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November 16, 2007


dj moonbat


dj moonbat

I'm not known for my sense of perspective when it comes to 'Cane losses, but people: it's time. to. let. go.

They'll be winners eventually. We were just foolish to think it would be so soon.


Good article. But I'm already looking forward to VT.


Somewhere in the first ten


EK...what's up? I got your phone message and returned it. Glad you got the VT tix.

Bring us home a win Saturday!

Look for CGNC at the game. Check your email...


I guess I was fourth. Did anyone believe that AU could beat Oregon? Arizona did, because they did it before. Does anyone believe that we can beat VT in Blacksburg? I do.

Thanks 86

U know we got to meet up in Chapel Hill next year.


EK...and you have to bring the tequilla!

We will my friend, we will...

Sarasota 'Cane

I heard you CaneChic!! It's one of the reasons that I tried to call Dan Sileo myself. When I could not get through I e-mailed Sielo and he read my e-mail.

He knows he's wrong. He's a 'Cane trying to make a living in Gator Country!! I know Dan is frustrated with the VA loss, but so are all of us. I hope he stops bashing Shannon and the ACC.

Dan kept talking about playing in the same conference as Wake Forest, even though we do not play them this year!!

If enough of the Legion is ready for him tomorrow, he'll back off. Call or e-mail Sileo tomorrow morning between 6-9am if he gets out of line!!



The University of Missouri will play for the National Title if they win out. Sorry, gotta rep the Show-Me State for a sec.

I'm really depressed Oregon lost. I'm hoping that LSU loses in the SEC title game. I can't stand those motherf&ckers.



web link for the Dan Sileo morning show:



Email for Dan Sileo:

[email protected]


Tell Dan all about Canespace and invite him here to do a LIVE chat!


Classics from the VAULT:

Mark it down right now the Gayturds will not go better than 9-3 next year. Tebow will not finish the season making all those runs up the middle. I hate that bullshyt!! The turds are in for a rude awakening next year and everyone in the SEC will be on the hunt for them. 9-3 Mark it down.
Posted by: Canez 1 | January 11, 2007 at 13:43

Some high school seniors, when picking a college, want an academic institutuion which will provide them the oppurtunity to kick some a@@! They pick the University of Miami. GO CANES!!!
Posted by: HOOKERSLUT | July 01, 2007 at 01:15 AM

Whenever you're inclined to doubt, just ask yourself: "Who knows more about what makes 'Canes football tick -- me, or Randy Shannon?" That should make you feel better.
Posted by: dj moonbat | June 14, 2007 at 15:44

SFCane is the 1st for ALL TIME! I feel like I just hit the powerball! That was me just running up and down Haight street screaming! #1 of ALL TIME!!!
Posted by: SFCane | June 17, 2007 at 12:33 AM



Here is an excellent breakdown of what happened during the Virginia game.



AWESOME link you just posted. You should just copy and paste it. Canes fans need to get off the coaches backs. Again thanks for the link

orange 'n green in the vein

solar gets his wish, right form the mouth of The Randy:

Shannon was asked to evaluate his coaching performance after 10 games in his first season.

''Rate my performance?'' he said. ``You know how I am. I'm a guy that is tough on myself because I have an attitude that you should never lose games. And if you rate yourself on record that means I'm not doing a very good job. But you know what? I'm not going to give up on what I'm doing.

``I'm going to stay focused and keep doing the things I know that it takes to win games and get to that next level.''


General...Thnaks for the link. Good stuff for the most part. I agree the players share the blame but the coaches are the ones who are reponsible for their performance. Mutual responsibility!

Still nice work there. They have talented writers there for sure. How come they don't get that many comments?


``I'm going to stay focused and keep doing the things I know that it takes to win games and get to that next level.''
Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 16, 2007 at 02:10 AM

And Mr. Shannon your stock holders (fans) would like to know what exactly those steps are. Can you please elaborate and define these action steps to us in writing?


Here's an idea for our defense on Saturday:

Instead of dropping defenders deep to protect against long passes, put everyone with 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. That will help eliminate the gaping holes in the middle of the field that offenses have been exposing time after time with simple 5-yard passes that end up gaining big chunks of yardage.

I'm all for taking some of the heat off our young CBs and lessening the chances of giving up a 50-yard gain. But the way it's going, offenses are gaining 50 yards after a few simple plays anyway.

I say it's time to take the training wheels off the CBs and make the Va. Tech quarterback prove that he can complete a long one. It's a low percentage play and I doubt Glennon or whoever VT has isn't too good at it.

