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March 21, 2008



Imagine that...


So what are the keys to beating TX???

TLuv, OGV, Solar, CoCane....what's the 411??


Imagine that...

Mcginns Ale

theres just one golden ticket--Ask wonka its name is jack!!!!


Any Cane fan who is round ball crazy who wants to write a feature for Canespace during the tourney (JC, TLUV, Este, 1906 etc.) please let me know!


energy (hustle, scrap, play D)
defense (stop DJ Augustine from penetrating)
defensive rebounding (one shot a possession for TX)

If we get these keys..everything else will hustle & flow.

Mcginns Ale

Cav--I am on not kidding, if he is on we can play wiyh anybody.


A little more analysis please...lol

What are TX's strengths, weaknesses and how can we maximize and minimize???

Mcginns Ale

Cav--I am not kidding,If he is on we can play with anybody.(sorry about the first post cooking wings while writing it.)

Mcginns Ale

Well I think the pressure was on the canes
to win the first one.I think the pressure is now on texas.I believe we get off to a better start next time.


Cav..come on man, what do U think we are getting paid here? U do the research and post a blog here! Work for living DUDE!


Mcginns...can I get an ale over here?



What is TX goin to do to try to stop of minimize J-Mac and Collins??

Who will we need to stop?







Whoohoo!!! I placed! Does this mean I qualify?


SOUP, lol, I know we have at least three regulars who have watched enough BBall to give us the skinny??

Zakk, OGV, TLuv, Esteban and someone else I'm forgetting.

I, OTOH, haven't see a game this whole season.

So bear with me. ;)

Mcginns Ale

Soup--I put an Irish hooker on your tab. Its starting to get up there, but I think you are good for it.Betty ford is for quitters.


I'll write a Sweet 16 feature if we get there, but not an end of season feature.

And I'm hardly round ball crazy. I'm football before all else. I'm just one of the 'crazy' ones who would rather watch games that matter in other sports rather than stress about practices and off season BS. Football ended for me after signing day until August practices leading up to an actual game.

Baseball still on tonight too! I'm down in the MIA next weekend but they're out of town. I'll catch them at the end of April though.


Mcginns...being part Irish myself, I know several Irish Hookers.

However, any additional drinks or girls is much appreciated, if U know what I mean.


Texas is up 30. 66-36. 8:30 to go still.

Mcginns Ale

Yea, I know your type. your tab limit is $100
still trying too collect on cat 5's dirty


Jorts- Top 25 baby!!!

Mcginns Ale

Speaking of cat 5.I have a minor mice problem out back. (I wonder if he would be interested in working off his tab)


How to beat Texas...Randall Hill!!

True Cane

Where is Randall Hill when you need him. Let's hope we can beat Texas Go canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cav, their weapons are Guards DJ Augustine and EJ Abrams. I believe that their frontcourt is stronger (on the boards) than ours, but they're not dominant. If Hicks, Graham, King and Collins bang with them...they can be neutralized or cancelled out. Their backcourt is the strength of the team. We must stop them from penetrating the lane; we should play zone unless they start shooting the lights out. I'd rather they shoot CONTESTED 3's then for them to penetrate the lanes and create for others. We need to ATTACK them on offense and make them play defense (no quick shots or taking your man one on one...swing the ball and penetrate! The harder we make them work defending us, will take away from their offensive prowess when they get the ball. Make them worry about stopping us instead of the other way around. For this to happen...Jack has to have a great start coming off of screens and nailing jumpers. He can't wait until the second half.


Big upset San Diego 70 Connecticut 69


sam shields is the next randall hill now that he has marve at qb.

and zakkee, i think we need graham to stay out of foul trouble cause he's the only banger we got. king is all finesse and collins becomes finesse against physical guys too often.


Man I don't know if anyone saw that coming. Another UConn choke job. I really felt San Diego only won the WCC by virtue of hosting their tournament. Should have had WKU going to the Sweet 16. At least I had them in the second round. That'll be the lowest seed in the Sweet 16 for sure.


