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December 13, 2007


orange 'n green in the vein

Hail Zeus!


OGV...nice one!

Canes BB team wins AGAIN and are now 9-0!

Solar had the game play by play and score updates covered for Canespace.





from espn recruiting briefing room:

Harsh words from high school coach on D.C. Jefferson's reversal

Winter Haven coach Charles Tate told the Times-Picayune, "My impression is that in his mind, for whatever reason, he was scratched by LSU. I know [LSU assistant] coach [Earl] Lane is going to talk to him again. [His reasons] didn't make sense to me, and I don't want to elaborate on what they are. I don't get it. His reasons don't hold water in a man's world. Maybe they do in a boy's world. I hope its just something he's going through. It sounds like he doesn't want a lot of competition and that he's nervous about the competition at LSU."
Tate continued, "If D.C. wants to make a trip to make sure he's OK about his decision, that's one thing. I know he got a little nervous over the rumors of coach [Les] Miles going to Michigan. But I don't understand the decommit and recommit and all of that. [LSU and Rutgers] are apples and oranges. They don't compare. Rutgers had one good year. LSU is playing for a national championship."

West Coast Ibis


go hoops!


Patchan to announce next week



Patchan to announce next week



Best B Ball game of the year.They closed off the inside paint, but Mc Clinton scored ouside. We wore them out at the end...
an away game!

long live ron mexico!

big win tonite.

long live ron mexico!

D.C. Jefferson...
isn't that the name of the head of the tri-lambs from revenge of the nerds?

West Coast Ibis

i am sure we will get more votes for top 25 now, as well as in the power 16 (not that this poll matters) but pat forde liked us last week



Nose tackle Vince Wilfork is coming off one of his best performances of the season, with seven tackles and a sack against the Steelers, but it wasn't just that effort that won over coach Bill Belichick. It's what Wilfork has done over the last three-plus seasons that had the coach lauding him yesterday.

"He's one of the most instinctive and smartest defensive linemen that I've coached," said Belichick, now in his 33d NFL season.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 325-pound Wilfork has played in 58 regular-season games and eight playoff contests since joining the Patriots as a first-round draft choice in 2004.

"I think he does everything well - he's strong, he's physical, he's a tough guy to block in the running game and he's an explosive guy in pass rush, and he has good quickness and plays with good leverage," Belichick said. "There's a long list of positives."

Wilfork, who finished second in fan Pro Bowl balloting for AFC interior defensive linemen this year, was also praised for his preparation. His approach has benefited the team's defense, as he lines up at the heart of the 3-4 alignment, over the center.

"He understands football, blocking schemes, defensive concepts - [things like] where we're strong on a particular defense, where we're weak," Belichick said. "When you're strong in one place and weak in another, the first place you start to adjust is right in the middle of the defense."


Go Canes!

Go Bulls!

Everything is gonna be alright!


Don't know if this has been reported on a past blog, but it is being reported from Insidetheu that CC is turning pro.....

Old Skool

The LSU campus is a dangerous place:

2 Ph.D Students Killed on LSU Campus

Published: December 14, 2007


Patrick Johnson is not taking his visit this weekend to the U.


THIS YOU GOT TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

86 don't worry...it's NOT porno.....and it is sports related.

Bringing new meaning to the phrase:

"Calm Your Nutz"



Patrick Johnson is not taking his visit this weekend to the U.

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | December 14, 2007 at 09:36 AM


We are all rumored out!


PJ not taking his visit is being reported by InsidetheU.


From actual interviews with PJ,s father, he has stated that he and his son are sorry that he[PJ] committed to the U of M.
Why could'nt they just man up and decommit, but still inform Miami of some interest. They would still get their much needed publicity. I don't understand.
This is not what a father is suppose to teach his son[responsibility and commitment].
If any of you played organized sports, you've probably saw a father like PJ's, roaming the sidelines and interfering with the coaches!


M.H., seriously the father hasn't done anything wrong besides upset Cane fans. He's kept saying he wants his son to see all his options - that's something a father should do. There are allegations of money being sent his way and that might be influencing him, but those are allegations at this point and is something that may never be confirmed. Talking about he wishes his son didn't commit in the first place is being honest. And if PJ hadn't committed in the first place there wouldn't be such a big deal about it from a Cane fan perspective. Ultimately his father doesn't need to worry about anyone but his son, if that means he upsets some of the fans of this team or that team than no biggie. He hasn't interefered with any coaches though, he's been guiding his son through the recruitment process which is not something a parent is taught how to do - its figure it out as you go along so mistakes will be made at times in how things are handled.


