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November 16, 2007




I'm aware of gameplan but do you think I would actually spend money on this game?


College gameday baby! gotta start early on saturdays (aka gotta try to get all my work done cause I'm doing nothing but football starting at 12)


Too bad the Hokies currently aren't ranked #2 in the nation.


Everybody wants to be a Cane fan or player deep down. the whole nation copied our: style, celebrations, smoke tunnels, 4 fingers, black shoes, dreads, gold-teeth, and our overall swag/shenanigans! Everybody wants to be a Miami Hurricane without being a Miami Hurricane. ..they want the good/fun without the bad/infamy. Thats why I respect Kirk Herbstreit, he's not ashamed to show his admiration for our legacy. He respects the U.


Yea I know Mitch just was not sure if you knew! I have spent a whole lotta money on this team this year! I will tell you what I tell angry when he makes those comments, you support the team when or lose and would you say that crap it you won? Anyway I know it stinks!!

Tical when angry and I lived in CA we would wake up with football and sometimes never got out of our PJ's!!!! Go Canes!


win sorry :(


GO CANES! BEAT VT on their Senior Day!



You are correct. I still bleed orange & green. I'll never stop supporting the Canes. Take my comments with a grain of salt. Remember I was one who thought we would go undefeated this year. Shows what I know about football. I'm also learning sarcasm doesn't translate well into the blog world. On a positive note, I got to go to three Canes games this year and also made alot of new friends via Canespaces. That is a good thing.


Sorry, Canespace not Canespaces.


EK- If you hav'ent left for the game yet, bring a majic marker and write the names of the players on their jerseys....Thanxs!


Mitch I know what you mean, We all want the canes to win sooooooooo bad it hurts. I have made some great friends on this blog and that is always a positive!!! Go Canes!!


OOPS- Magic Marker


Chris Fowler: Miami's Sad Swan Song (Long read) Reply

Miami's Sad Swan Song
Some Miami fans I have talked to -- wait, they talked at me; I just listened -- are very concerned the Hurricanes will further embarrass themselves in their final two games, at Virginia Tech and Boston College. The reasoning: If you don't care enough to show much effort in the Orange Bowl finale, then how much fire will you take into tough environements in Blacksburg and Boston? Miami's opponents could be fighting for a spot in the ACC championship game, although Clemson is expected to knock out BC on Saturday (ESPN, 7:45 p.m. ET).

Canes fans should be very concerned. The kind of lay-down, bad-on-both-sides-of-the-ball performance Miami produced often is a signal of something serious. With so many stars of Miami's rich past watching the carnage from the sideline and other fans actually flying in for one last fling at the old O.B., it is unthinkable that the Hurricanes were dragged silently behind the woodshed and flogged 48-0!

Al Groh's team beats people 17-16, not by seven touchdowns. When Virginia blows people out, it's 24-17. The Cavs are the only team in major college football history to win five games by either one or two points. The total margin in their five previous ACC wins was 14 points. The point is, Virginia is a good team but about the last team that should beat you by 48. Saturday was their highest point total in an ACC game since a September 2004 spanking of North Carolina.

People asked me, "Did you watch it?" Uh, no. There were other much more compelling games going on that night. Besides, it was just too sad. Like most of you, I have strong memories of classic games at that old horseshoe. To see Miami's run there end like that was appalling. There's a word I don't use often. It fits, though.

Meanwhile, back in Coral Gables, the loss requires some soul searching from players and coaches. And that's what is going on. Nights like last Saturday can create a downward momentum not easily reversed. Teams can unravel. And quit. The embarrassing losses add up quickly.

We have seen it happen many times. It happened to a team as talented as Oregon at the end of last year. The Ducks lost to USC and then flew south for the winter, self-destructing against Arizona, then surrendering in the Civil War against Oregon State and finishing with a loss to BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl. Coach Mike Bellotti's bunch took the worst beatdown in Vegas since Michael Spinks. It was shocking. There was nothing the coaches could do about it. They had lost the team. Bellotti told me this week it was a low point for him personally.

