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May 28, 2008



Yeah baby!!!


Its mine all mine. And if no one likes it Im taking my pb action figure and going home.


pb...Now U are assured of a first ballot CSHOF nomination!


I think the Solar action figure will smile and nod knowingly while the pb one will just point and laugh mockingly at the 86 doll.

Posted by: pb(CSHOF09) | May 28, 2008 at 09:57 PM

Then I'll DELETE U both! LOL


see...this kinda blog, Soup?!?

This is one of the many reasons you rock the HOUZ!!!

Sláinte, bro, well done...



SIXTH - booya




Darc...I'd like to take credit but the blog is the work of the one, and the ONLY, SolarCane!

But it's all good, that's what makes Canespace what it is. It really ain't about 86Cane or SOUP, it's about the many fans, thousands of bloggers and the over 15 writers we all have to enjoy here at The Space!


Fun Facts!



Just got an email from...MANNY NAVARRO AT THE MIAMI HERALD.

Manny has invited us all over to his blog on Friday afternoon where he will be serving hot dogs and cold drinks and bloggin the game LIVE from the stadium.

I encourage ALL Canespacers to go to:


To get signed up with a Typekey account and then on Friday to blog the game live with the one and ONLY Mannny Navarro!

Go Canes, Go Canespace!!!


love the numerology, Six...

roll dem dice!

sure didn't know your #20, Soup -- classic...but it makes sense...

Dude, picture Calvin James and that first NC team @ WH!?

...It would been Reagan, right?

Fun thought: Which President signed your Presidential Award or Merit Award thing --that competition we did in PE - what was that called? Do they still do that?

Reagan signed mine...

Canes, baaby


Solar, big ups! Gr8 blog - Wudda credited U...F*hkin well done!

See -
Aye -
Enn -



Darc...it was Reagan that had the Canes in the BIG house in 1988.

Canes baseball: 82, 85, 91, 01 and 08?

Wait until you see Cat5's logo he got worked into a decal for your car. Football National Championships with a blank spot left for Number 6.

Cat5 Cane

Last... for now
I was talking to myself, so decided to come over and re post...

Notten going and been waiting for a hurricane to stir things up.

To all... everybody knows the economy is bad but for those who have some investment dollars... Was at a foreclosure/ bankruptcy meeting for property managers last week that was conducted by one of the major banks who specialize in condo financing and there are some great buys out there for 1/3 the appraised value... If interested to contact me and I'll tell you more.

Just venting...
For those who have gas guzzling cars and trucks, like 82's... and if your going to trade yours in, or sell it... now is the time, while car sales are down and the market isn't over flooded with SUV trade-ins... the longer you wait. the less value the SUV has.

When I think $10.00 a gallon coming this way soon and then of 15/20 miles to the gallon that we get... pisses me off to no end.... I have a jeep and getting between 17 and 28 MPG... average 21 MPG.

For 50 years the oil companies have been buying up all of the carburetor and fuel injector gizmo patients that extend the miles per gallon by 30/40 miles.

If we are in a crunch,... WHY DOESEN"T THE US GOVEWRNMENT STEP IN AND FORCE MR BIG OIL TO RELEASE A COUPLE OF THE OLD PATIENTS THEY HAVE...! Or after 5 years, why don't they (The patient keepers) just release the info to the public to be distributed openly and let someone else build them... THIS IS BULLSHIIT AND SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED TO HELP DISMANTLE THIS RECESSION WE ARE GOING INTO!!!... Where Nader?

IMO, In the long run, electric cars won't work, as too dependent on utilities... in a war or terrorist attack... no electricity means no transportation. Hell, right now... one of those old pre 1975 cars are looking damn good... anything pre 75 had no gas emissions or computers... just engines with real carburetors and just throw a 2 barrel carb on it and your good to go for a long time.

Sorry for the soap box... Cat

Cat5 Cane

Soup, where's my sticker... If people order them soon, I can pass them out at the party... if given enough time... so come on boy, get to work and post my sticker...Hut2,3,4..., Hut2,3,4.
Get it done and jack it up!...Hut2,3,4
Time's awaisting and need it done!...
Hut 2,3,4! Sound off...1,2,3,4
LOL cat


Soup -- right on --
Hey, question:

So it's now 4 Baseball NCs and 5 Football NCs...

I definitely don't wanna disrespect ANY team at the U: How many total NChampionships at the U (men + women) -- and what are they again?? - somewons gotta know this cold, no?

Cat5 ---
Tough times = tougher people...Like last season...

What is the "Theme" of the season anyway:

Proving Grouds?
The Stand?
Comeback Kid?

>>> Fudge the Gators? (Sorry...had to get that in...)

