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November 18, 2007



Busy and Patient

By Allen Wallace
National Recruiting Editor
Posted Nov 19, 2007

Brandon Harris, Scout.com's No. 8 cornerback, continues to deny a leader from among 30 offers. "It's hard to say because I haven't had a chance to break down all the schools yet," Harris said. "I've been busy with my team, but after our playoffs are over I'll have time to really focus on these schools. I'm gonna take all of my time and make sure I'm comfortable with my choice..."

Brandon Harris, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound four-star cornerback from Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, Fla., has been a big factor in leading his team to a 11-0 record and the second round of the playoffs. Harris has 22 receptions for 490 yards and 13 touchdowns. Defensively, he has 19 tackles, four interceptions (two returned for touchdowns).
Harris, Scout.com's No. 8 cornerback nationwide, continues to deny a leader from among 30 scholarship offers. "It's hard to say because I haven't had a chance to break down all the schools yet," Harris said. "I've been busy with my team, but after our playoffs are over I'll have time to really focus on these schools."

Harris is focusing on Miami, Florida, LSU, Central Florida and Ohio State. All have offered and he has taken officials visits to Florida (Sept. 15) and LSU (Oct. 6).

"Florida is still a young team and I love their intensity," he said. "They prepare really well and seeing how they are before a game and how coach Urban Meyer gets all fired up and emotional was great. That was probably my favorite part of the trip. It was a great experience.

"LSU was good too," he said. "I think they'll win out and win the national championship. I really like the whole coaching staff there and it's a great city for football. I love Baton Rouge and it's a great place to live and they just treat the players really well there."

Although Miami hasn't had much success on the field this season, Harris remains optimistic. "The coaches are doing a good job," he said. "It's their first year and they are still trying to teach them their philosophies and they just need some time to adjust. They'll be fine."

Harris was in attendance for the final Miami game played at the Orange Bowl on Nov. 10, the weekend he was supposed to visit Ohio State. "My family really wanted to go to the last game at the Orange Bowl, so I decided not to visit Ohio State," he said. "I'll try to reschedule it for December."

Central Florida has made recent headway with Harris. "I visited them unofficially last spring and really enjoyed myself," he said. "I like (wide receiver) coach David Kelly and have a good relationship with him. I like how they are trying to build up the program and they are investing a lot in football. They are also really trying to bring in some top recruits too."

Harris says he plans to make a decision near Signing Day. "I'm gonna take all of my time and make sure I'm comfortable with my choice."

He reports a 3.6 core GPA, an 880 SAT and a 20 ACT.


MIAMI 5-6 (1-3 V) 34.46 %
BCOLL 9-2 (5-1 H) 65.54 % -14.5


The Canes apparently are in the hunt for another linebacker.

Miami (FL) Gulliver's Brandon Marti said he got a phone call from coach Michael Barrow on Saturday night after UM fell at Virginia Tech. Barrow extended a scholarship offer.

"He asked if I was ready to become a Hurricane," said Marti, whose brother Pete was a walkon at Miami. "I said `It's an idea, but right now I'm committed to Wisconsin.'"

The Canes weren't about to give up.

Coaches Clint Hurtt and Randy Shannon also got on the phone with Marti.

"I talked to coach Barrow for about 20 minutes," Marti said. "And then coach Shannon asked if I was ready, that they wanted me to decommit from Wisconsin."

Marti says he grew up a Cane fan. Was it hard to say no to Shannon?

"They were pressuring me hard, but I said `At this point I'm committed to Wisconsin,'" Marti said.

Marti says his decision isn't inked in stone, though. But he has to make his final choice soon - he is graduating early.

When he committed to Wisconsin, Miami wasn't recruiting him hard. He took an unofficial visit to Wisconsin over the summer, loved it and pulled the trigger.

"The players were great – everything felt right," he said.

The linebacker is visiting Wisconsin Dec. 7-9 but plans to take an official visit to Miami as well.

"I think I'll visit Miami," he said. "It has to be arranged and everything."

Marti's team fell in the first round of the playoffs on Friday. He ended this season with 110 tackles, a fumble return for a touchdown and two sacks.

"Coaches tell me I play downhill, fast," the 6-foot-0, 196-pounder with 4.5-second speed said. "

Gulliver coach Ron Butler says, "He's just fast, very aggressive. He brings it, is one of those type of guys."

Marti lists over 10 offers including USF, Boston College and Utah.


Canez1, what's your take on PJ and McCray???


amazing .. when other schools talk to our recruits they are scumbags, when RC and MB call up someone thats already commited its great recruiting.



Canez1 and Midwest, for the scoop.


thanks for all the info you have shared this last month and always, you a generous guy.


that Brandon Marti guy doesnt look like U material lol..just my first impression.


Ava, have you seen him play?


Solar, I don't think anyone ever said other schools are scumbags for calling the same kids we're recruiting.

It's when they use dirty recruiting, like Oscar Meyer, that we call them scumbags.

