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November 18, 2007




How did I dog you?

Big Moo

LOL Turning into a basketball school wheeeeee

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | November 18, 2007 at 09:34 PM

Thanks Canesgirl!! Put a smile on my face, wheeeeee....Congrats to the bball team, you guys looked like a tourney team tonight. It wasn't always pretty, but you found a way to win....Reminds me of a football team I use to know.

'The last time we looked, the numbers posted on the Orange Bowl score board looked like 48-0 to us (that just can't be right, can it?)' Sad Sad Sad. So many incredible memories from the OB and my last has to be praying for a FG so I can hear the OB erupt one last time:(


maybe we just need to play sports with less guys involved. You can't slack when there are only four other guys wearing the same shirt out there.


Miami, hasn't really finished a game all season. Except for the Florida State game, even in the Texas A&M game we allowed them drive down and score a touchdown in the final seconds. We need to learn to start strong and finish games.

Big Moo

M.H., The better question is, can Haith coach the football program too??


the bball team might beat the football team in a touch football game, they play like they are expecting to win.


I am looking forward to February 6th baby!

long live ron mexico!

you're right solar, but i didnt mean just UM teams. i meant all Miami teams; Canes football, dolfags, suckfish baseball, fiu golden turdbags, the best your meat heat, panthers hockey (couldn't come up with a witty one for them)... all terrible.

long live ron mexico!

you're looking forward to my birthday? me too!

long live ron mexico!

err, beAt, not best.


Haha, a great day to have a birthday! New generation of Canes football! CANES4LIFE


I am looking forward to February 6th baby!

Posted by: MinnesotaCane4Life

Now that is sad.....that we are already looking to February and it's only November.


ronmex, sweeet

golden turdbags... you just don't get that quality and perception on any other sportsblog.

At first I thought you were talking about something my wife would buy from QVC



hey hey hey the heat aren't bad lol...now that Wade is back. since he's been back, we almost beat what is probably the best team right now (celtics), and we won yesterday. 1-1 with wade =)


Fukk the football team. They suck. Wait til' next year. THE BASKETBALL TEAM IS THE SHYT RIGHT NOW!!! They're the only South Florida team that's winning right now...

long live ron mexico!

fiu deserves all the bad seasons they have had and still have coming to them. it's still unfathomable that they thought because they had 2 mediocre seasons their first 2 years that they were ready to jump from D2 to D1. their motto is "see the paw, feel the claw." in the past 3 seasons, numerous teams have not felt the claw and have barely even seen the paw.


Hope the $250k Cristobal got was worth it...


Hey 86 notice the smaller amount of posters. If Miami Basketball would have lost. We would have more "negative" posters. How about some love for ballers'.


That first half had me worried. Teams are doing the full court press on Miami. The way to beat it is by posting the big man at around the foul line area and/or penetration by the guards.

Frank adjusted for the second half, thus the better offensive output. Rios is a great playmaker and will be valuable for 3 more years.


"see the paw, feel the claw."

yeah but since the cat is declawed; I guess they massage your back.

ha ha ha


Kevin Everett went home today, canes win again


long live ron mexico!

imagine a student section saying that then doing a catch scratching motion during home games. whata travesty.

long live ron mexico!

er, oops, CAT scratching...


now i got something to go to in the football offseason...GO CANES BASKETBALL!


Well one thing is for sure, the Canes are hurting, the dolphins are worst, the heat, luckily they play 82 games in the nba, so you're never really out of it for a long time. But their is still a big bright spot in, and when it comes to sports, we didn't get shut all the way out, so we still have something to brag about, if you're down and out, just let everybody know, "WE STILL HAVE DA #1 highschool football team in the country.

I remembr reading a post, somebody was saying their is no way a guy like matt patchan(a true freshman) could come in and block glen dorsey from lsu. When i read that, i remember thinking hell, their are a lot of juniors and seniors who can't block him, but it's not impossible for a true freshman to do it, see jason fox, see orlando franklin. Thus the debate about whether or not guys can come in and make an impact right away, after further review, next year maybe exciting from the standpoint of we'll see glimpses.

