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November 25, 2007



Yeah baby!


Did anyone see the FSU-Fla. game? The triple option offense that Fla. runs, when healthy, seems impossible to defend.
When FSU played up, the pass was open, when they played back, the option and quaterback draw was open. Plus the running backs are also receivers.
It seemed too easy.
How important is the quaterback and wide receiver position!
And Randy, while your recruiting, how about a kicker who can kick-off into the END ZONE!


M.H., defending the triple-option is just like defending the option. DTs destroy the middle, LBs clean up.

Some of the other bloggers can give you a more complete and detailed analysis but those are the basics.

Or as Shannon calls it, "Assignment Football."

WVU runs the same offense but USF shut 'em down, three straight years.

Ditto Auburn and UF.

It must be something about Tubberville's Miami years and USF's FL players.

For some reason the other schools can't shut it down, just like they couldn't shut down the regular option way back when, before Miami made it obsolete.

I don't know if we'll have the horses to really shut down UF next year but by '09 we will.

Posted by: Cavaleer | November 25, 2007 at 04:32 PM


MH, that offense was nothing special last year with Leak running it. Its totally different with the big boy running the show.

I hate the Gators, but its impossible not to like Tebow. He is a once in a generation player.


I think that December 14th weekend is going to be huge for recruiting. I think we can steal all those Pahokee kids, Odoms, Jenkins, and Regis. Also, Futch will be there and he is our best recruiter!


Cav I agree with the assessment of UF's option play! FSU always seems to have trouble defending it and the canes defense seem to be great against the option. I do not believe UF would be as successful without Tebow. Weinke was a great QB and I hated him so I can hate Tebow too.

Go Canes!


We just need Allen Bailey to spy Tim Tebow, and knock the sh!t out of him, then he will think twice about running it at Allen Bailey again! HAHA CANES4LIFE


Allen Bailey doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

Allen Bailey does not sleep. He waits.

The chief export of Allen Bailey is pain.



Do you really think we can pull Jenkins? That would be great, but after the Glade Central game - thought he indicated that he is True UF.


Cav- It's like wrestling, every move has a defensive counter move, but if the Gayturds had a defense, they would probably be playing for the N.C.[again] They are going to score points.
pb-Your right that their offense is better with Tebow, but they won the N.C. with Leak.
We need speed [not the type ingested]!
Let's hope that Tebow wins the Heisman and leaves after his Junior year!


what specifically is happening the weekend of December 14? Why is it an important weekend for recruiting?


M.H. - Canes do not run from a challenge. With a few more additions to the defense to include some smart linebacker play and we can defend Tebow. If we mentally believe then we will. FSU had that deer in the headlights look and if they could have scored TD's instead of FG's it may have been a game.


M.H. I should have put true canes do not run from a challenge (the 2007 squad excluded).


One class at a time.



Tebow broke his non-throwing hand, I guess he is human after all!


What a tough, tough year. My grades:

Receivers: (C). Big plays from Jenkins prevented this grade from being a D. Too many drops. Again. Legget invisible. Shields/Shannon feud hurt output. Hankerson came on late. Jones? Whatever.

O-Line: (B-). Line play improved during the first half of the year, but regressed over the last 4-5 games. Couldn't manage a center-quarterback exchange by year's end. Young players gained invaluable experience.

RB: (B). Flashes of brilliance from Cooper, McNeal. Thomas never quit and produced late. JJ effective early teaming with Cooper; got lost once league play started.

QB: (D-). What can I say that hasn't been said already.

D-Line: (C). Tough early; Campbell never got going; McCray & Franklin carried load. Moncour picked up slack early in year but never recovered from concussion. Too many injuries (Dixon, Hendricks, Joseph, Holmes, etc.) When they got pressure the D came alive. Sadly, too little over the last 9 games.

LB: (D). My most vivid image is either them running around chasing TE's breaking free, or seeing some opposing back turn the corner with no contain in site. McCarthy a keeper. Atkins dazed and confused. Sharpton physically gifted but too often took himself out of the play. Gooden had heart, but not the physical skills to really excel. Unit missed leadership and experience provided by Cook, Davis.

Secondary: (D-). Roasted early and often. Too many busted coverages, broken assignments, poor tackling, etc etc etc. Missed Reddick. DVD getting so much playing time was a true sign of how bad this unit was. Armour/Cooper/Philips/Johnson/Grant - they all had their time in the barrell.

