October 21, 2007



Calvin - Calais will not be a 1st round bust, he was double team most of the day with the guards chipping on him, that's why our DT were able to get to the Xman, He may not show up on the sack meter, but he made a difference in the game. If they had played him straight up Campbell would have made soup of the Xman. He's gonna a be a pretty good DE at the next level.

What was up with Weatherford and Kirby at the end of the game, He wasn't trying to give Kirby advise was he?

Alex D

Meant to say "two scholly's"



Posted by: Calvin | October 22, 2007 at 10:20 AM

Calvin, I guess we have to decokerize the County too...LOL


Calvin, it was Calais who was in at LE for the Lee bootleg. He bit again on the fake inside like he's been doing all year. He's trying to do too much and ending up not doing enough. Needs to trust that his teammates will do their job so he can get back to just worrying about his assignments.


I never believed that Coop was actually as fast as people try to state but he got ran down way to easy by rolle. Also, what does carlos armour run? They guy looked like he was running with a piano on his back.


I watched I a replay of the game the last night and I did not see FSU double teaming CC that often. I will check it out again because I may be wrong. calvin I laughes in amazement when KW threw the ball away. I said does he know the situation? We don't get a second chance on a two point conversion! My question is why did we bring KW out for the conversion when it was obvious he could not move. Hell line Doug Wiggins up or put one of the running backs in the shotgun like we did against TAMU.


I know coaches don't read blogs..but damn somebody may have relayed the message to Tim Walton about his vanilla defense prior to last week. I hope people are careful about labeling people as bad fans for criticizing the team. I agree that we should stick to performance on the field and not personality. I know I try very hard to do that. Once we start bitching about criticizing players performance and coaches' playcalling, it reminds me of a certain administration who call us unpatriotic for not drinking its kool-aid. Besides, it's all about expectations...if that us UCF, we'll be ecstatic with a 5-3 record. I believe that a majority of the fans are disgusted with Coach Choker for what he did to the U.


Esteban the entire defense bit on the bootleg, where was the LB or the strong safety. You can't blame that one play on CC. He fooled the entire defense.


you are wrong about the 2pt conversion. gunning it in there would have been the absolute worst thing that could have been done. We were only up 1. They could have run it back for 2 pts. He couldnt move at all and I am pretty sure they told kyle if its open take it otherwise throw it into the stands but under no circumstances throw an int or get hit and possibly fumble


Does anyone else get nervous about Forston and Spence and all of them taking visits elsewhere? Especialy NC, because Butch Davis managed to get Marvin Austin out of my current metro area (DC) away from FSU and also is a former Cane coach and has a lot of NFL respect.



Calvin, here is a link that gives the schools alumni in the league right now.


NovaCane, the thing is the DEs always are responsible for containment in our scheme. so if the DE isn't there then the DE didn't do what he was supposed to do. the LB or Safety may have followed the guy they were supposed to be covering or keying. I can't tell you since I could only see what was shown on TV.

and i agree with having Cooper or something in the shotgun instead of Kyle. Unless it was a quick fade route or slant. Anything that wasn't going to be a quick route shouldn't have been called with Kyle back there. i was paying attention to kyle on the play and not the routes so i don't know if they were slants or what.


I am not worried about Butch getting players from South Fl. it is going to take a long time for him to convince top athketes from down here to attend a basketball school. Legion does Mario regret taking the FIU job? The are 0 for two years!


GO CANES!!! just got back home this morning (stayed with my buddy who goes to fsu for the weekend)

this was by far the most crazy and fun game I've been to between UM & Fsu, being up in the press box suites with ALL FSU fans and being on the balcony above the student sections was awesome (i gave the students hell the whole game , i know they were hating me LOL)

I think Shannon is finally getting the players mentality where he wants em , playing with heart and never giving and gotta give props to Kirby he stepped up and lead when we needed it the most!


