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May 22, 2008


dj moonbat

Word up.

dj moonbat

Man, some folks are REALLY slow on the draw tonite!


Friday night, after the game, the FANS are worn out!

dj moonbat

Isn't it, you know, Thursday?


10 minutes for the first post?

Timing is everything...

dj moonbat

"Timing is everything..."

That, plus my spidey-sense was tingling.

dj moonbat

Not to dis baseball, but how much longer 'til there's actual football practice again?


Watching the game now on tivo. Go Canes!
Ps. No one spoil it for me.


Feels like Friday here after you have been here for a few days...trust me, I am tired.


Photos up soon...


Watched the first couple of innings so far. Wow you weren't kidding about a great game!


Great post! Great to hear from you in Jax...

Canes baseball is the best in the world!!!



Great write up and pics 86.


DiNatale had two homers..


Miami is in the top ten plays on ESPN. 86, in the last picture, the guy in the back is scratching his butt. I think the ACC will be in Boston next year.


New Manny at the Miami Herald site with props for Canespace:


Cat5 Cane

Todays games of NC and Fla State should be very interesting to watch...

Talking about musical chairs...
Old news but just found it and I thought that with sooo many changes... everybody needed a refresher coarse

by Michael David Smith

Arkansas: Houston Nutt left for Ole Miss. Atlanta Falcons coach Bobby Petrino was hired to replace him after a long search that included both Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe and Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville being reportedly ready to accept the Arkansas job, as well as North Carolina coach Butch Davis and Clemson coach Tommy Bowden being mentioned.

Auburn: Tommy Tuberville is staying put, despite reports that he would leave.

Ball State: Brady Hoke is staying.

Baylor: Guy Morriss was fired. Former Houston coach Art Briles has been hired as his replacement.

Boise State: Chris Petersen is staying after several schools expressed interest.

Buffalo: Turner Gill was considered a favorite to get the Nebraska job but apparently will stay at Buffalo.

Cal: Jeff Tedford is staying.

Cincinnati: Brian Kelly appears to be staying after being mentioned as a candidate for several jobs.

Clemson: Tommy Bowden was a candidate at Arkansas but signed a contract extension to stay at Clemson.

Colorado State: Sonny Lubick was fired. Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild will replace him.

Connecticut: Randy Edsall was a candidate at Georgia Tech but told his team he will not leave UConn.

Duke: Ted Roof was fired. David Cutcliffe was hired as his replacement.

Georgia Tech: Chan Gailey has been fired. Navy coach Paul Johnson was hired as his replacement.

Hawaii: June Jones left for SMU. Hawaii defensive coordinator Greg McMackin will replace him.

Houston: Art Briles has left to coach Baylor. Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin replaced him.

Iowa: Kirk Ferentz was mentioned as a candidate for the Michigan job but seems to be staying at Iowa.

LSU: Les Miles is staying.

Michigan: Lloyd Carr retired. West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez replaced him after a drawn-out coaching search.

Missouri: Gary Pinkel had been mentioned as a possibility at Michigan but has signed a contract extension with Missouri.

Navy: Paul Johnson left for Georgia Tech. Assistant head coach Ken Niumatalolo was named as his replacement.

Nebraska: Bill Callahan was fired. Former head coach Tom Osborne is now serving as interim athletic director and has hired LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini as Nebraska's next head coach.

Northern Illinois: Joe Novak has retired. Southern Illinois coach Jerry Kill replaced him.

North Carolina: Butch Davis says he is staying.

Ole Miss: Ed Orgeron was fired. Former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt has replaced him.

Oregon: Mike Bellotti was a candidate at UCLA but is apparently staying at Oregon.

Oregon State: Mike Riley was reportedly a candidate at UCLA, but he will apparently stay.

Purdue: There has been some talk that Joe Tiller could retire but so far no hard news.

Rutgers: Greg Schiano met with Michigan athletic director Bill Martin but later said he will return to Rutgers in 2008.

South Carolina: Steve Spurrier has expressed frustration with the school's administration but does not appear to be leaving.

Southern Methodist: Phil Bennett has been fired. Hawaii coach June Jones took the job. Other coaches whose names had been mentioned as potential replacements include former Miami coach Larry Coker, former Notre Dame coach Bob Davie, former Auburn coach Terry Bowden and former Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione.

Southern Mississippi: Jeff Bower has resigned. Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Larry Fedora will replace him.

Temple: Al Golden has been mentioned as a candidate at UCLA but is staying.