This kid sounds like he's really committed to, gasp, Wisconsin?????


I'll never understand that...

Canez1 and Midwest, I forgot the word "thanks", LOL.


no but just the fact that Miami isn't even listed in his list, and he's a solid at another school tells me he's not a Cane. we need guys that wanna be Canes all the way.


It will be interesting to see what happens when all the dust has settled.

I think we'll have more transfers than expected, hence the late push for this Marti kid, and the eminent offer to the other MNW LB.


No problem fellas. Anything I can do for my boyz.

Cav PJ is a Cane. He is playing the game with his father to the fullest. It's starting to annoy me as well as many others but the kid is that good so I guess he can do what he wants. In the end he is a Cane/

As for McCray thats a whole different story. Not sure what this kid is up to. I have a feeling he will be a turd in the end but you never know.

It seems we are throwing out some offers outta no where so maybe there is some concern about some of these kids going elswhere. The majority of this class is locked up so loosing one here and there is ok and to be expected.

I hear we have about 9 early enrollies already locked up, so that will get the ball rolling with the late bloomers.

This class is going to define RS career here. It all starts here. So far so good.


The Truth

Are you CRAZY!!!!???

Marti is a BALLER. Period.

He'll be a good player right away on special teams and like Vilma will grow into a very good LB.

Plus, he has ALWAYS wanted to go to the "U." I was very happy to hear Shannon came around.

Hopefully he'll be a January commit..he is a STUD.


sorry cav,
this season has me confused I can't even pick out the scumbags anymore.

Wisc was rolling pretty good there for a while. I doubt Marti made his visit in December or January or he would already decided "I'll pass"


Canez, 9 early arrivals you say???

There definitely will be some transfers other than Wiggins, like Kylan and maybe a few more, SS, RH, who knows......

This class will definitely define Shannon's career, and it's going to be stellar.


Here is a breakdown posted by Gary Ferman of Canesport

Where the class numbers might come from Reply

There are 6 open scholarship slots from this year that were not used so that allows UM to sign 31 kids. Six of the guys coming in now for second semester will count against this year's numbers. Then a full class of 25 will sign in February.

Here is how I see the possible breakdown

6 - open spots (scholarships not presently filled)

11 - seniors graduating

2 - might enter NFL draft early
Calais Campbell
Kenny Phillips

3 - Class of 2004 definite/likely open ships
Charlie Jones
Lance Leggett
George Timmons

3 - Class of 2004 possible open ships (possible non-5th year guys if they have graduated from school)
Kirby Freeman
Tyrone Byrd
Khalil Jones

2 - Class of 2005 possible transfers (little hope to ever play)
Luqman Abdallah
Demitri Stewart

5 - Class of 2006 possible transfers (little hope to ever play)
Tervaris Johnson
Kylan Robinson
Ian Symonette
Chaz Washington
Steven Wesley

1 -Class of 2007 possible transfers
Doug Wiggins

1 - Class of 2007 possible medical hardship
Chris Perry

Those numbers add up to 34.

There are only 31 slots available for incoming freshmen so some of these guys might obviously stick.


Truth, why do you think Miami offered him so late???

Transfers and other such surprises???


Canez1 to the RESCUUUUUUUUEEE! lol

Good lookin' out as always, from back in the Chris Peterson days at the old place. lol


Cav Q Taylor is a balla fo sho! The leading tackler on a team of stars, on the #1 team in the country, in Miami!!!

I will take him all day. I am surprised this kid is kept so quiet for so long. Strange!



Truth, wad up?
Randy seems to be the taking a lot more responsibility publicly for the teams woes, I think that is a good move in his H C development.
It's not nearly all his fault, but stepping up will win him a lot of respect.

What's the scuttlebutt your hearing?
Everyone that is anyone satisfied things are on schedule for the rebound?


The Ghost of AlpharettaCane

Canez1: keep bringing it, son. You're the reason I'm still blogging my friend. Great stuff.

USAFCane: props for your blog and analysis. Best post I've read in a long time...so long I was curious as to who wrote it, but you were spot on in your analysis of the players - and you did it nice and briefly, too. Great job.

I agree with you: 2010, these kids stick around we'll be feared again. I think it'll take at least that long to get back..remember, lots of youngin's next year...Marve inexperienced, o-line not a lot of experience at guard/center playing together...young split ends, hell, young everywhere.

Canez1: I think Barrow is sensing he's going to lose some of our stud LB recruits..McCray and another aren't going to be with us, hence the beginning of the 2nd tier offers going out....

Shannon sounds downright cocky about his recruiting. What's the B.S. about spending more time with recruits instead of going to a bowl game?? Pulleeeeeezzzz! That's like their line of s--- after the spring game about not wanting to show their hands on offense. 109th in Div 1A in passing offense....who is fooling who here????????


LOL I still love Peterson!!!

They play way above their heads and execute with the best of them.


The Truth

IMO Brandon is probably going to sign with Miami. He is a local kid that had his issues which is why he wasn't offered sooner.