I've said it before, but these kids are going to take recruiting trips. If someone offered you an all-expenses paid weekend where you were constantly praised and taken to parties at campuses stocked with hot co-eds, I think you'd milk it too. And of course they are going to say nice things to their hosts and are going to be a little swayed by all the love they get. A few will even change their mind, so don't fall in love with each and every recruit Randy has now and be devastated if one goes.

I think in the end when all the trips are over and its early February and their high school days are over they'll make a much more reasoned decision than in the days immediately following a visit. And Randy can offer something many other coaches like the youthful Gators or stacked USC can't: immediate playing time. I think that'll be the key difference and secure us most of the class we're excited about now.

So watch the ebs and flows of the process with interest but not too much trepidation. Enjoy this season before we worry bout the next. All I know is, go Boston College this week! Va Tech has to go down to someone else besides us. Virginia too for that matter!


The O-Line has improved vastly in pass protection this year, but they still have a long way to go in the running game. Maybe it's because teams stack up 8 or 9 men in the box and force our qb to beat them. We have to start to use the passing game to open up the running lanes. Until our qb can make plays consistently, our running game against good defenses will continue to struggle.


it was hard to tell what the route was becauase the wr fell down. He looked covered right before he fell. Since none of us are coaches it is all sepculation but I am fairly confident he was advised to throw it away unless it was obviously open


I didnt study the FSU defensive formations but the few times I did in the 1st half I didnt notice 8 or 9 in the box. The second half they definitely were creeping up the safeties alot and we were still successful with a qb that was 1-8 7yds and 2int. You can run against an 8 men. I said it last week where there is a will there is way. The running game more so than pass blocking is about desire and want to. The OL stepped up big time in the 2nd half. They knew that KF wasnt going to do anything and they needed to run the ball and they did it


i gotta give a "not a way to go" to shields when it came to helping out Kirby. drops a pass and then stands there and watches a cb who's behind him come back to the ball instead of coming back to the ball himself or cuttin the CB off. the 2nd INT he didn't put much effort in gettin back to the ball but got pushed pretty good by the cb on that one. the past couple of seasons though our WRs outside of a couple of occasions have waited on the ball while a defender has made a play on it and left the qbs out to dry - haven't helped kyle or kirby.


Hate to burst everyones bubble about Calais, but he's getting sucked in on almost every play. The running plays are going to his side. GT and NC ran plays to his side because he's fooled (caught inside)most of the time. The other thing that I was unaware of, is how slow he is. I hope that if he decides to go out early, he gets drafted in the 1st round, but not sure anymore.


also there was nothing wrong with the qb sneak call I just didnt like the formation that was used. You dont bunch up 22 guys at theline and then sneak it. They needed to go 4 or 5 wide.


why wasnt that PI on the second INT by KF? he threw a floater and then when SS tried to comeback the cb tackled him before the ball was intercepted. He never would have been able to stop the int but you cant just hit the wr like that. The first int was totally on KF though. I watched the replay last night and SS ran a 7 yard stop and KF threw the ball about 2 seconds to late and with no velocity at all. I hear about coming back to the ball but that was on the qb. He didnt help the situation but I wouldnt put the blame on him


Jimmy, I was gonna say the same thing about the 1st int KF threw. That was on him. He waited til SS came out of his break to throw the ball. That ball has to be on its way as SS is making he break.


Jimmy, after reviewing that play on the INT, it sure look like FSU jumped off side and Kirby though he had a free play.


4th qtr, it was close. I jsut want to know why the db can tackle a wr trying to make a play on the ball. I think the ref was watching the ball and totally missed it. although I dont think they would ever make that call



I completely agree with you. CC should be played exclusively on obvious passing downs. He's not being doubleteamed all the the time as people has claimed. I've watched every game except for the Duke game and the big plays happen on his side. His stock is still high that's why I think he should leave now for the pro. I do like KP, he's a competitor, he will definitely be a first rounder.


have claimed


man do I hope that bailey can stay at MLB. mccarthy,sharpton and bailey woould be nice next year


the 1st int was a bad throw but all QBs make bad throws and at times the WR gotta turn into a defender. shields didn't help the man out - wasn't shields who threw the bad pass but didn't make it any better by watchin the CB. plus a good WR comes back to the ball and takes it aggressively. i've only seen ryan hill and leonard hankerson do that this year - can't remember anyone doing it last year.