Texas A&M: Dennis Franchione resigned. Former Green Bay Packers head coach and current Houston Texans offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has been hired.

Texas Tech: Mike Leach was named as a candidate at UCLA but seems to be staying.

UCLA: Karl Dorrell was fired. Rick Neuheisel was named his replacement after a long coaching search that included Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, former Cal, San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci, Boise State coach Chris Petersen, Temple coach Al Golden, UCLA assistant and interim head coach DeWayne Walker, Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox, Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs coach John Harbaugh, Oregon State coach Mike Riley, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow.

USC: With NFL head coaching jobs opening up, Pete Carroll's name may be mentioned. He's probably not going anywhere, as Norv Turner's job is safe and the Chargers job is seen as the one Carroll would be most interested in.

UTEP: Mike Price was discussed as a possibility to leave for Washington State, but he will apparently stay at UTEP.

Wake Forest: Jim Grobe stayed after being widely reported to be leaving for Arkansas.

Washington: Tyrone Willingham will return, the school announced after a few days in which it was rumored that he could be on the way out.

Washington State: Bill Doba left in what was called "a mutual decision." Eastern Washington coach Paul Wulff replaced him.

West Virginia: Rich Rodriguez left for Michigan. Interim head coach Bill Stewart was given the job on a permanent basis after a leading the Mountaineers to a Fiesta Bowl win.


off topic: good article about the economy. explaining how our economy is bubble driven at this point. one line from the article that caught my attention: "It’s the old rule about bank debt, applied to international deficit finance: if you owe the banks $3 billion, the bank owns you. But if you owe the banks $10 trillion, you own the banks."


Cane Country

"Before we cover the game let me say this: If you have never been to Jax for the ACC tourney you have to make plans to attend next year."

I hope nobody shows up in Jacksonville for the ACC tourney next year considering it will be held in Boston at Fenway Park


86 - LOL - was funny lst night - I provided navigational support.....from my living room and the use of texting - LOL!

FYI - the ACC tourney next year will be in Boston at Fenway Park


UK article about gas prices staying high for go up for 8 years.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2004163/Financial-crisis-Price-of-petrol-to-stay-high-for-8-years.html

here's what caught my eye the most:

"Economists blame the sharp increases on growing demand for oil in developing countries such as India and China which is not being met by rising production. It is also alleged that speculators have been buying up oil in an attempt to make a quick profit at the expense of motorists."


I knew that! LOL


Fixed the blog to include the move to Fenway next year.

Cane Country...U never post here, but come out of hiding to make a correction? How about some compliments along with the criticism? Thanks for the heads up though, I appreciate it! Post here, post often...


Esteban, the speculators are the reason for the price spike, not increased demand in China and India. Countries that large don't suddenly have huge increases in demand, namely over a 2 year period. It doesn't happen. That takes times because cars require vast infrastructure investments.

Why do you think we're so dependent on oil. Because our entire infrastructure took about 30 years to build and it was all based on gasoline. In the '40s and '50s when few people owned more than one car, gasoline was $5 a gallon. Why wasn't it cheaper?? In the '40s we produced enough oil domestically to meet our own needs yet $5 gas back then would be almost $8-$12 gas today.

COMPETITION is the only thing that lowers prices. Humans must be FORCED AND THREATENED before they obey. If the supply is there in vast quantities and there is sufficient demand the price will still be high if there is no competition.

Speculators, who also own oil company stocks, are the reason for the surge.

And guess who owns big chunks of oil company stock??

In the case of oil, competition must come rom coal liquefication, ethanol, fuel cells, and anything else.

This is where a true government, where true leaders who are not parasites and limp-dikks, would invest public funds because private money isn't large enough to make the necessary investments in infrastructure.

These fools we have in Washington are one and all spectacular mediocrities in the ways of Statecraft. Since George Washintong, Reagan, Eisenhower and JFK are the only ones who are possible exceptions to this overall rule.


"Goldman Sachs, one of the world's most influential investment banks, is advising its clients – including airlines and haulage firms – to buy oil supplies now for delivery as far ahead as eight years to insulate themselves from further increases."

And so the cycle continues. People panic and buy more thus driving up the futures prices even more. Meanwhile I have yet to see any hard proof that demand has increased 100% anywhere in the world.

And with vast untapped oil fields in Iraq, why will there be a long-term shortage???

And the media, instead of asking any serious questions, just parrot the hysteria.

It's disgusting.


