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October 16, 2007


DallasTX Cane

...about Kevin Everett, I should have said


i'll try again....


hofs94, shannon doesn't promise kids playing time, but he will allow a kid to attempt to play the position of his choice and what he was recruited for. He recruited bailey as a linebacker, so now he's giving him his chance to show what he can do, if he can't get the job done, than shannon will step in and recommend where he should be.

By the way, for those thinking randy isn't coaching, he's putting this team in position to win every game this year, the rest is up to the players. Even against oklahoma, watch again, and wath some of the plays kenny phillips keep making, and you'lll appreciate what he does a lil more.


DallasTX Cane

can't watch any UM-OU '07 this close to sleep Calvin...will have nightmares all night long...


I was at the OU game. I still get nightmares



U were in Norman? Why didn't we hook up and meet?


I got Calvin's back on this one.


There is no other coach out there, up and coming or established, that is better suited for the job than RS. He understands and embraces what the Legion expects. Give the guy at least another 2-3 years before judging his body of work. Like Manny said, LC left the cupboard bare from talent. Let the man work his magic. He worked under Erickson, Johnson, and Coker. He learned along the way. He knows how to get us back. Give the man some breathing room. He'll get it done.


i read earlier on manny's blog about Randy trying to bring in as many as 31 new faces in....i think that more than half the people they are allowed to dress, so imagine what he is working with....that being said we are probably in a better position to reload on talent now than we were when butch came in b/c we are not short on scolarships and some may become available if some these guys decide to transfer if they see they probably wont get too much playing time....


well said, east. Cut the fat, get rid of the guys who aren't willing to work, start building for next year and beyond


1) Derron Thomas
2) Chris Barney
3) Eric Houston
4) Ryan Hill
5) Kylan Robinson
6) Demetri Stewart
7) Matt Pipho
8) Chaz Washington

any of these guys, maybe a couple of more, will look to transfer, IMO. Who else am I missing?

scott from philly

amen brother Cal......keep holding the fort down!



how did U hear about canespace?



He is 6'7", and he is also willing to compete for the job. I don't know how develop this kid is, but he will have an advantage with his height, and speed.


I like Cook's attitude. I like Jacory's attitude. And I like Marve's attitude. So I guess a good place to start - all have the right attitude. All seem to have the physical talent, too. So lets see what they can do next year.

That don't mean I'm giving up on either Kyle or Kirby leading us to some more wins this year though. Its still about this year right now.


Blowfly - Solar's article was reflective thinking, and I like other people's perspectives.


Blow....every post can't be about "he was 13 of 27 for 135 yards: or "he ran for 124 yards on 18 carries" or "this recruit is four stars".

U have to step back and get the big picture perspective once in a while or you wind up missing the forest for the trees!


at least Blowfly reads the blog article.


Legion the article Gary Ferman wrote last week which I posted is the most logical explanation of where the program is. We are without depth and although we have some talent, it is not dominant talent. We all need to look at the big picture and take our lumps (ass kickings)with the thought in 2-3 years we will be doing a serious job of pay back. I for one have preached over and over again the fact the ACC is not a strong conference and everytime I voice that argument my non Canes friends ask why we have yet to win the ACC. It brings me back to the reality we are not very talented. I think for the most part all of the coaches with the exception of Walton have done a decent job. I feel Nix and Onion are learning on the run and I think both will eventually become very good coaches. I thought a 9-3 season was a possiblity but reality has set in and I don't expect us to win any more than maybe two games the rest of the season. That does not mean I don't support team. Brighter days are ahead!


vince, we are still going to win the acc this year. look out FSU, NC State, VT, Virginia and BC!!


I hope thats a joke Este


"At least Blowfly reads the blog article."
Posted by: Esteban | October 17, 2007 at 09:12 AM

Este...true, VERY true! Gotta give him credit for that. I would wager to say that only about 50% of the people here actually read the blog article. We could probably post something about global warming or how to grow great tomatoes and nobody would even care or know the difference.

I hated posting the Fan Photo Essay of the GT game right after posting the blog article "Technical Foul" (also about the GT game) that I spent 2 hours writing and inserting photos into becuase I knew nobody would go back and read it after the new blog was up.

