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November 21, 2007



What the? Wheres everybody?

orange 'n green in the vein

It's the crappy upperclassmen, stupid. William of Ockham told me so.


Pet-The-Cat...not sure? Guess they got their fill last night with Manny and Chris or today with Carlos.

OGV...what chu got?

orange 'n green in the vein

Soup, I got a countdown to "The Joker's" last game, only three days. Maybe he's using the time between now and then to work on his standup routine for after football? It's got to be better than his ability to hold onto possesion of the ball. But that goes without saying, right?


Roger that OGV, roger that! Fox one, Fox one...splash one Joker in three days.

Next year when we have a QB let's just hope we don't start using any new excuses. Next year our slogan should be:



I for one am hoping Life trips up BC on Saturday.

Nice work Solar.

I suppose it's a lot to ask, but maybe Life is ready to play a joke on the whole NCAA!

We can put it together... I know we can.


LOL - Life treats me how it wants - it's what I do with it that counts...

Hey Roach - what kind of camera is that - pics were really good


Great work Solar. Enjoyable and insightful as always.

Roach, stranger things have happened but I'm not holding my breath for a repeat of last year. We don't have the horses on defense this year. And Kyle is certainly not lighting up the scoreboard.

I just hope they play HARD FOR FOUR QUARTERS!!!!

BC is beatable, very beatable but we can't make mistakes on offense or defense.

We'll see, fingers and pinky-toes crossed.


CGNC, that's the Shannon view fo-sho!!


You know, maybe I have been looking at this the wrong way?

It is best to stay negative. Yeah, that is it.

Unending negativity.

About our own team.

And coaches.


And if the Canes is successful in the future, if the coaches are succeful with their plans, then this load of negativity (tons and tons of it) will confirm his and our worth.



its called being first!!



I feel for Kenny Philips leaving without a ring because he deserves it.


Am I getting the Holliday blues or what?


Maybe, I will go and get drunk and then go kick a can down the street.


Maybe, I will stop by a puddle of water on the street and wait until a vehicle come rushing by.


What else should I do?



I was just watching this S Taylor at the U stuff.
the hits just keep on comin!





Marcus Forston DT 6-2 286 5 6.1 Miami, FL

Patrick Johnson DB 6-1 193 4.47 6.1 Pompano Beach, FL

Ramon Buchanan DB 6-0 181 4.59 6.0 Melbourne, FL

Jordan Futch LB 6-3 202 4.56 6.0 Hollywood, FL

Aldarius Johnson WR 6-2 200 4.45 6.0 Miami, FL

Marcus Robinson LB 6-2 210 4.57 6.0 Homestead, FL

Davon Johnson ATH 5-11 163 4.4 5.9 Miami, FL

Lerentee McCray LB 6-2 200 4.5 5.9 Dunnellon, FL

Sean Spence LB 6-0 186 - 5.9 Miami, FL

Jacory Harris QB 6-4 169 4.8 5.8 Miami, FL

Jeremy Lewis DT 6-3 271 - 5.8 West Palm Beach, FL

Brandon Washington OL 6-4 315 5.47 5.8 Miami, FL

Micanor Regis DT 6-3 300 5.06 5.7 Pahokee, FL

Cannon Smith QB 5-11 200 - 5.7 Chatham, VA

Joe Wylie DB 6-2 171 4.5 5.7 Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Thearon Collier WR 5-9 163 4.5 5.6 Miami, FL

Antonio Harper LB 6-4 220 4.5 5.6 Memphis, TN

Kendall Thompkins WR 5-10 165 4.5 5.5 Miami, FL

Taylor Cook QB 6-7 210 4.63 5.4 Altair, TX

C.J. Odom DB 6-0 198 - 5.3 Fort Myers, FL

Andrew Smith DE 6-3 223 - 5.1 Coconut Creek , FL


Johnnie Walker Black Label works just fine, MidWestCane.

We are a game below .500 coming into the last game of the season for the 2nd straight year...I think that might garner some criticism.