Just a thought.

The Truth


You KNEW this was coming right? LOL


Seems as if THS person puts most of the TE mess on the safeties...

Not that I'm agreeing with this either...but it is a very detailed interpretation of the evnts as they unfolded early in that game.

Soory, buddy! Just had to be done and its all in good fun.



It ain't just tequilla anymore, it's PATRON

Sarasota 'Cane

Dan Sileo is at it again!! Dan said he called Matt Patchen yesterday and they discussed why Miami is not a program Dan could recommend at this time!! Dan is a former 'Cane spewing this crap on his radio show!

I sent him another e-mail to voice my displeasure.

Hey Dan,

You know what you tell Matt Patchen? You tell him that if he comes in with the rest of the recruits and performs like a "True 'Cane", then he will enjoy the same success that you did!!

What has happened to you Dan? Are you suggesting that Randy and his next recruiting class (or 2) are incapable of putting together a championship team? The 'Canes need help!! They will get that help with or without you!! Randy did not cause the problems that the 'Canes are now faced with, but he will be the one who fixes the problem!!

It's a good thing that you did not have a radio show when Butch was putting together his team. Butch was faced with the same issues that Randy now has to deal with. Is Matt afraid of the challenge of rebuilding the greatest team over the last 25 years? I don't think so!! Matt is the kind of recruit that the 'Canes need to get back to their winning ways!!

I am not suggesting that you not report about the problems the 'Canes are currently faced with. I am telling you as a fellow 'Cane fan that you have crossed the line when you pull recruits aside and tell them that Miami might not be a good fit because they are down. A down program is an opportunity, not a liability.

Go ahead and give your ring back Dan. You have disgraced the Legion so many times this week that I am sick! The chips are down, so you cut and run!! What a loser!!

P.S. Brad Culpepper called, he needs his jock picked up from the cleaners after you get off this morning!! Talk to you later "Gator Dan"!!


86 you want RS to report to the fans what his actions are going to be to bring the program back? I know you are being sarcastic because we all know the way to bring this thing back is through recruiting and coaching in addition to getting rid of KW and KF.


When they list teams supported by Dan Sileo's radio station on their web page the Gay-turds are the only college team listed. No FSU,USF, etc. So Dan is singing the party line of the station.
He has sold out the Canes for job security/ money!
There also is probably some hidden agenda. Maybe Lamar Thomas needs to straight his A** out!


good breakdown from the allcanes blog.


And Mr. Shannon your stock holders (fans) would like to know what exactly those steps are. Can you please elaborate and define these action steps to us in writing?

Posted by: 86Cane | November 16, 2007 at 02:15 AM

He doesn't have to 86 - you are not the boss of him....LOL


Vince...yeah I was being sarcastic. I do some contract montoring work and require organizations that recieve government funding to develop and implement Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). I'm just wondering if you ran the team like a business what would the Hurricanes CAP look like? Anyone care to try?

And to use another business model the University of Miami would do well to see their fans as shareholders (ticket buyers)in their company (UM athletic teams). Their approach is to see themselves as an exclusive market that fans are lucky to be part of rather than thankful that they have fans purchasing their product (tickets).

Have you seen page 3 of the earlier mailer to season ticket holders about seating at the new stadium? What about the cover of the more recent EXCLUSIVE INVITATION mailer they sent out for the Club Level Select-a-Seat day?

Did you see the stcok marketing picture they used? Women in skirts and high heeled shoes? Men in long sleeve button down dress shirts and dress slacks? Sipping wine from tall wine glasses?

Talk about OUT OF TOUCH with their fan base! The people in the UM ticket office and marketing department have no clue. Do they really think those are the people that make up the UM college football fan base?

Look I know they are trying to attract a "new" type of fan to the games, but come on. Can you imagine those people chanting: Got some Canes over here, whoosh, whoosh? Or: It's great, to be, a Miami Hurricane? Or chanting anything for that matter?

Instead of "Take me out to the ballgame" it will be like "Take me out to the ballet"!


"You guys want Nix to make it easier, I don't know if it can get easier short of running every down and thereby ruining receiver recruiting. Coach Nix is calling plays and getting guys open, mixed up the balance extremely well (we can't abandon the pass folks), the OL is pass blocking this year and we can't execute a damn thing in the air despite it always being there."


