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November 20, 2007


The Truth

Cav, he aint a badger for long...

Good night gentlemen!



pfft homework...I didnt come to The U to do homework...lmao

Posted by: AvaCane96 | November 19, 2007 at 11:46 PM

Whats crackin SOUP?
I sincerely appreciate the offer and would like to contribute in the future, but I honestly don't know enough about the bball team outside from what I have read or seen on TV to write a good article on them. Seeing that the football season is winding down and the only discussion for the next few months will be on recruiting I am hoping CaneSpace will stay strong and support the bball team like they do football. I think the team will be dancin' this year and maybe support from CaneSpace will get people in the stands and help this program.

Posted by: Teddy Mercury | November 19, 2007 at 11:47 PM


Teddy...we have two folks here on the blog to cover Canes baseball that are VERY knowledgable (Matt in LA, and another I can't recall).

But we can't find anybody here who will agree to take the basketball lead coverage position. Manny at the Herald seems to have it covered pretty well but we are still looking for our own "fan in the stands" perspective writer to come along and step up to the line and hit some free throws in cruch time...


What's up Manny,

I asked this same question to LeBatard and he basically sashayed around the question, yet again, with a thoughtless "what if" non-sequitur. You don't shy away from tough questions, so here goes:

Last year, all we heard was, "oh it's the coaching that's the problem" Now we get rid of Coker, and Shannon is saying, "Oh it's the players and a lack of talent." When are you and the rest of the media going to stop making excuses for Randy Shannon throwing his own players under the bus this season? LeBatard's ridiculous response was "If he were winning, you'd say he was holding players accountable." My reply by e-mail? "If the Queen had a pair, she'd be the King."


to add on:

Bottom ______:

We returned 19 of 22 starters and this team has clearly regressed since last year. Shannon passes the buck to his players and refuses to take accountability for his players mentally mailing it in during half of the games this season. He is ultimately the CEO and his calls should supersede that of any assistant he sees isn't making the proper calls ***cough, Nix, cough, cough Walton***. Shannon shouldn't be worried about "stepping on his assistants toes". That quote coming from someone that's supposed to be a Head Coach literally made me cringe.

He had better figure out how to quickly develop players for the future.



O.k let's fire RS and the next guy we hire brings his own assistants and all that.

How many years do we give the new guy to turn us around?

haitian cane

woke up this morning and actually got hella good news!!!... the emerald bowl which is in san fran,ca where fla.st played ucla last year, said they would love to have us in their bowl game if we won saturday vs b.c. the executive bowl game director from the emerald bowl was practically drooling out the mouth for us to come over there if we win.. Our matchup we be against, either oregon st.,cal arizona or ucla. honestly if we had a chance to play cal that would get my blood flowing.. if a chance to go to cali, does not get the players excited, idon't know what will. and the director of the bowl game kept mentioning kyle wright as the biggset reason we would get picked for the emerald bowl, because where kyle played h.s. ball is only a subway ride away..LETS SEE HOW BAD KYLE WANTS TO GO HOME AND PLAY HIS LAST COLLEGE GAME IN FRONT OF HIS HOMETOWN FANS!!CHECK OUT TODAYS MIAMI HERALD IF YOU WANT MORE INFO.. THE GAME ON SAT IS BEING SWITCHED TO ESPN!! (NOT ESPN2 OR ESPNU) ESPN LOVES MAKING MONEY OFF OF US!!


Carlos...those are fair questions, even though throughout today you will get beat up something fierce by most here on the blog. Don't let it get to you, stand firm and debate your point appropriately.

You posted your questions in an intelligent and articulate manner even if they go against the majority opinion here that it IS a lack of talent (was last year too, especiallty at QB and WR and DL and OL) and not coaching that is to blame for this mess of a 2007 season.

So, if it IS a lack of talent like most here believe that takes off some of the blame for Coker's alledged lack of coaching ability and places it firmly on his ability to recruit from the 305 and to get the type of players UM traditionally had on the team (talent and attitude) to be winners.

We all agree that we thought this team would be at least marginally better under Shannon. Some believed MUCH better. We even had a poll before the season where 12% of the bloggers here felt this team would go UNDFEATED! They became known as the 12%club and will forever live in legend here on Canespace.

