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June 02, 2008


Mr Troutman



Congrats to the ball club. Super regionals here we come!!!


TROUT...obviously you have become the master of sneaking in the back door!

GO CANES! Canespace is going to the 305!!!


ACC looking good, SEC looking like garbage. So much for Miami's record being 'inflated'. Go Canes!


JC...check this out:



Ryan "Action" Jackson Awarded:


By the way...had U attended our previous Titanic pre-game parties U too could have met in person his WONDERFUL parents who also frequent The Ti before games. They even signed the banner, you know which one!


Six games tonight to decide the Super Regionals. I'll write up my thing for posting tomorrow once the next round is set 86.

Arizona @ Miami
Coastal Carolina @ UNC
UC Irvine @ LSU
Houston/TXAM @ Rice Fresno/San Diego @ Arizona St
Wichita St vs Florida St/Tulane
NC State vs UGA/GA Tech
Stanford/Pepperdine vs UCLA/CSF

FYI, many of the Game 7s tonight are of interest to the Canes. On Miami's side of the bracket in Omaha would be the #4,#5, and #8 seeds. So that means the following teams might await after Arizona:

Wichita St vs Florida St/Tulane (for the #4 spot in the CWS)

NC State vs UGA/GA Tech (for the #8 spot... Miami's first game might be against an ACC team)

Stanford/Pepperdine vs UCLA/CSF (for the #5 spot)

First things first though. Arizona is a good team. Their fans are already predicting a win in 3 games, saying if it was anywhere but the 305 UA would sweep for sure.


JC...keep us informed as ONLY U can.

Inquiring minds want to know who the Canes will face, and when and where.

SUPER at The Light, and then if we win on to Omaha. Who's going? Keoki, Aqua and Mitch, U out there???


CanSawMassacare in Da House!!!!!!

What is up everybody? Hope all is well. Took a brief leave of absence from posting but I've been following the linnks. The baseballers are doing their thing. Super Regionals up next. Can't wait to see another championship at the U!!!

Go Canes!!!


CaneSaw...good to see U lurking around The Space again! U know what we say:

Post here, post often...


Great game yesterday - was happy for EE.

Anyway, 2010 prospect returning BTW left guard Jose Jose has dropped his weight from 350 to 330 and has the U, West Virginia and FIU looking at him.


nice banner at the top, who do we credit for it?


nice read on the BCS coaches, including Randy:



What's up everyone! I know I haven't been on in a while but the only thing I can say to everyone is...told ya so!

GO CANES BASEBALL!! All the way to Omaha!


nice banner at the top, who do we credit for it?

Posted by: miamimike01 | June 02, 2008 at 01:13 PM

MM01...had U been paying attention and reading then U would have KNOWN that it was SolarCane sitting in his basement/bomb shelter working furiously at his 'puter.


What's up everyone! I know I haven't been on in a while but the only thing I can say to everyone is...told ya so!

GO CANES BASEBALL!! All the way to Omaha!

Posted by: MattInNY | June 02, 2008 at 01:56 PM

MattinwhereverUare...don't even try it. U were absent when we needed U most and now U want to come in and say "I told U so"?

Don't even...LOL


Watch this blog explode now...

June and summer means time for the summer preview mags to start hitting shelves. Athlon I think is first to press this year. Their top 25 for college football 2008?

1. Florida
2. Ohio State
3. Oklahoma
4. USC
5. UGA
6. Mizzou
7. West Virginia
8. Auburn
9. LSU
10. Clemson
11. Texas
12. Wisconsin
13. Kansas
14. BYU
15. Arizona State
16. Illinois
17. Tennessee
18. Texas Tech
19. Oregon
20. South Florida
21. Virginia Tech
22. Rutgers
23. Penn State
24. Wake Forest
25. Fresno State


I can't explode on Athlon for placing it as such... their top three teams have the top two passers last year, a heisman winner, a team that has played in 2 NC games (if we remember about us, didn't we get blasted in 1985 against Tennessee 35-7 when the NC was a possibility - had we won, we would have won it, and lost the very next year in 86?) a team that beat us 51-13; at 4 is USC, a team that has double digit wins every year since 2002, and UGA, who beat up UF in jax and also played pretty darn good ball and won the Sugar Bowl.


