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June 13, 2008



First and stuff!!!


Nice pics .. need to borrow the Hubble telescope though to see some of them, ha.


Johnson met with officials from USC, Pac-10 and NCAA Monday
By Kelly Naqi
Updated: June 13, 2008, 2:43 AM ET
Louis Johnson, a member of former USC guard O.J. Mayo's inner circle until three months ago, met for about six hours on Monday with investigators from the NCAA, Pac-10 and USC, according to an attorney for Johnson.

"The substance of the meeting is subject to a confidentiality agreement and, out of respect for that, I'm not in a position to comment on the subject matter which was covered," said David Murphy, an attorney at the Los Angeles-based law office of Anthony Salerno.

Johnson and his attorneys met with five people: two representatives from USC (one from its legal department); one member of the Pac-10's Enforcement Division and two representatives from the NCAA (one member from its Enforcement Division and one from its Agent, Gambling and Amateurism Activities Division), according to Murphy.

The representatives reviewed documents and receipts that were contained in the "Outside the Lines" report that aired on May 11, in which Johnson alleged that Mayo -- a projected NBA lottery pick -- received thousands of dollars in cash, clothing and other benefits while he was playing in high school and for USC this past season from Rodney Guillory, Mayo's longtime mentor and a former Southern California high school basketball tournament promoter.

Johnson alleged Guillory received money to maintain his relationship with Mayo while he was in high school from Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management, a sports agency based in Northern California, with the expectation Mayo would sign with BDA Sports when Mayo turned pro. Johnson said Guillory received "anywhere between $200,000-$250,000 in cash and other benefits" from BDA Sports, and that about $30,000 in cash and other gifts went directly to Mayo. Mayo denies he received any cash or benefits from Guillory, and Guillory has repeatedly declined to comment.

Johnson said BDA Sports stopped providing Guillory with funds in the summer of 2007, before Mayo began his fall semester at USC. Johnson said Tony Hicks, a convicted felon and longtime friend of Guillory's, helped provide Guillory with an American Express card in the name of a sickle-cell anemia charity. Guillory used the card to purchase gifts for Mayo, including a hotel room, thousands of dollars of clothing, a 42-inch flat-screen television and meals at various restaurants, according to Johnson. Hicks has declined ESPN's requests for an interview.

When Mayo declared for the NBA draft on April 17, he had signed with Calvin Andrews, a senior vice president at BDA Sports, to be his primary agent. Shortly after the "Outside the Lines" report aired, Mayo dropped BDA Sports. He has since signed with CAA sports agent Leon Rose and Maverick Carter of LRMR Innovative Marketing -- both of whom also represent Cavaliers All-Star LeBron James.

Andrews and Bill Duffy, BDA Sports chairman and CEO, have declined repeated requests for an interview. Sources say that Guillory and Mayo split after a "face-to-face confrontation," although Mayo told ESPN.com he speaks with Guillory "on and off."

The California Attorney General's office, the U.S. Attorney's office, the IRS, the FBI and the National Basketball Players Association are also looking into the allegations.

"At this point, the next step is to allow the investigations to proceed," Murphy said. "What else will be requested of Mr. Johnson is unknown at this point."

Reporter Kelly Naqi works in ESPN's enterprise unit.

Cat5 Cane

4th, Oh yeah,.... I'm 4th !!!

Cat in the house and all is quiet... 1st cup of coffee, it's raining out, with a strong breeze rippin out of the ocean...

Quiet time on a rainy day...


I was watching"Morning Joe" on MSNBC this morning, when MSNBC Political Director, Chuck Todd flashed the "U" and said "it's all about the Canes". I think Chuck is originally from the 305.


Chuck Todd always says "it's all about the U" everytime he is on MSNBC. He adores the Canes 24 hours a day and he said that he is from south florida. Isn't that great that he is one of us, a Cane, and proclaims that on national tv everytime he is on talking about politics. Go Chuck Todd and Go Canes.


HearaCane, we'll see what comes of this. Maybe the NCAA will be forced to do something just because everyone else is investigating.