For the Ducks, it took the offseason to heal and regain pride. They did it through sweat and blood. A long winter bus ride to a remote camp far from Eugene to clear the air and deal with the issues of the late-season collapse was key. Defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti credited a brutal regimen of strictly timed post-practice "gassers" for teaching renewed commitment and building togetherness. Nothing like having your legs run until they turn to jelly to build togetherness!

It doesn't always work, of course. Coaches wish it were that easy. But the Ducks' veteran leaders bought in, and the rest of the team followed. When Dennis Dixon returned from his summer minor league baseball hiatus, he outworked everyone else (and proved that he had been throwing the football every morning while playing baseball at night) and was voted team captain.

Does this group of Hurricanes have the same desire? Will the leaders take the lead in the winter and get the rest of the team to follow? Help is on the way in the form of a superb early recruiting class. There are no signals that Miami's verbal commitments will bail (as some have at Nebraska). But remember how few true freshman really are ready to contribute a few months after leaving high school. The Canes can't expect to climb right back into contention for anything on the backs of a few 19-year-olds next year. That's what Notre Dame fans have to realize, as well.

Quick fixes from true freshmen? Maybe in hoops. Not so much in big-time football.

How deep is the damage at Miami? We will learn a lot in the next two games. If the Canes go to Lane and lie down, if they crumble at Chestnut Hill, there is a whole lot of work to do. Randy Shannon's staff can appeal to the players' pride in wearing that "U" on their helmets. But wasn't that tried Saturday? Is there a leader who will step forward and make certain by sheer force of will that his teammates give maximum effort? I don't see one.

Clearly, repairs are needed on both sides of the ball. Fans howling for Shannon to dump the offensive staff are being unreasonable. That was done at the end of last season. True, Patrick Nix hasn't been able to dial up an efficient attack in his first year as coordinator. But the solution is not to scrap it and start over again. And Shannon won't do that. Next year, the quarterback position will be a hot topic (it always is down there), and the choice seems to be between reshirt freshman Robert Marve and an incoming true freshman from Miami Northwestern, Jacory Harris. Canes fans will groan loudly if Kirby Freeman is anywhere in the picture.

What was more stunning was the Canes' defensive meltdown Saturday. Shannon never has been involved with a bad defense. That's where the urgent need is the next two weeks. Miami is not going to score many points in Blacksburg or Boston. If the defense buckles again, it'll be ugly again.

So, I will be curious to see how The U responds, both in the short and long term. This program won't be an also-ran for long, I imagine. But the fix won't be quick and painless. Just ask Oregon.


when you get a second check your email


Sup Legion?
Lizard Land in the House!!!

Got Some Canes Over Here!!!


Big F'n game today folks!!

It has nothing to do with records or bowls or any of that shyt. None of that stuff means a thing at this point. These next two are for pride and the future of this program.

Who do we consider the future?

We can't field a team with all incoming fresh meat next year so we need to weed out the lost and hold on to the few remaining true Canez.

These last two games will tell alot about the immediate future of this team. Do we shyt the bed one more time and bytch out the rest of the season or do we sack up and play with some heart and fire like true Canez.

I am excited about this game, like I am for all our games. I have a very short memory! I also hold onto the hope that this team can play a good game from start to finish. I know they can do it but the real question is do they know?

I have a good feeling about today. It will be a tough, hard fought game and our boys will come through with a W.

The future is now!



The lyrics are too strong for Canespace, but this is a must see for Canes...
It's on the SS sentinel blog today.
If this don't fire you up...





Who is gonna step up for Coop today? Does Dt have a solid game along with JJ in the backfield or does the passing game step up?

Vt has to be gameplanning to stop the rush. This would be a perfect time to blow it up through the air. We have all heard this before though, huh!



86- Don't tase me bro!
I thought I was just pasting the site.


Todays game
Keys for the game:
1 We know we are not going to score
Key at least try and kick a fieldgoal..maybe we will make it.
2 Hold the Hokies to less than 300 yards rushing
3 Pressure the QB and hold him to just 2 TD passing.
4 Keep the VT special teams to at least 2 big plays.
5 KW throw no more than 3 Ints

This way we can keep them below 50


I'll keep my health and go boating this afternoon...


Go Michigan beat those Suckeyes!