That was a great article, and to the point.
If the players execute, we will not have anyproblems moving the ball. To bad even Jenkins dropped a pass in that game. U see your best receiver droping a pass, and ur team mates can catch the bug too. Although LL has had the bug for a while now.


this is bad. we are now ranked the fifth worst team in the country

O.B. farewell has Canes singing the blues
By David Duffey

Updated: November 14, 2007
WEEK: Preseason | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

The Bottom 10 inspirational thoughts of the week:

Pickin' up the pieces
Sweepin' off the dust
I thought it would be better
But it's never been so rough
Flippin' through old numbers
Dependin' on the past
It helps to have some company
But it seems to never last

Then it comes
The loneliness within
Like a stone
Crushin' me again

You're a hard act to follow
I can't find nobody, baby quite like you
You're a hard act to follow
Yeah yeah

-- Brother Cane, "Hard Act To Follow"

"The O.C." depicted an idyllic paradise where the teen cast appeared to be perfect. Across the coast in The O.B., the teen cast rarely has been described as perfect and the once-idyllic setting has deteriorated. However, Miami's play at the Orange Bowl was as close to perfect as it gets on the gridiron. In fact, the Hurricanes won 58 straight in the "Old Horseshoe in Little Havana" from 1985 to 1994.

Beneath the surface, things were far from perfect in the O.C. On the surface, things were far from perfect in the Canes' last home game at the Orange Bowl. In front of dozens of former star players who returned to participate in ceremonies celebrating Miami's storied history in the stadium, the Canes were embarrassed by Virginia. The 48-0 loss was Miami's first shutout loss in the O.B. since 1974.

It is really any surprise that the Canes earned the Bottom 10's highly coveted No. 5 spot this week?

No change at No. 1, but a 52-0 loss to Boise State has No. 2 Utah State inching closer to Florida International. As for the rest of the Bottom 10, it's as volatile as the BCS standings. Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Louisiana-Lafayette and Marshall all won to earn an exit.

Don't worry about the number of changes; we found a bunch of qualified replacements. The songs of Brother Cane will rock us through the latest edition of the Bottom 10. Enjoy the holidays. The Bottom 10 will take advantage of its bye week and return on Nov. 27.

Have a comment about the Bottom 10 ranking? Send us your thoughts.

So, with apologies to Steve Harvey, here's the Bottom 10:

ESPN.com's Bottom 10
1. FIU 0-9 "The Last Time": The Panthers beat Middle Tennessee on Dec. 3, 2005. Almost two years later, FIU has lost 21 straight. Think the Panthers can even remember the last time they won?
2. Utah State 0-10 "How Long"?: Not as long as FIU, but the Aggies haven't won since Oct. 7, 2006. If you're counting, that's 16 straight losses.
3. Idaho 1-9 "A Stone's Throw Away": The Vandals could still end the season at No. 1. After all, they host Utah State on Nov. 24 in what could be the Pillow Fight of the year.
4. North Texas 1-8 "That Don't Satisfy Me": The Mean Green scored 62 points on Navy, but they gave up 72 to the Midshipmen. Wins, not points, satisfy the Bottom 10.
5. Miami
5-5 "Hard Act To Follow": The Hurricanes losing 48-0 to Virginia in their last game at the Orange Bowl definitely qualifies as a hard Bottom 10 act to follow.
6. Notre Dame 1-9 "What You Are": The Irish first appeared in the Bottom 10 as a joke. Who knew that they really belonged.
7. Duke 1-9 "Make Your Play": If the Blue Devils lose their Bottom 10 showdown with Notre Dame, they can make their play for No. 1.
8. Minnesota 1-10 "High Speed Freezin'": After playing in a bowl game last season, the Golden Gophers are skating on very thin ice in 2007.
9. SMU 1-9 "Horses & Needles": The effects of the death penalty still linger over Peruna & Co. 20 years later.
10. Colorado State 1-9 "Stain": Will a second-straight losing campaign put a stain on the otherwise brilliant job done by Sonny Lubick in Fort Collins?


Oh, come on now!! we are ahead of ND, and Duke, which we beat by the way. We may be in the top ten, but ahead of those teams give me a break.


Sarasota I love U man! I tried to call in this morning and My first question to him was "what were you saying from '93 to '98"?

I know he lived in NoCal the same time I did, which was mainly while the canes were on probation. He really made me angry and I am glad to see others making a stink about it.

PS-His tim tebow obession is killing me too!!



He doesn't have to 86 - you are not the boss of him....LOL
Posted by: CanesgirlNC | November 16, 2007 at 09:27 AM

CGNC...that's where you are WRONG! We ALL are the bosses of the entire UM Athletic Department, they just don't realize it and neither do we. It is a FACT that our dollars make us the bosses of all of them.