I agree Esteban, its on Haith to get the most out of Collins and King. A good coach maximizes the potential of his players...especially in situations like these (NCAA tournament). I don't *want to* believe that these kids (Collins and King) are so set in their ways that they cannot be counted on to bang the boards and man up under these circumstances. I think/hope Haith can convince them to leave it all on the court.

Cat Five

1) WHAT DIRTY HIPPY??? ... I swear , when i left her, she smelt like Irish Spring in the morning... Promise!

Mice,... puff ff...Call me when they get to Rat Size,... At my age, I'm saving my energy. but go ahead a give Soup a tall one on me... I'll start a dart tab, but that's OK, U can pay me later.

OHHH, It's hard to be humble, when you're Perfect in soooo many waysssss...!

Still five'n in the 5


Hoorah! Lets Go Canes! On Sunday, we dine against the hicks of the south!


Texas already talking smack



I guess they forget about the beatdown of epic porportions that they recieved after talking smack in the 91 cotton bowl:

Hurricanes wreak havoc in Cotton

Texas can't handle Miami assault, 46-3


By DAVID McNABB / The Dallas Morning News

Texas' "Shock the Nation Tour" ended Tuesday afternoon with the Longhorns left in shock.

Miami's 46-3 mauling of Texas actually began before the 55th annual Mobil Cotton Bowl started. The Hurricanes yelled at the Longhorns while they were in their locker room and taunted Texas at midfield when they ran onto the field. They injured Texas returner Chris Samuels on the opening kickoff. They converted a first-and-40 on their first possession on three passes. They held Texas to minus-four yards total offense in the first quarter.

Texas didn't get a first down or cross midfield until five minutes were gone in the second quarter. It got worse in the second half when three Texas turnovers led to three Miami touchdowns.

SBC Cotton Bowl Classic
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And for the 70,000 or so of the original sellout crowd of 73,521 who didn't hang around until the end – no, Texas never did get a touchdown.

Miami senior quarterback Craig Erickson picked apart Texas' secondary with a bowl record four touchdown passes while completing 17-of-26 with no interceptions. The Hurricanes' defense shut down Texas with nine sacks, three interceptions and caused two fumbles.

Miami even out-weathered the Longhorns in 38-degree temperature with a chill factor which dropped below freezing. Many of Texas' players wore jackets on the sideline. None from Miami did.

The fourth-ranked Hurricanes also left the third-ranked Longhorns completely out in the cold as far as any title hopes are concerned. Miami made its case for repeating as national champion in the most lopsided Cotton Bowl margin ever.

"If they aren't the best, then I don't want to play the best," Texas coach David McWilliams said. "I think Miami is better than (No. 1 Colorado which gave Texas its only other loss). Miami is better throwing the football, along with their running game. I also think their defense is quicker."

The Hurricanes (10-2) set a school and Cotton Bowl record for post-season points scored and overcame a bowl record for penalties (16 for 202 yards).

John F. Rhodes / DMN
Russell Maryland and the Miami defense made things miserable for Texas all afternoon.

"We were on a mission," Miami coach Dennis Erickson said. "We wanted to regain the respect of everyone. I felt the key was being able to gain an early lead. Our ability to control the line on both sides was another key."

Texas (10-2) had hoped to challenge for a national title after winning its first Southwest Conference championship since 1983. The Longhorns proclaimed their season the "Shock the Nation Tour' after beating Penn State in the season-opener and defeating nationally ranked opponents Oklahoma and Houston during the season. They also had won their last nine games.

"They took us out our game with their playing and their talking," Texas cornerback Grady Cavness said. "(Receivers) Wes Carroll and Randal Hill ran through our best. They said we'll give ya'll the penalties and still beat you."

Texas stayed close only because Miami hampered its own progress with penalties – mostly late hits or unsportsmanlike-conduct calls. After receiving their first punt, the Hurricanes pushed a Texas player out of bounds and were penalized 15 yards. Then they were backed up 15 more for complaining about the call on the sideline.

A first-and-40 on their own 19-yard line was turned into a 28-yard field goal after Miami completed three passes to make the first down.

Texas never advanced past its 23-yard line in the first quarter. The Longhorns started drives on their 14, three and 20. They lost yards or had no gain on six of their first 11 plays.