But what is the Theme this year, 86???

What's the motto? What's on the center chest of the CANESPACE TeeShirt?

CANES, baaby


Solar loving the blog. Canes trivia is something i most certainly enjoy. especially when telling a gator fan how two people formerly associated with the U slapped up UF last year (tubbs and richt, of course).


Last thing --- thats gr8:

what is the Canespace TeeShirt 2008? It'll be good...I know....

AllCanes will have some really good shirts, as always - FYI...

LOVE my "Got Randy?"

Canes, baaby

Cat5 Cane

Currently holding at 4 BB and 5 FB

What is the "Theme"... The Gauntlet
Moto... either get on the train or get run over!

Five'n in the 305



First Peek at Canespace Action Figures

Here are the first top secret pics of the first two action figures to be released this fall

Canechic and CGNC will be available in very limited quanities...




darc, reggae thanks for the props on the blog.
Been on the downlow but reading everything, Space is everywhere!



oh, Solar --

Space is usually after the first set...and before Drumz..if your a Dead phan...

Well, if you LOVE the CANES...

you gotta be Hap Happ HAPPY..bout it being 13 weeks from tonight, gentlemen --- thursday nite espn...

by now??

we'll already be on the Turnpke/I95 going back home -- driving SOUTH --

BTW, whose the EA Sports guru again? When does the new NCAA come out??

CANES, baaby


july 15


What's the motto? What's on the center chest of the CANESPACE TeeShirt?

Posted by: darCANEgel | May 28, 2008 at 10:57 PM

We are working on new artwork for 2008 and better quality t-shirts. I've already met with the owner and artist at the screen print shop I use in JAX when I was there for the ACC tourney.

I got a surprise for you on the back of the shirt. Here's a hint: Two letters, two numbers (ST #26).

Cat5 Cane

Solar... Awesome! LOL
Hard to tell, but that's got to be CG on the right,...... The force is very strong with her... me think. but the other one has allot of force just oozing out too... hard to tell, HUMMMM

Please put me down for two, one to play with now and one for the Canespace/Ebay Auction, soon to be coming our way.


Darc and other video gamers, check this link now and back later for updates as the NCAA game comes out:



Cat5...info and photo going up at midnight on the current blog!

Cat5 Cane

Good man... Run Forest, Runnnnnnnn....


on one of the NCAA 09 football sites i saw something ridiculous...the FSU defense has a 99 rating (the highest)...wtf

we had like a 94 or sumtin like that, but theres no way FSU should b at 99.


I love the pic of Brian Pata --- Thank you, BG1906....

July 15th...



my mistake...we have a 92 for defense.


Cat5...I'm running as FAST as I can! Check bottom of current blog and get back to me.


12. The University of Miami is one of four universities and the only private school in the nation to raise 1.4 billion dollars in fund raising between 2003-2008.

One of the main people responsible for this success at The U is Lindsay Radeer. She will be writing a blog feature about the Capital Campaign, donating to UM and the Hurricane Club coming to a blog near U very soon.

That blog would be Canespace!

Cat5 Cane

Soup.. good stuff
Just so everybody knows... the picture depicted appears blurry but in real life... it is in sharp contrast. also the black shown is not seen and all wording and logo is cut out and free standing...

Please change my contact to

That's all folks...


Cat5...OK, will do.


SIXTH - booya

Posted by: Six | May 28, 2008 at 10:14 PM

you're good at that six


Cat5...changes made and also posted the LOGO in the prized TOP RIGHT spot.

Cat5 Cane

IMO... It's OK and it just add fuel to the fire, at this point, as I want our guys mean and hungry....and when we beat FSU and the many others we will face... we will shock allot of people including the ESPN's of the world...
I can't wait to hear them say, "They're backkkkkkkkkk" many times over, throughout the next 3 years... as Number 6 NC is only a matter time.


Fun thought: Which President signed your Presidential Award or Merit Award thing --that competition we did in PE - what was that called? Do they still do that?

Reagan signed mine...

Canes, baaby

Posted by: darCANEgel | May 28, 2008 at 10:26 PM

Clinton signed mine... in his second term lol


for some reason the 'Space isn't working properly for me tonight...

But great blog Solar! you were right, i didn't know most of that

Cat5 Cane

Soup... TOP Right... Damn, I'm feel'n Ya! OH Yeah! Ahha!... Now that's what I'm talk'n about!... Get your Canespace U logo rite-chea... Next!...LOL


the presidential physical fitness test...i remember that...i had the best time in the shuttle run in my middle school lol..ya clinton signed mine too.

Cat5 Cane

OK... B's and G's... the Sandyman is coming... time for some rest!