86...THis is formally Matt in LA. COme on bro you knew that! If anyone can say I told you so its me!


preseason polls mean nothing. Whoever starts 4-0 out of the shoot means something. objectivity vs. subjectivity!


Arizona is going to be a tough matchup in the Supers. They really remind me a lot like Miami was last year...preseason high expectations but falling way short in the end. But their #1 and #2 starters and the back end of that bullpen is very good. Should be a great series. Our pitching better be on top of its game b/c I do not think the Arizona starters will give up much. We have to get to them early and often, it is what alot of the pac-10 teams to beat them.


Nothing really to explode about... The Gayturds are a little higher than I have seen in other polls. But hopefully that just means that we will knock them out of the top spot when we meet in them in the swamp.

When are the Super Regional pairings coming out. I thought it was supposed to be at 11:30. If anyone knows please post...

Go Canes!!!!!!


Real Canes...11 tonight. All the games have to be over before the pairings come out and most of the remaining games don't start until 7pm or so.


Jake, the preseason polls definitely give some schools a ceiling. Means a team in Miami's position MUST go undefeated to play for the 'ship while the top 10 teams can definitely afford a loss, maybe even two if there is enough attrition.

For some teams, even undefeated might not be good enough. Look at how Mizzou and Kansas wouldn't advance until teams like LSU and WVU lost twice last year. Fortunately a 5-time national champion doesn't have to worry about such things.

CVS, not sure what your point is on 1985. OU won the title, and the Canes beat OU, so it stands to reason that had UM beaten Tennessee, they'd have been '85 champs. How that would have related to performance '86 is highly debatable, but seeing as how the Canes didn't win then either, who cares? It's a more compelling question whether we would have won the '87 title without the motivation of the '86 loss.


Never mind I see now we are playing the Wild Cats. Should be a good series.


well here was something that i think shows what people think of our talent. FAU had more guys listed in the players to watch for the 2009 draft in the Lindy's NFL magazine than we did. They had 1 guy and we had none.


RC but for us it doesn't matter, we play Arizona while some of the other teams have to wait until tonight to see who they play. The only thing that is not official is where the Miami/Arizona series will be played at but unless an asteroid hits the heads of the committee between now and tonight, the series is in Miami.


Matt, definitely agree about Arizona. Though the Super Regional is always tough. The Clemson team the Canes swept in 2001 had some serious pitching. Something about the Canes at the Light in the postseason makes them unbeatable.

RCF, super regional pairings are already known. See my post above. Who plays and where though depends on results. There are 3 west coast game 7s today, so I don't know how they hope to make an announcement at 11PM today. The Fullerton UCLA game doesn't even start til 11PM eastern.


Here's a repost of some new NCAA 09 info I posted yesterday in case any video game heads missed it.

Some quick NCAA 09 news...

My frat bro MadScientist06 just got back from the EA Community Day event for Madden and NCAA 09. Here are some more NCAA Ranking for Canes players that I didn't have in my initial preview. Picking up from where I left off. Name and overall rating.

Anthony Reddick - 87
Baby J - 87 (90 speed and 80 strength)
Allen Bailey - 87 (78 speed and 87 strength)
Antonio Dixon - 86 (93 strength)
Romeo Davis - 86 (86 speed)
Reggie Youngblood 86 - (89 strength)
DVD - 86 (95 - speed)


JC...which is one main reason why I give Miami the edge in the series, b/c the series is in Miami. Plus Arizona has been so up and down this year that I do not believe they can put together and play 3 quality games in a row. Plus their #1 is good but Guilmet has been so inconsistant this year which was very much like Scott Maine for us last year. But the bottom line is the Canes are just a better team...period! They will win the series, mark my words, put it down and book the planes to Omaha.


What's up Legioneers!

Guess what? I am in MIAMI. I got here last week. And after 7+ years, I must say it is good to be back. Miami has changed a little. There are palm trees in the main city areas, every house has a small human size recycling bin, there are city trash cans at every bus stop, and the city has been building their tails off. But the weather feels the same - muggy.