We finally saw the fade route to leonard hankerson that esteban has been calling for all year, now ask yourself this question, would lance leggett had gotten that ball. First off the thinjg that was impressive to me about that play was how leonard hank sold the route, than man handled the db. Next, after he made the catch, guys were coming up to him congratulating him and you could tell he was thinking, this is what i do, no big deal, but we need alot more of those this game.

That play shows that come next year, these coaches will/should have a better idea of how to use personel. Once again, damien berry stood out on special teams, almost caused a fumble. Alot of yall are right, the punter has improved, but the kick-off game is a joke, it's never kicked far enough or at least high enuff to give the team a chance to get down their and make the tackle.

Change of pace, the nfl should know by now that when the Hurricanes loose, come sunday alumni plays pissed off and tears the league up for some type of redemption. I had a feeling antrell rolle was going to have a good day yesterday. Reason being on nfl countdown, i just happen to catch about 5 mins of it(can't watch it now with me-shawn on their now)tom jackson was talking about the return of chris henry for the bengals saying he's the third receiver on the team which means that the cardinals will have their third best corner on him in antrelle rolle, which was going to be a mismatch, i was like what, are you kidding me.

I wonder if antrelle is hearing this, thus the big day. For recruits looking at UM, see sunday's rsults, kevin everett, ray lewis, andre johnson, mcgahee, antrelle, roscoe, reggie wayne, rocky mc, the difference sean taylor makes in the secondary, winslow, edge, portis and the list goes on.


I started to post right after the LSU debacle just under 2 years ago. Back then it Coker's fault and recruits would turn it around. Players like K.Robinson were the savior. The recruits will be in their 3rd season next year and following years class will be in its 2nd year. A lot of the guys are either playing or will be in the mix next year. If they are the problem then we a lot further from where we need to be than first though. However, if they are part of the solution then we may not be as far as we think. A lot of these players have seen some serious PT and it whether or not you believe they will get better or make way for someone else. I got to think we'll get better. I get what Shannon's trying to do with recruits and I think he's on the right path but I don'y think it pays dividends until 09 season at the earliest but most likely 10, when alot of the 06 class will be gone. Who has the patience to stick with SHannon until then? I will but it will be tough and hopefully he learns to be HC by then also.

class of 06

JJ - part of a three headed monster mext year
Sam Shields WR - showed flashes, serious playing time nest year
Kylan Robinson RB - boy was Omar''s blog excited by this signing, hmmm
Chaz Washington - no idea who where this guys is
Ian Symonette - another one evryone was excited about
Matt Bosher - turned the corner on punting?
Ryan Hill - playing WR, still some hope here
Josh Holmes DT - played this year
Jason Fox - good career so far
Steven Wesley DE - ?? no idea
Tervaris Johnson - injured and then injurered some more
Dedrick Epps - some PT, and looks ok at times
Colin McCarthy - not the finished product, nest year is a big year for this guy
Chavez Grant - got some PT
Daniel Stegall - minor leagur baller, would have played this year.
Joel Figueroa - has he played? Looks like he will next year
Richard Gordon - should have stayed at DE IMO
Chris Lewis DE - transferred

class of 07

Allen Bailey - still projected at LB but didn't see the field with the current crop. Not sure what they says about him.
Lee Chambers RB - has potential
Harland Gunn OG - should be in the mix next year
Robert Marve QB - driver's seat at starting QB next year.
Doug Wiggins CB - likely a transfer
Chris Perry DT - ? PT nexy year?
Graig Cooper RB - very good first year, has to break one.
Orlando Franklin OT - big part in the future, solid first year
Adewale Ojomo - next year he should be in the mix
Jermaine McKenzie - stud apparently but yet to see the field
Demarcus VanDyke - solid season, lock at one of the starting corner next year ... if he practices well
Shawnbrey McNeal - part of a 3 headed beast nect year
Damien Berry - in the mix next year
Leonard Hankerson - should see the field more next year
Tyler Horn - not sure where he stands
Joseph Nicolas RB - in the mix next year
Daniel Adderley WR - not sure where this guy will be
Jared Campbell - not heard much about his progress
Garrett Van Dyke - who? Did he ever get to Miami?
Kayne - in the mix next year

At the end of the day, I think we get better next year, expecially if the coaches can turn it around.


my longest post ever, but I'm off today.