Jer, rockin' 1st and Stuff. :) Rock on.

Go Canes!


Soup, those banners are growing and growing. Put a few travels deals on there and you'll be cooking with gasoline. :)


On baseball, has there ever been a more quiet 600 HR hitter than Griffey??I

I had no idea he had hit that many.


esteban, how are we gone make kool-aid if they start pushing cars that run on water man, we'd all be dead in about 2 months. Now if we can somehow come up with the technology to make cars run on air, i might be all ears on that one.

One thing that they say, if we want to get gas prices down, all everybody has to do is go to 1 or 2 gas stations, and phuck the rest of them, than it would be no excuse whether they change anything or not.

It's funny how shannon has been headcoach for 1 year but is already starting on his 3rd recruiting class, which should be interesting but of course powerful.


This is in response to Cat5's post on the SS.

Cat, we all understand what you are getting at. But, when someone makes posts like this....
Sorry no more Space for U...

Posted by: 86Cane | June 12, 2008 at 11:54 PM

It just tends to come off as ridiculous. No more space for you? I mean, we know it is his own private blog, but, how do you continue to build an ever growing fan base when the blog creator feels it is his right to giveth and taketh away for something that isn't even done on his blog. I know you guys have a pretty good size loyal fan base, but, how do you expect it to grow even more when the blog owner tries to take action against someone about something that wasn't done on his blog? Anyone tunning in for the first time yesterday, would have understood that there are some idiots out there, ruining the blogs, and by all means 86 should erase them and ban them, but, to then attack a loyal blogger and ban him for something he did on another blog? Come on, if that was the first time I had read Canespace, I would have compared 86 to the soup Nazi. 86 has to remember, he is providing us a service now, he works for the bloggers, with out the blogger, it's hard to have success, so, when he chases those off because of his own personal reasons, well, it won't be good for business.


I would have compared 86 to the soup Nazi

Posted by: Adam | June 13, 2008 at 09:41 AM

No blog for you! You come back in one year!


Neither Ben Jones or Brandon Washington are qualified...


and we have 4 All Americanes..

Junior first baseman Yonder Alonso, sophomore relief pitcher Kyle Bellamy, freshman left-handed pitcher Chris Hernandez and junior second baseman Jemile Weeks have been named All-Americans by Rivals.com. Alonso and Weeks were first team selections while Hernandez and Bellamy were second team selections.


which one of you is this? lol



more speed to worry about?

Central Florida high school athlete of the year Jeff Demps, who originally was set to run a postseason high school track invitational in New Mexico this weekend, instead will race against Olympic contenders Sunday at the 34th Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Ore. NBC is televising the meet from 4-6 p.m. from Hayward Field — site of this summer’s U.S. Olympic Trials. Demps said he secured an expenses-paid invite Thursday for the men’s elite 100 meters, scheduled to go off at 4:12. (AP)

Demps, 18, will face seven experienced international competitors who all have run faster than his best of 10.17 seconds and are all at least 23 years old. Despite the overwhelming odds, Jeff clocked in at a blistering 10.19 second 100m and finished third in the competition. With the impressive time Demps may have a chance qualifying for the Olympics this year is he so chooses. The list he ran against includes 2004 Olympic 200-meter gold medalist Shawn Crawford. “I know everybody is going to run fast,” Demps said before flying out of Orlando on Friday afternoon. “I look at it as a good experience for me. I want to have fun. I’ll do the best I can do.”

Demps, who graduated May 30 from Groveland South Lake High School, is an UF football recruit. He should fit in well in Urban Meyer’s scheme and should be used in the same way as Percy Harvin. Not a pure runner, but a hybrid RB/WR with homerun ability on offense. He will most likely start his Gator career as a special team’s player, helping out explosive Brandon James with kick off returns. Will he be another track star that fizzles out with football pads?? I don’t think so, his high school resume speaks for itself, as this kid is a football player who happens to run track, not the other way around. Dan Mullen salivated at the mouth when the world-class sprinter chose the Gators; the squad might finally live up to Urban Meyers goal as the “Fastest team in all the land.”


