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November 15, 2007



The first poll in MULTIPLE choice so you can choose more than one answer.

The second poll is NOT multiple choice so you only get one vote.

Have fun and GO CANES!


First, Finally!!!


I think we're gonna crush the game in 09. We'll be much improved next year. 09 will be the year of the Orange and Green


Tluv...can I Vault U on that?


Damn we sound like the Chicago Cub fans " Wait until next year".


I believe we will be much improved next year. We need our new QB's to develop and our coaches to get more experience. "Cane Rising" will take place in(2009). Beat us now because the State of Miami will be back in full effect.



I still can not get that bad taste out my mouth from sat night. Drive all those miles and to show up and then the team does not.

Glad to have met you and signed the banner. See ya next year at Dolphin Stadium (sigh)

Sarasota 'Cane

Repost from previous blog:

Dan read my letter on the air and then started backtracking. Dan claimed that he did not tell Patchen to go to Florida, he said he told Patchen that the competition was better in the SEC. That's the same thing!! He would not get off of the subject. Everytime a 'Cane fan would call to talk sense into him, he kept talking about how great the SEC was!!

Dan Sileo is a 'Cane and I do not want the Legion to think otherwise. He has had Miami's back all season on his show. The VA game rocked him hard just like it did all of us. But the answer is not to start telling recruits that Miami and the ACC is not the best place for them. The answer is to tell the recruits that if they work hard, they will enjoy the same success at Miami and in life that Dan did!!

The SEC is the creme of the crop this year, no question. But a few years ago several SEC teams were on probation (including Alabama), and Florida was losing 5 games a year!! They were not the best conference at the time!!

Conferences come, and conferences go. You play the hand you're dealt. Hell Florida never even won their conference for the FIRST time until the '90's!! We already had 3 National Championships by then!!

It's not because Florida was in the SEC that it took so long for them to win their conference, it's because they sucked!! If you cannot win your conference in over 60 years, you suck!! Now they walk around all pumped up like they've "been there" the whole time!! What a joke!!

Here is another letter that I sent to Dan after he read my letter on air and continued to hold the SEC's jock:

Hey Dan,

Butch had the same slow start as Shannon, but we never stopped supporting him. When Syracuse hung 60 on the 'Canes everyone was calling for Butch's head. We all know how that story turned out!! The team Butch put together in 2000 is considered one of the best in college football history!! And Miami was in the Big East at the time!!

It does not matter what conference you play in, as long as you play hard. Miami had a great schedule this year: OU, FSU, TX A&M, VA Tech, VA. The 'Canes will be back!! GET OFF THE SEC!! GET OFF OF BRAD'S JOCK!!

Jimmy Carr
Sarasota 'Cane

Legion, let's blow up the Dan Sileo show tomorrow. He is on from 6-9am in the Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee markets. Maybe more. Let's e-mail him and call his show all morning tomorrow!! Let's remind him of why he chose Miami over all those other schools, and also let him know that even though we are down, we will be back!! Go to his website to get his contact information (Canespace filtered it out when I tried to post it) and let's represent tomorrow am!!

I will post copies of all my letters on Canespace, and I will let you all know if I get through on the air! Let's bring Dan back to the Legion tomorrow before he stray too far, and we have to let him go for good!!

Go 'Canes!!


Daytona...likewise. Ocala and I drove down from Central Florida early to tailgate and wish we had just stayed in the parking lot. From watching the game and seeing the photos U can probaly see why!

I stood near the field after half time to soak it in and say my goodbyes, then paused as we hit NW 7th Street to look back at the OB one last time.

Everybody was strolling by heads down, resigned to their fate. Nobody cheering, nobody yelling "We got some Canes over here, whoosh, whoosh!" Man it hurt so bad.

I just kept saying: "How could they do this to us (the fans)?" But in the end I realized they didn't do it to us, they did it to themselves...


Do you believe that as time goes by and our eager desire grows stronger for these new recruits it will end up affecting them if they feel they are not performing to their own expectations? I think if we look at these kids as our only saviors and the performance on the field is not quite what they had in mind for themselves, it will only be another set back for the U. I really don't know what will happen next year, but I do now is that we have to have confidence in some of the kids left on the team next year, after all you cant replace experience even if is minimal... What do you think??


I feel next year Marve comes in like Bradford for OU and we will not have less than 9 wins.
With the freshmen players and the players that return on both sides of the ball, we will be back on top next year.


