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June 22, 2008



I hate to tell this to Lamar Thomas, but YOU BEAT Clifton Abraham for the game winning TD, not T-Buck in 1992. T-Buck was already in the pros by then.


"Shannon is gonna get it done but I doubt that you will ever see a points differential ratio of 386 PF to 100 PA (1991). Those were the days..."

Posted by: SOUP | June 24, 2008 at 12:16 AM

Soup, I'm surprised you said this.

In three years Shannon will beat BOTH of those numbers.

3 Years, like 1982 said, 3 years.


Slim and Calvin, thanks for reminding me about Berry. That's the True U way to do it because kids that slack in HS will definitely be in waaay over their heads in college.

CVS, always on point with the player stats. How exactly do you remember all that stuff??

WRs.....this year??

Kayne and Khalil have the most to prove and the most to lose, like LT said, they have 364 days to get it done.

BUT, J-Mac and Hank will be right on their heels.

The freshmen...Deuce is obviously in the lead but I expect Byrd, Streeter and at least one of the smaller guys to light it up.


He SHOULD be the second coming of Thrill Hill.

With Aubry guiding the troops now, I expect him to take a giant step closer to that goal.

Lou of M

Alabama LB Jimmy Johns arrested on cocaine charges. Too bad Saban wasnt with him


SuperSport better step it up!!

PhillyS and DJ thanks for the AC heads up. We ended up eating at Pat's. Jim's and Geno's was way too busy!!

Good shyt!!

Thanks again


Cane Since 1982

Alabama LB Jimmy Johns arrested on cocaine charges
1 hour ago

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Alabama linebacker Jimmy Johns has been arrested on drug charges.

Authorities said he was arrested Tuesday in Tuscaloosa and taken to the county jail. He was charged with selling cocaine and possessing ecstasy pills found at his home. Undercover investigators allegedly bought drugs from the Crimson Tide senior.

Police did not immediately return a call and it wasn't known if Johns had a lawyer. There was no immediate comment from Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Johns played running back and receiver last season and he moved to linebacker in the spring.




It would be a blessing for K. Jones, K. Farquharson & S. Shields to step up & allow the youngsters to groom behind them. That way next year Marve would really be a leader. Not just because of position but also 'cause of experience...


Can someone post some highlights of Lamar Miller & Jamaal Berry???


For U Coke:

Lamar Miller



Coke: Jaamal Berry


Glad you are feeling better!


86, why did you have to go over to the SS a few days ago and try and stir the pot again. you talk about being the bigger man and then you go and do this stupid stuff. How do you think this gives you any credibility? Do you want to keep having these attackers come and make a mockery of your site. Do you like having to delete posts all the time? you bring this stuff here because you go out of your way to start stuff over at the SS. you can erase this post if you want too but it should bring up some questions about your character. Below are your posts at the SS a couple days back and you wonder why you have been having problems lately?


At least you guys are talking about football for a change. That is refreshing! Even if most of it's James talking about Gators or FSU football but at least its football right?

And of course it took a true Canespacer to get the conversation (SuperCooper) going, but hey it still counts right?

LT#36 interview part II:


Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 08:21 PM


James...your vulgar language will not earn you any respect or bonus points on the blog. Is that what your mother taught you to say?

Are the Canes still playing Stanford? Is that baseball game still in the fifth inning???

Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 08:41 PM


I'll send your comments to Shandel and his editor in the morning for further action.

Thank you for displaying your ignorance, again.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 08:43 PM


I simply stated facts. You are the one that resorted to using profane language right? I certainly didn't do that!

U Gators are so hostile and angry...you should seek some sort of treatment for that, huh?

Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 08:50 PM


FF40..it's cool, I'm gone!

Out of RESPECT for Shandel, not James or other bloggers here.

Have fun guys...

Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 09:09 PM


would be nice to see Kahlil become the next Yatil Green. Kayne the next Chris T. Jones. and Sam Shields the next Thrill.





Seminole High WR DeBose has UM in his Top 5 and stays in touch with Aubrey Hill. He also said that the Swamp Pope calls him every other day......


Canez1 do you EVER work??? LOL


Nick Alajajian is a Gator. Sucks, kid is a stud. We were never really in it though.


