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December 30, 2007


Chronic M.H.


Chronic M.H.

The irony of it all!




Nice work Chronic! Are U a Basketball fan?

Chronic M.H.

Love UM Basketball
Like I said before, we had a couple of lapses, especially that 14-0 run.
We need another player who can take it to the paint, besides McClinton.


Chonic MH, did you write that?

Kudos. Nice job.

Chronic M.H.

No I did'nt, but it was a nice piece.


When there is no author's name attached to the article you can just assume that I wrote it. Because I did!


Muy bueno ocho seis.


Nice work 86. (LOVE the nicknames BTW.) Very Chris Bermanesque... we'll have to start calling you Swami instead of Soup.

I am begining to agree with folks from the last post... it IS starting to look like the NFL is fixed... NE was getting all sorts of breaks... the timeout with an expired playclock, and the running clock after a penalty were just two SUPER obvious examples.


Great news guys, Taylor Cook is fully healthy already and will play in the Under Armour Game next Saturday. ESPNU has all the practices starting Tuesday for those that want to check out guys like Aldarius, Buchanan, Spence, Harris, and Cook


looking forward to seeing Taylor Cook. Hopefully he looks better than what Fanuzzi looked last year in the army game.


Super...great news on Cook! Where are you hearing that from? Is that from ESPN?


Patrick Johnson decommits:

"Talked to Patrick Johnson and he is no longer committed to Miami. He has eliminated Miami altogether and is down to Florida, FSU and LSU. LSU has the edge right now and he will decide this weekend. He said he dropped Miami because they pretty much stopped recruiting him after he committed and he felt more love from the other schools"



Well, the kid turned it into a circus. Shannon isn't playing around. I guess everything was just a game, the "PLay for the U or get beat by the U" was a game. Somebody needs to talk to this kid because he just burned alot of bridges


I'm over it, he obviousley pissed off Shannon. We have an amazing recruiting class. One kid defecting isn't going to ruin that. Bring on Aaron Hester, TJ, and Harris. I want guys that want to turn this around as a team, not a kid that turned his recruitment into a "mefest"


well i'm in wait and see with PJ. All the talk has been everywhere. Harris has always been the one I wanted most at CB.


Of course this could just be part of his plan to "shock the world" next Saturday


That would be the best shock to give.


Anything is possible and he could just be giving them "disinformation" to stir it up again. I don't like it, but it doesn't surprise me either.

The Truth will be known next week. I'm in a wait and see mode. To me he is a Cane until he signs the LOI somewhere else.


Super, who's the source??? He was just talking 'ish last week for the U, now all of a sudden he decommits?? Come on...

What did he do to officially pizz off Shannon??? Surely RS has seen all the games and doesn't care.

I, for one, don't see the difference between PJ and BH, or even Jacory after hhis trip to Oregon, or even Streeter, what's the big difference????

Like Soup said, we'll know in a few days....


your right, Shannon isn't going to let any one player get in the way of rebuilding this team. Just one more schollie for someone who wants to play for the U.
PJ is looking for "love" in all the wrong places. Hey, that sounds like the lyrics from a song in Urban Cowboy back in the day.

You said it PJ, "you either play for the U, or get beat by the U".You just missed the train!


Cav...it came from Rivals. I just ain't buying it until he signs somewhere else. I think it's just PJ being PJ. This will all be over sooner than you think.


Yeah, I don't know about PJ! I think this is part of his plan, I don't believe it til we know for sure on signing day. I still think he is a CANE. Anyway, I want that guy Alonzo Lawerence from Mississippi over TJ Bryant, cause I have a feeling TJ is a NOLE because, that is FSU territory. Also, Alonzo shut down Julio Jones the other day in that All-Star game. I like him over TJ Bryant.