2007 was the perfect storm: lack of talent, new/young coaches at all of the key positions, losing mentality that refused to go away, poor exectution, bad luck, etc., etc.

2008 promises new hope with the 31 new recruits. That's over 1/3 of the team! Things HAVE to improve next year (progress and maybe 8-3) and then 2009 has to see us win or at least play for the ACC title or Shannon and his loyal gang of followers will have to start to ask some more serious questions than the ones you posed here today.


Carlos listen to RS interviews the last couple of days and he has taken responsibility for the inability of the players to make plays. Many of you need to realize it takes a coach 3-4 years to turn around a problematic program which we are. Do you think fans in Bama are calling for Saban's head already? Chill out Carlos, in due time we will know when and if to throw RS under the bus. Now is not the time.



I believe my question is fair and not an attack on Carlos.

I stated from the beginning that RS "stubborn attitude" would hurt him and that he needs to learn to mellow down with some of the kids.

As far as talent, If they have no talent (who recruited them?).

Coker got his SIX years!! (steady decline).

Let's give RS a fair chance.

The Truth

Carlos and 86,

Did I just read an article yesterday about Shannon saying some craziness about a culture change?

Some old fart on here , that has defended Shannon and the coaches tooth and nail, has been spouting that garbage on here for weeks...months if you go back to the SS blob.

That culture can not change from one season to the next. Yes, last year it was all about a lack of talent at QB and WR and DL and OL...and basically it is the same group at QB and WR and DL and OL out there. But I have been a huge proponent of the idea that it IS more than just a talent issue.

Too many kids came into this program under Coker with the mindset that Miami was their ticket to the "show." Period. They were soft, albeit athletic and anything but what a Miami football player has always been about. Coker was charged with being a Bobby Bowden or Frank Beamer in that he be the face of a sqeeky clean program (I know F$U is anything but that...however the national perception is they are a model program under Bowden) and he did just that. He also brought in a bunch of nice, and for the most part, sqeeky clean kids that simply can't play at this level.

The proof is out there on the field.

You can't get coached if you don't care whether or not you get better. Yes, they all THINK they want to get better, much like my grandson would LOVE to be in the NFL someday. But putting that idea into hard work and daily sacrafice is something the majority of these kids just don;t have in them.

How is it that you have a star QB that doesn't really care to study too much film?

Miami has one.

That type of attitude permeates itself throughout the locker room.

Yes, there are kids on that team that bust a** but there aren't enough.

The one's that don't look the part, try to act the part but unless its really a part of the overall culture all they really look like out on the field is the posers that they really are...

Looks like tarzan, plays like Jane.

Miami is going after the take no sh*t from nobody kind of kid they used go get before Coker. The one's that either have have something to prove (Santana Moss) or the one'sthat are so good they just LOVE to let everyone around them know it (Clinton Portis) and would NEVER let anyone look at them differently.

They are going after the kids that are team first but can still star individually actually DO what is asked of them.

As a coach you can only do so much and either the kids can get it or they can't.

Remember that Butch Davis was head coach here and Under hin was Larry...neither one of them could EVER be put in the class of "great" coaches.

But, Butch had the right kind of player and developed the right kind of Culture and look at what was produced out there on the field.

Shannon is working on it...give him some time.


yes this team is young and yes give RS and crew time - BUT it is unsettling that this team has not shown improvement within the season. A good coaching staff with enough young talent should be able to get improvement week to week. It is rare to see a team really explode after finishing the previous year on a serious losing trend.


Play I agree RS is a bit stubborn at times but he is not as stubborn as Bear Bryant, Bobbt Knight, Woody hayes, Bill parcells, John Thompson...etc. Descipline and hard love are not bad traits.


Blowfly that is why I think it has more to do with a lack of talent and heart than the coaching staff failing to reach these kids.

The Truth

Why do you think they haven't shown improvement?

Haven't you ever had a new boss? What's the first thing that happens when the new boss comes in? The Bozo's do anything they can to resist. Its what Bozo's do (Sam Shields)...

Miami is LOADED with Bozo's right now and they aren't doing very well handling the pressure. Not saying they aren't trying, but its thaat soft monded mentality.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

If you can't handle the competition, quit the team.


Truth good heads up on the Spence rumors. I don't just check Canesport. I have my nose all over the place. It is tough to get any Cane info up here in CT so I have to get creative! There are a few good places for info.