Man I really hate the Suckeyes, since they became Luckeyes in 2002 Fiesta Bowl


Keys to win the game,
RB's have 300+ yards 2 tds
QB has 200+ yards passing and no turnovers and defense stop their offense, we win 14-0


86- Don't tase me bro!
I thought I was just pasting the site.
Posted by: M.H. | November 17, 2007 at 12:09 PM

MH...Lucky for you I'm not in the Tasing mode!

Mitch...yeah I got the play by play today. Let's hope the Power of Cheese holds up.

Ocala...You wanna come here to watch the game?

Solar...I'm on it. Yard work all AM. I'm beat.

Gotta get my game face on and ready for the play-by-play. Back at 3 PM.


Keys to the game:

Play loose, play smart, play to win (they will).

Shannon, Nix and Walton coach like their careers depend on it (they do).

Fans drink heavily just in case. Just in case we win we celebrate. Just in case we lose we commiserate (we will).

Canes 24, VT 17.


Hey, 86 --- not trying to give you more work, but maybe set aside a part of the website to catalog all the UM Youtube links --- the good ones, that we throw up on the blog...that way when we're down and blue we can get fired up again...thanks to U...

Minnesota, have we even passed for 200 yds in the past three games? Two?

We need the bearded one's help upstairs to come outta Lane with a 'W' today...

I'll be fired up if we play 60 minutes of hard fought CANE football...

The Weather Report Suite in B-burg: Partly sunny, with a high near 53. Southwest wind between 7 and 9 mph.

To the Legion at the game today, we salUte U!!!

CANES, baaby

CANES, baaby


How about the punches before the Michigan Ohio State game. Nothing but boys being boys but if it was the canes.....?


Darc...great idea. I'll do it in my spare time :-). I have a bunch in the VAULT already and will keep adding to it as we go.



Canechic...did I tell you that Angry asked me to ban your work computer from the blog? U better talk to him about that?

We may need you to suit up if Kyle gets hurt. CGNC is at the game so she may get in first but if she stays in the huddle too long we may need you to go.

I know we can't put you on D because you would be too close to CMac and never focus on the play!


You guys see the Florida Score Gayturds 28 and FAU 20 WOW!! Dan Sileo did not even think they should put Tim Tebow in the game this week WOW!! FAU scores 20 on the Gay turds


I already told Angry I worked very hard on Friday and deserved a few Posts!!

I have my plane ready out back in case I need to go into the game. I sure hope the canes show up!

dj moonbat

The thing about the Buckeyes is that their fans are the most obnoxious SOBs. They act like Ohio State is God's Gift to Football.

Michigan fans are hardly my favorite, but the only way I would root against Michigan in the OSU/UMich contest is if the Wolverines had to take a loss for the 'Canes to get a better bowl game.


We may have to win last two to get into a bowl.

BLACKSBURG, VA. — University of Miami coach Randy Shannon got into a mini debate with a reporter Tuesday while discussing the Hurricanes' chances of beating No. 10 Virginia Tech this afternoon.

Recalling UM's 27-7 victory in 2005 against the No. 3 Hokies, Shannon said, "A couple of years ago, half of everybody in this (news conference) didn't think we were going to beat Virginia Tech up there when they were supposed to win it all."

UM report card for Virginia
Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse for the Hurricanes, it reaches rock bottom. ...
Read posts, share comments
Talk Back: Message board

When a reporter pointed out the 2005 UM team that defeated Virginia Tech entered the game ranked No. 5, Shannon insisted, "We weren't ranked. We were down."

It's possible the Hurricanes (5-5, 2-4 ACC) have been struggling for so long that Shannon can't remember anything different.

UM was indeed No. 5 two years ago before upsetting the Hokies and shooting up to No. 3. Not much has gone right since for a program that has seen its fortunes plummet.

The Hurricanes have been little better than a .500 team following that win. Their 14-13 record includes a 2-8 mark against ranked teams and a 48-0 loss last week to Virginia.

"This is reality," UM defensive back Chavez Grant said. "We're not doing well."

Things do not figure to get a lot better today against a Virginia Tech team that is aiming for an ACC title game berth and is a 161/2 point favorite today.