Look when WalMart was sued for discrimination and people started boycotting their stores they were forced to go public with an apology and change their policies because their "bosses" (people who shoppped there) stopped spending their dollars there.

It's no different with an college athletic department which in case you didn't know is in business to make money (hence the reason for the move to Canespace Stadium in 2008).

If we all stopped buying their product (I'm not saying that we should) they would be forced to change their policies (nobody speaks to the media, chardonnay sippers only need apply, nobody gets on the field before or after the game).

Look had the UM been smart they would have allowed the fans on the field in an organized manner 2 hours BEFORE the game or after player warm ups. Nobody was going to "destroy the field" as they claimed when the game was still to be played. Did they think of that? Did they let us run through the smoke?

No. Why? Because that would require energy, effort, and creative thinking on their part of which they are lacking. The bottom line is that the UM Athletic Department is controlling and unresponsive to the needs of their fan base.

Now do you get it?


Frank Haith interview:
"Randy is a competitor, I don't think the guy's ever lost as a player or coach.
I know this,I had tough times. Looking back, I said maybe I have to loosen up on the guys a little bit. I don't know where he is with his guys. But I know they will keep fighting".


Jimmy that article is a joke. I'm not saying we're a great team by any means. If you look at the list every other team has won 1 or 0 games. We've won 5. Thats absurd.


Oh and two more things...

The Alumni section is set facing the SUN next year at Canespace Stadium for those too much fun NOON games we all hate! NICE!!!

And if the UM Athletic Department is smart they will allow the fans on the field and let them run through the smoke 2 hours BEFORE the first game at Canespace Stadium next year to welcome the fans into the new stadium and build and restore "customer loyalty".

Now wouldn't that be GREAT? I wonder if they are listenting?


Here's an early mock draft for this year. It has CC and KP both in the top 10. It says KP has the ability to play corner and safety, I'm not too sure about that one.


Here's an early mock draft for this year. It has CC and KP both in the top 10. It says KP has the ability to play corner and safety, I'm not too sure about that one.


Sorry bout that I forgot the link


86 I was veryyyyy disappointed in the "great party" the school was going to give us last Saturday night!!!!!!!! I was waiting for 2 live crew, maybe a little Shaq, more Rock and what was that halftime show, give me a break! My Brother thinks Donna made them lose the game so we would all be orderly. I told him he is crazy but it sure makes me wonder. Okay I will stop!!

If a sophomore QB with 3 losses wins the heisman then you know it has been a bad football year!!!


Shannon doesn't have to explain things that should be obvious. guys ain't doing what they are supposed to do. and at this point the people behind them don't know they are supposed to do either.

on defense just look at the projected starting lineup vs current one.

actual listed first.

RE - CC / CC
RT - McCray / McCray
LT - Joe Joseph / Dwayne Hendricks (with Dixon getting equal time)
LE - Moncur / Moncur
SLB - McCarthy / McCarthy
MLB - Sharpton / Gooden
WLB - Sharpton(adkins most of the year) / Cook
CB - Bruce Johnson / RP
FS - Reddick / Cooper
SS - KP / KP
CB - DVD / Glenn Sharpe

Biggest drop in play and biggest issues with help are all right up the middle. DT,LB, Safety. So when teams are throwing to their TEs on us and running the ball on us it seems to make sense. 5th DT in rotation starting with no DTs as back ups. LB missing that couldn't tackle great but at least slowed guys down so teammates could make the tackle and more importantly made sure every one was in the right spot (i include myself in those who took cook for granted). and a safety that flies up lay big blows on WRs and anyone else with the ball and is ultra aggressive with very good range.


With all the bad things that have happened this year. This is one reason I am STILL happy to be a MIAMI HURRICANES

I will never, ever, ever say anything bad about New Jersey Again!



Big Moo

Canes win this weekend 35-31


Big MOO that would be great!


From www.hurricanesports.com:

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - Anthony King led three Hurricanes in double-figure scoring as the University of Miami men's basketball team cruised past Marist, 85-61, in the first round of the O'Reilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-Off in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on Thursday afternoon.

The fifth-year senior finished with a team-high 13 points, five rebounds and a game-high four blocks, while sophomore guard James Dews added 11 points - including three three-pointers - and five boards in his first career start. Junior guard Jack McClinton extended his double-figure scoring streak to 14 - the second-longest active streak in the ACC - with 11 points and a pair of assists, while freshman guard Eddie Rios dished out a career- and team season-high eight assists.

