October 21, 2007





This game was won by GUTS. Pure guts. Plain and simple.


Randy you wild whacky man.. now thats good stuff right there!


Nice writeup for real soup,funny as hell but right on!


I had to actually put a pair of drumsticks down, go from drum throne to easychair to slide that WON in there for you 86!

long live ron mexico!

i think you should put that paragraph about zampogna's fake fg td pass before the one above it, since it happened before the half


The seats were the usual visiting team, alumni tics. Meaning end zone, high up and miles from the field, bathrooms and any food or beverage.


but full of winners!


I'm glad for you bro decent seats and got to see a classic!

long live ron mexico!

looks to be accurate now. ya think you could squeeze a pic of a bobby bowden bobblehead somewhere in there?

mr troutman

Actually this is EPPS second pass thrown to him. Remeber TEXAS A&M game when he caught the ball and ran over their defender. Man this guy should play a lot more , a long with Gordan and MCNEAL (even with the fumble). These guys are game changers as well as SUPER COOP, JJ, and JENKINS!


Good article 86.

Canez 1, have you heard anything on Patchan? How is his season goin? Does he have an official set up at the U yet? Also, anything new on Brandon Harris?

Big Moo

Nice Blog,

Biggest drive of the game was holding the Noles to a FG the first drive of the second half. Not only did it squash momentum, but also kept the game w/in 1 score. I knew we would need that hold to stay in the game, and in retrospect, I think we come away with a L if they score a td.

long live ron mexico!

good point moo. i was telling my friend the same thing at the time. "they score a td here, the game is over"

long live ron mexico!

and I was later saying "put the game on our QBs shoulders, we lose the game." boy was i ever proven wrong. THANK YOU LORD!


I almost forgot I'd like to give a current hurricane, Damien Berry, a big canespace happy birthday. He's gonna be a great one.


well, it's still his birthday because I'm in central time zone. sunday was his bday


I will always be a Kirby fan. Thanks to the U Team for the win!!!


I'm gonna go back and delete some of the inital posts here when we were just trying to get things right and making corrections.

Don't anybody get their knickers all in a wad about it...be back.


nice work 86...keep it up.

long live ron mexico!

looks good


Who's going to copy the game to DVD and give it to the Legion , including $6.95 for shipping and handling????


Just so everyone knows..

Sean T had a INT today.
Rocky Mcintosh had 8 tackles

Willis had one hell of a TD run. Here's the link to the video



Cav...I asked that same question earlier. I'm already overcommitted and underpaid, so I gotta take a pass on that one.

LLRM...thanks for the pics! I added the game ending celebration with the players running off the field just now at the bottom of the blog.


East...thanks! Three hours of writing and editing, making corrections and then adding LLRM's photos. This all on 2 hours sleep last night.

GO CANES! With no game next Saturday, enjoy your week off.

long live ron mexico!

job well done
i've got the game TIVO'd, if anyone knows how to put it onto my laptop so that I can burn it onto DVDs and make copies of it, i'll be more than happy to do it.
let me know.
i'm out for the night.


86, I wasn't suggesting you per se. Perhaps you could be the collector of funds and someone else could actually do the taping.


great post. a bit heavy on the metophors, but great nonetheless

Bowden moving?



Great game canes!! Way to go!

Posted by: WestCoastIbis | October 21, 2007 at 10:04 PM


Nice job 86. Whew, Randy 1-0 vs. Bowden.

And like Zakkee had said before, our new coaches CAN make adjustments!

Nice to see some defensive blitzes and using tight ends.

JJ and Coop are the engine that drives this team... we've GOT to keep giving them chances to get rolling like they were in the 4th quarter.


Just think about the great coaching job done this whole year. Teams will not be able to celebrate on us to often inside the 5, because it's almost automatic that we'll go for it. shannon thinks the same way i do, i'd rather have a team pinned down inside the 5 yard line than get 3 points and possibly give up field position. He's done that in just about every game. The aggressor is normally victorius.

rdub, i think the problem goes back to technique. If mcgriff is teaching the db's to not peak back, and alot of secondary coaches teach that, do not take your eye off your man, that will limit the run support from the db's. This is why some d-coordinators call for zone defenses to try and catch the other team in a running play. A good oc will spread your defenders out and run behind that, so if the other team is running a 3 or 4 receiver set, and your db's are playing that type "don't take your eye's of th wr" technique, all the oc is going to do is send everybody deep and than run behind that. That's how antoine smith kept getting to the corner, besides calais who kept loosing outside containment.

You know what else was good, and it's not like i don't want the man to succeed, but not having lance leggett in the game made a big difference. I would just contine to play dj, shields and kanye. By the way, that announcer was way off, trying to act as if he knows, when he hollered out, myron rolle the younger brother of samari rolle, he needs to do his homework and stop assuming.

I like what i see out of dvd though, i mean none of the receivers could get separation on him. Right now, the only way to attack him which is the best way to attack any db, and that's with slants, that hardest route for any db to cover.