As for Shannon, give it some time people. He has the right attitude and is bringing in the right kids. He is a rookie headcoach remember. He has made some mistakes as should have been expected. One thing I know for sure is he will correct them and move on. The man does not like to lose. You gotta love that about him. This season is eating away at him. Next season we should see a marked improvement across the board.




5 - Class of 2006 possible transfers (little hope to ever play)
Tervaris Johnson
Kylan Robinson
Ian Symonette
Chaz Washington
Steven Wesley

of these guys I say too early to tell. wesley is getting PT this year and could be battling for a starting job next year with continued improvement (i ain't big on him, but he's a RS freshman at this point, time is on his side). Symonette never was looked at as an immediate contributor cause the weight issue. He's lost a lot of weight now and hopefully keeps that up. He's huge and can move pretty good considering how big he is. Once he's in the 340-350 range I'd bet on him to be in the rotation - just needs to make sure he keeps that drive to get there. Robinson I don't know what's up with his situation. Same with Chaz. Johnson we all know has been hurt. He's still got time to develop into a player for us. Even if he never becomes more than a role player he can still contribute - they can't all become stars.

I just don't like counting guys out too soon. This are guys only in their 2nd year with the program.


FRESH...my comment was not about what you posted. I wasn't implying that your question was unfair at all. In fact it was a smart techinque to answer a question with a question. I follow your logic.

To answer your ??? I think we would all say if we hired a new coach and all of his new assistants came in then we would give him a minumum of three years. So that is what we should give Shannon. Makes sense.

But as you know, the equation is much more complicated than that.

Bottom line is reasonable people wanted to see some PROGRESS this year. Most here would have setteled for a motivated team that fights hard every play, executed well, looked confident and competent most of the time.

We would have been more than pleased with a team that finished 9-3 with close, hard fought 10-13 point losses to the best teams we played in 2007: OU, VT and BC.

We didn't get that.

Do I need to elaborate on what we did get?

I didn't think so...


Canez1- LMAO - your posts are great!


Manny: Who is going to transfer after the season?


Can someone please post the Canesport article on Sean Spence



Manny I've been told by 2 sources that Soldinger and Kehoe might return to the U
My sources are SLIM & NONE. How accurate is this?

Do you think "La Cebolla" would even consider revamping his staff? or is this the staff that he will sink or swim with?

I believe in supporting what we have, but what we have makes me real(NERVOUSSSSSSSSSS....add the Tim Teabow lisp for special effects)


Insane...Your sources, SLIM and NONE, are notorious liars and should not be trusted.

I'm far from being Manny but I think the onion keeps his staff intact except for WR and ST coaches, and then only maybe does he make changes. We will see.

The chances of Kehoe or Solly coming back are just like your sources. Truth...what say you?


To quote Jonathan Swift, "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"--meaning, if it isn't very good, sometimes you can only do so much with it.

Shannon has set the bar high, if you are going to play for him, you better bring it.
He isn't going to lower his standards and placate a bunch of mediocre players. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back before going forward.
The weeding out process has already begun.
Shannon needs to find some leaders in the recruits, because right now there are no leaders on this team. You can't win without team leaders . Peer pressure makes things happen.

The Truth

Slim and none seem pretty smart to me.

Solly - Miami misses him. He should have kept r-e-s-p-e-c-t his top priority.


Northwestern High School LB and Cane commitment Sean Spence says he's fielding weekly phone calls from North Carolina and Tennessee coaches.

He's visited both schools already.

"They were nice, were college towns, great atmosphere, nice trips," he said.

Spence remains a Cane commit – "It's the same as the day before, solid," he says.

Spence says he also may visit USF before graduating early and enrolling in January.

Fellow teammates and Cane commitments Jacory Harris and Marcus Forston are also planning to graduate early.

"I talk to Miami coaches every week," Spence said. "I talked to coach (Tim) Walton before the Virginia Tech game. He was just saying he saw we beat up on Coral Gables pretty bad (in the playoffs), was just checking in with me, seeing how my family is doing and all that."

Spence has watched the Canes struggle this season. His thoughts on that?

"It hurts seeing the defense play like that," he said. "I think coach (Randy) Shannon will turn it around, get things going the right way."