People don't understand the amount of time, effort and energy that goes into writing good material for this blog or the pages on the web site like your "Break It Down" page.

By the way, as we have done from the very beginning here at Canespace (and now EVERYBODY else copies) if you want to be a guest blogger on the site that started it all, you can submit your article to host@canespace.com for publication here on the blog or at the web site on the Guest page.


I too was figuring out how we can win the ACC...Obviously we'll need to win out, but we will need help. We will need the winner of the VT/UVA game to lose again somewhere along the way.


By the way if haven't been to the web site at www.canespace.com lately please check out the new material on the home page (letter from Donna Shalala to UM Alumni about the stadium change for 2008), Esteban's "Break It Down Page" (very accurate take on the GT game), CGNC's "U Really Got Me" page with Tammy Flores the Canes Fan Of The Month, and bg1906's "U Want Some Of This" page dedicated to the hard core video gamers on here.

Old Skool

Bobby Bowden is ecstatic. After finally learning how to use his TRS80 computer, the Tallahassee Democrat reported he has just sent his first e-mail. For his next achievement, he's looking forward to sending a text message, once he can figure out how to use all those dadgum little buttons on his pocket phone.


when I watched the game live the other night I wasnt able to hear the commentators so I watched the replay last night. I didnt realize how windy it was out there. I know that I am going to be criticized for saying this but how has this never been mentioned by anyone here. I am not trying to make an excuse for KW but throwing deep into a 15-25mph wind might factor into why balls are underthrown. Not a n excuse but a factor. Especially when you notice in the 2nd quarter with the wind he threw a catchable ball to Jenkins where he was interferred with and then threw a perfect ball to shields. I have read where people have SAID THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A TOUGH CATCH maybe for a 5year old. There is a still photo on TOS and it was a perfect throw.


IN_Cane, the toughest (and least likely) part would be the win out part. Virginia still has 4 tough opponents: Maryland, Wake Forest, VT, and us.

VT has: BC, GT, FSU, us, and Virginia.

So one automatically loses to the other and then the other needs to lose one more. So definitely see the chances of that happening as good. I don't see the chances of us winning out as good, but still a ray of hope.


from Pat Forde's "Forde Yard Dash" at ESPN:

Florida State at Miami (26). The two schools that did as much as any to put speed and flashy offense at the game's forefront in the 1980s have devolved into punchless plodders. The Seminoles bring the nation's No. 93 offense into the game. The Hurricanes are No. 95. First one to 14 wins.


Esteban, I'm being optimistic. Its all I got. If I don't, then I might as well just go home and wait for it to start snowing.


Does anyone know if Moses McCray is any good, He is the FSU (4 Star soft verbal) DT that is considering Miami

Defensive tackle
Tampa (FL) Hillsborough

Ht: 6-foot-2 (Events)
Wt: 268 lbs
Forty: 4.87 secs
Bench reps: 30
Vertical: 28 inches
Shuttle: 4.652 secs


no clue NovaCane. i do know i like the DTs we got coming already though. but if he's good he can come too.


Taylor Cook on interview:

TC: No more visits. I feel that Miami is the place for me. I'm not really looking at anybody else anymore. I'm going to take my official visit (to Miami) after our football season.

And it appears his QB IQ levels seem non K factored.
His team is 6-0. He says he still runs the ball (himself), that way teams have to spread their defense and he can get more receivers open.


Nice article...Just like the special team I'm a broken down man LoL


Solar, that window of opportunity and optimism at the start of the season? It was actually a very detailed painting on a concrete wall. It played tricks on our eyes and when we all went to jump through it we smashed into it. It has us dazed, pissed off, feeling stupid and looking to blame someone. This team never really had a chance, the talent and experience isn't there. Manny has some great posts on Eye on the U explaining why in the past day or two.

Shannon was involved in defensive recruiting, not overall recruiting. Our defense even through last year was one of the top units in the game. This year it's pretty thin and injuries have pretty much destroyed it. You want to discount injuries, look at what injuries have done to USC. Stanford anyone? We also lost a lot of talent on D, check last year's NFL draft. Manny had a really good point about how Shannon was generally unaware of the personnel and psyche of the other units like the offense and special teams before becoming head coach.

