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December 24, 2007



NEMO is in the house!


I love cheerleaders!


Nice. Why do you intice us so.


Can't wait for football season! (Even if it is at Dolphin Stadium.)

Happy Holidays Canespacers!


Do anyone have the full article of the first:


long live ron mexico!

whats your email addt midwest, i'll send it to ya.

86- you forgot to put up the picture of ms naples in her U gear.


LLRM...couldn't find it? There are many more and I left out quite a few simply due to formatting and time issues.

OcalaCane deserves a lot of credit for the photos. You should see the guy work a crowd! With a Canespace T-shirt on and Canespace business card in hand he was UNSTOPPABLE!!!


Another one leaving. Poor "No"-les.



I see in those pics that there are some tailgating pics by the 836.

How messed is that...I would tailgate in the area right underneath the 836 as well!!! Dang it man!!!

Wish I woulds known that some Canespacers were nearby.


good, I hope they lose every recruit in there class...


long live ron mexico,


Could you get this one also:


I'll be greatful. Thank You.

long live ron mexico!

it's sad that reporters are getting so desperate they need to start checking kids' myspace pages. it's one thing for fans to do it, but reporters? d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e


1023...don't know how you missed us? We were everywhere under the bridge! New pic added top left...


On the recruiting front Odoms says he is looking at Miami, USF, Tennessee, and Auburn and he “has no leader” right now.

“Pretty much all the schools I am looking at have a football program and a education program. I just want to be around positive people, positive coaches, and positive players. I am not worried about anything else.”



This is the HOTTEST article yet!

I too am thankful for ALL of the Cane Hotties that we have in our lives, and the new ones we get a chance to meet & view at games and other Cane functions.


YOU are one of the key ingredients to the Cane Football experience.

Hot and intelligent women that love Cane Football RULE.

long live ron mexico!

sent the first one midwest. i don't have access to the noles article since i don't have a subscription to warchant, only to canesport. it probably says the same thing as the description- they're hoping this kid doesn't decommit to LSU.

long live ron mexico!

there it is 86. now fix the picture so it enlarges after you click the thumbnail and that'll be the best xmas present ever.


"it's sad that reporters are getting so desperate they need to start checking kids' myspace pages. it's one thing for fans to do it, but reporters? d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e"

Posted by: long live ron mexico! | December 24, 2007 at 12:38 PM

long live ron mexico!,

I know what you mean. The media seems to have the same philosophy on Ethics as our current administration.


Angry...don't cha know! Canechic is up there too, twice! CGNC also!!!

We should start a quiz show called:

"Know Your Canespace Blogger"


OK Canespacers, enjoy the photos and post what you are thankful for.

I'm out until 12/26/07. I'll be here for the Patchan announcement.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (Noche Buena)!


LLRM...just for U, this should do:



Merry Christmas-86 thanks for all you do!! Enjoy your Christmas day off!!

Merry Chrirtmas to all my fellow bloggers and Estaban give that baby an extra squeeze for me, they grow way to fast!!!

Merry, Merry got to start cooking!!

long live ron mexico!

you d ameng 86, merry christmas to all and to all a good night!


Oh! 86 Stop, - you know that is not fair. Hah Hah.


Soup, way to come through with the cheerleaders! Great stocking stuffers, no??? ;)

For Christmas, however, I'll take Patch, Jones, PJ, BH, Streeter, and a DC who knows how to play Hurricane Football.

MidWest, Shannon is a master strategist. He'll find a way to get those Cali-boys in AND all the FL 5-Stars.

Strong seriously needs to make a move, vertically or laterally. He's been demoted at UF, after developing a NC defense. How insulting...

I personally don't think he's hungry enough to be a HC. As much as Meyer's a sleaze-ball, he's hungry. Stoops was hungry. Shannon was hungry. Zook was hungry.

Strong had his audition in '04 against Us and didn't impress anyone. Had he drubbed Us in that game he would have been the next great thing. But they floundered, although the defense was solid, just not solid enough.

Walker, come on down....


long live ron mexico!,

It sound like they are saying if we get Brandon Harris - that is all we need or it is over for recruiting:

"Defensively, the Tornadoes are strong and it all starts with DB Brandon Harris. You don't really get an appreciation for Harris until you see him show off his talents in person. What I mean is his speed and cover skills have gotten so much more stronger every year and this season Harris has added physical strength to his impressive resume. Harris isn't afraid to come up and knock your block off, but in the same sense that make-up speed is also still very apparent for Harris. The 5-foot-11, 180 pound cornerback has to be rated as one of the top three defensive backs in the state this year. The odds are fairly strong Harris follows his two other teammates to Miami when everything is all said and done."