Jimmy, I would like that too. But I don't want Bailey hurting himself by trying to stay at a weight that would keep him at LB but not good for his body.


Epps, Farr, Gordon, Maybry..utilize them more.

What's up with Manny, who posted that K.F. could'nt play a lick, is criticizing fans, for being negative?

Why did'nt 86Cane take out the Bobby Bowden statue, after the game?????


I'm hoping to see Sharpton back at MLB next year. Bailey can become a DE for us cause like IN_CAne mentioned it might not be healthy to try to fight the natural process of weight gain while growing.


whatever happened to the U recruits safeties and put them at linebackers and Linebackers are now playing DEs and DEs playing tackles. That's how we've always had those fast defenses. Eventually, I think that Bailey will play DE.


Alex, I think its only natural. Just like I think the Adderly kid is destined to be a tight end. Shannon is gonna give him a shot. But I think he has already laid the foundation telling him that he probably gonna eat his way onto the DL.


CanesgirlNC, no doubt, everything will be straightendout in due time. Exactly vince, and to jimmy, what we're sayign is, kyle has to throw the ball to where at least it gives a receiver an opportunity to make a play. Hell, why play qb if every time you're going to throw the ball away. Besides, what are the odds of somebody intercepting a 2 point conversion and taking it back, if he throws it to a proper place, he wouldn't have to worry about that. Kyle plays the qb position as if he's betting rent money.

novaCane, and vince, calais was getting singled up at least in my esitmate about 75 to 85 percent of the game. He was being blocked by daron rose, rememebr him, he was that highly recruited o-lineman coming out Flroida, that alot of people wanted, i think he's only a sophmore. i rememebr him because of his glasses, and all i kept thinking to myself, guys like him who look like what people consider nerds make great competitors. I was hoping he had committed to Miami.

Besides, don't discredit what teraz mccray was doing saturday, had nothing to do with calais, teraz when healthy has always been one of the best d-lineman we've had. He's one of those defensive tackles that you can't really block 1 one 1. To many times calais is getting stoned in 1 one 1 schemes, that's why glenn cook has been trying to help campbell and his pass rushing.


This is really great...There's not that "much" negative to talk about when it comes to the game, so let's talk about how un-cerebral and slow Campbell is. Okay
Well let me HELP you out and get this stuff out the way, so we can focus on the games ahead.

How about C-Mac, he was out of place as well and has been getting caught inside on the running plays

How about Morse slow feet, lets talk about how the DL have been getting by him!

How about Coop getting run down by a 6-2 215 4.5 safety!

How about Ryan Hill should not be on the Kick off team he can’t get pass the 25yrd line.

THINGS TO CONSIDER**************
Randy Phillip picks? Fake FG TD? 45yrd FG? Fumble recovery TD? Long runs by Coop?

UM 37 FSU 29?


dj moonbat

Reacting to some thoughts from up-thread:

- Cooper's not slow; Myron Rolle (a) is a badass, and (b) had an angle.

- Forston's not going anywhere. Dunno about Spence. AJ can see the need for WR talent, too.

- Walton's D was much, much more interesting than it has been. Much better. But it's true: we're still losing contain on the ends of the D-line. If Jimbo Fisher had tried to run outside on us, instead of inside, toward the end of the game, things might have been different. He's not as smart as the announcers say.

- Please, Tim Harris, please -- come to UM. Please.



That's all you saw out there LOL

The Truth

"whatever happened to the U recruits safeties and put them at linebackers and Linebackers are now playing DEs and DEs playing tackles"

That was 25 years ago when you needed to do that to put an emphasis on speed at the price of size. Now, with all the training that goes on at the HS leve that isn't really an issue anymore. Kids are just bigger AND faster these days.