And if you think it all doesn't come down to recruiting, look at Rich Olsen. He is averaging almost 38 points per game as OC at Arizona State. They also went 7-6 last year, but are 7-0 this year. In an interview he said his schemes work better because the talent at ASU is much better thant he U. The results are there, you can't dispute him. Last year his offense at the U averaged 19 points per game. So on here and everywhere else, when you see someone bashing Nix, Walton, or Shannon, point them to Rich and show them what talent can do. We gotta wait and see and try to be patient with these guys, as much as it sucks.


I have a hard time with people calling to kick those guys who are not performing from the team. I am a strong believer in a guy getting his education. I hope that many of those athletes use athletic as a mean to get a decent college education. If they're not performing on the field and in the classroom, yes, there's some justification for taking away their scholarships. Let's not forget somebody (Larry Coker) who got paid millions of dollars made bad judgement on these guys. These guys are not professionals. I don't like athletes, particularly minorities, being used and abused and be treated like spare parts. Besides if you are an alum you want those guys to be very successful in the classroom. You have to consider the value of that expense degree you got at the U. Besides, only a few can make it to the big league. I try to be mindful of my criticism. I said that KW, KF suck. I think that CC and JJ are overrated. I still believe that U should keep its commitment to these guys: provide them with a good education. You have to keep things in perspective.


Anyone have the video of WR Aldarius Johnson from Canestime??

Thanks in advance!!



Do you really think that Rich Olsen would have said: My QB is talented, therefore we score more and since we are in the PAC-10 our schedule is weaker.

Of course not. He will say that he has the BEST TEAM in the world. Something that LC never did, always saying that the other teams were "very good".

My opinion. Does ASU has more talent (as a team) than UM. Hell no!

Do they have more talent as far as QB, WR and OL being a synchronized team.
Hell yes!

Is their system better prepared and ready every week. Hell yes!

Is their QB better than ours?
Hell yes.

Does their QB know how to make long passes.
Hell, Hell yes.

The reason I like RS the most. He is always saying that we can win all of our games. If you doubt yourself, How can you expect yourself to win??


jimmy, using the wind as an excuse was for the incompetent one last year, you won't hear that from shannon, hell, anybody whoever threw a football knows that if the wind is blowing hard, than you have to either throw harder or take some off of it if the wind is to your back. In kyle's case, the wind must of been blowing hard his whole career, because he's either going to under throw or over throw it.

Only 2 times i can recall where he hit somebody in stride going deep, to lance legget against wake forrest and to darnell against unc this year. Other than that, he hit some deep crossing routes to sinorice moss, but that's not considered a deep pass in my book.



You say that CC and KP are overrated.

What do think they should be doing?

Give us numbers.

CC six sacks per game?
KP fivepicks per game?


JC, before you get too excited about Olsen, I really doubt that the talent at Arizona State is that much better than the U, you have to look at the competition and where the defences stack up. I am not saying the ACC is a power house, but the ACC does have better players on the defensive side of the ball, the the scores from the ACC head to head is usally in the teens or mid 20' They don't play defense out west, they are gunslingers its easy to score 38 points but you are usually looking at a 38-35 point game against a decent defensive team. Yes they do have a couple blowouts, but that really doesn't mean anything. If Arizona State keeps winning and goes to a major bowl, they will be exposed as most PAC 10 teams are during bowl games.If Olsen was that great of a coach we would have won more games with the talent that we had. I am not buying it.