Hey 86...I always did notice a huge group there, but the last thing I thought was that it was a bunch of Canespacers!!!

As ol Bobby boy would say..."Dagummit"!!! (did I spell that right?) LoL...

Where's the Canespace tailgating spot gonna be next year?


"MidWest, Shannon is a master strategist. He'll find a way to get those Cali-boys in AND all the FL 5-Stars.

Strong seriously needs to make a move, vertically or laterally. He's been demoted at UF, after developing a NC defense. How insulting..."

Posted by: Cavaleer | December 24, 2007 at 01:03 PM


Could'nt agree more with the master strategist part. (I posted a simular opinion minutes before the new blog appeared - I'll post it again).

I have read your opinions on C. Strong and I agree he is a good fit - BUT I don't trust it. One thing I have learned in every competition - Don't except gifts from your bitter enemies. Because of that and that only - I don't want him anywhere close to south Florida.

I think Walker is going to be a good catch. A dream DC for me would be the Ravens DC. What do you think??


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I went to the U to play baseball, but the weather and scenery (above)where just great. Those pictures bring back a lot of memories.

The education was great too.

It's great to be a Cane!!!!!


***I posted this earlier this morning on "Gimme Back My Bullets" but it was like 12 midnight. Here it is again, because I think it's insanely funny. Oh and it's confirmed that he will play in the game***

another one of my RANDOM THOUGHTS (this one's funny)...

Okay so FSU is playing in the Gaylord Music City Hotels Bowl...

They have thirty some odd players that will NOT play in the game...

I pray to God that DeCody Fagg is not one of those guys because I can see the headlines now...

"FAGG is named MVP of the Gaylord Bowl"



I don't know how, but don't be surprised at a 36 man recruiting class this year. Because if there is one word that describes RS, it would be "RESILIANT". It seems like he is motivated by obsticles to his goals.

A while back before the season ended, I said it is all apart of the Master Plan, and left it at that without explanation because I knew it would attract negativity. But it refered to 3 strength we know of RS: 1: Recruiting 2: Experience 3: Resiliance. From those strengths of his - I beleived he had already had a plan before stepping into the HC position and it was completely different to LC manifest plan (meaning type of atheletes it would take to be successful, etc.) I believed that he felt that we could not win with the current set of players when he learned that their mind set is the mind of LC (not RS). Therefore, I believed a Bowl bid was not in his plans (he let the chips fall where they fell, no matter what he would say) but - Recruiting was his aim in finnishing successfully an all important step towards his plan. And that is why it was apparent to me that we "Give him time".

Therefore, RS always has something up his sleeve, if he didn't - it would be almost impossible for him to be as successful as he is now.

Many people did not see it comming - that is, the many thing he accomplish. And guess what? There is much more we won't see either. But we should Know now the Rewards we out weigh the Disappointments. In Randy we Trust?

Posted by: MidWestCane | December 24, 2007 at 11:49 AM


Something about chicks in Canes gear that makes them so divine and beautiful. LOL

Merry Christmas to 86Cane and Mrs 86Cane, the legion, and Canespacers.

Lets get that DC onboard. I don't think it will matter who it will be after a year or two cause Mr Barrow just needs seasoning with "Essence of Canes."

How wicked would it be if CC stayed another year? Just imagine asking the opposing D to pick their poison. Forston et al and the incumbents will be charging -- a year older and a year wiser.

Ahhh... what a wonderful year it is going to be. 12% coolade anyone?


MidWest, it's also very good to take your enemies soldiers and make them yours.

BUT, I don't think Strong would bring much to the table that we don't already have or couldn't easily acquire, i.e., the rest of the State of Miami.

Plus, UF has never played Hurricane Defense, even last year which was arguably Strong's best ever unit. They were very, very good but they still didn't feel like a Hurricane D. Only FSU has had defenses like the U.

Wlaker, OTOH, brings NFL experience, albeit with DBs, and a lot of CA connects that we don't have and that would be very difficult to acquire.

The question is how do you get blown out by Wazzou and Utah???

My prediction---- B. Harris and PJ will be here. TJ would be the steal and the icing.

I've crossed my fingers and toes. lol


MidWestCane- Canesport is showing 3 Calif. recruits visiting Miami today.[DB's] Yes I would say RS has something up his sleeve.