"We came out and played with great enthusiasm and energy," said head Miami coach Frank Haith. "We wanted to get a lot of production in the paint and our post guys set the tempo early. Marist is a good ball club, but we played very well today."

The Hurricanes (2-0) jumped out to the early 10-1 lead, and used strong defense - including three early King blocks - to keep the Red Foxes (1-1) without a field goal for the opening seven minutes. Sophomore forward Dwayne Collins came in off the bench for Miami and poured in eight points in two minutes to extend Miami's lead to 12, up 21-9 midway through the half. Three-pointers by Dews and McClinton, as well as 9-of-10 shooting from the line, helped push Miami's advantage to as many as 20 points in the period, as the Hurricanes took the 39-21 lead into intermission.

Miami continued to roll in the second half, outscoring Marist 18-3 - including back-to-back threes from junior guard Lance Hurdle - over the first seven minutes. All 11 Hurricanes who saw action in the game went on to score at least four points, and Miami would lead by as many as 34 en route to its second-straight win.

Miami converted more than 50 percent of its field goals for the second consecutive game, shooting 54.9 percent from the field (28-51) and 52.4 percent from long range (11-21), while keeping Marist to 40 percent shooting (22-55). In addition, the Hurricanes shot 81.8 percent from the line (18-22), while the Red Foxes hit a paltry 45.5 percent (10-22).

With the win, Miami advances to Friday's Tip-Off semifinals to face Virginia Commonwealth at 1:30 p.m. (ET). VCU, who advanced to the second round of the 2006-07 NCAA Tournament after knocking off Duke (79-77), defeated Houston, 73-72, in the Tip-Off's first game. The Hurricanes lead the all-time series 2-1, including a 73-58 victory in their last meeting on Feb. 9, 1991, in Miami.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The University of Miami men's basketball team will take on Virginia Commonwealth in the semifinals of the inaugural O'Reilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-Off on Friday, Nov. 16, at 1:30 p.m. (EST). The first two rounds will be broadcast on ESPNU, while Sunday's championship game will be shown on ESPN2.

Game 3: VCU (2-0) vs. Miami (2-0)
Date: Friday, Nov. 16, 2007 | Time: 1:30 p.m. (EST) | Site: Coliseo de Puerto Rico
TV: ESPNU | Radio: 1360 AM | Internet Video: None
Websites: Miami (www.hurricanesports.com) | VCU (www.vcuathletics.com)
Tickets: 866-994-0001

Probable Miami Starters
No. Name (Pos/Ht/Wt/Cl) Pts Reb Ast
23 James Dews (G, 6-3, 203, So.) 13.0 4.5 2.0
33 Jack McClinton (G, 6-1, 185, Jr.) 13.0 3.0 4.5
32 Brian Asbury (F, 6-7, 223, Jr.) 9.5 3.5 2.5
00 Jimmy Graham (F, 6-8, 251, Jr.) 4.0 8.0 0.5
50 Anthony King (C, 6-9, 246, R-Sr.) 11.0 7.5 2.0
Probable VCU Starters
No. Name (Pos/Ht/Wt/Cl) Pts Reb Ast
2 Wil Fameni (F, 6-7, 250, Sr.) 7.0 6.5 1.0
15 Michael Anderson (F, 6-7, 205, Jr.) 12.5 6.0 0.0
21 Franck Ndongo (F, 6-7, 200, So.) 3.0 3.5 0.5
3 Eric Maynor (G, 6-2, 175, Jr.) 9.0 3.5 5.5
24 Jamal Shuler (G, 6-3, 180, Sr.) 17.5 2.5 0.5

DallasTX Cane

Deeammmn...sounds like some of ya'll been dipping in the LLELLA a little too much!

RS doesn't owe U, me, us or SS any kind of explanation of his methods or procedures or plans. All that matters in the college football world is RESULTS. If the Man wins, he stays. If he loses, he goes. The only question is how much time does he get to WIN before he goes. Three years seems to be generally accepted as a "fair" time frame, so learn some patience and watch for the "product" to improve.

Also...WTF?!?...reaching out and trying to "understand" a player...find out "where" that player is coming from...blah blah blah...sounds like a BS CER approach to me. That lame, the players run the program not the HC, approach is what we all ended up hating about CER. We all rejoyced b/c RS was going to cut that crap out. Now, not even 12 months into Randy's tenure, we're going to start bitchn and moaning about his hard head and attitude and methods?!?