Damn---I must be getting old and forgetful. Don't answer that!!! I forgot all about it and missed the basketball game. It would have felt good to see a Canes team win. I say we get into the basketball season and let the football rest in peace, after Boston College. Our stress level and sadness will be a lot less.


Nice job on that post bro


86 check email


anyone have the canesport article about a possible 9th player from Northwestern?? wow...we're loading up on the #1 team in the country. good thing about that is they already have good team chemistry and know each other and will play well together at the next level.


From InsidetheU.com on Tommy Streeter:

InsideTheU.com: Tommy has been at a number of Miami games this season, talk about the Miami program, their struggles, and your thoughts on the Canes.

Streeter, Sr.: "He has definitely been to the games and has been watching them quite a few years. We have been watching them a lot, but this year we have been watching them very close. We understand the team is down right now and he could come right in and do some things with that team, that is if he chooses that team. He has been watching them real close. At the same time, living here in Florida it is hard to stomach UM like that because that is not something you normally see like losing 48-0 and stuff like that. Your heart goes out to them. We were sitting in the stadium and just to see UM go through that, you just don't see stuff like that. You always would see UM fight and if they lost, it was close and a good game in that atmosphere like that."

For more go to www.insidetheu.com!


Yeah, anyone have the articles from rivals and scout about the canes. Lots of info!!!



From Rudy at www.insidetheu.com:

Let's take a look at who I think should be a starter next year.

QB - Robert Marve (Fr.)
RB - Graig Cooper (So.)
FB - Jerrell Mabry (Jr.)
WR - Aldarius Johnson (Fr.)
WR - Jermaine McKenzie (Fr.)
TE - Richard Gordon (Jr.)
OL - Matt Patchan (I believe he comes to Miami) (Fr.)
OL - Orlando Franklin (So.)
OL - Chris Rutledge (Sr.)
OL - Jason Fox (Jr.)
OL - Joel Figueroa (So.)

One of these guys will learn to play center.

DE - Allen Bailey (So.)
DT - Marcus Forston (Fr.)
DT - Chris Perry (Fr.)
DE - Eric Moncur (Sr.)
OLB - Sean Spence (Fr.)
MLB - Glen Cook or Colin McCarthy (Sr. or Jr.)
OLB - Lerentee McCray (Fr.)
CB - Patrick Johnson (Fr.)
S - Damien Berry (So.)
S - JoJo Nicolas (So.)
CB - Brandon Harris (if he comes to Miami) (Fr.)

There could be changes in that list too, but at least 10 freshman should start with a number of them getting a lot of playing time as well off the bench.


LB Quavon Taylor is happy the Hurricanes are cleaning up with commitments from Miami Northwestern High School this year.

He just hopes UM coaches have room for one more.

Taylor says he hears comparisons to teammate and Cane commitment Sean Spence all the time. And he says the Hurricanes must like what they're seeing from him, because they began calling a few weeks ago.

"I talk to coach (Michael) Barrow once a week," Taylor said. "He said they just like the way I play."

Taylor is the top tackler on the team with 130 takedowns. He also has seven sacks and three fumble recoveries.

The 6-foot-0, 195-pounder with 4.6-second speed lists offers from the likes of Tennessee, West Virginia and South Florida. But he wants to stay a bit closer to home.

"I'd commit on the spot if Miami offers," he said. "Miami's my hometown team. I'm a Hurricane fan."

Taylor says he's gotten no indication on if or when UM coaches will decide on a scholarship offer.

Taylor began his football career at age 7, playing running back. He moved to linebacker as a high school freshman at Miami Jackson High. He transferred to Northwestern after a sophomore season in which he missed all but four games due to a broken arm.

Last season he had 143 tackles.

Taylor has sent up two visits so far: To Tennessee in two weeks and to South Florida the weekend of Jan. 18.



Bruce Johnson is playing well, even though it is his first year getting extensive playing time. I think Johnson starts, but RS will probably rotate a lot. (specially with pass happy teams)

The same would apply to RB (James/Cooper)

Dixon at DT has played hurt, should improve a lot. Joe Joseph is coming strong and should be better next year.