My take on next year's QB. I hear people compare Rob Marve and Jacory Harris to Ken Dorsey and I also hear people say that KD was really good because of McGahee, Shockey, Johnson and the line and that is true. But also KD studied a ton of film which helped him alot. I see the same thing w Rob Marve and I'm sure Jacory is the same kind of player (I didn't hear the same from KW or KF and that is the difference). They both appear to be darn good kids. We're going to have a better offensive line and let me tell you before it's all said and done I believe we're going to be talking about O Franklin the same way we talked of McKinney at takle. That great line which Mckinney belonged to had a solid not great right tackle much like we're going to have next year. They also had a great back, we're going to have really good backs not like when Mcgahee was the featured back but more like when we had Davenport, Portis and McGahee. Look at our backfield next year. We Baby J, Coop, Mcneal. I know they're diffent styles of backs but similar. Then the receiving corp is not like A. Johnson and the receivers were elite all year long when we won the title. Same as what we have coming back and coming in (solid receiving corp). Our D will be much improved. I'm not saying we're winning it all next year but we are going to make leaps and bounds compared to this year and we will be well on our way. We're going back to the old ways of MIA Football. Where a guy was not heard from till he became a starter for one season and became an elite college player. So Even if Marve or Jacory win the job next year once that player gets drafted then the next will step in and don't count T. Cook out cause he's the quenticential Mia player. He goes under the radar and then POW! punches you in the mouth and makes you a believer.


As for PJ. Please don't start the bashing and please don't do the "he's scared of competition" posts cause they sound really freakin stupid. Wait and see cause he could be playing a game for the shock factor and if he's not then fine. We move on. The years we got all those great shut down corners and the Ed Reeds I'm pretty sure there were alot of so called better players ahead of them. Hopefully we land Harris and move on.


GNC...I agree about PJ. Now is NOT the time to bash, time to be calm and wait to see what happens. I think he's a Cane too and is just spin doctoring this whole thing again. Time will tell!


PJ is a distraction plain and simple.
USA defensive player of the year but a distraction.
Now his dad is saying he hasn't heard PJ say anything. Man I wish everyone would calm their nutz over this egomaniac.

Shannon- distractions- can't miss players- Louisville.



86, we don't need PJ, most of us are to the point we don't even care if he comes or not.
A few of us hope he takes his antics to another school.


I think we wanted to decommitt the whole time. He gave his pledge way too early. The only reason he never decommitted because it kept him in the spotlight the whole time. Look at all the other top kids who committed, you never really here about them. The kid seems to love the spotlight and attention. I think he goes to LSU.


Kids like Regis, Futch and Wylie are the real true Canes. Got the Miami offer and committed right away. Didn't take a visit or fall for any of the traps. Regis probably didnt get his 4th star from Rivals because he committed so early. The kid is a beast. Plus its not good for Rivals and Scout's business if good players dont play the recruiting game.


Solar...if we get Hogshead, who can play like 5 positions all at the same time, we will not need PJ.

That's the real question: Where is Hogshead going?


Word is GPA was fine it was test scores that are keeping PJ from the U.

No doubt he brought this circus on himself but the kid is a Cane at heart. Gotta respect that, just didn't have the scores.

For some strange reason I don't think this is over yet...... HMMM

Oh well. would have loved him in this class. TJ and BH come on down.



I'm dissapointed in all you guys that still want him around or still hope he signs. Listen, I'm not bashing abybody on here and I'm not bashing PJ at all...but it seems like some of us on here are going back on our words of "one guy doesn't make or break the class" and "I wanted Brandon Harris to begin with".

Fellas...think Lerontae McCray. Shannon wasn't about to take his garbage and yanked his scholly. Once you decommit or show some uncertainty... it's over in Shannon's eyes and he says okay lemme find "MY" guy and someone who's true "U". Take Deonte Thompson for example. He was our guy up until sihning day then he switched commitments. Now he's begging to get out of UF to come here! Shannon said sorry buddy you had your chance. My thing is, if you're not sure that you wanna be here, then don't come here at all and waste your time and UM's time...PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish him the best wherever he ends up...but it's over for him and the U. That's it and may both parties move on. That just means that we got an extra scholly to get another CB.

I wouldn't be shocked if it's Shannon that pulled it himself!



or $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)



I just heard the audio interview w/ PJ on Rivals.com and he made a comment about LSU. They asked him if them being in the title game has anything to do with him having the Tigers in his top 3. He said...