If PJ scholarship has not been taking away by Randy, nor has Randy and any of the staff comment on the whole situation. I am pretty confident PJ will be a Cane. I think Randy has proven that he does not have preferential treatment for any player whether you are a blue chip or cow chip, he treats everyone the same. PJ is not that big that Randy wouldn’t pull the plug on him, If he felt the slightest inkling that PJ was going to USC or FLA. That’s why I am really not worried about the whole thing. The minute that RS or any of the staff makes a comment on the situation, and then I will give my opinion on PJ and his dad. Until then everything that is being reported is just mere rumors, hype and a recruiting circus show. I am not accusing his dad of pimping his son, but if his father is getting money thrown at him and he bows to the all mighty dollar, then that’s something he and his son will have to live with. I don’t agree with pimping your children, but at the same time I don’t know their financial situation. If PJ is enrolling early we will find out soon enough. Corey Bell will know and I am sure the Scholarship will be pulled in time to make an offer to someone else if that is the case.


At the end of the day the only thing that counts is PJ's education and his chance to play at the ultimate level.
All the hat tricks and announcements means NOTHING!

The Truth

"From actual interviews with PJ,s father, he has stated that he and his son are sorry that he[PJ] committed to the U of M."

That's not necessarily true. What he said was if they had to do it all over again, he wouldn't have had PJ commit because of all that has happened since that point. He went on to add that PJ commited to Miami at 16 years old because he was excited by his first real offer.

PJ wants to play for Miami. His father probably would like to see his son play somewhere else, judgeing by his comments. That's par for the course at this point in the recruiting game and its about 50/50 as to who wins...the kids or their parents.

insanecane is right...look at McCray and what happened to his offer. As soon as Shannon thinks the gig is up, he'll yank it. Shannon is well awar of the fact the his father may or may not want PJ at Miami. He is also well aware of the fact that PJ DOES want to be at Miami.

The rest in imaterial and a part of the game.

The Truth

To add to my last post...I don't fault his dad one bit for wanting PJ to look around...ALL the kids should really look around. Picking a school is a HUGE deal. As a parent I think his father is doing what he thinks is best and to be honest, after some isightful conversations, I think the notion that his dad is $$$hopping around is a little eggagerated. Even I was wrongly guilty of making that assumption.


The PJ saga is probably over if in fact he isn't taking his official visit. If he signs with someone else, I wish him the best,until he plays the U.

I have been critical of the abuse of the word committment by these kids, however, what I see coaches do these days, changes my views a bit. These recruits are just kids.

There is no commitment between employer and employee today, why should college sports be any different. Coaches don't honor commitments (contracts), so why should we expect players to honor their commitments?(Which are NOT binding contracts until they sign).

Maybe the process needs to change. The only people that benefit from the current system are the for profit media outlets, and they change their story from day to day.

Good luck PJ on your decision, if in fact it is your decision.


Este-Insane-Truth- All I'm saying is that this should have been handled more respectively and maturely and not like a three ring circus.
But ya know what, it soon will be all forgotten, and the chips will fall where they may.


We are coming off back to back bad seasons. The dad has a right to be concerned. In the end I believe he will end up here because regardless of wins and losses, we still send 2-5 guys to the league in the first round a
every year.

In the end isn't that all they care about?


The only good news is that D.Sanders has'nt taken PJ under his wing.[yet]


But ya know what, it soon will be all forgotten, and the chips will fall where they may.

Posted by: M.H. | December 14, 2007 at 11:17 AM

Let the Blue Chips fall in Coral Gables!
Let the Cow Chips fall in Gainesville!
Let the Horse Chips fall in Tallahassee


Year after year it's the same thing with some recruits keeping coaches, fans and the media in suspense. If PJ commits great if not move on. One player does not make a class Also in 09 I'm sure they'll be another can't miss lockdown corner for everyone to get all excited about.


Patrick Johnson and his dad are not seeing eye to eye -- sounds like. The Kid wants to go to the U and the dad, probably like most dads, live vicariously through the kid.
So, Kid says I want to go the U! Dad says, Son I know whats good for you.

I could speculate more but you get the drift. All I can say is "let the kid go where he wants to..." if you really love him.