I hope RS starts rotating and every player sniffs the field. This was something that started hurting Miami under Coker's regime.


Class of 2009 QB Cody Green, from Dayton (TX) High School, lists a handful of arly offers.

Including Miami.

He says he's already had conversations with a couple of Cane coaches: Wesley McGriff and Patrick Nix.

"Miami's a school I'll look at srongly," he said. "It's been one of my first schools that I've always liked. I like their playing style."

Of UM's program, Green says, "I only know what you can learn on ESPN. I've only had two letters from Miami so far."

While recruiting might seem far off for a 2009 graduate, Green is taking a proactive approach. That's because he's graduating in December.

"Because of that I have to really think about it," he said. "I don't get to do all that signing day stuff, have to make my decision quick."

He says he doesn't have any clear frontrunners yet.

Growing up in the country, he says, "I don't want to be in a real big city. I don't like the big, big city type of deals. It all depends on the atmosphere, really."

Green wants to major in animal science.


Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian High School safety Daniel Andrews got a visit at his school from coach Clint Hurtt two weeks ago.

"He talked to my coach, took my film to get evaluated," Andrews said.

Apparently Miami coaches liked what they saw. Last week the Canes came calling with a scholarship offer.

UM joins Clemson, Florida and Georgia Southern as schools that have offered the 6-foot-0, 192-pounder with 4.5-second speed.

Of where Miami fits into his recruiting picture, Andrews said, "Right there at the top. I don't really have any favorites right now, though. They're right up there with Clemson and Florida."

So far Andrews has set up an official visit to Clemson for the weekend of Jan. 11. He says he'll also visit Florida in January but isn't sure when he'll take his Miami trip.

"I have to call the coaches to set it up," he said.

When Andrews last spoke with Cane coaches he says, "Coach Hurtt said I was a good player, that he liked that I was physical. He thought I was a good leader on the defense. He wanted me to come down this spring, graduate early. But I don't think I can."

Of what he knows about UM's program, Andrews said, "I know they bring in great athletes, and I know they send a lot of people to the NFL. They've had a lot of talent come out of there. Coach (Randy) Shannon is bringing them back to where they need to be."


thanks canez1.

You the best.


After losing consecutive games to opponents that scored over 40 points, and with a 5-6 record, coach Randy Shannon is sure of one thing: He hates losing.

"I don't ever quit, never give up," he said. "I can't accept losing. I've been through too much in my life to give up, quit. I persevere, press on. I don't say, `Well, okay, this is it.'"

Shannon spoke more about UM's 44-14 loss at Virginia Tech on Saturday, saying, "Yesterday's game, we said our goal was to make the score in the first quarter to be 0-0, or be up," he said. "Another thing we were stressing was turnovers. It was 17-0 first quarter, we had three turnovers. We came back, it was 20-14. We had an opportunity in the third quarter, a third down series we had an opportunity to get off the field and our offense was doing some good things. And we didn't get off the field. That was the biggest turning point in the game.

"We had some good things in the game. (Leonard) Hankerson came up with some big plays in the game. It was good to see him catch the football, score a touchdown. That's the future. Also some bright points, you see Darnell Jenkins was our fourth return guy with all the injuries we've got. He did some good things. Those were positives in the game. The negatives were we have to do a better job as a coaching staff and get players to understand what we're getting done. Like I told players, we don't have bad players, bad kids. I always say this. I learned this in my first year: I've got to get players and coaches to understand my mentality. If players don't understand my mentality they won't ever be successful. That's just how it is. I have to make them understand what I think. (That will) be a turning point, a learning process for everybody. I take responsibility for that. I had high hopes for this season because I see talent, but I don't look at all the other things involved. You see guys 6-4, 6-5 that can run, jump. You think `Wow, this is talent.' I don't look at all the other things. I've learned that this year and understand that."

Now the Canes have a final game at nationally ranked Boston College this Saturday. If Miami can't win that there will be no bowl berth for the first time since 1997.

"You always want to make a bowl game," Shannon said. "This is an opportunity. Boston College is in the (ACC) championship game, beat Clemson. But they need to get in a rhythm to go into the championship game. We need to win and win a bowl game. It'd be a disappointment (if we don't win). These seniors need an opportunity to go to a bowl game."

