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February 09, 2008



CGNC Week on Canespace starts NOW!




M.H....your persistence is admirable! What's up over at the SS? Anything shaking?


In case U missed it earlier about the new AD:



Hey all - MH - do you ever sleep????? Nice pic of Andre Johnson by the way


I've been in the hospital ,but just got home.. I'm catching-up on everything.
Did RS save a scholly or two?????


2008 Probowl - February 10, 2008 at 4:30 ET on FOX

mike p

aaarrrggghhhh so close


Team Talent. We have some team talent. Unproven. Under performing. Under coached.
We add a very nice class this year and some last year. Should make a difference!

Have to win 2 out of 3 areas of the game.

Our OFF could not beat anyone!
Our DEF seemed out of place and did not really play hard.
S-TEAMS well someone else said it. Gordon as
kick off returner?!

Face it EVERY WINNING TEAM has a good to great QB! And we did not.
Either has to be smart or super athlete. Or combo....Has to have desire to win and compete!
Robert will give us a much better chance if the coaches let him get out there and have fun. Stop coaching to not lose. Start coaching to win and have fun. Sometimes the best teams just go out and have back yard fun. No matter Robert or any other QB is an upgrade from what we had last year. Even if it is just not being mentally beat before you get ont he field.

RB...We have TALENT. We need 1 go to guy
that can break a game open. One that other teams know is a threat to go to the HOUSE every time he touches the ball. Need to hang on the the rock and pick up blitz!!!!
Finally, if YOU RUN OUT OF BOUNDS on your own, YOU ARE BENCHED! Fight of extra yard or cut it back. Great RB's have always made plays when other people assumeed they were going out of bounds. Reggie Bush made a million yards by cut it up at side line or cutting back. EVERY YARD COUNTS. You are a running back. RUN!!!!

WR...Just catch the ball. CATCH it first then try to make play. I think the coaching of HILL and players we have will improve this unit. Again, we need go to guy, a deep threat, and cross the middle star. Other teams did not care WHO we lined up at WR or TE last year.

O Line...The BIG FELLAS need to step up. We can not do anything without them. And we need them to punish people in the 4th QTR!


LACK OF DEPTH! This crosses over to O Line too. Jimmy use to bring in tons of D LINE. TONS. And half ended up on the O LINE. And still had bodies to rotate on the D LINE. Got to keep the fellas fresh! And some of the best O Lineman were D Line with an attitude!!!! Makes mean O line...

I like our team. But, we just did not have a guy that could BLOW UP a play. Need SOMEBODY the other team can on block or fears! DE or LB! Need pass rusher!
I think we will see improvement with changes and new talent. WILFORK just held the middle and let the LB run. Need 1 DT that can make difference!

D-line should improve and have more depth.
Because the D-Line is better, then LB's will be better-regardless of talent. Can not tackle when you are get hit by 300lbs OT. So, as long as OLine can not just get to the 2nd level and LB easy, then they should make more plays.
LB talent...WE have it. NEED HUMAN MISSLE!
Someone that KILLS RB and any TE in the middle. Need HIGHLIGHT guy. Need someone that wants to knock out whoever has the ball. Ray Lewis use to blow up QB, Full Back, Tail Back, TE, WR.....One of the best hits he ever made was 30-40 yards down field on WR that was breaking free...killed him and cause fumble. Guy left game.
NEED that can of EFFORT! Play is never over and you are never out of the play. MAKE A DIFFERENCE or go sit on the bench.

CB....we have speed. need size and tackling!

S... Get in position! BLOW UP SOMEONE! KNOCK SOMEONE OUT in the first game or two and the rest of the year every team will remember that play! WR will think about it!

SPECIAL TEAMS....We have all the talent Randy could want! So, lets use it. Get a threat back there and let try to SCORE every time. Stop running out of bounds. TRY TO TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE! D Hester thinks he is going to score every time. Our guy needs to have the same attitude.