What's so bad about the U? PJ will only be assured camaraderie with the best HS talent of his time -- not to mention all the NFL U alums. Probably an automatic first round money around the corner. Let the kid play for three years and cash in.

You can do it elsewhere but why not keep the kid happy?


I think PJ will not play for the "U". That's why Shannon is offering all those DB's from the west Coast and Texas.

Seoul Cane


I think you're right. I think he's letting PJ keep his offer because there is a slight to good chance he signs with us and he is that "special". But, Shannon certainly appears to be covering his bases expecting the worst.



PJ should see the Kenny Philips situation. He was hyped coming out of HS, he came to DB "U" and the team record did not hurt his "CAN'T MISS" label. He will be a millionare come April 2008.

That means that everything that UM told Kenny Phillips came true. You will get a chance to start and get polished for the NFL.


Think long term, MR. Johnson, think long term!!!!!!!


It takes money to pay for your doctor bill
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It takes money money a-to the bill
A-to the B-I-double L, BILL for real


From www.hurricanesports.com:

McClinton Leads Miami Past Mississippi State and to 9-0 Record

Jack McClinton scores a season-high 29 points to help Hurricanes remain unbeaten.

Jack McClinton hit five 3-pointers for the second time this season to lead the Hurricanes to their ninth-straight win.

Dec. 13, 2007

STARKVILLE, MISS. - Jack McClinton scored a season-high 29 points, including five three-pointers, to lead the University of Miami men's basketball team to a 64-58 win over Mississippi State, as the Hurricanes remain undefeated at 9-0.

The Bulldogs (5-4), winners of 23-straight December home games entering tonight's contest, took their largest lead of the evening, going up 56-51 on Barry Stewart's fifth three-pointer of the evening with 5:29 to go. But Mississippi State turned the ball over three times over their next three possessions, and McClinton hit back-to-back treys to put Miami ahead, 57-56, with 2:42 on the clock.

Charles Rhodes converted a pair of free throws for MSU - their only points in the final five minutes - to reclaim the 58-57 lead with 1:38 to go. But McClinton responded by knocking down his third three-pointer in less than two minutes, to put the Hurricanes ahead for good, 60-58, with 1:26 remaining.

Dwayne Collins and McClinton converted all four free throw attempts in the final 1:12 to secure the ninth-straight victory for the Hurricanes.


ACC Basketball Tickets To Go On Sale

Tickets Will be Available Friday, Dec. 14
Dec. 13, 2007


Both Men's and Women's Miami Hurricanes Basketball ACC individual game tickets go on sale this Friday, December 14th at 5:00 pm. The ACC men's basketball season kicks off at the Bank United Center January 12, 2008 versus Georgia Tech. The women's season tips off against Duke on January 5, 2008 at 7:00 pm.

Men's basketball will offer 2-pack ticket packages for #1 ranked North Carolina or #6 ranked Duke, purchase a ticket for either of these games plus your choice of another game for only $60 or $90 in a premium sidecourt location. (Certain restrictions apply). All remaining ACC conference games will be available starting as low as $10.

To purchase tickets call 1-800-GO-CANES, go online at hurricanesports.com or visit the Hurricane Ticket Office (Weekdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am - Noon).


Link to list of UM recruits for 2008:



For those who wont be able to make it to the state finals games for MNW and BTW, the games will be on the FSN network. I have comcast and its channel 39.





have any of you noticed the bickering going on on tos's blogs...???

i use to love to follow recruiting for the last several years, ala WW, Ernie Sims, KP, Noel, i remember even Dan Morgan's recruitment being that i am from Broward, but this year just like the rest of college football at been unattracictive and down right ugly. At this point i only care who we SIGN, not who we expect or speculate.

I agree with Shandel, recruiting needs an early signing period and the high school athletes need to be kept quiet for their own sake and the sake of the sport.


nice article on that Jacoby kid:



305, its channel 61 here in Pembroke Pines, FL.


cool beans.

Im in la ciudad que progresa.


I think RS senses that it's a toss up for PJ to come to Miami. PJ will be an early signee so if we don't land him we'll have time to make a push for other DBs. I still say it's 50/50


Tluv I think PJ will not be an EE. It is going to be a NSD decision. I heard that somewhere but can't remember where??



i didnt know Jacory had a Bull tattoo on his left arm...maybe he'll get a U on his right arm!




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