Rubcat, 12% Kool-Aid is so easy for Canes to drink. LOL.

If CC stays, and returns to his '06 form because he has the DTs to really roam freely, it would be huge.

But a lot will still come down to LBs and QB play. If Marve is really ballin' we could be in for a surprising season. Just look at UK, with Woodson and a cast of veterans but no reall ballers that I saw. Marve will have at least five serious ballers at WR....J-Mack, Hank, Aldarius, Streeter, Tompkins, Kayne, D. Johnson

Our toughest games are non-conference, OU, UF.

Let me see Marve in action and I'll make a prediction.


MidWest, I would add master-strategist to your Shannon. I think Shannon is always thinking like a chess-master, five or six moves ahead with an eye on the next move.


All I want for Christmas is CGNC...


Calif. recruits are coming down but not visiting today....My bad

orange 'n green in the vein

I don't celebrate Christmas. but if people started leaving presents like these under my tree, I might have to reconsider.

If it is Walker, the guy is about as solid a DC hire as you could find in the pac-10, but can he recruit actually defensive studs, instead of pac-10 play trailers? Also, who really needs these slow jabronies from the left coast when you've got all that damn speed within 500 miles of campus to draw from? That UF game is going to be a classic confrontation that will be a great indicator of just how close the Randy has this thing from being turned back around.


"BUT, I don't think Strong would bring much to the table that we don't already have or couldn't easily acquire, i.e., the rest of the State of Miami."

"Wlaker, OTOH, brings NFL experience, albeit with DBs, and a lot of CA connects that we don't have and that would be very difficult to acquire."

Posted by: Cavaleer | December 24, 2007 at 01:40 PM


To add to your point, I think C. Strong may not be a humble DC since the Gaylords, had success when we were struggling. If he brung a know it all attitude to "THE U" it would be a set back (because you know RS ain't having it). He would get fired and the negativity will re-occur.

Walker knows about NFLU, he knows about the Canes and the negativity that the media imposses, the struggle of black coaches accompainied, etc. - it just a better fit and I think, more benificial in the end.


"I think Shannon is always thinking like a chess-master, five or six moves ahead with an eye on the next move."


Exactly like a chess-master indeed. It is foolish to rush a Chess master - the same with RS.

My prediction in terms of priority ---- 1: B. Harris 2: MP 3: TJ (because of depth issues) 4: CL 5: BJ 6: TS (they said they would MAKE room for him).

I've crossed my fingers and toes. lol


OGV, I agree. Do we really need DBs from questionable competition???

To me the question about Walker is how much of the teams schizophrenia on his Dc ability of Dorrell's inability, sort of like Shannon and Medioker.

MidWest, I think Shannon could give a F' about media negativity or the melanin content of Walker's skin. He must see some ability that isn't reflected in UCLA's record.

I think Walker's youth, recruiting territory and NFL experience, as well as his hunger to move up are the biggest factors in his favor.

Great points about Strong's potential negative impact, although he seems to be a very laid back guy but you never know.


You're right Cav, a lot depends on how Marve performs. Hope all that scout team accuracy and mojo is translatable to the field.

PB, take a number, CGNC is on the list of a lot of canespacers...(including me) LOL...

CGNC please don't kill me for chiming in and taking advantage of your great humor. (hehehe...I mean HoHoHo...)

orange 'n green in the vein

Strong isn't going from UF for a lateral (at best) move to UM. Allow me to reemphasize:

Ed Orgeron, Ed Orgeron, Ed Orgeron.







ESPN dogging us again...


Merry X-mas Legion! I am thankful for this forum and for the positive culture that has returned with a vengeance to the Canes program. Welcome aboard, Arthur Brown, Travis Benjamin, and CJ Holton. C'mon down Patchan, Harris, Jones, Streeter, Liuget, Alonzo Lawrence, Aaron Hester, TJ Bryant (you don't want to be on the sinking SS Seminole). PJ, sh-- or get off the pot already. Don't pass up the chance to be a part of history. If you're a true Cane then don't let anyone or anything disuade U. If you're not, WE'LL SEE U ON THE FIELD!--and we'll be loaded too :)


F! C Strong. I don't want him.

Not sure who I want but I am damn sure I don't want his Gayturd azz round here!!

He is not coming anyway, why would he?? Makes zero sense and I don't know where that dumbazz rumor came from.



Because he has an interview set up after his bowl game.

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