PK: (D+) Bosher improved as season wore on, but too inconsistent. Shannon's jerking around the kickers cost Miami the NC State game. Zampogna/Daily never stood out enough to win the job. Kick-offs horrible all year.

Special Teams: (D-) Not one single "special" play from them all year long. Terrible. Couldn't settle on a return man; seemed soft on KO coverages. Haven't produced in years.

Coaching: (F) Never had the players ready or prepared to play, outside of Texas A&M game. Shannon needs to reevaluate his style / communication: this team played tight, scared, confused, call it what you want. If you can't get ready to play in the last game at the OB, you can't ever get ready. Shannon's practice of one mistake and you're sitting took a toll on the players. Lost games in ACC they had no business losing. Poor coaching performances from OC, LB coach, ST coach, D-coordinator, receivers coach, everyone. This team was outcoached and outplayed the entire year - unforgiveable given 17 starters were back. I have a sneaky feeling this staff is in over their heads. Comments relating to recruiting indicated that while they implored the team not to quit, they may have given up on this group already.

Overall, 5-7 indicative of a group of players that didn't have the skill set, heart or the proper coaching to at least achieve a .500 record.


Tebow's good but that system really highlights his abilities. Put him under center with 3-Step, 4 and 5-Step drops and the game is very different. You can't free-lance or run as much.

That system made Alex Smith, I believe his name was at Utah, a Heisman candidate. Where is he now???

PB, he's not a once in a generation player, come on. He's a great option QB, a greatwell, triple option QB, and a great athletic QB, like Young, Vick. I put him in the VY category but his throws still look weird to me, then again I was never really impressed with Leak either or Weurffel or Rex. lol

Maybe I just don't like UF QBs. lol

Canechic, I like Weinke though. He was sharp.

Meyer's going to run Tebow into the ground. This injury is just the first.



That's just your openion (especially the coaching part) and you know it.


OH, I forgot the TEs! (Guess I wasn't the only one...)

TEs: (C) Invisible for most of year until last play of FSU game; 2nd half of BC loss. Epps/Zellner fairly interchangeable, when Wright could deliver the ball they looked ok. Not sure what happened to Farr. Perhaps victims of Nix never using TEs much in his offensive schemes.


MWC: mine and mine alone! I called the year at 8-4, revised downward to 6-6.

Probably appear to be too negative, but I prefer to call it being a realist, however painful.


Alpha, I actually give the coaches a B+ for trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Sure, Shannon's style put pressure on these kids and if you want to pick bones with him that's the only area you can.

But they prepared them for every team, except maybe OU. The kids just couldn't execute.

The best example of this was the UNC game. First half, they come out flat and get blown out.

Second half, they play with fire and almost steal the win.

The play-calling on offense and defense did not change.

What changed????

If you think they weren't prepared or that Shannon doesn't know how to prepare a team, I guess you think he suddenly forgot how to do what he's been doing for the last 15 years.

Coaches and players don't mix. So you have highs like A&M and FSU and lows like UVA and OU.

And Shannon had no such one mistake and you sit rule in games. He made it abundantly clear that the pressure WAS NOT ON during the games the way it was during practice.

Bottom line, these players, especially the QBs and WRs with the notable exception of DJ, were not Miami material. Period.

So when a real Miami coaches starts expecting them to play like Hurricanes, they crack and crumble just like the man who recruited them.


it's funny watching the gaytors play...tebow is the WHOLE team...the gaytors are literally ONE injury away from a losing season.



I've thought a lot about Shannon. I've been a huge fan of the D for I don't know how long, so I think he was a great coach/coordinator.

I'm not sure about a HC though. He seems intractable. Maybe that's what he has to do to get this thing turned around. But I saw too many things that really bothered me:
- His comments coming out of the spring game, were, looking back, comical.
- His refusal to come clean on the seriousness of any injuries, however serious or minor.
- His constant shuttling of players in and out given their play by play performances. I think this team was confused and played scared - scared to screw up - and it showed.
- He threw his players under the bus regarding the incoming class - all the while stressing to the media how they weren't going to quit. Kinda was talking out of both sides of his mouth.
- Sat back and never made proper adjustments: D too often got killed in their base defense; rarely blitzed, Nix's play calling actually got more predictable as season went on.
- His comments about throwing from their own 12 before half during BC game and getting picked were downright scary in their logic.