Morris, the coach, knows that better than most. When interviewing for the job he was being taken on a tour of the baseball facilities and noticed what looked like a large trophy propping open one of the bathroom doors.
It was the 1974 national runner-up trophy. A doorstop in a toilet.

The Ultimate TRUE UM mentality!


Morris, the coach, knows that better than most. When interviewing for the job he was being taken on a tour of the baseball facilities and noticed what looked like a large trophy propping open one of the bathroom doors.
It was the 1974 national runner-up trophy. A doorstop in a toilet.

The Ultimate TRUE UM mentality!




Calvin thanks for the laughs. I think Clinton lost by a lean and I am sure that does not make him HAPPY!!!!

Chuck Todd a cane, yeah baby. I watch morning joe every morning and I did not see Chuck Todd this morning. I am on vacation today so I must have dozed back off, which is what I am supposed to do on vacation.

MH is my loyal baseball blogger so I hope someone else steps up because he can no longer blog here.

Go Canes!!!!


awww what happened to MH?

While the Canes Baseball team will be gearing up for and playing in its first game this Saturday against Georgia, UM will be hosting DB Justin Green out of Louisville Kentucky. UM has an offer out to him as well as the Vols, bucknuts, Bama, Illinois, Arkansa, Michigan State and Louisville


Canesgirlnc not sure what he did but he made 86 very mad and 86 banned him. I think he posted some bad things on SS blog.

I hope they work it out!


Jeepahs, yea i like MH - he was always helpful with links and away game stuff. LOL maybe we should make "Free MH" shirts???;-D


I'd be in on that one, Canesgirl! :)


FREE MH! I like it canesgirl!

Heat wave over in NC?? It rained buckets here in Fl yesterday. I was driving home yesterday from Palm Beach and we had to pull off the side of the road 2 times. I have driven in some bad rain but yesterday was the worst. My heart was pounding. Took us an hour more to get home. Pretty Scary!


Another recruit that will be visiting UM this weekend is CB Marsalis Teague out of Tennessee. While UM was his favorite team as a kid, he will not be participating in their camp. He likes the favorable depth chart at UM for CB's in 2009 and other schools offering him are Clemson, GT, Vandy, Ole Miss, Michigan, Duke, NC, WF, and Tennessee


CC - it has been so hot here i thought I drove back to Longwood and didn't remember - the other night on the way home from work had a Florida type rain including dime sized hail! It usually gets wicked hot here after the 4th of July bt this year it came early!! Humidity has been in 50% range too which is high for here

Cat5 Cane

Not wanting to promote this further but if your going to read my bloggs at the SS, then read all of them...
Posted 8:01 thru 9:13

Cat5 Cane

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... The Mad Hatter


Cat5 - just did


Loco, noth BJ and BW didn't qualify?? WTF are these boys doing, chasing skirts??


Cav they have one more chance. The door is not shut yet.

Cross your fingers. We need these two in immediately for the future.



Enough of that, now on to the pressing stuff:

Baseball America released it's All-America team. Buster Posey was chosen as player of the year. Since he's in a position to win the triple crown, I think's it's deserved. He'd be only the second in NCAA history to do so.

Yonder was 1st team DH
Weeks was 2nd team 2B
Tekotte was 2nd team OF
Hernandez was 2nd team P



Also, if you are curious to see, here's Baseball America's CWS preview in PDF:


They have a neat capsule remembering great CWS performances, and former Cane Kevin Brown is selected for his great performances in the 1999 and 2001 CWS.

And this blog entry over there has some great comparative info on team stats of the Final 8:


"Defense wins championships. The last six national champions have all ranked in the top 20 in the nation in fielding percentage, and none of them had a fielding percentage worse than .972. Four of the champions ranked in the top five in fielding percentage, and another ranked eighth. Here’s a look at how this year’s final eight stacks up defensively (stats and ranks are through regionals):

Team Fielding Percentage National Rank
Miami . 975 8th "

Canes are #1 of the teams remaining, FSU #8.

