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November 30, 2007


Old Skool






I was told tonight by a player on the team (pretty good friend) that Miles told the players at practice today that he was leaving and that he accepted the Michigan job. ITS DONE. HE's OFFICIALLY GONE.

Expect news to break pretty soon. Players are already spreading the info to close friends who are then telling others. It won't stay a secret for long.

Edited: and a couple of posters on this board can back me up on the accuracy of this info. Anyone who knows a player, call them up and find out the truth for yourselves.
I've sent an email to Chicken w/ players name and more details. If he doesn't believe me he can whack this.....and then hear it again tomorrow or saturday when the media breaks it.




OK, I want to get to this quick at the top of the blog so everyone get's a chance to read it:

1. Canespace ENCOURAGES diverse opinions and opposing points of view IF they are presented in a mature, responsible and professional manner.

2. Canespace does NOT want to have to limit open debate and discussion of topics, issues, players and coaches but WILL do so if it detracts from the blog and creates a negative atmosphere that hurts everyone.

3. Canespace will NOT tolerate pure and obvious venemous hate directed towards towards the University, the team, players, coaches or individuals associated with UM.

4. Canespace is a UM fan blog, not an open national forum for LSU, Gators, OSU, USC and UM fans to fight with each other or bash each other. Go elsewhere for that.

5. Canespace will NOT tolerate hate directed towards other bloggers. If you can't make your point without name calling, blatant bashing, profanity and fighting with other bloggers you will not be allowed on Canespace.

And just to avoid any confusion and to be perfectly clear, CARLOS, this means you. We have had several off blog email conversations about this issue and I thought we had reached a mutual agreement about your role and conduct here.

Canespace is not about CARLOS, it's about the Canes. Don't come here just to be the center of attention. I need you to comply or politely go away or you will be subject to being banned. Your choice or as you like to say "The ball is in your court"...


Nice work Skool!

I advise all bloggers to click on the ST with baby pic and the waterfall pic in the blog feature article.

Old Skool

Good to know there's another WC Fields fan out there.


86 Cane = C A R L O S



Thanks 86, I believe some bloggers have stopped "talking" here for the reasons you mentioned. Just MHO..


Skool...I love original first posts:

You had "squigillum".

PB had "yeah baby".

Solar has "BAM".

Angry had "BOOYAH!"

Rubcat had "What the?"

And there have been other good ones too. At least TRY to be original.

"FIRST"! Not so much...


Killer = W R O N G

It's not me Killer, but it's a nice conspiracy theory. I could prove it to you with his email address and IP address but that would violate his privacy rights. You will just have to trust me on this one, and trust me, you can.


LOL, I was just messin w/ you man.


Other great first posts:

Cavaleer with "Imagine that!"

DJ Moonbat with "BURST"

tjl with "Oh, by the way, 1st..."

dj moonbat

As blog trolls go, you could do a lot worse than Carlos. He's not even wrong all the time.


WOW, 86 lol. It usually takes alot to get you mad what happened?


Happy Holidays to everyone on here by the way.


dj...you are correct. The guy knows football, makes some good and valid points, and is intelligent and articulate.

It's just his methods and manner of approach that is being called into question.


Joe22...read then middle to end of the last blog and several other recent blogs if you want to know what's up with "that guy".


Anyone know how the Brown visit went?


86 I agree with what you said about Carlos. I think it is fair to say that all of the regulars at one time or another have gone off on other bloggers but at some point we agree to disagree and we move on. I personally am tired of reading what carlos has to say. If he is not a fan of RS start rooting for another team but damn enough is enough.

The Truth

86, agree with what? That I argue just to argue or that Chud molded an offense around his players...now I'm confused!

And, just in case it missed being read on the last blog:

Sorry if I ruffle your feather Zakkee, its not my intention.

I talk things through in a manner that is a little more comprehensive than a lot of the people on this board. I tend to get very specific, and for whatever reason it bothers people like you.

I write in a manner as to not take things too seriously..like words such as DUH. I am not half as serious as the writing suggests. It is VERY hard to get someone's true tone in a message board setting...thus, the fire and brimstone that gets hashed around here sometimes. This is a blob and it is for entertainment and I take it as such.

There are only a couple of people on here I care to discredit (Hi Carlos!) or be insulting to and try very hard not to do...you are not one of them. I DO think you are an intellegent poster and look forward to your analysis a long with the other Characters on this board.

I am very sure that you are both articulate and knowledgeable and in the real world we would probably have loads of laughs over a beer or 10.

So, please Zakkee, if I offended you or made you feel as if I was being my nornmal everyday pompass as*ed self, I am sorry.


