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December 23, 2007



Firsttttttt! What a article, pumped me up in the morning! AWesome job


yo mommas


Curse you SC


I'm workin' HARD over here!


As compared to hardly workin'!

I can just see all the 40+ crowd digging through their closets for the old album (vinyl?) or flipping through their CD collection trying to find Skynyrd and "Gimme Back My Bullets" to crank it up one more time.

Canes are coming back baby. And with WMD!


You certainly put your heart and soul into this blog.


damn good article!


86 - LOL Do U ever sleep????
Good article

Okay Food for thought:

Do you think FSU is making history, have ever that many players been suspended for one game? With that many players involved don't you guys think the coaches new sometime back?

Posted by: canechic | December 23, 2007 at 09:27 AM

Canechic - U know people see what they want to see....


86 - please add that link somewhere to my page.....:-D


CGNC...sleep is over-rated! Too much passion and too many ideas to sleep.

I'll sleep after we win our next BCS Championship.

Until then, I'm with Shannon signing LOUD:

"I'll keep on a workin', like the working man do,

I've got my act together, and I'll walk all over you.

Gimme back my bullets..."


www.amazon.com/Gimme-Back-Bullets-Lynyrd-Skynyrd/dp/B000B8I8I2 - 226k -


CJ Holton Commits to the U! Done with recruiting. Up yours FSU!!

Sarasota 'Cane



My question is does FSU face any NCAA sanctions over this fiasco? This truly represents a lack of institutional control!


great blog 86....and CJ Holton smart kid. He knows FSU is still on the down fall while the canes are on the rise and fast!!!! NCAA BEWARE THERES A STORM BREWING... THE NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER PUT THE NCAA ON AN OFFICAL


Bobby Bowden

The sun was in my eyes!!!!


Holton's commit will likely end our recruiting for anymore safeties. We're down to at best 5 schollys left, and that's if RS "makes room" somehow. Someone mentioned we should still try to get Martavious Odoms, but I don't see any way he will qualify for the U. He's taken the ACT twice and hasn't gotten above 15.
If we hold on to PJ and get B Harris, Patchan, Ben Jones and Corey Luiget. I'd call that a historic class. But to do that we my have to ask a few commits to reconsider. I don't want to speculate who in case those individuals may be on the blog.


Have you noticed on your map the Chinese are following the site? They want world domination and their probably studying the University of Miami football program as a model.

Bobby Bowden

No one told me when to run, I must have missed the starting gun...


Sniper...I love watching the map light up from different places! We have folks from China, Japan, Korea, Jamaica, Canada, The UK, Germany, Iraq and other countries on at different times (due to time zone differences).

Some of them are soldiers overseas that are Canes fans. Several have emailed me about how our site keeps them in touch with Canes news. Not many of them post for various reasons (security?) but the read often.


No. 22 Miami Hosts North Carolina A&T Sunday

Undefeated Hurricanes strive to match last season's win total in 12th game of season.
Dec. 22, 2007

CORAL GABLES, FLA. - The undefeated and 22nd-ranked University of Miami men's basketball team will take on North Carolina A&T at home at the BankUnited Center on Sun., Dec. 23, at 1 p.m.

Game 12: Miami (11-0) vs. North Carolina A&T (5-6)
Date: Sun., Dec. 23, 2007 | Time: 1 p.m. | Site: BankUnited Center
TV: None | Radio: WKAT 1360 AM, WVUM 90.5 FM | Internet Video: www.ACCselect.com
Websites: Miami (www.hurricanesports.com) | North Carolina A&T (www.ncataggies.com)
Tickets: 1-800-GO-CANES

Probable Miami Starters
No. Name (Pos/Ht/Wt/Cl) Pts Reb Ast
00 Jimmy Graham (F, 6-7, 238, Sr.) 5.3 4.6 1.2^
33 Jack McClinton (G, 6-1, 185, Jr.) 14.1 2.3 3.1
23 James Dews (G, 6-3, 203, So.) 11.4 2.5 1.5
32 Brian Asbury (F, 6-7, 223, Jr.) 10.2 5.8 2.2
50 Anthony King (C, 6-9, 246, R-Sr.) 9.3 8.5 1.9^

