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November 18, 2007


The Truth


I usually don't do the whole recruiting thing but there are a couple of those kids that i happen to know or at least know a lot about and want to make sure that the internets rumors don't make here to canespace blob...

That is only an opinion, of course ;)


Hawaii coach June Jones wanted his football team to open the season at Michigan. The Wolverines wouldn't play the Warriors and instead hosted Division I-AA Appalachian State, which beat Michigan 34-32 in one of the biggest upsets in college football history.

Hawaii was scheduled to play Michigan State this season, but the Spartans paid $250,000 to cancel the game. Jones tried to replace the Spartans with Southern California, but even the Trojans wanted no part of quarterback Colt Brennan and the Warriors' high-octane offense.

Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan can only wonder why Hawaii doesn't get the same respect as Kansas.

"We offered to play everybody," Jones said. "No one wanted to play us."

Ah those were the days


The Truth
Blob defender, recruit liberator, meantor to the misinformed, champion of downtrodden.


The Truth

And you know that "Blob defender, recruit liberator, meantor to the misinformed, champion of downtrodden" is my middle name!

The Truth

The blob defender, recruit liberator, meantor to the misinformed, champion of downtrodden Truth

The Truth

You know, my girlfriend came by the other night with some wedge looking thing called "the liberator" and all I can say is:

Yes Please!

Quality stuff right there.

Need a little spice to your love lives gentlemen (and ladies)? Well, that;ll do the trick...you ladies will LOVE you!

The Truth would not steer you wrong.

look it up if you don't believe...


Truth we are not worthy.

long live ron mexico!

i kno exactly what youre talking about truth, the liberator is the real deal holyfield.
now i beseech you, give me one tiny smidgen of Truth that you kno that i could decipher as something very positive to look forward to as far as recruits on the fence. i just want some glimmer of hope.

The Truth

Are you mocking me? Do you not trust in The Truth? Do you think The Truth would dare ster any of the vaunted legion in anything but the most positive of direction??!!

LOL :)

Go ahead...I dare you. Google it. Your love life will be forever changed.

The Truth

you see!!!!!!


Thanks for backing me up! That stuff was FUN!

Not much hope for fence dwellers...they could fall either way. PJ is NOT on any fence if that helps.

And the closer you live to Gayturd country, the more likely you are, if you are on the fence, to land on the shi**y side!

Hope that helps.

The Truth

The rest of that buisness means nothing. They ALL lie...the kids, the parents, the coaches and even the sites (they keep up the suscribers).

No one really knows...not even I. Because even if they say it to your face and swear up and down, that desn't mean that;s what they'll do when its time to sign.

Free will is a bi*ch!

The Truth

And, honestly, as long as they don't sign with the gayturds I would wish all those kids well.

Its a really big decision and there is so much riding on one little signature on one little sheet of paper.


Its a really big decision and there is so much riding on one little signature on one little sheet of paper.

I think I remember John Hancock using those exact words


you guys listen to the Truth
solar is gonzo
night ronmex where ever you are,

The Truth

u b good now solar


pfft homework...i didnt come to The U to do homework..


Teddy Mercury

Whats crackin SOUP?
I sincerely appreciate the offer and would like to contribute in the future, but I honestly don't know enough about the bball team outside from what I have read or seen on TV to write a good article on them. Seeing that the football season is winding down and the only discussion for the next few months will be on recruiting I am hoping CaneSpace will stay strong and support the bball team like they do football. I think the team will be dancin' this year and maybe support from CaneSpace will get people in the stands and help this program.


Truth, Spence rumors??? WTF?? lol

This is going to be a crazy/funny Dec-Feb.

I think Marti's a Badger. I haven't heard any kid sound so committed to a school.

We'll see though. I'm new to this whole recruiting biz.




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