He hopes his teammates will be a big part of that turnaround.

"We all talk about Miami, what we're going to do when we get there, how we have to come there with the attitude we have now and bring the swagger back to Miami," Spence said. "I can't wait to get to college, but I'm staying focused on high school so I can finish up strong."

His team next plays Columbus in the Orange Bowl on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

So far this season Spence has over 90 tackles with three sacks and two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown). On offense he plays sparingly at fullback and has one receiving score.

Spence projects as an outside linebacker at the next level.


Hurricanedave, I have to some what disagree. I think we need more "Talented" leaders than we do just leaders, Ed Reed is a classic example of a talented leaders who possesses leadership skilss but has the talent to back it up. We had a few leaders on this team this year but when you don't have the talent to back it up on the field, your leadership isn't worth doodly squat! and makes matters worst for those that are looking at you as a leader.


Vince, thanks for the post!


We're on the same page. I assumed the "talent", you have to lead by example. Thanks for correcting my post.


Seems to me that last year people weren't saying the coaches all sucked, they were saying Coker and Olsen sucked. Everyone seemed plenty happy with the D, seeing as how it was top 10 in most categories and only got smoked by LSU and Louisville, two pretty potent offenses, in the previous years.

Course people point to those games as evidence that Shannon was slipping even before becoming HC, but you cannot pitch a shutout or even keep people under 20 every single game. I didn't hear people in Columbus clamoring for coaches' heads when Ohio State's defense got smoked by Florida (in a way none of Florida's other opponents ever did with Chris freaking Leak as QB) or even this year when Illinois had the ball for basically the entire 4th quarter. That is a dominant D that had two off games. Still a great DC, still great D players. Pelini at LSU is still a good DC even through his D has gone from dominant to swiss cheese basically. Bama looked better against them than UL Lafayette.

Bottom line is I'd disagree with Carlos that Shannon is the constant in two consecutive crappy seasons therefore he is exclusively the problem. I've seen national college writers say time and again that the notion that a high number of returning starters equals a 10 win season is BS if the returning starters weren't that good to begin with. Purdue a couple years ago was picked to win the Big 10 with that same faulty logic.

I don't like that Randy throws the kids under the bus and takes little or no responsibility. I posted yesterday that I was shocked to see quotes in the Herald where he DID say it was all on him to make this team better and all on him that they have a losing record now. It was a stark change of tune. Maybe Randy can learn after all!

In college a head coach recruits, oversees the staff, and makes game altering choices like going for it on fourth down, etc. The bulk of the gameday play calling falls to the coordinators. I have no doubt the coach discusses it with them in the film room, but to say Shannon sucks because they called 5 straight runs against NC State... that was Nix's call.

Nonetheless, the way Olsen is succeeding at Arizona State would seem to suggest that it wasn't his schemes that failed last year. And BTW Coker was OC of the 2000 offense that as I recall was pretty freaking good. So I don't think as a play caller Coker is really that god-awful. In fact I was much more frustrated with Butch's game management (timeouts, clock management, choices to punt, things a HC actually does) than I was with Coker as OC.

I guess my point is you can be frustrated at this season and disappointed in Shannon in a few respects and you'd basically be like the rest of us. But to attribute sole responsibility to schemes and coaching seems to glaze over priority #1 of a college coach and that is recruiting (i.e. the talent level on the team), and I think the numbers (players from the 2004 and 2005 classes currently contributing, etc) back up the notion that the past few seasons under Coker were abysmal in that regard. And in college, when that happens, you reap what you sow. Shannon is handcuffed by that reality and he and his staff cannot be adequately evaluated until that changes.


Let me correct a typo; that would be leadership "skills" and not "skilss", Don't want DTC gettting upset again!

witty cane related blogger name

The defense lost its linebacker leader, Beason, and its secondary leader, brandon meriweather, to the NFL last year. NOBODY stepped up to assume the leadership positions on the field and the D-fense has continoulsy been out of position and given up big plays and third down conversions. Miami gave up 201 points in 2006 for an average of 16 per game. In 11 games in 2007 they have given up 284 for an average of 26 per game. This is why the team has regressed. Everyone had assumed the D would be a strength again this year and they have not gotten the job done.