I think we can win Def and ST... 2 out of 3.
OFF is going to have to put up 21+ points!
If they do, then we will win must of those games. I think 9-3!

Need killer attitude. NEED CANES attitude.
Win, Lose, or Draw... LAY THE LUMBER on both sides of the ball. Play all out every play. "if you don't think you can win, then don't throw the first punch!". THROW the FIRST 3 or 4 punches!!!!!!
PROTECT "OUR HOUSE"....New home. CHANCE to be special and start new attitude! You have talent, you have S. FLA heat/humidity, and you have FANS.
we started the 4 fingers @ 4th quarter because we knew we had advantage over all other teams coming to OUR HOUSE!

Some old fundamentals and some new talent!


Took time to write. Want CANES fan to respond.. Sorry for re post if you read already.

Hello All,

Predicting records is fun. But, that is not really the way to go about it. Need to look at all phases of the game.

Randy Shannon can coach. Is he a great head coach? Not sure. I would like to see him get more involved and not just stand there talking into the head set-shaking his head. Ask the player or players what they say or what happened. Or make offensive call or def. adjustment. Don't wait for or count on staff all the time. He needs to put his stamp on team.

Nix....Not sure. Needs to pick some bread and butter plays that the team should be able to excute no matter who is on the other side of the ball. And we need POWER running plays. So, we can beat teams down and watch them die in the 4th qtr under the S FLA heat!!! Everyone knows we could not throw deep or when we did it was a prayer.

Young. Def. for years we have been killed down the middle. VT and Lville lit us up.
Then TE's are OK and VA killed us. And these
are not trick routes. So, we need to either play real deep or blitz. We ALWAYS shift to one side and NEVER blitz. Every team knows what we were bringing. And we need to tackle and have effort. We missed a million tackles. I remember when Reed and ST played in the back... They hurt players on our team because they would BLOW UP the pile or one guy trying to arm tackle. EFFORT. make sure the guy is crushed. Their own team would say, YOU BETTER GET THE GUY DOWN otherwise you are going to get hit too!

NEED ADJUSTMENTS! Each Game. Half time. On the fly. Can not expect to just run the same stuff all game or every week. Need few new plays. Blitz. whatever. I think the idea of taking away what the other team does best would be a start.....

More coming....


Good morning Legions!


Great Lamar "The Truth" Miller article:


He just needs to get his grades up. Other then that, this kid is gonna be a Cane

Cat Five

Damn, that list of players brings back old memories of some great plays...McGahee, Portis, Reed, Lewis, Taylor, Dorsey, and on and on.

Can you print the list of the fab 50? Was looking for Santana Moss,... I just loved that guy! I remember finding a green 7' banner, that read "Moss for Heisman", in the front seats after one of the games. Went down to the buses and got the most of the team to sign off on it, then and there... To this day it is one of my favorite treasures.



Does anyone know if M. Odoms signed the Track Scholi? I have not seen it anywhere..


CatFive - Santana didn't make it this year. I will get the names of the Fab 50 in the NFL - Ohio State is right behind us with 48 I think