In injury news, Shannon said he has no update on the status of safety Kenny Phillips (ankle).

"Kenny came back, played (after the injury)," Shannon said.

He said tailback Graig Cooper's status for next weekend is uncertain.

Here's what else Shannon was talking about:

Q: Has this team quit?

Shannon: No, no, they haven't quit at all. We're trying to get everything done, and we're doing some good things. But in certain situations somebody has to make a play. Yesterday the third down play, somebody needed to make a play. We had them backed up and their punter wasn't punting very well. That was a key point - somebody had to step up and make a play. We're playing hard, but we need someone to make a play. That's a sign of a good team, somebody making a play here or there. We make a play on third down, you never know what's going to happen. We need guys to make plays on key situations. We threw the ball yesterday, tried to open the passing game, threw well. But also we took some hits at quarterback. We had some balls that were dropped, some turnovers, which are always inexcusable no matter what.

Q: Kyle Wright said Virginia Tech surprised him with their blitzing. Did they do different types of blitzes than you saw on tape?

Shannon: No. They just did corner and free safety blitzes. We did it in practice. You just have to see those things. Like coach (Patrick) Nix said last night, `I have to get them to do a better job of recognizing the blitzes. That's my job, not the kids' fault. We have to get it done.' This coaching staff, they know they have to get it done, it's not blaming the kids. We have to get them to understand it.

Q: How do you get that understanding across? You can't do it from the sidelines.

Shannon: It's frustrating, but I'm a coach and I have to find a way. You can see what some teams are doing throughout the course of the year. It's `Okay, here it comes.' You can point it out, draw it up, and when they get out on the field they go in a panic mode. That's my job and the coaching staff's job, to get them to trust it's going to be there.

Q: You said you see talent. But doesn't the talent need to be upgraded a lot?

Shannon: Yeah. But, see, this is me: Football players are different than athletes. The NFL makes a lot of mistakes because they draft a lot of athletes. Some teams do a good job of drafting football players. Before the season I looked at this team - look at Lance Leggett's height, size, speed, vertical jump. That's an athlete. He's an NCAA hurdle qualifier. I see other guys defensively with the height, size. But we have to get them to become football players.

Q: Wright played a gritty game.

Shannon: He played tough. He got hit, ran with the football. But I don't grade individuals. I grade the team. Somebody asked last night, `Kyle's performance was great, the best he's ever done.' Well he turned the ball over three times and we lost the game. You don't grade a guy on individualism when you're trying to win games, but some people do.

Q: Might you have over-estimated the talent level of this team?

Shannon: I always have confidence. When me and Butch Davis were here together, in the third year we had high hopes, went 5-6. We played about 10 true freshmen that year but still thought we could win it all. As coaches you always think you can win it all. If you don't think you can win it all as a coach you're setting yourself back.

Q: Sam Shields and Ryan Hill did well.

Shannon: They're starting to come around. I'm proud of those two guys.

Q: What did Shields and Hill do to get back on the field?

Shannon: Practiced better. I'm proud of those two guys, the things they did this week in coming back and responding. Now this week they have to do a little bit more.

Q: You struggled to run the ball.

Shannon: Virginia Tech is hard to run the football against. When they're on, they're on. When they're off, they're off. We threw the ball, had opportunities in the passing game to do some good things. We did some good things but didn't get enough points scored.

Q: Orlando Franklin is a starter?

Shannon: Yes. He's a starter. We played a true freshman, Orlando, a redshirt freshman in Joel Figueroa. Those two guys swapped in and out, played aggressive, were fighting, scratching. You see those guys out there blocking guys, being physical, that's the things you want to see. With Leonard Hankerson, young running backs, young guys on defense playing, that's exciting to see those young guys playing that way.

Q: Does anything need to change about the culture of the program going forward?

Shannon: Yes. We need to win games. That's one thing. That comes in from me as a head coach. I have to change the culture of the program and the mentality. Put all the responsibility on me. We will do it. A lot of players will adapt to it, have adapted. You look at. Sam and Ryan, they have adapted.

Q: What can you do to send that message to the whole team?