Only Miami and Stanford meet that random .972 baseline.

"Miami coach Jim Morris often talks about the importance of a strong bullpen. His Hurricanes won national championships in 1999 and 2001 with stellar bullpens, and he has said he would trade two quality starters for a single quality closer. All eight teams in the 2008 CWS field have at least one bullpen ace they can count upon. Here’s a look at those stoppers (though Ryan Strauss and Jared Bradford also have started when needed), and how well each team has protected late leads this season (stats are through super-regionals):

Team Bullpen ace Record when leading
after 8 innings
Miami Carlos Gutierrez
(5-3, 3.02, 13 SV) 45-0 "

Miami has best closer record wise, but UGA has a solid one and everyone is good.

Canes are #4 in team ERA of teams remaining, and #2 behind FSU in team offense. They are among the lowest in postseason run differential of the teams remaining, but played a pretty challenging slate.


Canespace doesn't have members. I for one didn't sign up and I don't have an ID card.

And anyone who hates a blog need to reevaluate their priorities in life.

Hope you guys get things organized so you can have enjoyable dialogue. Sports talk is too fun to ruin with nonsense.


How about those Canes!



My two cents, I think you do need some censorship because you said it ,look what happened on the SS blog. It can get carried away with nonsense. That said, no one likes censorship, so there you have it a paradox.


And I restate:

Anyone who hates a blog need to reevaluate their priorities in life.

It really goes both ways. You shouldn't pay so much attention to what this blog or its owner does. I mean, does it really impact your quality of life that much?

MMike, I'd have to disagree with you that blogs are working their way towards being legitimte media. Journalists get paid to do what they do, and are held accountable for what they write and publish bc if they are careless they lose their jobs and their kids go hungry.

Independent blogs are mostly hobbies for their owners. There's no accountability, so rumors like Greg Cooper tearing an ACL starts on a Gator blog and eventually has to be addressed by mainstream media (albeit in the form of their own blogs). Had a normal journalist reported that and it was not substantiated, they'd be in hot water for sure.

Even mainstream media isn't above rebuke, but heck if it has as many problems as it does, what hope do blogs have?

This is not to take away from your interview of LT and such. Great work. The fact u peeps do this for free is a credit to ur love of the Canes.

And another reason some of the haters out there either need to let it slide or get a life.


For hardcore hardballers ONLY:

LIVE chat tonight at 9 PM with Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog.

Ask your questions, get your answers!


I motion for talking about Canes baseball. Who seconds that motion?


Seconded... but good luck passing it! Apparently the blog wars are on again and all you can do is wait until it fizzles out.

Cane Since 1982

OK I read back but cant figure out what happened. Why is MH gone. I liked that guy. He was one of the ones I could talk back forth with on the SS and I was always happy when I saw him posting over here.


I second that motion!

Hernandez starting game 1? I like that idea, he has been incredible and consistant.. Does he pitche twice, maybe three times during the series?


Anything blog wars related will be deleted. Canes sports talk only please. Thank U!


i second that loco, i do not like when people attack people! just noles, canes, buckeyes and now dawgs!


Motion seconded, all in favor?

I heard a chorus of "I's" with the only dissension being for football talk, so motion passes ;-)


i second that loco, i do not like when people attack people! just noles, canes, buckeyes and now dawgs!

Posted by: canechic | June 13, 2008 at 02:22 PM

I think you meant gaytors instead of canes ;-)


Hernandez starting game 1? I like that idea, he has been incredible and consistant.. Does he pitche twice, maybe three times during the series?

Posted by: 86Cane | June 13, 2008 at 02:20 PM

Manny's new blog said that he is, and I like the idea too. After we win game one we play game two on monday at 7, and when we win that one we're off til friday, so hernandez can pitch again


Did I say cane, goodness this fighting has me crazy I meant gators!! Sorry guys I love the canes!!! As my daughter would say "My B"


Yes I agree start out with Hernandez, how is GA's Pitching? As good as AZ's?

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