NFL Players from The U

Baraka Atkins Defensive End Seattle Seahawks
Jon Beason Linebacker Carolina Panthers
Brock Berlin Quarterback St. Louis Rams
Kareem Brown Defensive Tackle New York Jets
Phillip Buchanon Cornerback Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Rashad Butler Offensive Tackle Houston Texans
Vernon Carey Offensive Tackle Miami Dolphins
Najeh Davenport Running Back Pittsburgh Steelers
Tanard Davis Wide Receiver Philadelphia Eagles
Ken Dorsey Quarterback Cleveland Browns
Kevin Everett Tight End Buffalo Bills
Jeff Feagles Punter New York Giants
Bubba Franks Tight End Green Bay Packers
Frank Gore Running Back San Francisco 49ers
Orien Harris Defensive Lineman New Orleans Saints
Devin Hester Wide Receiver Chicago Bears
Quadtrine Hill Running Back Chicago Bears
Edgerrin James Running Back Arizona Cardinals
Kelly Jennings Cornerback Seattle Seahawks
Andre Johnson Wide Receiver Houston Texans
William Joseph Defensive Tackle New York Giants
Ray Lewis Linebacker Baltimore Ravens
Damione Lewis Defensive Tackle Carolina Panthers
Darrell McClover Linebacker Chicago Bears
Jerome McDougle Defensive End Philadelphia Eagles
Willis McGahee Running Back Baltimore Ravens
Rocky McIntosh Linebacker Washington Redskins
Bryant McKinnie Offensive Tackle Minnesota Vikings
Brandon Meriweather Safety New England Patriots
Dan Morgan Linebacker Carolina Panthers
Sinorice Moss Wide Receiver New York Giants
Santana Moss Wide Receiver Washington Redskins
Chris Myers Center Denver Broncos
Greg Olsen Tight End Chicago Bears
Roscoe Parrish Wide Receiver Buffalo Bills
Clinton Portis Running Back Washington Redskins
Ed Reed Safety Baltimore Ravens
Antrel Rolle Cornerback Arizona Cardinals
Brett Romberg Center St. Louis Rams
Warren Sapp Defensive Tackle Oakland Raiders
Jeremy Shockey Tight End New York Giants
Vinny Testaverde Quarterback Carolina Panthers
Santonio Thomas Defensive Lineman New England Patriots
Jonathan Vilma Linebacker New York Jets
Reggie Wayne Wide Receiver Indianapolis Colts
Nate Webster Linebacker Denver Broncos
Vince Wilfork Defensive Tackle New England Patriots
Leon Williams Linebacker Cleveland Browns
D.J. Williams Linebacker Denver Broncos
Kellen Winslow Tight End Cleveland Browns
Eric Winston Offensive Tackle Houston Texans

Cat Five

LA... Per your quote:
"EFFORT! The Play is never over and you are never out of the play. MAKE A DIFFERENCE or go sit on the bench."

Should be in quotes over the new tunnel doors...


Cat Five - Santana made the Pro Bowl in 2005

Cat Five

What a list... thanks for the post!


U R Welcome! We've gotta keep them coming - can't let the bucknuts catch up to us!

Cat Five

I have no doubt that by the end of 2010/11 we will explode with a new crop (10/15)entering the NFL and then Pro Bowling with heavy participation... The legacy will continue


David Fox, Rivals.com Staff Writer: Miami
Miami didn't have a winning season nor the Orange Bowl mystique to sell to the class of 2008, but Randy Shannon and the Hurricanes ended National Signing Day with the nation's No. 4 class. It's the best class in Coral Gables since 2004 (a class headlined by disappointments like Lance Leggett and Willie Williams).

When Miami was struggling, other programs picked off players from Miami-Dade's rich talent base. Not this year. In building this class, the Hurricanes reconnected with "The State of Miami" recruiting plan that put them in the national elite in the 1980s. Miami signed 23 in-state players, 13 from Dade County alone. Shannon built a wall around south Florida, signing more Miami-Dade recruits in this class than the past three combined. He also kept Florida, Florida State, USF, Rutgers and Pittsburgh out; those schools signed a combined two recruits from the Miami area. Mythical national high school champion Miami Northwestern turned into a feeder school for UM. Shannon and linebacker coach Micheal Barrow signed eight players from Northwestern, including one five-star and six four-star recruits.

Miami has had a tough time on the field of late, but Shannon proved his head coaching mettle on the recruiting trail this season. Under less-than-ideal circumstances, Miami appears to be building the foundation to return to its glory days.


Lamar "The Truth" Miller

Does the kid really run a 4.32
@ 5-10 197lbs???

Does he have hands?
Does he block?

Who has seen the kid play?



