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June 13, 2008



^^^winning???? ;-D


Loco, the most important rocks to CGNC, Canechic, KL, ladyCanefaninPa, MaryLou, Mrs. 86 and any other women on here would be the sparkly kind....and those are really the only rocks U need to remember ;-D


Loco, the most important rocks to CGNC, Canechic, KL, ladyCanefaninPa, MaryLou, Mrs. 86 and any other women on here would be the sparkly kind....and those are really the only rocks U need to remember ;-D

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | June 13, 2008 at 04:39 PM

U mean those rocks by the river with water on them so they sparkle? ;-)


Canez1, my fingers are officially crossed. Does that mean everyone else is in?

RKelly will get his, sooner or later. Money only goes so far. Your deeds catch up with you. And if the girl just wanted attention and money for that 'ish, she got hers I suppose.


ENJOY THE GAME WITH THE SNIPER CLAN! Legion, I have one spare ticket to tomorrow night's game. I'm offering it up to the legion first so I don't get stuck sitting by some Dawg or Nole. If anyone is tripping up here and needs a ticket, just post here and I'll get your contact info through 86. Then I'll meet you out front at the game.


Vick is your typical spoiled brat athlete. Looks like he's going to learn the hard way, for a while at least, until his big brother bails him out.

Kind of reminds me of a certain school to north of the U that constantly bends over backwards to erase and overlook their football players bad behavior and criminole actions.

Oh well, what else is new? lol


Canesgirl diamonds are a girls best friend but I would rather have a hot cut guy, then a hot cut diamond! Okay speaking of being cut I will put geology away and go to the gym, so I can keep my guy!

Go Canes!! Tim Russert died how very sad, a true journalist, chuck todd crying on tv, sad!


The small round ones are for throwing, the small flat ones are for skipping, the large flat ones are for sitting, the large round ones are for rolling....

Posted by: Loco | June 13, 2008 at 04:19 PM

Now that is very, very funny! Loco wins the laugh of the day award. Between that and the THREE consecutive three lefts make a right post...


Just saw the Tim Russert news on CNBC. Sad, sudden and very sad...


5 star WR Reuben Randle has arrived in Miami for The Randy Shannon camp. Which is Saturday through Monday. Ton of recruits are gonna be there.

orange 'n green in the vein

Ron Mexico's little brother REALLY missed his sibling out in Leavenworth and just wanted to spend some time together. Maybe he should have reopened Bad Newz Kennels if he wanted to really ensure a family get together.

Hurricane Mitch

Thanks OCALA.


Just saw the Tim Russert news on CNBC. Sad, sudden and very sad...

Posted by: 86Cane | June 13, 2008 at 05:41 PM

Very sad indeed. a brilliant political mind that will be missed.


I just posted this at the SS. No need to respond just wanted you all to know:

My version, then I will put this to rest:

1. Dealing with these spammers has been difficult and frustrating for all of us here at the SS and at CS. It has put us all on edge and on the defensive to combat this disturbing trend.

2. MH you intentionally spread spam full of hate which only perpetuates the problem. If you call this "defending" me or Canespace then you are wrong. Your intentions may have been good but the results of your actions were negative and damaging.

3. You know for a fact that at Canespace we delete content like that almost immediately. And you also know that comments like that are of high interest here, reinforce negative stereotypes and never get deleted here. Your posting that content here reflects irresponsible and hurtful behavior by you.

4. Posting those comments here not only spread hate filled spam but ensured that it would live on. That was simply wrong, demonstrated poor judgement on your part and resulted in negative exposure for me and Canespace.

5. You then ignored my repeated requests to address this issue over private email rather than on the blog. You insisted on using this public forum instead. That again demonstrates poor judgement and raises the possibility of alternative motives. Why not take this issue private when offered the opportunity? Refusing to handle this individually and insisting on using the blogs and take the issue public is behavior that is childlike, not mature or responsible.

6. As a result you were banned from Canespace as a responsible, professional business decision not a "childlike" response as you stated above.

I regret having to make this decision and enjoyed blogging with you as have many Canespacers. You are an excellent blogger that offers humor, insight and good content. Your love of Canes baseball is admirable and I share your passion for the Canes hardballers.

I am a reasonable person and firmly believe that ALL conflicts can be resolved in a positive and productive manner. Therefore, I repeat my request for you to email me at host@canespace.com so we can attempt to work this out in private and OFF the blogs.

I would like to resolve this issue and restore your ability to post at Canespace if you so choose. Thank you.



Signing Day: August 15, 2008 (Last day to honor MLB draft)

Pos. Player Hometown School Height Weight

2B Rolando Gomez Pembroke Pines, FL Flanagan 5-11 165

SS Harold Martinez# Miami, FL Braddock 6-3 190

3B Vickash Ramjit# Miami, FL Christopher Columbus 6-3 200

IF Nathan Melendres# Miami, FL Florida Christian 5-11 165

OF David Villasuso# Miami, FL Florida Christian 5-11 190

OF Ted Blackman Altamonte Springs, FL Lake Brantley 5-11 185

RHP Kevin Youst# Plantation, FL American Heritage 6-3 175

LHP Danny Miranda# Miami, FL Killian 6-1 215

LHP Gary Ward Chesapeake, VA Hickory 6-2 185

LHP Sam Robinson# Miami, FL Killian 6-0 165

# - Indicates player has signed letter of intent

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Cat5 Cane

Just got back... and having read today's soaps... as "The Blog Turns"

"Ha ha yeah they do Loco, but unless you do them all at once (then it's more like a left and a U turn) then you are farther behind where you started....

Oh not true kemosobe... U become further to the right and that makes U right,...right?... What started out to be a joke... turned out right...! Life is funny, that way!

IMO, Free MD is the correct move... Suggest to re-posture your positioning for future censorship blogs. There is not much we can do about the ghost but to continue to ban him when he comes on,... other then that, I say screw it and let us, the fans jump on the bones, when someone crosses the line... Who's in favor of that, speak-up


Villasuso is the best homerun hitter in miami


Super, that's what I'm talking about, baby!

Is Randle's family with him?


Besides Ryan Jackson who are the Canes starters who are coming back in 2009?


Super, that's what I'm talking about, baby!

Is Randle's family with him?

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 13, 2008 at 07:14 PM

His brother is, not sure about his parents. Probably are. Would love if we got a commit from him this weekend, doubt it though. :)


Yes, the sparkly kind of rock will do. A girl is a girl all her life you know, and diamonds area girls best friend!!
Heartbreaking about Tim Russert. My eyes teared up when I happened to turn the television on. I'm sorry for all who loved him and especially for that great Canes fan, Chuck Todd. Sad sad for honest true journalism, and what is an election without Tim Russert??? We will miss him for his great insight.
Can't wait for tomorrow night. HDTV and a beer and popcorn, and my favorite couch. How great is that????


Super, yeah, it's early. But strange things happen. :) I remember Forston pulled the trigger a lot earlier than he said he would. We hadn't even offered Jacory this time last year. And PJ was the big early commit.

Funny how it works. I think Randle will be a Cane though, especially after he sees this season. His brother's influence won't hurt one bit though. lol

What do you think will happen with this extra 'ship Luqman opened up??

Could it be Berry, if his grades come up??


Cat 5, I agree, let the fools blog and we'll ignore or discipline them ourselves. lol

At this point, everyone knows who everyone really is, so who cares about an imposter.


CVS, I forgot to thank you for that great read on the '83 squad. That was the Foundation for everything. Can't thank Schnell enough.


New blog is up!

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