I think he's getting a pass for this year based on his recruiting success to date. And I think he'll get a free pass next year as well.

But if this team isn't back to at least contending for an ACC DIVISION - not conference mind you - DIVISION - title by 2009 then I think the coaches need to look in the mirror.


So when a real Miami coaches starts expecting them to play like Hurricanes, they crack and crumble just like the man who recruited them.

Posted by: Cavaleer | November 25, 2007 at 05:48 PM

Well said Cav, Well said


Devin is the man!!!! Man we need that speed again!!!!


Alpharetta - most of us have RS on the 3 year plan. And I don't know if I would call it talking out of both sides of his mouth...when criticizing someone's play - I think he called it like he saw it. I think at first RS had high hopes that most of the players would rise to the occasion but as the season wore on he began to realize they just needed help which is why he mentioned he needed players like Damione Lewis, Reggie Wayne, etc.


This 2009 stuff is garbage. The Canes need to compete next year. Georgia started 3 freshman OL, Sophmore QB, Freshman RB, 2 Freshman LBs, 2 sophmore DL and 2 sophmore CBs. They are number 4 in the BCS.
If Miami has another season like this next year the program might be done as a national power. Remember Florida was light on scholarships this year to offer and if USF blows us out, its going to be real ugly recruiting wise. No excuses in 08.


We can definately put SOME of the blame on the coaching staff.
We were outcoached, by some mediocre teams, and did not make proper adjustments at halftime. [more often than not]
Too many areas, of our team, were weak and we regressed, from last year.


Has RS made any comments, (press conference), other than the few Miami Herald quotes about wanting to have a least 3 quarterbacks next year?

I haven't seen any RS comments on any of the usual sites... anyone, anyone? (Bueller?)

I would like to hear what has has to say about the season gone by and the upcoming "recruiting" season...

Big Moo

Tebow is a very good college qb, but may only have a future in the NFL as a fullback...that is, only if Urban doesn't get the kid killed first. And for the record, Timmay isn't the best player on the Gayturds offense, that goes to Harvin.



A realist? You should not have went there. And apparently, you don't know what that means. A realist cites what is Real.
But of course, now I'm just running my mouth; so let me show you what I mean.

You said, "I have a sneaky feeling this staff is in over their heads."

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | November 25, 2007 at 05:39 PM

However, Jimmy Johnson recommended Randy Shannon for the Head Coaching Job at THE U, and RS was not an aid and abeiter in JJ lobbying. (Below is an article that confirm this statement) Therefore, your opinion suggest that you know more of what is better for the the Univ. of Miami FB team than Jimmy Johnson does. If you are a REALIST then you will admit that the "pain" that you stated in your post -

"Probably appear to be too negative, but I prefer to call it being a realist, however painful."

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | November 25, 2007 at 05:47 PM;

that statement "however painful" is refering to your own pain.

"Shannon hired by Miami; 'Bama-Rodriguez appears imminent

Dec. 7, 2006
By Dennis Dodd
CBS SportsLine.com Senior Writer
Tell Dennis your opinion!

Defensive coordinator Randy Shannon was hired Thursday as the next coach of the Miami Hurricanes. A source told CBS SportsLine.com that former Miami coach Jimmy Johnson had been lobbying hard on Shannon's behalf.

The hiring would seem to indicate that Alabama is close to finalizing a deal with West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez. It was widely reported Wednesday that Alabama had offered Rodriguez a contract.

Miami was known to have interest in Rodriguez but had already been spurned by its top two choices -- Rutgers' Greg Schiano and Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez.
The 40-year-old Shannon would become the sixth black head coach currently at one of the 119 Division I-A schools, joining Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom, UCLA's Karl Dorrell, Buffalo's Turner Gill, Kansas State's Ron Prince and Washington's Tyrone Willingham.

A Miami native and graduate of the school, Shannon has spent most of his coaching career with the Hurricanes, first as a graduate assistant in 1991, a defensive line coach in 1992 and then as linebackers coach from 1993 through 1997.

He was with the Miami Dolphins from 1998-2000 as a defensive assistant and linebackers coach, then returned to the Hurricanes in 2001 as defensive coordinator -- and immediately helped the program win its fifth national championship in his first season back at Coral Gables.