Futch is moving to TE, that is interesting


A glimpse into the ACC's gridiron future

Caulton Tudor, Staff Writer
The opener against Southern California will put the Cavaliers in the spotlight and probably in the headlights. A trip to Connecticut and a home game against East Carolina certainly do not compute to gimme victories.


The Terrapins will face Delaware, California and Eastern Michigan in College Park, and only Middle Tennessee on the road. With any sort of reasonable execution, 4-0 outside the league should be there for the taking.


Not only do the Blue Devils have to face both Clemson and Virginia Tech, they have to do it late in the season, back-to-back and on the road. David Cutcliffe cut his teeth on merciless SEC schedules, but consecutive trips to Clemson, S.C., and Blacksburg, Va., hardly equate to a warm welcome.


Randy Shannon's second team dodges Clemson and will get a 10-day rest before facing Virginia Tech in Miami on Thursday night. The Hurricanes' only road game in conference before November will be at Duke.


1. CLEMSON AT WAKE FOREST, OCT. 9: The Thursday night ESPN game in Winston-Salem will mark Clemson's first true road trip of the season and should go far in determining the Atlantic Division champion.

2. VIRGINIA TECH AT MIAMI, NOV. 13: Another Thursday night ESPN game, one that will demand the Hokies' undivided attention. Miami has slipped far and fast, but the home crowd should be itching for a statement game in the Coastal Division.

3. WAKE FOREST AT FLORIDA STATE, SEPT. 20: After two straight losses in the series, the Seminoles and their fans have had about enough of this Deacon nonsense. Question is, can they do anything about it?

4. N.C. STATE AT NORTH CAROLINA, NOV. 22: Odds are, there will not be any championship implications on the line, but one or both teams could go in with late-season bowl aspirations.

5. GEORGIA TECH AT BOSTON COLLEGE, SEPT. 6: It's one of the earliest conference games on the collective schedule and should provide the first true glimpse of the Eagles in the post-Matt Ryan era.


1. CLEMSON VS. ALABAMA, AUG. 30, ATLANTA: Half the South will be there. Take out a home equity loan if you're looking for four.

2. NOTRE DAME AT UNC, OCT. 11: So what if the Irish aren't what they used to be? No one will be talking basketball that day. Well, almost no one.

3. VIRGINIA TECH VS. ECU, AUG. 30, CHARLOTTE: The Meineke Car Care Bowl should be so lucky.

4. N.C. STATE AT SOUTH CAROLINA, AUG. 28: It falls on what is almost certain to be a humid, miserable Thursday night, but thousands of Wolfpack fans will still want to score a seat.

5. ECU AT N.C. STATE, SEPT. 20: With all the seats long gone, the television audience should be huge. Assuming, of course, there is TV coverage.


And what do we have here? Why, it's the Dr Pepper ACC championship game, Saturday, Dec. 6 on ABC from Tampa, Fla.

Final score -- Tigers 30, Hokies 27. In double overtime.



1. Clemson

2. Florida State

3. Wake Forest

4. Maryland

5. N.C. State

6. Boston College


1. Virginia Tech

2. Miami

3. Virginia

4. North Carolina

5. Georgia Tech

6. Duke

Top 4 overall

1. Clemson

2. Virginia Tech

3. Florida State

4. Wake Forest

All rights reserved


Where did you here that about Futch?


On the front page of rivals


"The State of Miami"


Lets start the new house rockin!
From the time they fire up the smoke machine & until mother nature brings on the heat-humidity in the 4th QTR!


Lamar "The Truth" Miller

Does the kid really run a 4.32
@ 5-10 197lbs???

Does he have hands?
Does he block?

Who has seen the kid play?