Uh, Canes baseball, not GAS prices, please?


I think Canes baseball will go 8-4.


in the "there is no new football information" category I got my its too early to make predictions but i'm still making them predictions.

Top Sack Leader - Sharpton
Top Tackler - McCarthy
Most INTs - Phillips
Most TFL - Moncur
Leading Rusher - James
Most rushing TDs - James
Most Catches - James
Most Receiving Yards - Hankerson
Most TD Catches - Hankerson
Most TD throws - Marve
Most Passing Yards - Marve
Most INTs thrown- Kyle Freeman


i'm seeing James being used like LT this year.


Este I like it.

I agree with the sack leader being one of the LB's. Young is going to be bringing the heat from all over the field.

Hankerson is going to turn heads this year. The kid was solid as freshmeat and is biger and faster this year. He is going to be the go to guy.

I'm also looking for big things from Moncur. The kid looked like an animal at times he just needs to get more consistent and stay away from the injuries. I am looking forward to seeing what Ojomo can do also. He has good size and nice speed. We get good contain from Moncur and Ojomo along with LB and DB pressure from all over and it takes the pressure off of one guy(CC last year) letting guys use their ability and not thinking so much. We always looked like we were confused and thinking too much last year on D. I am looking for controlled chaos out of this D this year.

Big things bro! Big things!



The RB's will catch close to 70 balls this year IMO. The new guys will have to use the dumpoff often while they are learning the game.



Palmetto RB Jamal Berry ran for 116 yards in last night's spring game against Pace. He is hoping to get an offer from UM.

Video is cool, turn it up



WR Coach aubrey Hill was ay the Pace - Palmetto Spring game and wants Pace DB Kayvon Webster to attend Miami's summer camp


pb, a bold baseball prediction. Really depends on how our outfielders develop. Could be 9-3 with some quality pitching.

BTW bc someone asked, this is sorta the state of the sport in college baseball and how you win a title in the ACC and CWS:

The ACC baseball tournament has been held all over the place, but in Jacksonville more than any other place. But this isn't any more certain than the basketball tournament beeing in Greensboro, even tho some basketball junkies insist it should be there annually. The ACC baseball tournament was elsewhere as recently as 2004, when it was in Salem, VA. It's also been in South Carolina and North Carolina as far as I know.

The move to Fenway is just for next year, 2009. The Red Sox will have to go on a 10 game road trip to accomodate it. There's no guarantee it'll ever be held there again. I guess it depends on how the Sox feel and how the turnout is. As far as I know there's no set host site for the 2010 tournament. I'd think Jacksonville will get it again at some point in the near future.

In terms of format, since 1973, the first year of the tournament, the format has changed five times. The current format is a two-group, four-team round robin tournament with the winner of each grouping playing in a winner-take-all championship game.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, Clemson has the most ACC tournament titles at 9, UNC is second at 5 and they are the defending champs. FSU, NC St, and Wake all have 4.

As for getting to and winning the CWS, here's the Wiki skinny on that:

"Through 1987, the College World Series was a pure double-elimination event. The format was changed in 1988, when the tournament was divided into two four-team double-elimination brackets, with the survivors of each bracket playing in a single championship game. The single-game championship was designed for network television, with the final game on CBS on Saturday afternoon.

In 2003, the tournament returned entirely to cable television on ESPN, which had been covering all of the other games of the CWS since 1982 (and a partial schedule since 1980). [2] The championship final became a best-of-three series between the two bracket winners, with games scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings. In the results shown here, Score indicates the score of the championship game(s) only.

Since 1999, the four-team brackets in the CWS have been determined by the results of regional and super regional play, much like the NCAA basketball tournament. Prior to 1999, the pairings for the CWS were not determined until after the completion of the regional tournaments.

Before expanding to 64 teams in 1999, the Division I tournament began with 48 teams, split into 8 six-team regionals. The winner of each regional advanced to the College World Series. The regionals were a test of endurance, as teams had to win at least four games over four days, sometimes five if a team dropped into the loser's bracket, placing a premium on pitching."

The Canes are pretty much assured of getting a "national seed." In the new 64 team tournament, only eight teams are actually seeded, bc they are essentially labelled favorites to advance to the eight-team CWS. A national seed is guaranteed of hosting a super regional should it win it's regional (which it also is guaranteed to host). Other teams host regionals despite not being seeded; the committee decides that. If a national seed loses it's regional, typically the other regional host it was paired with (provided it won) will get to host the super regional. Otherwise it's just determined by committee I believe.

