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December 09, 2007





Suki Suki now!


Curse you M.H.


Sorry Md- you typed in too many words


Nice recap and statistical comparison. I'm a numbers guy, and those numbers don't lie. We didn't have too many morale victories this year except one... WE BEAT FLORIDA STATE.

One other note on the blog, specifically about the cheerleaders... nah, nevermind, this is a family blog.

Big Moo



The 12% Club is not dead. I figure if we get pass Flordia and VATech next season, the rest of the schedule is in our favor. We should win our half of the ACC hands down; especially with a QB that can stretch the field.


Busy...don't U worry, we have a cheerleader feature coming up that gonna make your head spin!


Great writeup. That was some pretty tough reading.
I now know why you can't trust Davis, he wears a sweater vest just like the suckeye coach.
The silver lining,we beat FSU.


More cheerleaders.....


Solar - LOL how the heck does a man who owns a shirt that says "paddle faster I hear banjo music" get more page views than I do????? j/k Or could this be a ploy with you and 86 to get me to do new pics? LOL!!!! I will work on something worthy of the Canespace Heisman....

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | December 09, 2007 at 09:48 PM


20 picks for our opponents - maybe I should revisit Legends of the Fall and retitle it Legend of Sleepy Hollow ya know, with that headless horseman guy, Kylby Fright....


Is there anyone, available, who can kick-off into the endzone.
86- I did'nt read any stats on field position, but I can imagine.


More pictures of CGNC? That's all I want for Christmas!!!


M.H. my horse can, I am working now on his eligibility - LOL!


The Truth, if Medioker had done his research he would've seen Kyle was an INT machine in bloody HS.

I think U can predict to some degree who will be a real baller and who will fold.

I don't think Team Shannon will have a soft kid on their team once they are "85 strong" as Hurtt calls it....


Canesgirl- does the U have a polo team?


CGNC, I'm almost certain its betting people that go there just to prove to themselves its still up.

I'm trashing the entire page first of the year, I have half the new page(s) worked up and only have to persude 86 to OK it.



86 Great writeup. That was some pretty tough reading. The silver lining,we beat FSU.
Posted by: Hurricanedave | December 09, 2007 at 10:35 PM

Yeah, you don't get this kind of stuff at the MH or the SS now do ya? And they get paid for this stuff!


South Carolina football player Jordin Lindsey has neck slashed in attack


In this cray world football players can be
targets anywhere...


that was about as depressing an article on this years Canes as I have read.
It was great research work by the writer.


Or could this be a ploy with you and 86 to get me to do new pics? LOL!!!!
Posted by: CanesgirlNC | December 09, 2007 at 09:48 PM

CGNC...U never know what type of misguided and diabolical scheme Solar and I may be running.

More cheerleaders.....
Posted by: Cavaleer | December 09, 2007 at 10:38 PM

Patience my friend, patience...


I have always had a secret ambition to do a photo shoot of a Canespace Heisman winner.

You could be like the goodwill ambassador to the Make a Wish Foundation



Can anyone tell me why the Patriots didn't have #21 sticker on the back of their helmets, when the Steelers did? You would think Meriweather and Wilfork would at least have something to say about that sh*t. I noticed the Chiefs, Browns, Vikings, Niners, Seahawks, Broncos, Cowboys, Titans, Packers, Raiders, Texans, Eagles, Bengals, Bears, and Redskins all have the #21 sticker on their helmets. A lot of other teams don't. Why the F*CK don't they have them on their helmets?


CGNC, also you have to consider at least 1,000 of your page looks are PB, he has only visited my page once.


And that hit was a mistake, I had been drinking and was longing for my girl.


What up Solar.


Six...that's a damn good question? I thought it was an NFL thing, not a team by team thing? ST deserves their respect.

On a separate note, Can you email me at host@canespace.com about media credentials?


hey peebster,
you been quiet to long did you see the to youtube clips I posted earlier today?



You can see why they pulled mccray's offer, he was bashing the record, talking about early playing time is important, saying he's not sure, which is all understandable, but at the same time, shannon and company need solid commits. mccray started sounding real shaky and with arthur brown seeming like he may have been wrapped up after the in home visit, no need to bring in mccray anyway.

Just think, by this time next week, we'll know if the recruiting class will start out strong, guys like pj, patchan, brown, fortson and company may all have signed by than, aldarius too, futch i think gets in early as well. the future is bright, and we truly are moving in the right direction 4sho. With a stronger o-line being built up, and with a stronger wide receiver unit, things should be wide open.

Defensively, guys got alot of playing time and that should translate into being a more consistent defense come next year. COngrats to mayweather, who did a great job adjusting, his uncle was in the corner telling him exactly what needed to be done. floyd stayed discipline and came away with a text book knockout.