Coaches and players can share the blame this year, but someone needs to step up and get the job done on the field next year to turn this program around.


Hey Manny
Welcome Back from PR!

Do you plan to speak to Cannon Smith anytime soon?


JC, very good post.

American Canester :-{

Nix finally but quietly admitted he wasn't doing a good job getting the QB's blitz pick-up on par.I thinking it wasn't just bliztes that our QBs were unprepared for. Which we all know the QB position was one of the major keys to our loses. But by the same token the talent wasn't there to execute at times either, too many drop balls (major killer). So we had a lethal combination of lack of coaching preparation and flat out lack of "mature football" talent. I think we see a big difference next year which should result in an R-E-S-P-E-C-T-A-B-L-E (8-3) record.


JC that was a good point you made. To add to that, those recruiting classes of 04 and 05, even though they were top 10 classes i seem to remember that we lost out on our top targets alot and had to settle with the next guy. That is why I like Shannon, he is taking the guys he wants and it looks like everyone else in FLa has to settle with the next pick.


my only other concern is the coaches. Are they going to be good enough to take us to that next level. I hope so.

The Truth

Nix was doing the right thing and putting it out there to take some pressure off his QB.

When exactly has either of those kids (the QB's) ever shown that they can correctly pick up a blitz?

Under Werner? No.

Olson? Nah!

Nix? That would still be nine.

Olson's QB now sure looks like he gets the whole blitz pick up thing. Maybe he just coaches different THIS year than he did in the past.

Or maybe Nix really is just that bad...who knows, right? :)


or maybe Olsen didnt speak to Coker or Berry. That is the word on the street. I still hold firm to the belief that Werner and Olsen werent calling their offense. werner was strictly spread at his previous coaching gigs since leaving the U originally and currently at Ole miss. Same thing with Olsen. The offense run here is completely different than anything he ran here the first time or currently at ASU. we basically ran the Coker T.


Beason and Merriweather...and yes Cook were defensive losses that were bigger than anybody thought it would be. Randy Shannon from day one said it would be about accountability and so it is what it is. Bed of Roses. Change of culture is rough for those not used to it. This team is trying to embrace it -- not successfully because it doesn't translate into wins right away.

But with fresh faces and players handpicked for the what is the Shannonization process then it will be okay. Shannon, I am 100 percent of this, has laid his bedrock and foundation for his future team.

Sure he can have compromised his principles and babied a few of these players for a win (no guarantee) but then he would have looked lie a prostitute to the incoming class. He wants only the toughest and football meanest of the recruits.

I only have to present the JJ era of how rough it was in the beginning until the bandwagon and fairweather fans suddenly discovered that Jimmy was the second coming of ... well, er, Jimmy.

But we need a great quarterback to make it work.

Patience and happy thanksgiving.


Looks like Saban is having the same problem Shannon is.

Sound familiar?

***Saban also addressed the issue of apathy among players. He said the team consists of players who care and those who don't.

"And the ones that don't care, they shouldn't be here," Saban told The Birmingham News. "It's not fair to their teammates, it's not fair to the institution, it's not fair to the people they represent. We will get it right, because we will get it right with people who care." ***

The Truth

Miami did not run the Coker T.


To Coach Nix From Kyle!

Maybe U did a bad bad thing, Maybe U did a bad bad thing.
Maybe U a bad bad thing, Maybe U did a bad bad thing.
You ever been hit so hard you thought your lip was gonna break in two?
I didnt think so.
You ever tried with all your heart and soul to get your wide receiver to come back to you?
I wanna hope so.
You ever pray with all your heart and soul just to watch them drop the ball?

Maybe U did a bad bad thing, Maybe U did a bad bad thing.
Maybe U did a bad bad thing, feel like crying, feel like crying.

You ever toss and turn your lying on your back from a double sack?
I dont think so.
You ever close your eyes you making believe your 30-40, 400yrds, 4tds, no INTs?
Well if you say so.
I hurts so bad when you finally know just how low, low, low, low, low, We’ll go.

Maybe U did a bad bad thing, baby did a bad bad thing.
Maybe U a bad bad thing, feel like crying, feel like crying.
Ohh. feel like crying, feel like crying.
Ohh, feel like crying, feel like crying.

( guitar solo )


You dont think we ran the coker T under werner. I could have sworn it looked eerily similar than.