Speaking of cover, good coverage and analysis of the game soup. Back to patchan, i just can't see him going to the gators although he has them in his supposedly top 5. If patchan wants to go against the best, UM is the place for him, look at the d-line shannon is bringing in. As well as if pj wants to go against top flight wideouts like aj, davon johnson, streeter and possibly benjamin jones now that hammonds is out the picture.

Regardless, you either roll with us or get rolled on. Ask preston parker, who has a clip of the hit kp put on him, lol.


Saw an interview with Bobby Bowden after the game. All he could say was: dabgumit!


Anyone have the articles of a DB and MArcus Forston (good news) on rivals...




Game Highlights


Calvin, I think Chavez Grant and DVD are the best DBs we have right now as far as getting jams on receivers. DVD just needs to get stronger, and big ups to Grant for the play on Carr in the endzone. They do need to get a little better at shedding blocks but that comes with experience.

I was so glad that Walton, whether it be by Randy's order or not, was bringing heat on Lee. I just wish we would have done that a few games ago. Also, mad props to the D-Line. Played a hell of a game shorthanded, and got the big strip that sealed it.



Yeah, Thanks TIM WALTON for blitzing and mixing it up. I also noticed that the DT/DE were swinging their arms at the ball when Lee was pulling arm back (he is slow to bring arm back and throw)

DB were also trying to strip ball out, every time they made tackles.

I loved our D improvement. Unlike many that believe if our D gives up ONE YARD, they are no good. We improved and created plays when needed. That is Canes football.


unbelievably gay to try to post first on a new blog


Also, for as much shyt as we give the OLine. They did a pretty decent job for most of the game. They especially sacked up on that last drive.


Nice recap Soup. Have a great monday everyone!


Calvin I was laughing when the annoucer thought he was giving us inside information on Rolle. Myron is no more related to samari than I am. I like the change os pace game called by walton on defense. i wish we were that aggressive all the damn time especially when we play QB's with limited experience. I still say CC is not playing up to his preseason rating. T Gooden is playing himself into the first round draft. Calvin i also agree with leaving legget on the bench and letting the other guys play. I love the way kayne goes after the ball.This off week will give us a chance to heal our wounds.


Yeah, some only notice the one bad play. But overall the OL played well. Kyle took too long on that one sack (according to commentators).

And on Kirby game winner they brought an all out blitz. Kirby played it like a true QB, stay in and throw the ball to the open man or single coverage.


Anyone article form RIVALS

Of A DB and Forston HAS GOOD NEWS!!!

Please.... second request...


I agree about CC. He is a liability in the run defense and every opponent includes running at him in their gameplan. He is caught crashing inside almost every time. Maybe this is part of the defensive scheme but I doubt it based on the fact there is no corner coming up to stuff the run.


Miami Northwestern High School DT and Cane commitment Marcus Forston watched the UM-FSU game on television with his mother.

"We had a lot of doubters, fought it out," he said. "I knew they were going to win the whole time."

Forston saw just how thin Miami's tackle depth was in the game. The Canes used defensive ends for depth at tackle.

So Forston hopes to start as a freshman at Miami.

"(Line coach Clint) Hurtt always tells me, says he can lead the way but he can't make me start," Forston said. "He said it's wide open, it depends how bad I want the spot and how I come in.

"I see myself starting as a true freshman. I don't believe in sitting on the bench. I have to get better at everything going to the next level. On the next level it's grown men. I have to work on everything. I have to start back over just like I'm going to be crawling again."

Forston says he will get an early jump on beating the competition.

"I found out last week I am graduating early 100 percent for sure," he said.

Forston remains committed to UM but is taking his visits. He's already visited Tennessee and will visit North Carolina the weekend of Nov. 3.

Of the Tennessee visit, which he took with fellow Cane commitments Sean Spence and Aldarius Johnson, Forston said, "They have a great campus, great facilities. People say it's a country town, but it's not really a country town. You can't go off people's opinion."

Was he swayed by it at all?

"Oh, no," he says.

Forston is taking the UNC visit with Spence.

Why is he visiting?

"They have a great defensive line coach," Forston said. "They started recruiting me after the spring game this year, and I set up the visit last week. I wasn't sure I'd take it."

He says he'll also "probably" visit LSU.

What would it take to sway him from Miami?

The first thing I tell every college is it's going to be real hard to get me away from the University of Miami," Forston said. "Coaches ask what they have to do, start telling me about their colleges.

"Miami will be my last visit - you have to save the best for last."

* Of his relationship with Hurtt, who is recruiting him, Forston said, "He's like a big brother to me, laid back. He's younger, not an older coach. He knows where a player's coming from. Sometimes we don't even talk about football, talk about life."


Miami Booker T Washington High School CB Brandon Harris was all set to make an early decision and enroll in college in January.

Now he says that may not be the case.

"Right now there's a possibility that I might stay and finish off my high school year to finish off track," he said. "We won the state title last year and they want to try and double up state championships. We have a chance to get three championship rings – one in track last year, football this year and in track again if I stay.