Shannon: Keep coaching them, stress the little things they do on and off the field, understand what it takes to win games all the time. A lot of times players have this mentality they can just show up and play. But it takes preparation. Who is going to watch film on their own when coaches aren't around? The best players do that. That's when you have a good football player.

Q: Tavares Gooden said after the game that he doesn't think everyone on the team wants it, that not everyone has each other's backs. What are your thoughts on that statement?

Shannon: That's his opinion. I can't give his opinion.

Q: What happens with the December recruiting visits if there's no bowl game? The team wouldn't be practicing on visits, so how would that affect things?

Shannon: It doesn't. Practice is practice. Do you know the worst thing about bowl games in December? That you don't spend time (with recruits). You bring them in on Friday, they go through academics, you practice in the afternoon, Saturday you come back, have breakfast with them, after that you're in meetings, practice. Then after practice they go back to the hotel, rest, and that night at dinner you spend time with them. So really, when you bring them in December over bowl time, you spend maybe three hours maximum (with them). Now you bring them in without bowl time, you spend a lot of time Friday (with them), a lot of time Saturday because you don't have anything to do, and Sunday spend another three hours with them there.

Q: Talk about your linebacker play.

Shannon: It's been up and down. We moved Tavares Gooden to the middle (at the start of the year) because he's a veteran. He's done some good things. We started Colin McCarthy, who is really just a true freshman – he played sparingly (last year) in games. Then we've got Spencer Adkins, who didn't play at all last year. He started off at weakside, now he has to play weak and strongside, which he's never played. Then Darryl Sharpton comes back. So you have to make a decision. Do you take Tavares, who is playing middle linebacker all this time, and Colin who is outside and Spencer who is outside – let's not mess up the chemistry, make Darryl learn one position, make him go outside. Now you have one guy learning while the other three guys are still learning. Switch it with Darryl in the middle, you have to retrain everybody. That's too much training. That's the one thing I learned about being in the NFL. You don't have a lot of bodies, so you have to make the best of what you have.

Q: The linebackers have had a lot of breakdowns.

Shannon: As a team we've had a bunch of breakdowns, not just those guys.

Q: Getting back to coaching and doing a better job next year, do you have to express that to your assistants as well?

Shannon: No. My assistants know right now. They've taken a lot of pressure on themselves, talk about it. Each of them say it all the time: `Coach, we have to do a better job of coaching. We've got to.'

Q: The problems don't solve themselves with one or two great recruiting classes?

Shannon: You know what? That year we went 5-6 we brought in Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, maybe six good players. The following year, the year I left, there was six good players in that class. Then, if you look at it, when Ed Reed and them came in, it was a national championship. When you bring in recruiting classes, play young guys, it'll change in two years. By the third or fourth year it'll really change. I can't worry about it. We have to recruit our butts off. I say this all the time, the guys that come here – these recruits are really standing behind us right now – will really help us out tremendously. They know it. Guys like our coaches, what we present to the table and everything.

Q: What about WR Lance Leggett?

Shannon: He played some, not a lot. No rhyme or reason (why). We rotated a lot of guys. Khalil Jones caught a pass. Everybody played.

Q: The enormity of the rebuilding you have here – is it more than what you expected at this point?

Shannon: It's not rebuilding. Some games are going to be difficult, tough. I'm not the first coach who goes through 5-6 his first year. Coach Frank Beamer gave me words of encouragement – look at his first years at Virginia Tech. Sometimes you have high expectations and you want it to change right away. Sometimes you have to change the foundation. It's like a building. You have to have a foundation it can stand on. After that you build up.

Q: Has the learning curve been steeper than you expected?

Shannon: It has been a little big steeper. When you're playing football and recruiting and when you talk to coaches – coaches from other schools help you out more than you think. All coaches want you to be successful except when you play them. That's been the most helpful thing for me. They see we've done a lot as far as recruiting, how the team responded, the way we've played. They see the big picture. A lot have told me, `Keep your head up, it's going to work out. It's going to be okay. What you're doing in recruiting right now is kind of scary. You've got the cream of the crop in Florida and are doing a lot of good things out of the state.' That's been the most learning for me, when you have coaches trying to help you out. I don't read the newspaper, but there's always a story here or there. The people it really gets to is the people in the building - the players feel it. The thing I always have to do is bring those guys up, tell them, `Don't worry about it. If you can go home at night and sleep, that means you're doing all the right things.' That's been the most difficult, getting the coaches and players convinced.