^^^ exactly ^^^


I post the question to anyone out there!! not just 86


Big difference:

Bradford has Maclom Kelly

Marve is gonna have Shields?

not so fast...


I don't know I feel if they don't perform as well as they wanted, it will surely affect them, but I think all we need is a few experienced players to be leaders and the freshmen will be made into leaders. Remember most of these recruits are playing on a national stage all the time and even the MNW and BTW boys have already played in huge games on ESPN so they know pressure and they have gone out every night and performed to expectation to stay undefeated with a chance to be the best team in all of high school football, those guys will bring the winning mentality. The other players that we recruit from not such good high school teams will only learn and become winners.



You watch I bet you one of the receivers we get will be the go to guy next year, if we get Streeter he is like 6'5" and all you have to do is throw it near him and he will go up and catch it.


ABU...U don't come to UM if you don't have high expectations for yourself as a player and U definitely understand fans' high expectations for success from day 1.

This will not affect most players that choose the U. It may affect some fans who may have unrealistic expectations for them, but not the players.

The only thing they have to focus on is to take care of their own business. Do the right things, go to class, hit the weight room, practice hard, play their position and don't try to win the game by themsleves.

If they do that, then matched with their talent level, the rest will take care of itself. But don't kid yourself, there is still lot of work to be done, on and off the field, a whole lotta work...


Great response, man you can write some great blogs.


I'm not pinning my hopes on a freshman WR, noone should.


i understand thath, but didnt you think the current kids had the same expectations as well??




Sarasota 'Cane

I agree with you completely. If one claims to support the Canes, then one's action should never be harmful towards pursuading a recruit in "THE U's" direction. I must say that many of us act like this is politics, a debate to see who is right. But we do that at who's cost?

We do not HAVE TO Verbally CUT "THE U" DOWN WITH Negitive criticism. The GAME here, is recruiting, which means - the less negitivity said to a recruit - the better. I just dont see why in the hell that is so d*mn hard to see or understand. But the Boss is a Cane, so we will prevail. It just maybe later than sooner. Peace.


a true freshman WR can come in and basically be damn near unstoppable as long as they got a QB that can get them the ball. but should we count on that? nah.


86 or whoever knows...What's really going on the the Sam Shield's situation. This is reminding me of Ryan Moore.
R.S. is scaring alot of future recruits.
If he is sitting out players who do not work hard, than there should be more players sitting.
There is something more going on here. Maybe it's a personality conflict or stubborness???


i think the talent we have coming in at wide receiver is plenty to make a huge impact next season. AJ is awesome and will be huge next year. same with the BTW kids. and especially if Streeter comes. it's always nice having a 6'6 receiver when you're within 15 yards of a touchdown.


A redshirt freshmen could though like Daniel Adderly, Leonard Hankerson, or Jermaine McKenzie, since they have a year in the offense. I like Daniel Adderly's size but I think i heard he is slow.


We are counting a great deal on freshmen to come in and resurrect the program. If we can keep this class together we will certainly see improvement next year.


Aqua...I'm pinning my hopes on you to make Miami Herald Field at Canespace Stadium feel like the OB next year!

'Sota...We do what we can do. Canespace was developed "For the Fans, By the Fans". So if you want to write something for the blog, go for it! All bloggers here can email entries to [email protected].

We started the whole guest blogger idea in the beginning and plan to stay true to our roots. Solar, CGNC, Teddy, OGV, RT6, Mitch, MM01 and many, many others have written feature articles for this blog.

Many others have submitted photo essays from UM games like Ocala, Keoki, Roach, Mitch, Aqua, MM01, CGNC, DTX, (who am I forgetting?), etc.

So join the fun and contribute to Canespace! That's what makes this site work. It isn't run by one person but by all the bloggers here on Canespace.

And the fact that we just happen to have attracted the most mature, passionate, dedicated, experienced and knowledgable bloggers anywhere.

Plus, we encourage open, intelligent debate while at the same time holding everyone to a higher standard than the usual name calling, head bashing, personal attacks and excessive profanity you find elsewhere.

Canespace: For the Fans, By the Fans!

Sarasota 'Cane

Post the e-mail address and 800 # for the Dan Sileo Show so the Legion can blow it up tomorrow between 6-9am.