"Yea it matters but what I like most is how they play defense and how they go after the ball. When I get there...I mean if I get there it would be a great fit."


Okay so it was an EXACT quote...so check it for yourself. There a commercial first so just wait for that to finish.



Now for REAL Canes news...

Anybody watching the Redskins-Dallas game? Moss and Portis are tearing it up! Portis just scored on a 20+ yard burst where he broke two tackles and then did a flip into the end zone. True Canes those two!

Too bad ST isn't there to play and see it. RIP ST #26.


Okay so it wasn't an EXACT quote...so check it for yourself. There a commercial first so just wait for that to finish.



Yea I am 86...and I also saw Brandon Meriweather talkin smack last night too!!! LOL...

On another note, KW got snubbed!!!


86,amen to the ST comment.
Is it me or does Portis always look like he loves playing football? He looks like he would play for free


Canez1, no offense but that is a BS excuse from the PJ camp about the grades. If he can get into FSU, LSU, or FU he sure as hell can get into Miami because of the sliding scale.

And if he cares about the Canes so much, he would work his ass off to stay in school and get a higher test grade like Hester did. This dude doesn't care about Miami. It was all just a ploy and Shannon figured it out before Johnson could screw us over. I hope he goes to FSU so we Aldarius can burn his punk *** 3 years straight. Then he can say "You can either play for the U, or get beat by the U, I guess you wanted 3 ass whoopings"


Shannon doesn't seem to upset about losing PJ, I wonder why? Per Shandel:

So long Patrick Johnson

> Posted by Shandel_Richardson at 2:52:44 PM
Well, it's official.

Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson will not be a Hurricane. He eliminated UM from contention and plans to sign with LSU, Florida or Florida State. His decision ends a relationship with UM that began with a shaky commitment and now this.

Johnson said it was a difficult decision, but felt he made the right choice by removing UM. It seems he wanted more attention from the Hurricanes coaching staff and just didn't receive it as he began wavering more and more on his commitment.

"It was basically how they handled things after I committed," Johnson said. "They stopped calling me and wasn't showing me any interest."

Johnson said he called coach Randy Shannon to break the news. He said Shannon simply wished him good luck. Although the Hurricanes have put together a strong recruiting class, losing Johnson is a big blow. He was considered one of the nation's top recruits, and displayed big-time playmaking ability the last two seasons.


Mike - Thanks for the link. I didn't here PJ say he took Miami off his list. Where did rivals get that story? You would've thought they put that tid bit of info on their clip. ???


PJ go where ever you feel the most comfortable, RS is not Coker and he is not going to be played by an 18 year old kid. If PJ doesn't want to be at the U, next kid up!

DallasTX Cane

From last blog re KF:

I don't imagine anyone's paid much attention, why would U??, but the Baylor football program has been in the shytter for many many moons now.

I won't dump on Kirby. What would any of us do?...told by the HC that he has no chance of competing for, much less earning the starting job. IMO, if he'd been given the chance but lost to either Marve or Jacory, KF would have stayed on and helped the team in any way possible. There's nothing in his background to suggest otherwise.

But, given the knowledge that he will not be allowed to compete or given any chance of playing...what would you or I do? I can't blame him for getting out and giving it a chance somewhere else. A person only gets so many opportunities in a life to play Div 1 football...

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | December 30, 2007 at 02:05 PM

All that being said...it's time for a new start, a fresh start, for UM football. Saying farewell to KW and KF had to happen.

Let the New Era begin!


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | December 30, 2007 at 02:07 PM


You're right LatinCane, he never came out and said "Miami is out". I guess Rivals is saying that becasue he only talked about LSU, UF, and the Noles.



Cat-Five Cane


To All.

It has been said a thousand times in the last month... If PJ comes... Great! If he doesn't come... So sorry to see you go but we'll survive.... Next! Will the next millionaire please step-up and get the 6th ring.

People, Please do not give sooo much importance to one player. As good as he is, he is only one spoke in the wheel and the whole wheel is what wins games and it is the Heart (Hub) of the wheel that wins championships. If his heart is not with us, then it is best to leave now and we'll beat him later.


This was a trainwreck ready to happen [aka Willie Williams]

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