If a full scholarship and opportunity to earn a degree, PLUS wear the uniform of the U and play major college football, PLUS the shot at making MILLIONS playing on Sundays doesn't motivate a player to work hard in practice, then I say to hell with him! When it comes to SS, we're NOT talking about a junior or senior guy who has proven himself for a couple of years already AND so earned something! He's a sophomore with potential. Maybe more potential than our senior WRs, but still potential. Let him prove himself FIRST, then maybe he'll get some slack from RS. And, don't bring JJ up...he did treat "stars" differently, BUT his "stars" had to prove themselves many times over (practice, work-outs, film room, etc) before they became "stars".


Hey sweet, I'm a blogger for the first time in my life! Time to retire the Atari and put away my record player... ha.

I wrote that on the plane back to NY after that debacle, but I didn't want to submit so soon after until I got a grip and some perspective. However, I still felt it applied b/c that event really had nothing to do with the 2007 season, Randy, Coker, Shalala or anything. It stood alone, and ugh will it stand forever in infamy.

Anyway, clearly I'm over it based on some of the stuff I've posted here since, but a little of me will never stop being disgusted by it. Sorry if it brought people back already looking ahead to tomorrow in Blacksburg.

BTW, the ESPN Bottom 10 has an honorary #5 spot for the team that did the absoute worst in the country the previous week. It doesn't really mean they think we are the fifth worse in the country, and even if they did, F them.

That crackpot in Tampa needs to STFU. Go ahead and be anti-Canes, but don't as a former player call potential recruits and tell them to go to freaking UF. I hope local alumni send their kids to go TP his house or something. Great job guys who are emailing and calling into his show.

86, thanks for the press, happy to do it again in a less morose tone next time!

DallasTX Cane

Its a good article JC.

Every team, every program, even the best of the best have suffered embarrassing, painful losses. Just this season, we've seen a bunch of them - Stanford over USC or Navy beating ND anyone? Doesn't make our any less bad...it still sux and is a terrible last memory of the OB. But, in the giant, overall scheme of the game and the CANE program, it will end up a footnote and nothing more. I can tell U, the Alabama loss in the 92 NC game felt a lot worse than this one. The 86 NC loss felt a lot worse. We'll get some payback in a couple of years...


86 I work in government! Your earlier email about the brochure mailed out exemplifies what I have always stated about pro and college teams. They really don't give a damn about the average fan and they cater to the corporate types with big pockets.


DTX, most wrenching loss for me was and still is the '03 Fiesta Bowl. I've never seen a replay of the game and if I get into any extended discussion I get very upset. I was too young for the '86 Penn St game but it just seems we brought our F game. I do remember watching the '92 Bama game and being fairly disgusted, but we were owned. Gino choked.

But that OSU game seemed to be a combo of everything: individual choke jobs at various points (Dorsey just couldn't stay upright in the middle quarters and having bad turnovers, that strip on the return just like in the '92 Bama game, coverage on 4th and 14 for OSU in OT), our O-line bringing its F game, McGahee getting hurt a-la Dixon, and of course the ref job at the end. Jeez that's about as far as I can get into it, I don't wanna ruin my day.

By comparison, the last OB game just wasn't emotional. And that is the shame, because it should have been. Our own team robbed us of that. USC and ND fans might have been disgusted at those two upsets, but it wasn't like those were special games going into it.


Vince...it is amazing how these people get and keep their jobs. They are not effective at soliciting feedback or input into the decision making process therefore their decisions are not always good ones.

Instead of banning people from the field off hand like they did in that "panic response" letter from President Shalala, had they asked properly (imagine that!) we would have been able to suggest the orderly 2 hour BEFORE game walk (not run) onto the field through the open east end zone supervised by police (on foot, horses and bikes while watching from above with binocs) and UM officials.

Fan photo ops would have been PRICELESS!

And, had they asked they could have charged a $100 donation to the UM Hurricane Club for fans to run out of the tunnel through the smoke. Let's see 5000 fans willing to pay for that opportunity at $100 each...

You could have had whole families run through the smoke and have a official UM photographer take a photo for $500. Talk about a lasting momento and a moment to never forget!

When we did our Canespace survey back in July that was the #1 response from fans as to what they would be willing to donate to the Hurricane Club for (to run through the smoke at the OB).

You could have offered fans the opportunity to take a group photo with the ROCK on the U at midfield at the same time for $500 a pop. Imagine the line for that one!

They could have raised $50K-100K easy.


I thought U could!

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