Dan Sileo has forgotten that it's us against the world!! His show is in a HUGE Gaytor market, and I'm sure a lot of what he said is just media hype. But to pull a recruit aside at the last game in the OB and "discuss" whether the SEC would be a better fit than the ACC is unacceptable for a former 'Cane!! And then to talk about it on his radio show??????????????

Dan played on the great '87 'Cane team. He's had Miami's back all season until the VA loss. We are all upset, but the things he said on the air were inexcusable!!!

Let's bring Dan back into the fold tomorrow. We have got to get to him tomorrow during his show or there's no telling what he will say after the VA Tech and BC games!!

Go 'Canes


DallasTX Cane

Sorry M.H., but I hate comments like this one, "R.S. is scaring alot of future recruits."

How do U know that? What have we heard, from any source, that indicates RS is scaring recruits?!? To the contrary, all we're hearing from our "core" group of VERBAL commits is how none of the bad stuff happening this season has affected their decision to come to the U...how the NW group calls themselves "Randy's Guys", etc.

The thing is, these recruits wouldn't be lining up to come if it weren't for Randy Shannon. Can U honestly say U believe the former HC would have the same verbal commits if he were still in charge?!? RS was given the reigns some 2 months before Signing Day last year and still pulled in a very good class. If he can keep this class together, it'll be a GREAT class. That is where our hope for the future rests - within 3 years these young kids will be seasoned vets and kickn some azz. Randy is bringing the kids IN...not scaring them off.

And, know what...if some kid is scared of Randy's method, then let him go someplace else. Why would we want him anyway?

The Truth

I can tell you all with supreme confidence that Jermaine McKenzie WILL light it up next year. Miami hasn't had a kid like him at WR in a while. He is the real deal.


Do you think Randy is going after any RB's or since we already have enough he is going to wait till next year to bring in some?

The Truth


100% on with that last post.


I guess we will have 5 RB's next year unless a couple transfer like Derron Thomas and George Timmons, but we will have JJ, Coop, Chambers, and McNeal


Miami beating Marist 8-1 right now


MH...the Sam Shields situation is NOT like the Ryan Moore situation...yet. Shannon is trying to prevent that from happening by being proactive rather than reactive. So far Sam's issues are less severe and appear to be part work ethic, part attitude and part Coach Shannon making his mark on this team.

Shannon and Shields are both strong willed individuals and it appears that Shannon perceives Shield's behavior as "disrespectful" which is a Cardinal sin for a "yes sir/no sir" old schooler like Shannon.

He also probably sees Shields lacking a true "team oriented" approach so he plans to try to eliminate it early rather than later, which is what Coker did with Moore (was too soft early on and waited too long to get tough) and eventually lost him.

Shannon had to set the tone this year and not accept any slackers on his team. Trust me, from Shannon's perspective if he loses recruits because they are afraid of getting benched for not working hard, he is glad to lose that recruit before he is on the team and then having to deal with him later.


Anyone have any of the news stories from insidetheu.com?


Those who say RS is "scaring" these Dade County recruit is probally not from Dade County, especially Liberty City, Overtown or Opa Locka.


If RS is scarring recruits they need to stay away from Coral Gables. I am tired of people saying RS is to hard on players.


I would love to see them like the military, and come of the team bus in camo combat uniforms like the old days, to scare the sh$t out of their opponents and actually win it on the field next year. Those were the days, and soon we will be back.


To: M.H.

Below is quoted from the Allcanes blog:

"Personally, I don’t buy that the players are scared of Shannon. This isn’t a newbie in the program. This is a long-time Cane who spent the past six seasons as defensive coordinator to some and mentor or sounding board to others. We’ve all heard about Shannon’s open door policy regarding talking and hanging with the kids who need him to be more than a coach, so can all this “the kids are scared of him” b.s. That’s not the case.

The Canes are definitely playing tight under Shannon and might be pressing for fear of letting their coach down, but they’re not scared. You really want to tell me that some of these inner city kids playing for Miami are scared of their inner city-raised head coach? Please. Fear bullets whizzing by your head growing up in a rough neighborhood – not a coach or his reaction to a dropped pass or missed assignment.

Fear isn’t doing these kids in. A lack of talent, heart and effort is. Shannon's goal was to rid this program of it's loser mentality and ten games into the season, it seems as prevalent as ever. Everyone said all the right things at 0-0, but at 5-5 you can hardly tell the difference between 2006 and 2007."