I hope Spence isnt thinking about wavering to play for Carolina. Dont do it Spence, stick with the U and help turn this thing around. You got a lot of teammates coming and other commits and fans looking forward to seeing you play in Orange and Green. I went up to Chapel Hill the Friday before they played NCST and they took me on a semi-tour recruits go on. I watched videos of and pics of them beating the Canes over and over. Dont fall into that ploy, stick with your commitment with the canes b/c in due time, no one is gonna have ISH on the U. Stick with the Canes and make everyone pays for the insults they gave the U. Make them eat their words and those videos.

The Truth

Similar to what? To what they are running now? To what Miami ran in 2000?

Do you see a huge philosphical difference between last year and this year?

I don't and Coker ain't here anymore.

What I see is a OC running what he thinks will be the most successful in a game...which is what Olson did which is why it didn't look like 1992 or his 2007 ASU version out there.

Coker's O was a pro-set run offense predicated by a lot of play action and the use of the TE and fullback. Did you see any of that under Werner and Olson in '05 and '06?

Not me?


I wonder if the canes offered that safety who attends the same highschool as Jamie Harper as a ploy to try and sign Harper? That way he isnt down in Miami alone and has someone he can relate to.


MANNY! - Every great work, every great accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement comes apparent failure and discouragement

It’s a given that we will still be rebuilding in 08’ (9-2 at best) But in your "HONEST OPINION" Do we reach the big achievement in 09 or will it be another year of holding on to the vision until 2010

The Truth

In fact, has the offense really changed much at all?

The one constant is KW.

I have seen a few things here new with Nix the past few weeks, but nothing earth shatteringly different from what was run last year and the year before that?



November 19, 2007
What about Jimbo Fisher?
With all the potential job openings in college football, one name that is starting to get tossed around with some regularity is that of Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher.

Steve Ellis of the Tallahassee Democrat notes that Fisher could be considered a candidate for several possible openings, including Auburn and LSU.

Fisher coached at both Auburn and LSU, but does not have experience as a head coach. Given the stature of those two programs, it's difficult for me to see either school rolling the dice with a "first-timer". Even if the Tigers (either of 'em) were willing to overlook Fisher's resume -- because there's no question he will be a HC somwhere someday -- there are other potential roadblocks to signing Fisher.

At LSU, it's believed that current DC Bo Pellini would be the school's #1 choice. Pellini is one of the top assistant coaches in the country and one hell of a recruiter. He's been at LSU and had a key hand in their current roster/recruiting. Meanwhile, Fisher has been fully devoted to FSU for the past year. It's also unclear as to how quickly LSU is willing to let bygones be bygones, as Fisher left the Tigers to take a lateral move at Florida State.

While Fisher may be on the list at Auburn, I don't believe Fisher has Auburn on his list. Fisher has a well documented friendship with his former boss and former AU head coach Terry Bowden. Given the circumstances surrounding Bowden's departure at Auburn, it's hard to believe that Terry wouldn't try to dissuade Fisher from getting into bed with the Tigers. And I still hold that the Tigers treatment of Tuberville - making flights across the country to recruit Pelini despite Tuberville's success - will cause more than a few coaches to think twice about a job on the Plains.

Another potential opening for Fisher is Georgia Tech - and it's hard to make any argument either way about the Yellow Jackets top job, should it become available. Fisher would be a pretty good fit at Tech and would likely take GT back to the National Championship level that the boosters are wanting.

That said, I don't expect that FSU would sit idly by and allow Georgia Tech to sign Fisher without a fight.

Given the relationship between Bobby Bowden and the FSU president, I would expect that the Noles would show Jimbo the money. If that - combined with Fisher's Bowden family loyalty - isn't enough, then I don't think it is out of the question that Bobby Bowden sits down Jimbo & the FSU brass to work out a succession plan.

(It's important to mention here that many FSU boosters believe that a handshake deal already exists between Fisher & FSU as to Jimbo taking the reins for the Seminoles.)

I don't know if Bowden *wants* to talk about his retirement, but I don't think he wants FSU to lose Fisher long term, either.

I don't know - maybe I'm just being a homer, here - but I think the "Jimbo Fisher to X school" is all just a little premature. Y'all?

Posted by Kevin Donahue

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