Make no mistake, he is a stud and EXACTLY what Miami needs.

He is why you can't take word for word what you read. he is one of those players that doesn't get the pub but ends up being a player because they (the recruiting guys) really don't know.

The Ghost of AlpharettaCane

OH, one last tidbit. BC ranked 1st in the country in rusing defense....64 yds/game giving up.

Uh oh!!

Let's see what Mr. Nix has up his sleeves this time. (P.S. Patrick: just a thought...they might blitz us. Maybe not. JUst a hunch).

The Truth


Randy has been very hands on, but he lets his guys do their jobs...

I keep saying this ,and some of the legion still think I spout off what I think and not what i know, but you can NOT make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

Miami does not have the kinds of kids that have come in the past. Shannon will get it turned around.

No one in the know doubts that.

I do think Marti getting an offer should signal to some of you that maybe the "rumors" about Mr. Spence just might be true.

i hope not.

The Truth

Ok, I am going to make this as clear as possible: Ready??

Brandon Marti is anything but a second tier kid. He is a S T U D.

He wasn't offered because of some past issues that really are no big deal.

This is kid has been a Cane all his life and is porbably going to be a Cane and soon...

So, why don't some of you "experts" here on the blob shut it long enough for the kid to enjoy his offer and make a good decision before you start bashing them with this "2nd tier" BS.

He is one of those that reads the boards and so does his father. They have been hurt in the past with things written about him and this isn't the place to promote that kind of "2nd tier" BS.



UM hoops are #35 AP right now. Go Canes!

The football team started 34 and worked themselves into a comfortable 67th without so much as breaking a sweat.


The Truth

One last thing...

He got the offer now because they want him here in January.



What Spence rumors??????????????????????????????


Personally, I think we loose McCray and Robinson. But our surprise signee will be C.J. Holton.


Truth, thanks
Marti sounds like when Reed came in with not a lot of fanfare, and became a winner from day one.
Marti has the same potential impact you reckon?


The Truth

Well, I did compare him to a Vilma because of the postion, and comparing anyone to Reed is putting way too much on any young kid...

But, Yes. He COULD have that type of impact if not at such a lofty degree AND he keeps his head right. That will be the key.

I am very happy for him and his family. They are good people.

The Truth

AHHH, what the matter canez1...can't get it all from rivals? LOL

He's a wavering don't you know...just like they all do around this time.

Not saying anything and of course:


I really know nothing at all.


well that was encouraging..

The Truth

Here is an intersting fact:

Marcus Robinson and Marti used to play pee wee together. And won a championship at that...

Damn that NE Hollywood team, though! LOL

The Truth


I have been trying for years and years to get the legion to stop believe everything they read about recruits...they lie.

Do not be discouraged!


lol will do..


Ava, shouldn't we be doing hmwk now instead of hittin' up the blog?


Guys i think we just lose McCray...He has alot of pressure on him to go there...I know one of Marcus Robinson's cousin i am cool with him and he is a Cane lock...the only reason if he doesn't not Come to Miami is Grades... but from what i know and my resources are very strong...he coming question Michael Barrow was his Coach at Homestead do you guys actually think he will let him go?


Bye the way if you go to Patrick Johnson's Myspace page, look at his pictures and tell me that he isnt going to Miami...on his main photo he got LSU AND Texas A&M on there he messing with everyone...he's coming home..GO CANES!!!!

The Truth

MR's grades are not an issue much like Frank Gore. You can read into that anyway you like. He is a good kid.

He wouldn't come to Miami because he does like LSU a lot and is a little concerned with all the losses.

He is a Cane now and in the end he will probably be a Cane, but his interest in LSU is real. He doesn't play games like some of the other kids...


Oh yea Why would these kids want to go to LSU when Les Miles is going to High Tail it to Michigan??

The Truth

Maybe because Les Miles is still the coach at LSU and NOT at Michigan and maybe because they are about to play for the National Title?


Maybe Miami isn't for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that.

So long as its not Floriduh...


Hey Truth, Frank Gore had a Reading Disability, he read on a 4 th grade level...Miami had tutors and classes for him so the do have programs for people with reading disabilities... how do i know...i played pee wee football with him in Coconut Grove and we went to the same Middle school Ponce De Leon...


Truth,you have a point he is still the coach there but i thought that players played for the coach?? usually players decommit when a coach leaves... for example Bill Callahan,he had lost a few commits and the top quarteback Blaine Gabbert decommitted and committed to Missouri and when Larry Coker left, we lost Phelon Jones, LeSean McCoy..

The Truth

Would that have made him an ESE student?

The Truth

Yeah, but the coach at LSU hasn't left yet...and not all the player leave.


yes..he had to be read somw things while taking his SAT test...thats why i love the U they provided him with the right programs and tutors..


Truth...busy day on the blog, huh? Some nice work here by you all day long.

You and Canez1 are both very important to what we do here at Canespace. Keep the info coming...

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