The last time Miami was a bigger underdog was in 1997 against Florida State, which was a 22-point favorite.

"The main thing the coaches are trying to stress is that the season is not over," UM offensive tackle Jason Fox said.

Last week's loss eliminated the Hurricanes from ACC title contention. The only thing left for Miami is to earn a sixth victory that would gain Shannon and his crew bowl eligibility.

But UM, losers of four of its past five games, might have to beat both Virginia Tech today and Boston College next Saturday to assure itself of a place in the post-season. The ACC has tie-ins with eight bowls and seven conference teams have already won six or more games.

Three teams, including the Hurricanes, have five wins. That means one or two ACC teams could be left out of the bowl picture even if they become eligible.

Virginia Tech has won six of its past seven games since sustaining its worst loss in the Frank Beamer era during a 48-7 trouncing against then-No. 2 LSU in Baton Rouge.


My hat's off to all the LEGION who are in Blacksburg. Tough going, when your heart is in your stomach.
That You Tube site is phenomenal---so much pride with Dorsey and the gang. A complete football team. Show what you can do with a great quarterback----no quarterback and we're dead, as this year shows. I feel badly for the players. I'm sure they are scared to death. I know they are "suppose" to win every game, but at least we can turn the channel on the tv. They have to play the entire game, whatever the score. I just hope we keep it close, show respect for the U, etc. I'm just rambling on, as usual. NERVOUS, VERY NERVOUS.
It's 32 degrees up here in Michigan---I'm turning on the second half at The Big House.


I know what taste good on the food trough today. Usually there is only one item that catches my attention. Same with the keys to the game. If at all possible play Coop and throw short. We lost two close games early because of red zone decisions to look away from Coop. He was open at the goal line. Our lack of success was because of these two wrong decisions by Kyle. We aint good enough to it make up in a game. We got to make plays when it counts. So serve me more of this, it taste good.

If not then give me some long passes, please and more. The interception is not bad on the long ball. The guys cant hold onto the darts. This really taste good to me today.


MaryLou...be confident, wear your Canespace shirt, try green this time!

I think the team may feel more comfortable for some strange reason at away games more than at the OB.

Anyway, cheer for the Canes and let's see what happens. Do we really have any other choice? Canes 24, VT 17.


"Bring lawyers, guns, and money..."
This game's gonna be nasty.


86 have you talked to anybody at the game?

Hey Mary lou we are all nervous but we have nothing to lose so I think that will take some of the pressure off these kids.

Go Canes!!!!!

Nice for Michigan to show up!

macjones de Albuquerque

" Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's has ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood."

Forget winning, for now, it's all about the pride and heart and soul with the Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes. Will these Hurricanes play with heart, soul, attitude and Hurricane pride, or will they throw in the towel and stay down on the mat. Remember, remember this Hurricane fandom it's about going the entire four quarters this afternoon.

Hurricane fandom will see whether the 2007 team are just another team in major college football's bottom rung.


Just spoke to EK who is on his way into the Stadium and meeting Canes fans along the way. He's got photos and stories and a major tequila buzz going!

He says to tell you guys/gals three things:

1. It's all on the QB. If Kyle plays well the Canes win.

2. He wants Ken Dorsey to coach at the U next year to help out the 4 new QBs on campus.

3. When it's all over he wants to be able to say: He came, he saw, he conquered!

Madd Dog Hater

Michigan Sucks! I hate Mandich, and i'll call him to let him know his team stinks just like the U!


They cant catch they look like a U of M team. But today we are this U of M is going to catch the ball against the Hawkers


Not a big Mad Dog fan myself but there are 111,000 at the BIG house to see Michigan vs OSU today. That's almost twice as many as at the OB for the grand finale.

If you are a fan of college football in general you have to admit that is impressive. Lloyd Carr? Not so much...


Expect a trick play early and some long bombs.
Go Canes!


Miami has the weather advantage. If you go to another state you usually play in a blizzard.


FSU beating Maryland 24-10.

UNC up by one over GT, 25-24.

UCONN wins 30-7.

The Zooker and the Illini win again.


the nice thing is they played FSU last week and got softened up.


we took last week off.

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