I am a Cane, even though I went to FSU and will matriculate to Notre Dame on August 1.

My Notre Dame password has something to do with the Canes and owning ND, LOL.



he's a gator for now.


Thanx for the hi-lights & the concern. For the record...

Shannon & Co. must be hi off of me. Jamaal Berry looks better than Lamar Miller. JB runs like a bigger stronger Noel Devine. I'm not saying Miller ain't worthy but if he is, Berry deserves an offer RIGHT NOW!!! Berry's the type of game breaking, shifty, speedback we don't & haven't had in a while. Miller looks like a smaller but faster version of Bryce Brown.



Always possible that he'll get his hands to become "good enough". if that happens then its over.

Posted by: Esteban | June 24, 2008 at 12:55 AM

Este...That's exactly what LT said! He said if he gets a couple catches and his confidence up WATCH OUT.


Why is it that the Tallahassee Democrat has stories almost every day on 'Nole football - what they're doing in the spring to prepare, stories on incoming frosh or transfers, etc. and the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel have nothing about the 'Canes .. except if an injury occurs and those aren't even fully accurate. Bailey has a torn pec .. no wait .. Bailey has overly strained ligaments .. no wait .. Bailey's heart somehow jumped out of his chest, ala Aliens, and helped him complete a set of flyes .. no wait ...

That MSNBC column that Canez1 posted is amazing - a Tampa Bay newspaper writer actually taking time to write about, THE U? My god, someone down in Gables must have his family held hostage and sent him pictures of it with a ransom note attached. Someone else actually preaching "patience" to the fans? I'll tell you my prediction of the season a little later, believe me, it won't be popular. I love Marve, he's a local kid who I watched all the time here in Tampa. He's an absolute animal competitively on the field and in the film room. Same with Jacory and anyone down in Dade/Broward who made it to Northwestern games .. of the two games I saw of Jacory, the one against the 90210 Pretty Boys Holier than Thou team of Southlake Carroll on ESPNU and up close and personal on the field with him and the other Northwestern ballers at the FHSAA Championship game in Orlando.

Think about this though and I'm just putting it out there - how is it that Notre Dame who lands a top 4 class yearly, suck so badly and they have an arguably weaker schedule than anyone with a half a brain will admit to? You have a proven former NFL coach as your head coach in Charlie Weiss - with the Giants, the defensive assistant and special teams assistant coach under Parcells .. then RB coach (Rodney Hampton anyone?). With Parcells again in New England and was the TE coach (Ben Coates anyone?) .. then RB coach and was the lead person in drafting some guy named Curtis Martin and helped him develop into one of most consistently productive RB's in NFL history .. then the WR coach. With Parcells again in New York with the Jets and was the WR coach .. then the O-Coordinator. Then went to the Patriots and became the O-Coordinator, helped develop Tom Brady and win 3 Super Bowls.

Now, with all the pedigree he has - the guy can only work so many miracles with a young QB. He had one of the most over-glamorized QB recruits come to Notre Dame in Jimmy Clausen. Clausen was top everything in every publication known to man about recruiting. Rivals, Scout, ESPN, etc. I remember 60 Minutes doing a story on this kid when he was a Junior in High School. I think that slobbering old man Beano Cook didn't even need a keg of liquid Viagra to get a woody when even thinking about Clausen wearing that puke colored gold helmet. Beano is the same genius that said "It's not a matter of IF Ron Powlus will win the Heisman, it's a matter of HOW MANY he will win" ... ya, nice prediction Beano, shut the hell up.

Weiss's first two years were 9-3 and 10-3 with Brady Quinn. His first year with super-uber savior QB Jimmy Clausen of Touchdown Jesus University - 3-9. Coming into that season, they had nine 4 star recruits on offense and four 4 star recruits on defense. What did people blame the garbage season on? Was it because they got a new D-Coordinator? Was it because they got a new QB coach? Maybe b/c they returned 3 starters on offense and 5 starters on defense? They lost their starting QB, WR (2), RB, OG, DE, DT, DB (2), S .. while they also lost a WR and DL (2) who were rotation players.