Posted by: LA | February 09, 2008 at 11:21 AM

Watching his tape, kid is just explosive man. His speed is ridiculous. And he is very tough for a speed back. He will be a 5 star next year. And a Cane


ACC Rankings

Rank School Commits Conf. Points

3. Miami (Fl) 33 ACC 4579

5. Florida State 31 ACC 3995

11. Clemson 26 ACC 3742

20. Virginia Tech 31 ACC 3095

22. Boston College 29 ACC 2783

29. North Carolina State 25 ACC 2535

30. North Carolina 18 ACC 2437

38. Georgia Tech 20 ACC 2202

53. Maryland 18 ACC 1790

62. Virginia 18 ACC 1429

65. Wake Forest 17 ACC 1353

70. Duke 17 ACC 1262


That is pretty interesting...Hopefully he does well....


ACC had 5 of the top 25 rec ruiting classes.


Futch? Does he have hands?
6' 3" 202 runs 4.56.

Needs to be about 15-20 more lbs.
Right? And keep the speed.


Lamar "The Truth" Miller

Does the kid really run a 4.32
@ 5-10 197lbs???

LA...YES it is the TRUTH: 4.32! Both Manny and Rudy have confirmed this and think he is the real deal.


in the article...he said he got his speed down to 4.4.....


Are those puffys gone.. Good the only thing I like was that they rhymed with .....

What a list!! This is what kids see, the future and a chance to come to the "U" and follow the steps of the generation before them...


More interesting recruiting facts:

Ohio State and the Sweater Vest? #8
ASU and Denny Erickson? #17
Auburn Tigers and Tommy T? #18
Illinois and the Zooker? #19
Pitt and The Mustach? #25
Rutgers and Schiano? #44

USF? #47
UCF? #66
FIU? #99
FAU? #113


I am all for Futch switching!
That is old CANES way.
Take LB and make him an ALL WORLD TE!
We need TE that is not affraid of contact
and that can lay a block!

Futch...Dude man up and think about it!
How many TE get drafted each year?
And they make mint!

Allen Bailey...Same thing. You can be a First Rd draft pick at DE! Make millions!
Can you guy imagine him laying those big hands on OT and bull rushing him!!!!!!!!!
Bring it BIG FELLA! You have a chance to be one of the GREAT DE at the U!

Love the talent. Love the switches to get playmakers at EVERY position!


Play and not to forget the 8 former Canes playing in Hawaii tomorrow and last year we had 7!


Here are the Miami first-round draft selections since the Canes first National Championship in 1983:

Player-Position Year No. Team
Brandon Meriweather 2007 24 New England
Jon Beason 2007 25 Carolina
Greg Olsen 2007 31 Chicago
Jennings, Kelly-CB 2006 31 Seattle
Rolle, Antrel-CB 2005 8 Arizona
Taylor, Sean-FS 2004 5 Washington
Winslow, Kellen-TE 2004 6 Cleveland
Vilma, Jonathan 2004 12 N.Y. Jets
Williams, D.J.-LB 2004 17 Denver
Carey, Vernon-OL 2004 19 Miami
Wilfork, Vince-DT 2004 21 New England
Johnson, Andre-WR 2003 3 Houston Texans
McDougle, Jerome-DL 2003 15 Philadelphia
McGahee, Willis-RB 2003 23 Buffalo
Joseph, William-DT 2003 25 N.Y. Giants
McKinnie, Bryant-OL 2002 7 Minnesota
Shockey, Jeremy-TE 2002 14 N.Y. Giants
Buchanon, Phillip-CB 2002 17 Oakland
Reed, Edward-S 2002 24 Baltimore
Rumph, Mike-CB 2002 27 San Francisco
Morgan, Dan-LB 2001 11 Carolina
Lewis, Damione-DT 2001 12 St. Louis Rams
Moss, Santana-WR 2001 16 New York
Wayne, Reggie-WR 2001 30 Indianapolis
Franks, Bubba-TE 2000 14 Green Bay
James, Edgerrin-RB 1999 4 Indianapolis
Starks, Duane-CB 1998 10 Baltimore
Green, Yatil-WR 1997 15 Miami
Lang, Kenard-DE 1997 17 Washington
Holmes, Kenny-DE 1997 18 Tennessee
Lewis, Ray-LB 1996 26 Baltimore
Sapp, Warren-DT 1995 12 Tampa Bay
Searcy, Leon-OL 1992 11 Pittsburgh
Williams, Darryl-DB 1992 28 Cincinnati
Maryland, Russell-DT 1991 1 Dallas
Hill, Randal-WR 1991 23 Miami
Kennedy, Cortez-DT 1990 3 Seattle
Hawkins, Bill-DE 1989 21 L.A. Rams
Gary, Cleveland-RB 1989 26 L.A. Rams
Walsh, Steve-QB 1989 1* Dallas
Blades, Bennie-DB 1988 3 Detroit
Irvin, Michael-WR 1988 11 Dallas
Testaverde, Vinny-QB 1987 1 Tampa Bay
Highsmith, Alonzo-RB 1987 3 Houston
Brown, Jerome-DT 1987 9 Philadelphia
Brown, Eddie-WR 1985 13 Cincinnati
Kosar, Bernie-QB 1984 1* Cleveland
Kelly, Jim-QB 1983 14 Buffalo