Hey, I heard we are Regional Champions. Congratulations - Canes Baseball is Again Stomping the Yard. It seem like next year we will be competing for the crown of the major 3 sports.

This is my 4th state I have visited since I talked to you all last - and to me Miami will always be.


Sorry I did not finish my post.

Miami will always be - "the City of Champions". I could say this confidently because if there is one thing I realized after being away so long - Miami and it's people are the MOST unique place/people in America. That uniquiness, even considering our weather, must be the INGREDIENTS of why we are "the City of Champions". We are INDEPENDENT, CONFIDENT, COMPETITIVE, PROUD, UNYEILDING, COURAGOUS, AND (as I said be for) 100% UNIQUE. It is just too bad that I can't stay longer.


WAAAAA HUUUUU!!!! I just bought my tickets for the Florida game through the Hurricane Club. GO CANES!!! I cannot wait to beat those lizards!


"WAAAAA HUUUUU!!!! I just bought my tickets for the Florida game through the Hurricane Club. GO CANES!!! I cannot wait to beat those lizards!" Posted by: MattInNY | June 02, 2008 at 04:07 PM

What? Our next victim is the Gaytors. When is it? Damn! I wont be around long enough to see it.


He means football, not baseball. Canes play Arizona this weekend.


Florida has already gone up in smoke in the Tallahassee Regional in 2 games. They suck in baseball, Florida is not even worth the breath to talk about in baseball.


"Florida is not even worth the breath to talk about in baseball." Posted by: MattInNY | June 02, 2008 at 04:53 PM

Now that is what I am talking about. We will be competing in the major three sports next year but the Turds are resuming their natural and rightful place in college sports which is - in the Toilet Bowl.


"Lowery says he'd like to visit Florida"

Boy, I tell yah. When the Cats away the Lizards will play.


86...THis is formally Matt in LA. COme on bro you knew that! If anyone can say I told you so its me!

Posted by: MattInNY | June 02, 2008 at 02:38 PM

Matt...I knew it was U bro', I was just busting your chops for dipping out on us in our time of GREAT need. Canes baseball has been rockin' the blog for over a month now and you have been nowhere to be found.

Fortunately for us, JC and Meph have stepped up to the plate and really carried the load. You should go back and read some of the blogs written lately about Canes baseball. Good stuff!

We blew the SS and the MH out of the water with our blogs. The best Canes baseball coverage is LIVE here on The Space!


Trust me 86, I would have liked to have been here rather than doing what I have been doing. Between moving to a new state, blogging is tough. But I am back and will not stray again 86! I will be here through the Super's and CWS.

I read some of the stuff from Mephis, he and I were always on the same page when it came to college baseball and is a knowledgable guy when it comes to college baseball. He and I are like brother when it comes to the subject! Don't know much about JC but the little I have talked to him he seems to be there as well.


Matt...U and Meph were always the resident experts on Canes baseball, but JC has come on STRONG this year and written some HIGH quality stuff. Here is a sample:



I actually owe Manny an article which I am working on for him when the Canes get to Omaha, but nothing before that. In my opinion, you cannot compare other Miami teams w/ this one until this team gets to Omaha.

Cat5 Cane







Great! I always enjoy talking w/ others about college baseball b/c not that many people can speak intelligently about the subject so I am all for talking shop w/ JC b/c the more the merrier.


You start 35th in the nation and finish 87th, you don't make a whole lot of top 25 lists the next year.....



Solar...everybody LOVES the new banner!

Funny, the first version was too wide and the second one was a tad narrow???


Solar...I agree we have no place arguing for any ranking until we beat some teams and BIG in 2008.

I think what JC was trying to get at was that these teams are ranked ahead of us:

22. Rutgers
23. Penn State
24. Wake Forest
25. Fresno State


UM connections:

5. UGA = Mark Richt

8. Auburn = Tommy Tubbervile

13. Kansas = Bill Youngs former defense

15. Arizona State = Dennis Erickson


Can't believe they left Baylor off the list with the smokin' hot NEW QB they have:



Baylor schedule opens at:

Aug. 28, 2008 at Wake Forest
Day: Thursday
Date: Aug. 28, 2008
Location: Waco, Texas
Time: 7:00 p.m. CT



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