LB Gavin Hardin's ACT score brought great news. He got his scores in the mail and put up a 20. His previous best score was a 16 on his second attempt; he had a 15 the first time he took the test.

Andrew Smith also retook the ACT, hoping to improve on his 18 score. He says he wound up with another 18.

He says he's fine with that.

Now he has to raise his GPA from a 2.4 to 2.5. He says 'I'll be fine' once his final report card grades are factored in

So Hardin is in and Smith is on the otherside of the fence looking in... The others still don't know.


I knew most of those...only I want someone to recheck a few facts...
4) Without the Rose Bowl we won by an average of 33.8 pts per game. With the Rose Bowl, we won by an average of 32.9 pts per game.
6) I thought we scored 9 TDs on D, not 8.

The TD pass to Horace Copeland...I remember, I was in 3rd grade, and I said to myself, "Miami is going to score a touchdown right here. Longest play possible." And the TD pass was just a sideline fly but not too deep...HC just outran everyone. I remember Kevin Williams having a punt return TD called back because he apparently had a foot out of bounds on a cut. Damn my memory is good...

The 2001 Canes first half scoring versus points allowed:
273 - 33

Which means the average first half score of a Miami game was 22.75 - 2.75, which means the average score was 23 - 3 at the HALF of EVERY GAME that year. MADNESS!!!


Speed Debate. I had a chat with the Hurricanes track Coach Michal Ward
about the fastest canes and here is what he has to say

"In my 16 years at the u santana moss best 40 yd guy. Best 100m guy wr daryl jones #1 jersey. Very close to him is andre johnson wr. Fastest white guy #26 aaron moser special team player of the year 2x and ran 10.40 in decathlon 100m at ncaa championships. There have been a lot of good fb track runners. This name will really test your canes history.
Tory mitchell out of tyler texas was the most herald fast fb'er never developed to his potential in fb or track in his 2 yrs atthe u. His life tragical passed a year or so ago in tyler texas. Thanks have a great memoril day coach mike ward"

and also

Chambers was a state champ in the 100 but at a very slow time. Do not see him helping us in track. Mcneal is running but not effective as yet due to football injuries. Leggett was the real deal as a hurdler, great hurdler with limited traing. But all these guys want to be fb'ers. Hester was not a good 100m guy, decent 60 guy, he was a big east long jump champ at 25 ft. I saw him when bears played in superbowl and his body change to more sleak and fast. He may have been to heavy speed wise at the u. Santana was a 26 ft plus long jumper. So moss and hester have the explosive power to be the fastest guys. In the nfl they seem to be very fast.
The big east sprints were very weak and we killed the league. The acc is just the opposite, fsu and clemson have two of the best sprint programs in the country. So we have some work to be done. Coker did not push the guys to get better by running, shannon will get push them to get better. Time will tell. Enjoy

Cat5 Cane

Morn'n Bs and g's... Get your hot stuff....

Just for us... Canes Fans by Ron (Cat5 Cane)
The custom vinyl logo has National Champions (arched across the top in (2) colors, orange and white). The Ibis is in the middle and is (5) color and the Championship Years (83,87,89,91,01) are (arched) across the bottom in (2) color again... Wanting to do something for Soup, I then added Canespace.Com at the base in green edging and gold letters... The wording, numbers and logo are all cut out and free standing from one another… meaning, there isn't a background sticker. The Sizes are 6" X 61/2" or 12”X13”. Note: A blank was left at the end of the years to add our next championship win... by just adding the year in place of the blank, without having to buy another whole sticker…

1) Vinyl stickers are color fast and should be good for 2/3/4 years, depending on sun exposure... garage kept, shady areas, etc.
2) Suggest not washing stickers with solvents or window cleaners… as it dries them out but if you do, rinse thoroughly.
3) Sorry Soup... but If not wanting to advertise Canespace, simply cut it off from the bottom before applying to the window.

Cost for 6” X 6 1/2” Logo…$15.00 each, broken down.. sticker $9.00, mailing w/ packet $2.50, Gas $3.00 (3 trips) and Artwork .50 cents.

Cost for a large 12”X 13” Logo… $37.00 each, broken down.. Sticker Logo costs $31.00 and the rest about the same...

and for my time... you owe me one!!

Contact me at cat5canes@Gmail.com

Cat5 Cane

FYI... Just for the real diehard U Fans...
Thinking of doing another logo for Baseball, after this championship run... same design and sizes but changing the logo and years... Whatcha think?



This will benefit Miami in the future. After all, this is what Randy Shannon wanted.

Cane Since 1982

This just dosent look right, but atleast the tortures destruction of her is done.


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