Q: Whats up Manny? How many freshman and sophmores do you think Randy Shannon will play next year? Is this just a tool he is using for recruiting? Also all the recruiting info you can give. Thanks. Posted by: da u | November 13, 2007 at 07:25 PM

A: Let’s break it down (all of this is based on my insight and conversation with UM coaches and staff)…
QB: Redshirt freshman Robert Marve will likely be the starter. Jacory Harris the backup.
RB: Sophomores Graig Cooper, Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers (likely more as a return man)
WR: Redshirt freshman Jermaine McKenzie is going to play – a lot. I’ve also been told Aldarius Johnson, Davon Johnson and Thearon Collier could all play right now if they were on the team.
OL: Sophomore Orlando Franklin will start at right or left guard alongside redshirt sophomore Joel Figueroa. Current freshmen Harland Gunn and Tyler Horne will likely spell at the other guard spot with Horne likely locked into the starting center spot.
DT: Marcus Forston and Micanor Regis would be starting for UM right now if they were there.
DE: Redshirt freshman Adewale Ojomo will absolutely be in the mix for playing time – especially if Calais Campbell leaves.
LB: The starting middle linebacker job will be open. Sophomore Allen Bailey will be the frontrunner if he is not moves to defensive end. Then you have six incoming freshman – many like Northwestern’s Sean Spence – who are more than capable of beating a sloppy Darryl Sharpton and Spencer Adkins out for playing time.
CB: Sophomore DeMarcus Van Dyke will be flanked by true freshman Patrick Johnson (if he comes).
S: Jojo Nicholas is likely good enough to be the third safety after Anthony Reddick and Lovon Ponder – assuming Kenny Phillips leaves.
K: UM is going to bring in a freshman leg. Guaranteed.
That’s how many freshman and sophomores? About 20 playing major roles on this team. That’s a lot.



M.H.: This is the referenc. Peace.


M.H.: This is the referenc.




Miami 26 Marist 11 6:53 to go in 1st half


I think the main problem with recruits starts with sites like Scout.com, Rivals.com, and even espn. They glorify these kids before they even step on a college field. For example this Patchman kid claims he can’t start in any school and probably could, but there is a few DT right now in college football that will make this kid look like what he is right now, a High school kid that’s all. I mean, I don’t care how big he is but what do you think a Glenn Dorsey would do to him or Calias he stands no chance. He and a lot of us are setting the learning curve with unproven talent and I hope that doesn’t turn out to be a bigger set back than the one we have now


DTX, VINCE, MIDWEST...I agree. No more softies please. Only hard core ballers need apply!

And it is a more complicated issue than being "hard" or "soft". Hard is one thing, but you can be hard on the players and still make the game fun (see JJ). Randy has to learn that "balance" and I think he will.

It's kinda like thinking about your job or going to work.

If you respect and like your boss because he is driven, and dedciated and successful then that's good because you are likely to work hard to support him and achieve your goals and the company will be successful.

But if you hate your boss and are miserable at the mere though of going to work then your job is no fun, you look for ways to sabotage the company and your productivity suffers.

The bottom line is that you can work hard, be held accountable to certain standards, have tough boss and still like your work.

Or you can be overwhelmed by what you perceive as a dictatorship that disrespects their employees, applies too many rules that don't make sense or simply because they can and lose your motivation and committement.

Randy needs to be careful to remember that R-E-S-P-E-C-T is two way street; you gotta give it if you want to get it. Simply demanding it or using power and control to try to earn it rarely gets it done.

If players feel they are fairly treated and being held accountable for the right reasons (there is only one: the team's success) then that's good.

If players feel they are being disrespected and their jobs are constantly being threatened simply to make a point or if they sneeze too loud, well, then not so much...


Beware of the "ONION" he makes kids cry....What kind of BS is this, these are 305 kids. 62nd and 12th, 54th and 17th, etc.... These are not sheltered private school kids. Their optimist coaches would make Randy look and sound like the Pope. Get real!! The only ones that are afraid are the ones that will, transfer, decommit or go the FSU or FLA, where they can get their ego stroked.


If anyone is interested in listening to UM B Ball. Shannon will also be on during the half.


39-21 at the half Go Canes...I know it is only Marist who ever the hell that is but we struggled with teams like this last year.

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