As far as CC goes you guys are being to hard on him. He doesn't have contain responsibility. That's not his job (thats OLB). His job is to get into the backfield and disrupt.

Bailey would be great at DE, but if you watch him he is ALL LB.

Be patient guys. Michael Barrow was AWEFUL as a freshman and so was Vilma...They missed lots of assignemts and didn't talkle well. He'll get better and get some PT and more than likely start. I thought he could come in and start right away, but Gooden has actually played well...


I still think Calais will go in the 1st round and he should do well on the next level, but if he does come back. That would not be a bad thing either. Either way, he's going to be alright, he should have a great game against NC St., but he will have to come alive when we play BC or we will be in trouble if we let Ryan sit there and throw the ball. Virginia and VT are beatable. I think!


2nd half...Miami 21-F$U 9 :]

Alot of bad calls by the refs.

Why is'nt Bailey playing, are they redshirting him?


The truth;

I guess some fans want CC to have a tackle, sack, TFL every single down. If not he is a bust!!! Oh Brother!!!

The scouts love him, before we did. The reason is that he creates havoc b4 the game starts. The whole DL plays better as a whole with guys like CC. I have been impressed with McRay and Moncur who have also stepped it up with the DT injuries.

Overall, The DL has played better and the LB have been doing more as of lately (the way it should be).

DallasTX Cane


Man...I couldn't get the game out here and couldn't make the watching party b/c of other commitments, SO...reading the play-by-play on CANESPACE was the BEST option!

huMANgeous THANK YOU to ALL the bloggers that contributed during the game!! I got way faster updates via Canespace than from any other media.

I do have one little gripe...

I was on the ledge, ready to jump, after reading SO many "game is lost - we suck - KF sucks" posts...as I inched ever closer and my toes stuck out over the edge, for some reason I hit that F5 button one last time...lo and behold...what do I see!?!??...TOUCHDOWN CANES!!

Good thing I decided on one last refresh...

The Truth

"The DL has played better and the LB have been doing more as of lately (the way it should be)."

That;s the key to 4-3. DL dominates the line, middle LB cleans up and the DB's get to make plays because of a good push on the line.


calvin, I hear what you are saying but the situation was that KW could barely even walk. Nix and shannon tok the ball out of the qb's hands all game long inside the redzone. I seriously doubt at that point in time they were going to let him possibly blow the game. We had the lead. KW had one read and it wasnt open so chuck it away. They even motioned DJ into the backfield to block on the play. I for one am glad he made that decision whether by design or stupidity because our wr fell down on the play. O good throw is easily picked off and then who knows after that


Alex, one more thing, Chief Oseola horse must have felt the pressure too. After the second int, He took a quick dump and almost got one of the cheerleaders!

DallasTX Cane

Jimmy, what's your take on KW's pick 6?

Again, I couldn't watch the game.

Absolutely unbelievable that UM-FSU wasn't available. What has the college football world come to?!?

I have faith that this is a one year aberration that will be corrected in '08.

The Truth

...the DL was the MVP of than game (ALL of them)...they are really hurting for numbers out there and they all came up huge when it was needed. They never quit.


Calais is allowed to have bad plays, too. He's human like the rest of them. It's okay to acknowledge them, too. I think he'd admit along with the coaches that he hasn't had the season he intended to have. He hasn't been bad though - been solid. Just not as good as anticipated.

And Cooper ain't slow, but he's not a burner like McNeal either. He's more quick than fast. Has a good burst but the top speed ain't gonna blow you away. I rather have him with that burst than be a guy who needs time to get to his top speed even if he's a blazer once there.


The Truth,

Miami folks treat the U as a mini professional team. That's why we've been so strong. Strong minded recruits who want the opportunity to play at the next level understand that. It serves them well in the long-term. NFL scouts know that..why do you think the keep drafting players from the U even when we don't have a strong season?

'If you love challenges, the U is the place for U. If U are looking for entitlements and preferential treatment take your sensitive ass to the Gay-Turds.'

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