Their starting QB after the 1st game was a FR in Clausen. They had RB by committee with a JR, SO and FR (from Hialeah-Miami Lakes). Their leading WR's were 2 JR's a SR and their leading receiver was the TE. In the same amount of games played, Clausen threw for 493 yards less than Kyle Wright. Clausen also only threw 7 TD's to Kyle's 12, but had 6 INT's to Kyle's 14.

I'm asking, does anyone think this might happen with The U? I'm not saying it will, I'm just posing the question. Take your Beano Cook orange and green homer hats off for a second and think about it. I don't think it will be that bad, but, just as the MSNBC article says and everyone knows it - not a single QB on the 'Canes roster has taken a snap in a college game .. they're all freshman of some sort, whether it be red-shirt or not. I think the year of learning under Marve's belt will help, and I love the way the kid is a tenacious competitor and freak of film study - but until he gets his baptism by fire, it'll be an interesting year. Boss Man Shannon and the boys need to just obliterate Charleston Southern - get these kids some courage under fire. I know the younger 'Canes don't know what it feels like to lose when they play .. all the Northwestern and Booker T. kids, hell, even Marve not knowing what it's like to lose as a starter. We'll see how they handle adversity and tough times ahead. From 2009 on will be a completely different story - they'll all have a year under their belt. The 'Canes still need to build depth along with maturation, not only physically but mentally.


3 years 86 3 years

Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | June 24, 2008 at 08:08 AM

U have been VAULTED!

DallasTX Cane

not football, but for anyone who follows...seems like the Everglades may have gotten a great break...finally some good news bout The Glades



I hate to tell this to Lamar Thomas, but YOU BEAT Clifton Abraham for the game winning TD, not T-Buck in 1992. T-Buck was already in the pros by then.

Posted by: CVS | June 24, 2008 at 12:26 PM

CVS...that was my error, not Lamar's. I just listened to the recording from the interview again and he clearly states that he beat T-Buck in 1990 and Clifton Abraham in 1992. In fact he even told a story about him and Abraham being teamates at Tampa Bay.


And didn't someone (slim32) mention something about Berry not having the GRADES TO GET IN?

If the kid isn't taking care of business in high school to get his grades up, then how is he going to handle it in college .. esp. a private school such as The U? You remember Torrance Marshall of Oklahoma? MVP of the 2001 Orange Bowl that Miami should've been in instead of Florida State? Torrance was from Miami, wanted to be a 'Cane but didn't have the grades to get in ... TWICE. He went to Military school, then Miami Dade CC - still couldn't get into The U. But, some how some way, Stoops at Oklahoma got him in. What's that say about their academic standards.

In that line of thinking, was Torrance a baller? Ya, you could probably say that. Do you think The U missed out on him by not somehow lowering their standards to get him in? Butch Davis was trying to rebuild the program the correct way - wouldn't he have looked like a complete hypocrite in letting this kid in? I think Butch did pretty OK with the kids he had there instead of the years Torrance could've been there: Nate Webster, Dan Morgan, Howard Clark, Chris Campbell, Darrell McClover, DJ Williams, Johnathan Vilma.

Not having Berry isn't the end of the world.


By the way .. my Devil Rays are down there in Miami to take care of business.

On a side note: what would you be willing to trade for Josh Willingham? The Marlins already have two former Rays - Cantu and Hendrickson .. why not make another deal for some, haha.

The Marlins are a long-ball team, they'll have plenty of chances to tee off against Sonny tonight (Andy Sonnanstine 8-3 .. 4.92 ERA .. 16 BB) - even though Sonny took care of business last time he faced the Marlins ... 5 1/3 innings pitched giving up 6 hits and 3 runs - while the boys took care of business at the plate and came away with a 6-3 win.


Cocane, I actually think Miller is better right now than Berry. He's as fast and has more moves at the LOS. Berry also looks rather short but strong, stronger than Devine.

As Calvin said, though, just because everyone else has offered you doesn't mean the U will offer you. His grades must be pizz-poor for real. But he must know the U is offering all these other RBs who aren't as talented as he is.

The message is loud and clear. No one player makes or breaks The U. You have to be sharp and prepared in every way. We will be more than alright without him.