Probable N.C. A&T Starters
No. Name (Pos/Ht/Wt/Cl) Pts Reb Ast
01 Steven Rush (G, 5-11, 170, Sr.) 16.8 2.0 2.1
03 Austin Ewing (G, 5-11, 160, Sr.) 9.8 2.4 3.3
04 Trahern Chaplin (G/F, 6-6, 200, Sr.) 4.4 3.7 0.6
20 Jason Wills (F, 6-6, 208, Sr.) 11.9 7.7 2.9
50 James Porter (C, 6-9, 220, Jr.) 3.4 3.2 0.3

The 11-0 Hurricanes continue their best start under fourth-year head coach Frank Haith and are among just 11 teams -- out of 328 NCAA Division I men's basketball programs -- that remain undefeated.

With a win on Sunday, the Hurricanes would pick up their 12th win of the season and equal their total wins from the 2006-07 season, when they finished 12-20.

Miami is led by Jack McClinton, who has averaged 18.0 points, 4.3 assists and 3.0 rebounds over the last three games. He leads the ACC with 2.89 three-pointers per game at a league-high .553 clip. Brian Asbury and James Dews also both shoot over 50 percent from beyond the arc for the Hurricanes and average double-figure scoring.


Re: CJ Holton

It's not often UM flips a FSU verbal commitment, especially one from North Florida. OUTSTANDING!

Re: Christmas Wish List

I definitely want Patchan (and/or Jones), PJ (and/or Harris), and Corey Luiget too.



Remember when we were on probation and Bowden laid a 40+-0 drubbing on us?



As uncomfortable as I was looking at the Sean Taylor ribbon and reading Gimmie back my Bullets right next to it, it was in fact a good article.



Where does this leave Victor Johnson and the safeties that are visiting from LA?

Also, if RS asks more players to leave, can he give out more scholarships or is 25 the max for each year regardless?


Sweetness would be when the NCAA pulls about a dozen scholarships from FSU just for a kick in the azz they hand them over to Miami



All of Bobby Bowdens lack of DISCIPLINE is coming back to haunt him.
And I hope the NCAA has taken notice!


Some Gimmie Back My Bullets trivia.( from best I remember)

The song has nothing to do with guns and violence.
Allen Collins was lamenting how Lynyrd Skynyrd's songs weren't running up the charts quickly. Billboard refers to fast rising songs as bullets, such as number 20 with a bullet.

It became all the rage at Skynyrd concerts to throw real bullets on the stage whenever they came to the line "Gimmie back my bullets, causing them to temporarily remove the song from concert song lists.

With The exception of the original Allman Brothers Band Lynryd Skynyrd is the epitome of Southern Rock.
thats all I got


Best Canes Christmas Present




Wonder how much longer Patchan and PJ have to commit and still be eligible for the winter term.

I would assume until after the new year?


pb I think in PJ's case it is what ever his dad says


CJ is the Sean Taylor's unborn son.

Did you guys notice he wears NUMERO 26??????

Soup, I agree with you about Streeter being the least important of the remaining big five but I think we get all five or six.

It's on.....


It would be smart for any recruit to come to da U, with the Tuna in town, they may get an advantage in the draft. Especially with the Dolphins.


I think we'll also have more than 33 ships.

Sam Shields is done. He may as well transfer. I think there will be a few more like that.


I think we'll also have more than 33 ships.

Sam Shields is done. He may as well transfer. I think there will be a few more like that.

If we have learned nothing from this 1st year of the Shannon Era it is that he always has something more up his sleeve.


Solar, great work on the blog. I'm assuming it's you. It has that solar feel to it but I could be wrong. ;)


Cav- I disagree. Streeter has the body to become a K.Winslow Jr.
Can you imagine the offensive weaponry we would have with Streeter at TE. Or just rotating in with A. Johnson.


mi@mic@ne, Great observation about the tuna being in town as an advantage for the U. I agree with you about getting an advantage in the draft. For years those idiots in the Dolphins front office ignored the players from the U while every other NFL team loaded up with U talent.