***raises glass***


orange 'n green in the vein

Until the QB stops turning the ball over twice or more a game, the Hurricanes have NO chance of winning anything.


Thank You, but I think another recruit committing to the Canes will do me fine.

Johnnie Walker Black is ok, but Author Brown is much better.


Three Kings Charity, you will never see ESPN run this.

Santana Clinton and Sean giving underprivileged kids some reasons to smile.

The kids don't seem to realize these guys are thugs.


The Truth

Johnny Walker Black is piss water.


We don't have the horses on defense this year.
Posted by: Cavaleer | November 21, 2007 at 09:41 PM

Cav...CGNC has somethin' to say about "horses". Trust me, she's writing something, and it's gonna be good, really good!


Truth...what chu got? How about some Balvinie Doublewood 15 yr old?


I think I am putting the canes to bed tonight! I love all you guys and hope you all have a happy, peaceful and if God really loves us and canewinning thanksgiving! Good night all!!!



3 kings, good clip.

The Truth

WOW!! Someone that knows his stuff...I like it! That's a little steep for my everyday drinking, but its on the shelf!


I go with the 18 year old McCallan, neat with a splash of the H2O...

The Truth

Forgive the tyro:


God please forgive thee for thy error


Is this Ok, 86?


The Truth

I got a deal with a buddy that gets it to me at cost...no dice on the Balvinie, though. So I save that for the days like manana!

The Truth

Just stopping to say hellow to the night owls...gotta get some ZZZZZZZZ's. Travel in this country es una mierda.

Go Canes!


truth never sleeps


From Manny...
"I know many of you have asked the questions -- will changes be made on this staff following this season? Shannon, who is still speaking during his press conference, basically just said he will not make any changes on this staff unless somebody decides to leave for another program."

I'm VERY UNHAPPY with this answer... but, I'm not surprised.

Canesgirl, the camera is a little Panasonic Lumix FX01, I've been very happy with it. It was nice meeting you guys, (ever so briefly)... was that your daughter wearing the Canespace t-shirt? Without seeing that, I'd have never said hello.

Let's Go Canes!



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You are in violation of federal copyright law.

Thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation.



Solar...nice work. Hope I didn't step to hard on your masterpiece? Did the photos work?


damn took me forever to try to catch up to everything i missed. just became a father today so was a lil busy. i think the discussion about the talent was interesting. i think we just have to remember we aren't playing against the the '01 team each week. we are playing against this year's acc teams. and if you went down the rosters in august we had about as much talent as any team in the league. now once injuries hit the defense all at once that changed things, but before that we had enough talent for the defense to carry things. once spring star like holmes go down and hendricks follows and dixon follows that now you got the results making sense since you just don't got guys. while even without the injuries this wasn't the most talented UM squad it still matched up well against the weak offenses of the acc. could say the same (albeit with less certainty) about the offense. if marve and mckenzie are healthy we might be averaging a few more points a game - which would help when you are loosing by just a few. but who knows if they would have carried over their impressive summers into the regular season. either way, we got who we got and got the record we got. fun for discussion though. lets hope they pull out 16th in a row against BC this weekend.


Miami two commits signed the national letter of intent today.

One is highly ranked.



From the Basketball team.


Esteban your first??


If so, be ready for two hour naps for the next month.. (if you are lucky)


1st. a baby girl.



My first baby was a girl. She will be your little queen forever...


lol...yeah i've been gettin those for the last week since the wife couldn't sleep through all the kickin she'd wake me up.

dj moonbat

La Phroaig, bitchez!



Responsibility, committment, dedication, love, patience...you will need the all!


Congrats to your and your wife Este. My wife and I have one daughter. (UM Class of '05).

I know you've heard it all before, but it's true...
Enjoy every minute of these times... they go by very quickly.

Another member of the Legion has arrived! Way to go Esteban!

dj moonbat

Having a girl first was definitely the way to go in the moonbat household. She takes great care of her little brother.



Roach...great photos. That little camera of yours does the trick. Thanks for that!


No sweat... big day tomorrow... I'm out.

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