09/01/07 vs. San Jose State (City of Tempe Night) Tempe, Ariz. W, 45-3
09/08/07 vs. Colorado Tempe, Ariz. W, 33-14
09/15/07 vs. San Diego State (Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night) Tempe, Ariz. W, 34-13
09/22/07 vs. Oregon State (Hall of Fame Game) Tempe, Ariz. W, 44-32
09/29/07 at Stanford Palo Alto, Calif. W, 41-3
10/06/07 at Washington State Pullman, Wash. W, 23-20
10/13/07 vs. Washington (Family Weekend/Champions Weekend) Tempe, Ariz. W, 44-20
10/27/07 vs. Cal (Homecoming) Tempe, Ariz. 7:00 p.m. PT
11/03/07 at Oregon Eugene, Ore. 3:30 p.m. PT
11/10/07 at UCLA Pasadena, Calif. TBA
11/22/07 vs. USC Tempe, Ariz. 6:00 p.m. MT


I'm not on here to say Arizona State is better than Miami, though I think they'd win head to head this year. If you think our starting 22 is better or more talented than their starting 22, you are kidding yourself. Colorado did beat Oklahoma and ASU crushed them. But again, this is all besides the point.

My point was that people are really fed up with Nix and Walton (and a few even with Shannon), and I don't know about you but I was hoarse last year screaming about Olsen's terrible playcalling at the OB and in every game that we played averaging those paltry 19 points. But now seeing him be more succesful (even if they lose 3 of the next 5 games and their D sucks) makes me think that there isn't much scheming Nix can do to coax 30 points a game out of our offense. That was my own realization in terms of maybe reserving judgement for a year or two on the coordinators, since I too am frustrated. I just wanted to pass it on to you guys.


Alex as much as we don't want to admit it, big time college football is a business. Athletics have served as a major opportunity for young men to get accepted into schools who would normally turn them away because of academics. The taking away of scholarships has been going on as long as big time athletics has been around. Is it right or wrong? Scholarship are renewed on an annual basis and if a scholarship athlete is not performing up to par it is time to bring someone else in. The big time salaries paid to coaches make big time athletics cut throat.


CC is not overated - He is somewhat of a great DL lineman

KP is not overated - He is a greatly average Safety

KW is not that Bad - He is just not that Good

KF - I can't comment, I'm Mr Optimistic! What can I say?


remember last year Olson complained about the quarterback.


O.k JC:

Hawaii is 7-0 and leads the NCAA with 52.1 points per game.

Therefore, Hawaii has more talent than all the teams in college fotball according to JC.

Hawaii has more talent than Cal, USF, BC, OK, UCLA, USC, LSU, UF, AUB, UM Etc..

DallasTX Cane

"the wind must of been blowing hard his whole career,"

I love that Calvin.

You can also throw the ball earlier seeing as the wind will hold it up and it won't go as far. Course, we only tried that, how many times in a row?, you'd think KW could adjust and alter his throw a little...



IMO the offense looks better than last year. We do need a QB, in this I agree that our talent level is putrid this year.

I believe that with more QB's ready to shine, the more chances we have of landing a great QB along the lines of Kelly, Kosar, Walsh, Toretta, Testaverde, Dorsey.


never said it was an excuse but definitely a factor that noone even cared to mention. I played QB in HS and still do in the city league. When the wind is blowing that hard it is usually gusty which means that it is very difficult to judge how hard to throw the ball. Just trying to bring some logic into an obvious illogical blog. An calvin he hit SS in stride but it was dropped. He also hit LL against GT when he was freshman but of course LL dropped it. next play KW gets sacked and hits winston.

The Truth

Some you guys are making this debate way too difficult.

It is very simple:

Take Olsen away from Miami and plug him into ASU to run the same offense. Compare the numbers from Miami last year to ASU this year. Now, Factor in your own personal perception of what you think the talent is like at ASU and compare that to Miami.

Was Olsen the problem?


#3, #7 and the offense as a whole were the problems.


I think we have as much talent as any team in the ACC, but we lack depth and talent at the key positions. ASU has a qb wo is pretty good. We are missing BM, BA, KB, and JB on D it's painfully obvious. This isnt like back in the day where a guy would go pro and the next guy would just step in as if nothing changed.

CFB is all about recruiting, players make coaches look good period. From what we have seen so far RS is a great recruiter so we will eventually stock pile the talent that we've had.

The people that are bashing RS are idiots seriously. Give the guy a few years to build the talent up and once he has the talent and we are still going to peach bowls then we have a reason for concern.

The Truth

And yes I do believe the talent at ASU is at least on the same level as it is NOW at Miami.

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