Q: Are there points you say, `I should have done this or that differently'?

Shannon: At the end of the season I'll do that, what you have to get better at offensively, defensively and as a coach, support staff. You always have to evaluate what you do as a coach and as a team and your support staff, everything. If you don't you just stay mediocre.

Q: Will you encourage your kids to run track?

Shannon: Yeah. A lot of them are. You have Shawnbrey McNeal, Demarcus Van Dyke, Lee Chambers, a couple of other receivers, defensive backs that are going to run track. They want to run track. That brings some toughness to them as far as mentality. They're not world class sprinters. They're going to get beat. They'll learn, say, `You know what? I've got to go out and compete every day.' The more they compete the better it'll be for us in football.


Don't forget about dvd and leonard hankerson, or jordan futch, i was thinking the same thing about colin moving to the middle but at the same time, i think cmac needs to stay outside, because on the inside, he end up injury prone like morgan, and may get more concussions since it's higher impact in he middle. Also, i don't think chis rutledge sees the field over harland gunn, who accordding to different people, it seems every d-lineman hates going against him, so it's time to unleash him on opponents, ask marvin austin(see all army game).

if the o-line has fox, franklin, gunn, fig patchan/horn, we'll be physical for sure. defensively, that lineup looks good to me, with the exception of the d-line and dvd. Also for some strange reason, our db's are not coming up in run support, i'm wondering if it's that follow the receiver where he goes technique, that crap has to stop.


You know it's tough to except a loss, but this satement by Shannon pretty much sums up where we are. Based on his statments, we might we in for another tough year, not as bad as 07,but tough non-the-less.

Shannon: You know what? That year we went 5-6 we brought in Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, maybe six good players. The following year, the year I left, there was six good players in that class. Then, if you look at it, when Ed Reed and them came in, it was a national championship. When you bring in recruiting classes, play young guys, it'll change in two years. By the third or fourth year it'll really change. I can't worry about it. We have to recruit our butts off. I say this all the time, the guys that come here – these recruits are really standing behind us right now – will really help us out tremendously.


the new guy from Northwestern, Quavon Taylor, looks really good. leads the team in tackles. he'll be an awesome addition to linebacker U.

it truly IS scary the way we are recruiting right now..


btw thanks Canez1


Calvin I checked out miramar and NMB this weekend and both teams have good QB's. The kid from Miramar is a Junior and he is a stud. We are seeing much better development at QB in Dade County than we have in the past. Many of the kids who use to just tuck the ball and run have developed into good passing QB's.


No prob.

Ava I agree with you about QT. The kid sounds like he has a nose for the ball. Bring his azz in.



this sounds like RS has given up on this year. He doesnt want to go to a bowl game. You have to believe the players can sense it to

What happens with the December recruiting visits if there's no bowl game? The team wouldn't be practicing on visits, so how would that affect things?

Shannon: It doesn't. Practice is practice. Do you know the worst thing about bowl games in December? That you don't spend time (with recruits). You bring them in on Friday, they go through academics, you practice in the afternoon, Saturday you come back, have breakfast with them, after that you're in meetings, practice. Then after practice they go back to the hotel, rest, and that night at dinner you spend time with them. So really, when you bring them in December over bowl time, you spend maybe three hours maximum (with them). Now you bring them in without bowl time, you spend a lot of time Friday (with them), a lot of time Saturday because you don't have anything to do, and Sunday spend another three hours with them there.




can't wait for Saturday to see us against BC.


tyrone I hate to say this but I am looking forward to the season ending also. The good thing is (got to find the positive)we will be able to devout much more time on recruiting and securing a top notch class. This team could practice for the next 50 days and we are not going to get any better. I think KP is gone to the NFL, CC if scouts base his draft position on his play rather than workouts he needs to stay. His overall game was weak this season, the first play VT ran to his side was typical of his failure to prvide run support. I like CC but he did not live up to the hype this season.

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