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June 22, 2008



I know the All-Florida WS would just KILL MLB ratings, but I don't care! lol
I root for you guys... When you're not playing us ;-)


Your right Cooper. Alot of the kids in Dade have serious grade issues. Miami is already sweating out grades this year and they took 32 kids. Imagine next year taking 18 kids and having 4 kids not make it. Obvisously all 3 of the TE commits are not going to the line. Miami desperately needs bodies at that position. Finallly, why would Miami want Berry's commitment if he has very little chance of ever being allowed to enroll.


Willingham installed the West Coast offense at Notre Dame in 2002 before Weiss even got there. Bill Diedrick was his O-Coordinator.

Notre Dame wasn't putting up the kind of numbers before Weiss got there with Willingham and Diedrick that they did with Weiss tutoring Quinn and company. Samardzija and Stovall both had less than 22 catches with Willingham -

2004 - Samardzija 17 for 274 0 TDs
2004 - Stovall 17 for 313 1 TD

(no ND receiver had more than 6 TDs, only 1 had more than 4 TDs, only 17 TOTAL TDs through the air)

The 1st year Weiss took over -

2005 - Samardzija 77 for 1249 15 TDs
2005 - Stovall 69 for 1149 11 TDs

(32 Total TD's through the air for the receivers)

2006 - Samardzija 78 for 1017 12 TDs
2006 - McKnight 67 for 907 15 TDs

(37 Total TD's through the air for the receivers)

Quinn had 100 less throws in 2004 than he did in 2005 when Weiss got there.

2004 - 2,586 yards 17 TD's on 353 attempts
2005 - 3,919 yards 32 TD's on 450 attempts
2006 - 3,426 yards 37 TD's on 467 attempts

Weiss have everything to do with their offense.


Loco - if that All-Florida World Series happened, haha, it would be a death wish on MLB ratings. I'm watching the game right now and the stands are .. well ... unless everyone is dressed like an empty seat, then they're full, otherwise - not so much full.

We can't really draw that well here either at the Trop unless it's a concert night. They've had a few concert nights on Saturdays ..

- Kool % the Gang (yes, people showed up for that)

- Some country singer guy named Trace Adkins? (big crowd for that)

- The Commodores (thought they were dead)

- Gilberto Santa Rosa (no idea)

Next concerts in line after the games,


- MC Hammer (haha) July 19th

- LL Cool J (not bad) Aug. 2

Other than that though man, the place doesn't really draw like it should. When the Cubs came to town and the D-Rays swept them, the attendance was nuts .. something like an average of 30,000 at each of the games. Even when the Yankees come to town it's not as big as it was ... just proves how big of bandwagon they are. When the Red Sox come to town next week, that place should be nuts - esp. after that punk-azz garbage that Coco Crisp pulled up in Boston charging the mound.

dj moonbat@gmail.com

"Tell me how many college coaches have actually succeeded as an NFL Head Coach..."

How many? Probably not a whole lot.

But Bill Walsh coached Stanford. And as you note, JJ coached UM. The machines those guys built won a LOT of Super Bowls.

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