Cat Five

Randy is getting the accolades but the recruiting kudos should go to Jorden Futch... Give a round of applause to our man Futch, for all of unselfish hours on the phones, nights and weekends, to all of the Florida guys in helping them decide to come to the U.
From what I have read... he is the unsung hero behind curtain, starting back to the summer of 07, whispering into J Harris's ear and others.

To Futch, our ace recruiter!

Maybe by switching him to TE, Randy can better put him on the field sooner, as I'm sure Randy knows what he has done for the U!


This year's class includes four U.S. Army All-Americans, three Parade All-Americans and Florida's Mr. Football (for the second straight year).

2008 University of Miami Hurricanes Football Signees
Name Position Ht. Wt. Hometown High School/Prep School/Junior College

Travis Benjamin WR 5-11 160 Belle Glades, Fla. Glades Central HS

Arthur Brown* LB 6-1 210 Wichita, Kan. Wichita East HS

Ramon Buchanan LB 6-1 181 Melbourne, Fla. Palm Bay HS

Laron Byrd WR 6-3 205 Boutte, La. Hahnville HS

John Calhoun* FB 6-2 233 Micco, Fla. Sebastian River HS

Theron Collier WR 5-9 163 Miami, Fla. Booker T. Washington HS

Taylor Cook QB 6-7 230 Eagle Lake, Texas Rice Consolidated HS

Marcus Forston* DT 6-2 286 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Jordan Futch LB 6-3 202 Hollywood, Fla. Chaminade Madonna College Prep

Gavin Hardin LB 6-4 240 Jackson, Tenn. Central-Merry HS

Antonio Harper LB 6-3 220 Memphis, Tenn. Melrose HS

Brandon Harris CB 5-11 185 Miami. Fla. Booker T. Washington HS

Jacory Harris* QB 6-4 170 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Patrick Hill#* FB 5-10 248 Torrance, Calif. Fairfax HS (Calif.) / El Camino C.C.

C.J. Holton S 6-2 195 Crawfordville, Fla. Wakulla HS

Aldarius Johnson* WR 6-2 200 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Davon Johnson WR 5-11 170 Miami, Fla. Booker T. Washington HS

Ben Jones OT 6-5 280 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Zach Kane FB/LB 6-3 220 Toms River, N.J. Toms River North HS

Jeremy Lewis DT 6-3 295 West Palm Beach, Fla. Palm Beach Lakes HS

Brandon Marti LB 6-0 196 Miami, Fla. Gulliver Prep

C.J. Odom S 6-0 210 Fort Myers, Fla. Fort Myers HS

Micanor Regis DT 6-3 300 Pahokee, Fla. Pahokee HS

Marcus Robinson LB 6-2 210 Homestead, Fla. Homestead HS

Andrew Smith DE 6-3 240 Coconut Creek, Fla. Monarch HS

Cannon Smith* QB 5-11 200 Chatham Va. Olive Branch (Miss.) HS / Hargrave Military Academy