I wouldn't write Shields off just yet. Shannon talked about him being someone who finally got with it after the season. Just took all year for that to happen. The guy is talented. Remember its all about competition. We want the guys competing for their spots and making each other better because of it. Shields will have some real competition this year and if he half a$$es it he'll be sitting. If he goes all out he still might be sitting since there is real talent out there now. But him going all out might just help him turn the corner and become that big time vertical threat he can be.


M.H., but compared to PJ and BH locking down the WRs and Patch and Jones on the OL, another WR or TE is secondary.

Regardless, I think Streeter is on board.


Este, I want SS to succeed as well but if he continues with that candy shyt he should just transfer.....


More great recruiting news, things just get better and better. Also take notice how Shannon is not happy with PJ at all:

My call as of tonight......Harris, Luiget, Jones, Patchan, Streeter, Odoms (grey), Bryant, Hester

Was told again today by Hurtt that we are not recruiting PJ, Shannon has refused to call the kid for close to 2 months now. There is a reason why McGriff is the only one sent to see him. Kid has alot of making up to do if he truly wants to be in this class. SIde bar, his dad needs to stop messing with PJ's future. Best advice someone can tell him if he wants to be a cane is call Shannon and shut his mouth till signing day.

Harper, CJ Odoms, Smith, will all grey shirt. Already getting the 4 set for Milford. MRob, BW, and Jones will get in.

Barrow thinks Buchanon and Lewis stick, but they are watching them closely. Lewis is scarred he won't see the field with Fort, Luiget and Regis. Regis hasn't heard back on his paperwork to enroll early and thinks it was submitted too late.

If Walker is hired as DC, Hester is in this class. If not Baker closes out the class. What sucks is as of this summer they thought they had Pj, Harris, and Bryant then last month they also thought they had Jenkins as well. The CB is the only position that has them working overtime. Bryant is closely looking at LSU and FSU because of track.

Baker and Thompson will be in this class if offered. Thompson is a stud FOOTBALL player, go back and watch the state game or ask Bubba Brown. If Thompson stayed at Ely and was exposed more because of playing with PJ kid would of had 30+ offers.

Look for Patchan and Jones to commit within the next week as well as a DC hiring to keep our momentum going during Bowl Week. Streeter, Luiget, and Odoms might possibly commit early but Harris and Bryant are a signing day call.

We have 28 with PJ listed so Im saying 27 plus the future 8. That makes a class of 35 minus 4 grey shirts down to 31 minus 8-10 EEs and bam a class of 23 to 25 in fall"

BTW, Odoms is Martavious Odoms out of Pahokee


Mi@, that's a great point about Tuna in town.


Cav, glad you mentioned CJ wearing #26. Watch his tape, kid hits like Taylor. He will make an impact right away


And more:

"Brandon Harris - not worried. Ice and Randy are just too close.

TJ is a possibility but I have my concerns about a Lincoln kid but my tally people are adament of him coming here, but track is also a major factor.

Hester is a honest option. Even without Walker as DC we still are ok with him.

If Holiday and Strong are gone from UF, look for Jenkins to look around but he is EE so he doesn't have much time.

Lawerence from MS is looking for an offer. The kid is a stud and in the allstar game he locked up Julio Jones to only 9 yards. Has work to do in the classroom

George Baker aka "The Truth" is from Miami, alot of the local commits are pushing this kid on Shannon to get an offer. He is extremely fast and at the Miami Camp locked down everyone. He is commited to Auburn but just like Collier, UM is his dream school if we offer he would switch.

PJ can still end up in this class but him and Shannon need to have a heart to heart. Still time"

This class is going to be amazing folks


Super, I'm pulling for PJ, Harris and Bryant to make the move.

Who are Hester, Lewis and Baker???


Aaron Hester, 4 star CB from Cali. UCLA commit, but is seriousley looking at us. If we hire Walker, that will seal the deal

Jeremy Lewis, one of our DT commits

George Baker, CB out of Miami. Dude is fast as hell


Super, who would you prefer for the DC post, Walker or the dude from TCU???

I like TCU and TX but Walker and CA is hard to turn down.


Super, is Shannon tired of PJ's games or his father's antics??

Most of what I've heard from PJ is all Canes, especially recently.


Hopefully Fort, Futch and Harris will put a bug in PJ's ear, as well as a few others from Dade-Broward.

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