If anyone loses in this game it will be Berry, because no one else is building what Shannon is building right now. So for that reason I hope the young man pulls his shyt together and maybe gets an offer from The Boss. If not, I hope he learns the lesson about WHY The Boss didn't offer him and pulls his shyt together.

Six, to compare Weiss the Incompetent to Shannon is almost insane.

Weiss took over Ty W's work in progress and showed that he doesn't know how to do much more than call West Coast Offense plays. In effect, he's been a notch or two above Medioker.

Part of the problem is that too many people are blowing smoke up his azz, from Rivals to Alums, and he's shown he doesn't know how to identify or develop talent. Then when the shyt hits the fan he's left looking like a little Tuna Fish washed up on the Jersey Shore. lol

I don't think he really understands what it takes to excel at D-1 college football these days. There's a reason why Oscar Meyer turned down that job. HOME GROWN TALENT.

ND, for all its ancient history, is hemmed in by OSU, Meech, and even the Zooker next door has out-recruited Weiss in the flat-lands. His only pull is the "Gold Dome," or whatever it's called, but that shyt is so faded it barely twinkles these days.

Weiss comes from no college tradition to my knowledge, whereas Shannon is the direct disciple of JJ. And Shannon is pure SoFl when it comes to arrogance and confidence..."I know when I stepped on the field I knew I was the best player. That's the type of players we want to recruit here."

WTF does Weiss know about that?? He had his players write the word 'NASTY" on their wristbands before LSU stomped them out a few years ago.

Okay, Charlie. See you next year.


CVS, I'm a Cane 4 Life too but your memory of the most minute details of games is amazing. Seriously, and I have a great memory, selective but great. lol

Super, Ajajian must like that giant campus feel. Some kids like it. How he can't see through Oscar Meyer though, is a little disappointing or maybe surprising. Then again, these kids are 17. Oscar will always be able to find enough to fill a class. Now whether they stay and play or not is another matter. lol

But they'll find another OL to develop.

Cat5 Cane

Guys, I didn't start this, so don't yell at me but Selling sugarcane fields might be premature to the needs of alternative gas/ fuel... ethanol.
From what I've been reading, Sugar cane is up to 8 times more effecient then Corn ethanol.

See just one report and then expand you mind and search... the net!


Taken as a excerpt of the above.
Another important aspect is the total fossil energy used in the industry to convert sugars in the same quantity of ethanol. Sugarcane uses four times less energy than corn, 1.6 billion kcal for sugarcane as compared with 6.6 billion for corn (Table 1). It should be emphasized that sugarcane alcohol production costs are much more lower than those of corn alcohol (Table 1), without considering the subsidies paid to the American corn growers and distillers. The production cost of sugarcane ethanol is much lower than that of corn: U$0,28/L versus U$0,45/L. Relative to fossil fuels, emissions of greenhouse effect gases was reduced 66% with the production and combustion of sugarcane ethanol and 12% with the production and combustion of corn ethanol (Figure 2).

In looking up the advantages... there are so many other article that promote sugar cane... as the leading advantage,... ask yourself,... why do we want to get rid of the sugar crops... is it "Big Money" behind the shovel that is burring us?... I don't know? but I do not trust government nor the power brokers behind the curtains that pull the strings for our future in ten years!...

This is my 6th decade to watch big money play the puppet master.. and trust me, when I say, nothing is what it seems and you must look at the futures market to determine where the real underlying program is going!... think global!


Super, Debose is worried about PT and competition. I guarantee that's what Bobby is whispering in his ear.

"Son, now listen to me, you come here and you'll start from day one. If you go to Miami you won't even see the field until your junior year."


Cat, you're telling me people are selling sugar cane fields?? To whom?


Cat, you're telling me people are selling sugar cane fields?? To whom?

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 24, 2008 at 06:53 PM

From what I heard on the news The Clewiston-area cane fields might get sold to the state of florida so that they can "restore the everglades to its natural state" or something like that

DallasTX Cane

not football, but for anyone who follows...seems like the Everglades may have gotten a great break...finally some good news bout The Glades


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | June 24, 2008 at 05:55 PM

Cat5, true bout sugarcane being a far superior source for ethanol than corn. in fact, the last 10 days of flooding in the mid-west may have doomed US corn ethanol. Brazil is the leading producer in the world of sugarcane ethanol. we need to be getting our ethanol from them. the increased corn production is leading to increased chemical contamination of mississippi wet-lands and enlarging the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico.