Outland Trophy winner and Hurricanes defensive tackle Russell Maryland set up Miami's first touchdown after causing a fumble while sacking Texas quarterback Peter Gardere. It was recovered at Texas' nine-yard line.

After two penalties made it first-and-10 at the 12, Carroll scored after catching a short pass and juking past Texas safety Todd Ringo into the end zone to give Miami a 12-0 lead.

"I think our first drive when we were first-and-40 and got a field goal showed them that when we are on a roll, nobody can stop us," Carroll said.

Texas certainly never stopped Carroll – despite trying four different defenders. The second-team All-America caught eight passes for 135 yards and two touchdowns. Miami had touchdown passes of 12 and 24 yards to Carroll, 48 yards to Hill and four yards to tight end Randy Bethel.

The Longhorns' defense also was hampered by their offense giving up five turnovers -- including an interception returned 34 yards for a score by Miami linebacker Darrin Smith.

"We may be in Texas, but no one is going to run over the Hurricanes," said Maryland, who was voted the most outstanding defensive player because of his three sacks for 28 yards in losses. "We had not gotten the respect we deserved. We're a group that hasn't lost a home game, and I've won every bowl game we played."

Texas gave up nine sacks in its worst loss of the season. The Longhorns' best chance to stay with Miami came late in the first half when they failed to score on a fourth-and-goal at the three-yard line. Receiver Kerry Cash was forced out of bounds at the beginning of his route on perfect coverage by Miami cornerback Robert Bailey.

"You at least like to come out saying you could have won if this had happened or that had happened," McWilliams said. "But that's not really true today."

Fvck them!


SI.com's reason for why would lose to St. Mary's:

"McClinton shoots Canes into early elimination."

Screw the media


canez1, i still get all of your e-mails so i'm not sure what's happening. but continued thanks for always including me.

man, this good friday business is always such a downer for me.



Finally some love for Jack, McClutch:

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Texas guard D.J. Augustin might have a 15-year NBA career ahead of him. He might be the best guard in the nation. He might be the best guard to come along in years. Yet on a bright afternoon in a half-empty Alltel Arena a man named Jack McClinton stole the show from right under Augustin's feet.

It's improbable that McClinton's team, the Miami Hurricanes, will develop into a glorious Final Four tale of the seventh-seeded underdog. Their road there is filled with too many obstacles and the Miami program is still too infertile to produce a fanatical run.

Yet if they can, if McClinton can become McClutch, America will be introduced to a player who could be the near equal of other great guards in the nation, including super-talents like Augustin.

Of course, McClinton isn't totally unknown. After all, he made first team All-ACC. Hard-core hoop heads know his name. Yet ask the casual fan about him and they might think you mean Jack Bauer or Bill Clinton.

In the first game of this sub-regional, McClinton brutalized the St. Mary's Gaels, leading the Hurricanes to a 78-64 win. He just beat them to a bloody pulp, scoring 32 points in the second half. The Gaels had no answer for his speed or outside shooting ability. Then again, few teams do.

McClinton was 12-of-19 shooting and hit half of his six 3-point attempts for 38 points. He made all 11 free throws.

"Throughout the whole game they were playing me for my shots," McClinton explained. "I was being covered. The second half I was trying to be more aggressive, trying to drive the ball. And once I was able to get a couple of drives, the defense was kind of on their heels which opened me up for my shot."

He was asked if this was the best game of his career, which is sort of like asking Donald Trump if he likes money. You know the answer as the question rolls off the lips.

"I don't know," McClinton laughed. "What do you think?"

Ah, yeah. I'd say yes. Absolutely. Si. Da. Did I mention, yes?

This sub-regional is stuffed with great guards. For example, if you wonder why so many bloviate and slurp when Augustin's name is mentioned, you saw flashes why in his game against Austin Peay. It was a game not filled with massive points but featured great defense, steals, gorgeous assists and stern generalship.

Augustin is built like Tim Tebow but moves like Steve Nash. He is an incredible distributor and is reminiscent of a more athletic Chris Paul or even Nash in some ways (except Augustin plays defense). Augustin was constantly pointing and synchronizing, moving teammates around like chess pieces against the Governors.