The Canes are guaranteed of playing at the Light all the way til Omaha, if they get there. It would be the Canes' 23rd CWS appearance, keeping them second behind Texas' 32 appearances and distancing them from third-place USC, which has 21. If the Canes win the national title, it'll be their fifth, tying them with LSU and Arizona St for third most ever, behind Texas' six titles and USC's 12 titles.


BTW, nice story about the Penn State kid who was almost paralyzed and who walked the team out of their tunnel before Dorsey ripped them to shreds in the first game of 2001.


And to follow up on my prior post, these were the pre-conference tournament projections for Miami's regional from Baseball America and ESPN:

ESPN: Coral Gables Regional: Miami (#1 national seed), Vanderbilt, UC Santa Barbara, Columbia


BA: 1. (1) Miami 2. Florida 3. Houston 4. Lipscomb



Most INTs thrown- Kyle Freeman

Posted by: Esteban | May 23, 2008 at 11:29 AM


dj moonbat

Checked out that Jaamal Berry vid. Nice. He was so good, I had to check out Lamar Miller highlight footage to remind myself what could possibly make people think he's even better.

I think Miller looks faster on tape than Berry. Both are very fast; but Miller is crazy fast. He's leaving South Florida guys in his dust, scoring TDs going away. Berry has outstanding moves in tight spaces, though.

If the 'Canes pick up one of those guys to go with Bryce Brown, we'll be back to the days of being 3-deep with badasses, that's for sure.

Cane Since 1982

Sorry to anyone that was reading my game updates last night. After the third time my computer was shut off do to power outages from a storm, I gave up on the play by play. But man what an exciting game to watch. Good thing we won or the game would have really sucked.


dj- yea, I know the U has offered Lamar Miller, not Berry yet though.

DallasTX Cane

Congrats CANES! Nice W.

What can The Legion tell me about the Mozilla Firefox browser? Is this a superior product to MS Explorer? Even if it is, are there compatibility issues with business sites given the dominance of MS?



Dallas, I do all my browsing with Firefox. The only site I need to use IE for is the WQAM website. I can't listen to live broadcast or their archives through Firefox.


Dallas, I use FireFox and love it compared to MSN. It's just more fluid. I haven't had any compatibility issues but I don't do much other than click on canespace. lol

Esteban, I think Bailey leads in TFLs, otherwise I think your predictions are very accurate.

I still say we get Berry, Miller and Brown.

Can anyone tell me why we WOULDN'T take all three??

JJ has one more year tops, which will leave Coop, McNeal, Berry and Chambers.

Now, I like all four of those guys but from what I've seen Miller, Berry and Brown are that next level.

Besides, these three would be sophomores and McNeal, Chambers and D. Berry would be seniors.

So why wouldn't we take all three??


So why wouldn't we take all three??

Posted by: Cavaleer | May 23, 2008 at 02:02 PM

Its not always what we take, its will they be willing to all sign with us.

also, remember, there are 21 other positions on the team, not counting kicker punter and longsnapper, and we only have so many scholli's to give


i say offer all three and if they aren't willing than that's fine. but try to see if they would be willing. the best two stay at RB and the 3rd man gets moved to DB, LB or WR.


or just redshirts.


Este, I think J-Mac will emerge as the most dangerous playmaker but there's a lot of talent there now and a ton coming in so after all is said and done I'm not sure.

SS, AJ, J-Mac, Hank, Kayne, Streeter, Byrd, Davon and maybe Benjamin or KT might explode.

I don't know who it will be but I know it's going to be fun on offense again, wondering who will be the break-out player from one game to the next.


McKenzie has to get healthy before i start saying he's going to do anything.


Loco and Este, I think all three want to come and I think Shannon wants all 3.

I would give up an OL for one of these guys. And I bet Shannon would too. All three of them are game-breakers.

Shannon said he wants to "stockpile talent". I take him at his word.


Este, I think J-Mac is. He needs more muscle mass really, to handle the hits and all the running.


86Cane sounds like a bum. Get a real job loser and quit begging for money. Your site is lame

Posted by: MWD | May 23, 2008 at 08:36 AM

^^^This was posted on TOS (SS).

I wanted to say this was not me! Someone decided to be an azz and use my name for that foolishness! I don't post much but, I read every day. In fact I met Ocala, Cat 5, and took a pic with 86 at the Spring game.

Canespace is all right with me! Keep doing what you do 86!


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