Great Article 86!

Some stats to think about
Tim Tebow 194
Javaris James 159
Craig Cooper 125

Rushing TDs
Tim Tebow 22
The U 12

I know this is a lil late but I can't help but state that all those TDs Tebow got could've easily went to the a RB. I know he's a badass, I've been in agreement w/that (and it makes me sick) but his stats are helped greatly by his system. I guess I was pretty shocked Run DMC didn't win the heisman. I'm not saying Tebow didn't deserve it, because you won't get far w/that arguement. However, I myself would've gone w/McFadden. Probly because I hate UF.





Old Skool

Solid info on Manny's new blog this morning


Barrow didn't tell McCray not to come to the U. He just told him that if you keep taking visits and saying "I don't know where I'll end up going" then that means you're not committed. Remember we only get the player's side, not the coaches. Shannon has been saying all along that if your still looking than he doesn't consider you committed. McCray was the worst of all the committs about saying he doesn't really know where he wants to go, but he's still committed to the U. Again, it doesn't mean his scholly is pulled, he just needed a lesson on what the committed word means. And don't believe he was told to decommit because he wanted to take visits. Miami coaches have been encouraging all the recruit to take them if they want to.

The Truth

"Shannon has been saying all along that if your still looking than he doesn't consider you committed."

Not true. VERY not true.

He encourages the kids to take every visit they can and to listen to everyone they want to make sure Miami is the place for them.

The Truth

"Again, it doesn't mean his scholly is pulled"

It is pulled. He isn't getting it back either. He won't be playing for Miami and wasn't because of anything he said on a recruiting site.


"It is pulled. He isn't getting it back either".

Does this mean we get Brown?

The Truth

"Does this mean we get Brown?"

That's up to Arthur Brown, but offering him had nothing to do McCray.


Like Calvin said its not long before we know what the first wave of recruits looks like. Hopefully the early signees will include Patchan and Brandon Harris.


Brandon Harris is out of the question as an early sighnee. He wants to run track for Booker T.


Let this be the year that the U finishes strong, on recruiting.
We start out great and than the cracks start appearing.
Other schools like FSU, are notorious, for closing strong, year after year.


thanks for the correction 3-0-cinco. forgot about that.


In order for RS to turn this thing around quickly we need kids who are committed to the cause. Our opening schedule next year is going to be ball busting.


Shannon said that, "if you're (recruit)still looking around, then we (UM) will look around."

I think we'll finish better than anybody (in recruiting) these last couple of months.


I see that KP is moving up to the NFL. I think that it's a good decision for him and his family. He's a sound player, I wouldn't call him a playmaker. I hope CC decides to go as well. I think, again, it is in his best interest. I think the U needs to move on from that dissapointing chapter, many highly overated recruits who drove the program to the ground.


As a senior in 2002, passed for 2,825 yards and 37 touchdowns while completing 61 percent (167 of 282) of his passes, with only four interceptions...Rushed for 313 yards and five touchdowns...As a junior in 2001, completed 183 of 302 (60.6 percent) for 3,100 yards and 29 touchdowns with six interceptions and rushed for eight touchdowns...Named the 2002-03 Gatorade National High School Football Player of the Year

Cav, give it a rest with KW. Get your facts straight. he threw 67tds to 10int in HS.



- Last week, I reported Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris' new-found interest for Oregon and I know it caused a bit of an uproar especially considering Harris is not only the most important recruit in UM's class, but also someone who has been UM all the way since he committed. Some of you ripped him on this blog for it. But personally, I don't see a reason why you would put a high school kid down for saying how he truly felt. Harris took a trip to Oregon and liked it. He has every right to. And the things he said comparing Oregon's facilities and fans to UM's are not off base. I know I've talked about the latter a few times here and how it disgusts me how some UM fans get abusive in the treatment of players. If anything Harris' comments about fans should be taken seriously. Fans should know ripping current players in front of potential recruits simply isn't good for business. Harris, by the way, isn't the only current commitment to tell me he's been bothered by the foul-mouthed criticism of players at games.


Can any of you believe Brock Berlin is drawing a paycheck from the NFL? he actually had a decent game yesterday.


Tyrone, i was waiting for that info to be put out there. I'm a big Kyle Wright fan now that he won't be starting anymore for us. Hopefully he wows people at the combine and in the pro day work outs (I think he will). Never know what can happen if he gets picked up by a team with a coach that knows how to develop QBs.


Manny should know the UM fans are no different than fans at other schools who are losing games. It is a small minority of fans who go overboard and if a recruit is concerning himself with what the fans is saying his azz is weak. If you are getting a scholarship to a division 1 program you need to develop some tough skin regardless if you are 17 or 21. The pay sites kiss the azzes of all these kids to the point where they think they are God.

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