He takes over for Larry Coker, who was fired last month after six seasons. He had three years remaining on his contract. He was 59-15 in six seasons with one national championship and another appearance in the Bowl Championship Series title game, but lost 12 games in the past three seasons -- including six this year, when the Hurricanes fell from the national rankings for the first time since 1999, a span of 107 weeks.

The AP contributed to this report."


Tebow is a freak. He is an excellent player. I dont why you are hating on him. You would all die to have him starting at U at QB.



1. Missouri

2. West Virginia

3. Ohio State

4. Georgia

5. Kansas

6. Virginia Tech

7. LSU

8. USC

9. Oklahoma

10. Florida

11. Boston College

12. Hawaii

13. Arizona State

14. Tennessee

15. Illinois

16. Clemson

17. Oregon

18. Wisconsin

19. Brigham Young

20. Texas

21. South Florida

22. Virginia

23. Cincinnati

24. Auburn

25. Boise State

View complete poll
Sun Nov 25, 2007


HOfs94: Next year will be challenging, given the youth at QB. I think our offense will come around (eventually), but what really worries me is the fall off in production from the defense.

You're right about Georgia - Moreno has sparked them and their O-line has played really well the last few games. Stafford is maturing under Bobo.

2-6 in the ACC won't cut it. Hell, I originally had 2010 as the year we competed again for anything meaningful.

CanesGirlNC: what I meant about RS talking sideways was referring to his quotes about "can't trade 'em, can't cut 'em..." NOt sure how well that goes over. He may be right, but to me it seemed like he was throwing the team under the bus and looking to the next recruiting class...I wanted him and the staff to stand up and say "our responsibility". Nix evenutally did, about teaching better blitz pick-up, and Shannon eventually did, about preparing them better, but it wasn't until later in the year.

At the end of the day the season was a collective disappointment, shared by all involved.



I think that RS refers to some of the players and not all. I am pretty sure that the ones that he is referring to know it..


Hester TD punt Return

Big Moo

hofs94, No one's hating on Tebow.

Lets ask Vilma how to stop the option...



Please GOD...don't let OU beat Missouri..if they do...Rich Rod better whip them Luckeyes.

Hester just pulled a Randall "Thrill" Hill!


MWCane: whatever. Yes, its my pain. Call it what you like.

I suppose you were calling it a 12-0 season and a national championship, correct?

And no, I don't think I know more than Jimmy Johnson, nor will I ever.


Again, I think this staff is in over their heads. 5-7. Enough said. Let me know what your call is on next year's record and we'll go from there...


At the end of the day the season was a collective disappointment, shared by all involved.

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | November 25, 2007 at 06:32 PM

Agreed, wholeheartedly.



I am hating on Tebow, I really do not care what he does.

All gaiturs s-ck.

Tebow is a gaitur.

Therefore, Tebow s-cks.

A valid and logical argument...



Big Moo

AlpharettaCane, Shannon is a big believer in the practice of double speak. Dude could be a politician


Alpharetta - and LOL I don't know how well those comments went over either, but hey, it was what it was, and the truth, is seldom funny

The question I found myself wondering was if RS had still been DC, how much different would our defense have been?


Hesterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr one man recking machine!


Man, what a year for the Miami NFL'ers lets keep on choppin' CANES4LI


Can anyone tell me why the weekend of Dec 14 is so important? Why is it different than any other weekend?



O.k let's discuss whether RS is over his head.

1) He (RS) claims that he needs football players.

2) If he is over his head. he would not know what to do.

3) He goes out and recruits a good class in 2006 in about a month left of signing period.

4) He is recruiting a great class so far (according to rivals, espn even has them #1) He is addressing the needs: QB, DL, DB and LB mostly and lets not forget a kicker.

I will wait until he gets a couple of years with his players and then I will know whether he is way over his head. B/C he won't be able to "accuse" anyone, but himself...


TICAL i think that's when many recruits are taking official visits (Futch).

Big Moo

PLAYTHEFRESH, Your arguement is valid and logical! I'm now convinced...Tebow sucks!!



You should shouldn't rush to speak, I don't.

Look, Cav and CanesgirlNC is right - but I usually let everone defend themselve.

So, I will say this, in todays post "Season's Greetings" stated that "The current players appear slow, unmotivated, uncoachable and to be seriously lacking in the talent department."

The current players appear "uncoachable". Well if that is a fact, then, How is it any coaches fault for the 5-7 season?

And before you answer that question - just keep in mind, the person that wrote that post did not sound like a Randy Shannon fan either.

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