The few times Austin Peay would try to apply full-court pressure -- huge mistake -- Augustin would either dribble through it or get fouled.


any news on practice today?


Ooops, forgot the rest of the article:

Indeed, the Texas guards gave Austin Peay fits. They're all pesky and fast and on defense always had a hand in the face of the Austin Peay shooters. A.J. Abrams isn't exactly a scrub, either. He had a big game.

Texas jumped to a 17-3 lead and the game was already over; dead Peay's walking. The Longhorns were up by 30 late.

Augustin had a relatively quiet contest (by Augustin standards) probably because he didn't need to explode since Austin Peay was so drastically overmatched. The game was like a light walk on a treadmill for the Longhorns.

When Miami plays Texas on Sunday it will be Miami coach Frank Haith against his old boss, Texas coach Rick Barnes.

That's interesting but this is fascinating: We get to see Augustin against McClinton.

It could be the sexiest face off of the tournament so far. "

It is about time Jack got some love


is it just my computer or is the ITU website gone?


We are did a lot better, in the ball handling dept. Hurdle didn't let the full court press, bother him.
And our big men wore them down. If we were just more consistent....


McClinton shines again
> Posted by Shandel_Richardson at 5:02:01 PM

Once again, Jack McClinton comes up big for the Hurricanes. This time, it was scoring 32 of his 38 points in the second half. It never gets old watching this guy come to life when it seems he's dead. He looked headed toward another poor shooting game before arriving in the second half. McClinton scored from just about everywhere on the court. Jumpers. Free throws. Drives. He did it all.

What's most impressive is how he's able to be hot and cold almost simultaneously. I know you guys have tried to come up with several clever nicknames for him. Most of them are a play off the MC in his last name. If that's the case, I nominate McDLT. He keeps the hot side hot and cold side cool. For those of you who forgot about this breakthrough sandwich, just click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHHmUPxNpR4&feature=related

A few more thoughts:

-No one on the team plays with more heart than Jimmy Graham. Every team needs someone like him, and the Hurricanes are lucky to have him. He's proof that a Liger isn't fictional.

-Not many will notice it, but check out the sequence Lance Hurdle had early in the second half. With UM on the verge of breaking it open, Hurdle missed an easy layup that would've made it a 10-point game. After Saint Mary's scores to cut it to 6, Hurdle comes down and hits a three on the next possession. Huge shot. If he misses, who knows what happens.

-Nice to see coach Frank Haith take a late time out so Jonathan Stratton and Landon Glover could get in the game. These guys work just as hard and deserve it, even though Glover was responsible getting the other players sick last week. He had the cold first.

-Still waiting for Dwayne Collins to come around. The Hurricanes are going to need all the help they can get against Texas on Sunday. The Longhorns are good. Really good. You should've seen Austin Peay when it was in the lockeroom on its way to court. Think of the scene in the movie "Gladiator" when they are first walking into coliseum and one loses control of his bodily functions. That's how scared Austin Peay looked.

West Coast Ibis

M.H. -- thanks for posting jorts. any blog where the first person posting doesnt say JORTS! is weak. get on the jorts bandwagon. texas fans love jorts!


fight club...pass it on...


I don't think it's Haith's job to get Collins going. Collins was in position to score at least 10 and had easy layups and lobs rim out (ok maybe some where bad luck but still.)

And after he gets the crappy rim outs he seems to get frustrated and stops trying. I saw Haith talking to him after one substitution but at some point the player needs to take responsibility and develop his own mental toughness.

Collins needs to find that for Miami to win Sunday.


CGNC... We got approved! Not only is the cane bball team gonna keep on "dancin', they're gonna dance the [month] away", but trugby is officially ON at Wake Forest two weekends from now


CGNC... We got approved! Not only is the cane bball team gonna keep on "dancin', they're gonna dance the [month] away", but rugby is officially ON at Wake Forest two weekends from now


sorry about the double post...

We just need to beat texas and everything will be SWEET


yikes this UNC game is over give us something else! What a crazy day in the tournament? Uconn out? Wow!

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