"I would stay for track. I've been on pace to graduate early. If I was to stay I would enjoy the end of my senior year. Right now it's 50/50. There's a lot of positives and a lot of negatives as well."

Harris was in Tallahassee last weekend. But he didn't attend the game.

"I was in Tallahassee visiting my girlfriend - she goes to FAMU," he said. "I watched on TV.

"When you think of that rivalry it's always a game that could go either way year to year. I was a little moved by the way Miami played. I wasn't used to seeing them that explosive, and the defense created a lot of turnovers, especially the secondary."

Coach Tim Walton is recruiting Harris to Miami.

And Walton gave Harris a special phone call before the FSU game.

"It was interesting because he called me 30 minutes prior to kickoff," Harris said. "He was in the locker room. We had a chance to talk, and we talked about game plans and he talked about some of the things that he was going to come out and try to do in the game, to look for the little details. And he did what he said he'd do.

"It shows he thinks highly of me to call me like that."

Harris says he's considering FSU as well as Miami.

He's already visited Florida and LSU. And he says Ohio State, Tennessee and UCF are also in his picture.

"Miami will be an official visit even though it's my home town," he said. "It's only right if I take an official. We talked about the second week in December.

"My top schools ahead of everyone else right now is Miami, Florida, LSU, Ohio State and Rutgers or Central Florida."

He says they're all even.


Thanks Vince;

You the man...


Anyone know what da deal with Patrick Johnson and LSU from rivals?


Never mind, read it on yesterdays blog.


Yeah vince, i was saying, who in the hell is this trying to act like he's been covering this game since it's inception. You right though, had we played this aggressive on defense from the beginning of the season, oklahoma would have been in trouble. The thing is, randy was getting burnt deep anyway, so we might as well have brought the house like we kept doing saturday.

By the way, i got to give it up to teraz mccray, that man was defensive mvp in my book. I'm not sure who tipped the ball on randy phillpis 1st interception, but the second one was teraz, and than he caused the fumble where c-mac scored, and the whole game i kept seeing him pop the hell out of the x-man, or at least make him get rid of the ball.

Our defensive ends need to stop loosing to the outside. That bootleg that x-man had, i was saying, where in the hell is moncur, not sure if he was in the game. Also, calais, you don't want to be known as a #1 draft pick bust, might as well comeback next year. With the way we played saturday though, if we continue to play like that, guys like kp might just comeback for 1 more year just to have fun.

As far as the o-line goes, i haven't really seen them play bad all year as far as pass protecting goes, but you can see the stoutland impact, seems like his philosophy for o-lineman is to create a pile.

By the way, nix came to coordinate for the most part this game, seems like he was out to prove who had the best coordinator hire this year, to high paid jimbo or modestly paid nix. With the exception of those qb sneaks, just give the ball to javariss. Although i thought for sure on that last qb sneak, i was hoping nix had call for a throw to the fullback(marbry) and let kirby roll to that side.

I'm proud for guys like darnell, d-mo, teraz and t-gooden. This group of seniors in my book are classified as true HURRICANES. The thing about darnell is, he's been open deep since the v-tech game 2 years ago when kyle over threw him. The thing about this game is, now that shannon knows they have it in them, he's going to demand it every week.

ALthough hiding in the victory, it's not like we got great qb play. Somebody only improved by 32 more yards, but than again, with the interception return, negate the word improvement. The way he threw the damyum ball away on that 2 point conversion solidified in my mind, kyle has know clue of game time situations, if anything just try and drill it in to somebody, if it gets picked off, so what, we needed that, he threw the ball away like it was 2nd down or something. You could tell the whole stadium was like what the hell was that.

Thanks to youngblood, this game almost came down to may the worst quarterback win. xavier lee was scared as hell on that last drive, lol. More than likely we got one committ locked in, fortson, which will free up another schalorhip. I think spence and jacory are coming in with him, what would be funny is if matt patchan comes in talking trash saying he's only coming in so fortson doesn't get a head start on him and since he's been ducking him for one on one competition.

If we can get those 3 or 4 in, you can add 3 or 4 more schalorships for this years incoming class. The thing i like about what most people are saying, including jimmy johnson, you better beat us now, which let's me know, jimmy is still in tuned to what our recruiting class looks like coming in.

lsu, they are the hot team right now in a way, but at the next level, besides dwayne bowe, jamarcus russel, joseph addai, and i haven't heard from craig davis yet, who else in the league played for them of significance, i have to be missing somebody. SOMEBODY HELP ME, i'm in debt up to my eyeballs, just trippin.


When you think of that rivalry it's always a game that could go either way year to year. I was a little moved by the way Miami played. I wasn't used to seeing them that explosive, and the defense created a lot of turnovers, especially the secondary."

This is why randy shannon is here, ANY QUESTIONS!


Alex D

This recruiting class is shaping up exactly the way that Shannon has planned it. He could have given a scholarship to that Tubbs kid in Miss or that LB Tatum that wanted to transfer in, but to scholly's were left open. Now, I see them bringing in 6 or 7 freshmen in January and 25 more in the summer. That's huge as far as the future make up of this team.

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