made my day.

But...no 86, the gal photos are just fine! lol

Oh, okay...maybe just one or two guy pics for CGNC...


YIKES! I think the gay porn guy has scared all the bloggers off!

86 Can you post some pictures of some black chics too, just a request not trying to create any racial tension here.


DallasTX Cane

yeah, my personal opinion is that I don't generally like deleting posts, even when someone is just talking trash and not contributing or discussing. The porn links have no business here though. Like someone else already stated, this is a sports blog tied to a sports site that can/will attract kids.


hornet cane - go to my page "U Really Got Me" and scroll down for CGOM September n/k/a CFOM - Starr - something for everyone here I tell ya :-D


hornet...fair enough request. I agree we need to reflect more diversity here. Good suggestion. I will defintiely do this.

And if you have a Canes Fan Of The Month condidate that is African American have him/her submit their picture to us at host@canespace.com for consideration.

CGNC selected our Canes Fan Of The Month for September who was an African American (black) woman from Charlotte. U can find her at the Canespace web site on the "U Really Got Me Page" near the bottom left of the page now that CFOM for October is featured on that page.


Here is the link:



CanesgirlNC all I have to say is !@#$%^& and I mean that in a good way!



Why does everyone say that are recruits are soft commits and that we have to worry about UF coming in and stealing some. That bullshit makes me so mad. I feel that whenever someone can make a reference about UF they will. I hope we get all our recruits and next year kick the living shit out of those bastards from gville.


Where have all the bloggers gone???


From www.hurricanesports.com:

Campbell Advances in Award Voting

Star Defensive End is on Lombardi and Hendricks Awards Lists

Oct. 19, 2007

Coral Gables - Miami Hurricanes star defensive end Calais Campbell has been named a semi-finalist for the Lombardi Award and is on the new Hendricks Award midseason watch list.

Campbell is now one of 12 semifinalists for the 38th annual Lombardi Award, which is presented to the top lineman or linebacker in college football. He joins an illustrious list of star collegians, including Virginia's Chris Long, Southern Cal's Sam Baker and LSU's Glenn Dorsey.

To read more go to www.hurricanesports.com!


From www.hurricanesports.com:

"Practice was great," UM head football coach Randy Shannon said. "The intensity level was great. We had great two-minute drills. The guys flew around this whole week."

Shannon said redshirt freshman defensive tackle Josh Holmes and senior wider receiver Lance Leggett will not play against Florida State.


I'm still looking at CanesgirlNC!!!!! Give me a minute!


Dunno 86, aliens maybe????

CanesgirlNC Fan Club

Everyone is still looking at CanesgirlNC!!!!!


Dorsey gets the Lombardi from LSU - I think


Jeez whoever said the last three UM-FSU games have been great because they went down to the last minute needs to reevaluate his definition of an exciting game. The 2004 game that went to OT was 10-3 with like 3 minutes to go, and FSU's only TD came off an INT return. I'll admit Miami's last minute rally to tie and Gore's run in OT definitely pumped me up, but 58 minutes of that game sucked donkey balls.

The 2005 game @ FSU was awful with FSU getting its only TD on a 30 yard drive set up by a TO as I recall. Wright had two good drives, one ending in a TD, the other which shoulda. Had Wright actually finished the two minute drill to win the game 14-10, it still would have been an awful game, but I'd have fonder memories. It is only known for that FSU cowgirl becomming famous and the supposed "Miami muff" which should never have happened after first and goal on the two.

Last year's game was an insult to football. The points for both teams came like pulling teeth, and Miami finished with 2 yards rushing. That doubled FSU's output of 1 yard. Absolutely heinous.

You want real Miami-FSU? See all games from 1987-1994 and from 1998-2003. I hope we get a real game tomorrow, but if it MUST suck, just WIN Canes!




Great game on T.V. @ 3:30


Man, I don't know why I really didn't think of this before... but anyone notice just how much Greg Olsen looks like He-Man?


oh, and here's one of Hester's returns where he cranks dat soulja boy... gets the TD... then Supermans at the end. Dude is unreal:



I'm well behind but this was great post from Solar

First series of downs against FSU

1.dn Long pass down the right sideline two yrds over receivers head and slightly out of bounds.( this is the newest, always use this on first down everytime play)

2.dn JJ into the middle of the pile 2 yrds.

3.dn play action, then a short throw 5yrs out dropped or receiver fails to pick up 8 yrds.

4.dn punt of 32 yrs returned for 28 yrds.

Then we settle down and the game actually starts


Posted by: solarcane | October 18, 2007 at 03:57 PM

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