I would sure hope I was given a fair shot at my Job. A fair shot at a head coaching job is at least 3 years. I do not like losing either but give Shannon a break even if you do not like him.

Seoul Cane

I second Vince.


That's fine and dandy, 86. Just make sure you hold up to your end of the bargain and enforce #5 because even you said that the homers on here are sheep if they see a differing opinion. I made my points and you went ahead and deleted them, to which you apologized, also. We talked about this before, too, and up until now had not mentioned a thing on attacks on me, which I've gladly taken in stride.

Rodney King

Can't we all just get along.


I think if everyone would just agree with what I say, since I am always right, everything will be fine.


Did Randy Shannon blame any of the players for him misspeaking?


even if Shannon is a bad coach (we won't know for another 2 years), NO ONE else coulda put together that recruiting class...and that class will take care of itself, especially the MNW players..Forston said it himself, THEY DO NOT ACCEPT LOSING.


Carlos can't be the center of attention unless bloggers allow him to be. Carlos comments start debates, which equals lots of posts. The name calling usually comes from his oppositon. I don't agree with him about RS being a douche, a liar, and bad representative of UM. I think RS got flustered, defensive, and made a mistake with his exaggeration..thats all.

Wonder what Karnell Hatcher is going to do now about his LSU commitment.


And I say you can replace Carlos name with Yousef, Hookerslut, 242 or many others.

Who gives a F what they call you?


When we play UF next year its not going to be pretty :(


I'd like to extend an olive branch to all of you who hate me.



Carlos you seem like the most rational guy here, must say I agree with most of what you say.


I think if everyone would just agree with what I say, since I am always right, everything will be fine.
Posted by: pb | November 30, 2007 at 11:27 AM

I agree with pb, he is always right and I agree with him.



if you ask the people on here, they'll tell you differently. Nevermind that I have stood my ground firmly while taking attacks from all the juveniles on here.


Compared to the Herald and Sun Sentinel blogs, Canespace is a class act.
It's not dominated by 2-3 posters and there is very little personal attacks.
It's great that we can disagree or have a little fun, without name calling.


UF will be a difficult game...but i think it's do-able...we need a spy on Tebow that plays man on him ALWAYS, maybe Bailey. our offense should be better, and they have a crappy secondary.

shut down Harvin and Tebow and you just shut down the Gaytors.


Carlos - I did not answer your question last night because I went to bed. You have a point he misspoke and should not have but you just do not like him. I have said a bunch that we are all entitled to our opinions but you just do not let go! RANDY SHANNON is the COACH of your Miami Hurricanes and probably will not change for a couple of years (only if he is unsuccessful or is so successful someone else picks him up). He must be given time! Let's see!!! Go canes!!

DallasTX Cane

This goes back a little bit, to last night's conversations...

Zakkee and Vince: I believe your "disagreement" was brought on by confusion over the contents of the article in question. There have been 2 articles discussed here this week.

One was written by Jason Whitlock and basically deals with b-on-b crime. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/7499442

The other was written by a guy named Wilburn.

I think you guys were referencing different articles but thought you were talking about the same one. Hence, the confusion.


Spy on Tebow? Then they will torch us with the deep ball. Also wasn't Harvin out with migraines and they still put up crazy scores? I want to go to that game but not sure it will be worth it.


Like the boys
When they're out there walkin' the streets
May compete
Nothin' but the dog in ya




practice what you preach

and pb...you bring nothing to the blog...you are like an obnoxioius spoiled child who walks into a conversation

I don't agree with Carlos, but so what




a spy on Tebow will help prevent those stupid runs when everyone else is downfield...easy first down for them..

i dont think they'll torch us with the deep ball...when i see them play, Tebow throws such a wobbly, ugly pass against crappy secondary's...their players are always wide open.

hopefully our corners and safeties can do the job.


86 thanks for realizing the obvious.

And as much as it pains me, we are going to get smoked by the Gators next year.


You can always tell the fake cane fans. They never come out when something + comes up. They only show up when we lose or something - comes up and usually they have some of their friends post as another canes fan.

The Miami Basketball team is 6-0 (that means undefeated for you gaitur fans).



Exactly DTC. I posted that we had those articles confused last night. Vince made a post that said, "I don't see anything wrong with *Wilbon's* article". I was responding to that post. He meant Whitlock's article though.


Ava, I agree. I am still amazed at how UM defended the option back when it was more popular.

The one thing is that RS was the DC and I hope he gets involved in some of the D gameplanning against the gaiturds.



pb= Our hope is that their defense may still suck.



I already conceded a point that was made by one of the bloggers on here (I can't remember who); worst case scenario, RS leaves the cupboard stocked with FOOTBALL PLAYERS, not just talent for the next proven head coach to whip them to shape.

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