Sean Spence* LB 6-0 186 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Tommy Streeter WR 6-4 190 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Vaughn Telemaque S 6-2 190 Long Beach, Calif. Long Beach Poly HS

Kendall Thompkins WR 5-10 165 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Brandon Washington G 6-4 315 Miami, Fla. Northwestern HS

Jake Wieclaw* PK 6-2 180 New Lenox, Ill. Lincoln Way Central HS

Joe Wylie S 6-2 172 Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. Boyd Anderson

*Enrolled at UM for the spring 2008 semester
# Junior-college transfer

Geographic Breakdown
Florida: 23, California: 2, Tennessee: 2, Illinois: 1, Kansas: 1, Louisiana - 1, New Jersey: 1, Texas: 1, Virginia: 1.

Position Breakdown
LB - 8, WR - 7, S - 4, QB - 3, FB - 3, DT - 3, OT - 1, G- 1, DE - 1, CB - 1, PK - 1


Nice to see Q Hill on the list with the Bears...what a gamer that guy was.

Re puffys: I know this sounds a bit weird, but try vanilla wafers dunked into Diet Coke. I swear they're pretty good.


UM Track news:

Making an impressive debut this season was freshman Demarcus Vandyke who finished six with a time of 6.88 in the 60-meter dash. "I am very pleased that Demarcus was able to come out and run," said head coach Mike Ward. "That is the first time in two years that we have ran under seven seconds."


Didn't we have 6 first round picks one year - I think it was 2001 or 2002?


Soup / anyone: who is Andrew Smith?? Info please!!

I like Byrd's size at WR...him and Aldarious form a nice pair of big, fast, athletic SEs. Throw in a quick little route-runner and we'll have a nice corps at WR..

or...go with Streeter and our starting three would have some nice size across the board.


Never mind it was 2004, answered my own question...LOL


Lamar "The Truth" Miller

Does the kid really run a 4.32
@ 5-10 197lbs???

LA...YES it is the TRUTH: 4.32! Both Manny and Rudy have confirmed this and think he is the real deal.

Posted by: SOUP | February 09, 2008 at 11:33 AM

"Miller received visits from Miami's Randy Shannon, Florida's Urban Meyer, Southern Cal's Pete Carroll, Alabama's Nick Saban, Florida State's Bobby Bowden and the coaches and staffs from 10 other schools."

At least Rudy can't say we arn't showing him love like Brandon Harris....

Sorry, couldn't resist


Since 1984, Miami has produced more NFL first-round draft picks than any other college. In fact, Miami has had at least one player drafted in the first round in the last 12 NFL drafts, the longest streak in NFL history.

Also, in 2004, the Hurricanes set another NFL record for draft picks when six Miami players were selected in the first round
(Sean Taylor, Kellen Winslow, Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams, Vernon Carey and Vince Wilfork). In 2003, Miami had four players (Andre Johnson, Jerome McDougle, Willis McGahee and William Joseph) drafted in the first round. In 2002, UM had five players selected in the first round.

Miami had four first-round picks in 2001, and three firstround picks in 1987 and 1991, with UM defensive lineman Russell Maryland being selected as the No. 1 overall pick in 1991 and UM quarterback Vinny Testaverde taken as the No. 1 pick in 1987.

During the last 23 years, National Football League teams have turned to the University of Miami more than any other college or university when it comes to premium picks
in the annual draft.


Soup / anyone: who is Andrew Smith?? Info please!!

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | February 09, 2008 at 12:23 PM

DE out of Monarch HS. Quick kid, and has alot of upside. Wasn't ranked that high, but is a big sleeper. Larry Bluestein lovest he kid IIRC

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