As for the Glades, i'm anti Big Sugar in every manner i can be. i dont see the point in being "environmentally friendly" by opposing off-shore oil drilling, but at the same time tolerating Big Sugar and their destruction of the Glades.


This might be the dumbest thing I have ever read:

"By now most of you have read the great stories that Chris Stock and David Lake put out on Mike James and Bryce Brown.

I find it very intriguing that UM, who won't offer local running back Jaamal Berry a scholarship, offered James a running back from Davenport, Florida, a scholarship.

Most of you probably don't know where Davenport is. Heck, I consider myself a geography wiz when it comes to Florida and I had no clue where Davenport was. I figured it was somewhere by Tampa and I was close as it's located between Orlando and Lakeland.

So what makes James so special that he got an offer from Miami? I really don't know because I've never seen him play a down of football in person, but I've seen Berry and I've seen Lamar Miller. And I've seen plenty of film on Brown.

Basically for all that has been said to Berry according to him and the interviews we've conducted with him, the words from the coaches to him seem to be lies. Berry has told InsideTheU.com that coaches have told him they are trying to fit him in.

Well how do you fit him in when you are offering another running back a scholarship before him? I am just curious as to the logic in that. It doesn't make sense, does it?

If that's not a big slap on Berry's face, I don't know what is. Basically, Miami has told Berry with this recent offer to James, "We don't want you, Jaamal!"

If Berry wasn't already on the verge of blowing Miami off, now would be the time to start doing so.

The recruiting game is what it is, a game, pure and simple. But the reality remains that Miami is making offers to players that most of us have never even heard of.

There aren't ten offers out there to players from Miami-Dade right now and it's not that the players aren't good enough. Only eight Miami-Dade prospects have offers right now. Not on the list are Rodney Smith, Berry, Frankie Telfort or Quan Fletcher, who are regarded as four of the top eight prospects according to InsideTheU.com. So what's the deal?

How many tight ends who will never play tight end at Miami are the 'Canes going to offer? I mean goodness, we've got three tight end commitments who are all being looked at like potential future offensive tackles. I don't know how that makes other people feel, but it disgusts me because that's a direct reason why our offensive line hasn't been good of late. Constant position changes have destroyed careers of players lately at UM.

The list is long of players who played certain positions in high school and got to UM and were moved to new positions, even positions they had never played before in high school. I can roll down a list of names of players who have gone to UM and either had their positions changed while there or played positions they never played before.

The current list of commitments is also far from impressive. A.J. Highsmith seems to be more of Randy Shannon is friends with Alonzo Highsmith type deal. I mean come on, he plays QB. Does anyone really think he'll ever sniff a down at QB at UM?

Last year at this point people were foaming at the mouth over commitments from Marcus Forston, Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson and more. Now, we're left wondering which big time prospect will finally commit here. It's been some time since Brown made his announcement.

Without even looking at 2008, I'll look at 2009. The reality is, Miami will have ten eight to ten receivers who will be freshmen or sophomores. Should the 'Canes take more than two-three receivers in this next class? I'd say no.

At the same time, in 2009, the 'Canes running backs will be juniors and up. Brown is a lock. Then what? Maybe this kid James. Miller might come to Miami. But to not offer Berry remains mind boggling.

At the same time, we still have a major hole at corner and still not one commitment at the position. Ricardo Dixon just chose USF so that eliminates another potential corner for Miami.

The reality is to me, there should be offers to the following positions in order of need: Offensive Line (not tight ends who you hope will play offensive line, but real offensive linemen), Cornerback (not converting safeties into corners), running back and defensive line.

In my opinion, we are going to be solid at QB for a while, and still we should grab at least one QB. Wide receiver is not a position of need and neither is safety although converting safeties into corners does not exactly make me feel good.

Either way, I am just lost when it comes to what I've seen in terms of the direction of this class. Last year, we needed everything. This year, we need parts and to this moment, we're not even close to getting those parts.

We'll see how it plays out as there is a long way to go til signing day 2009, but it's clear as the day the type of momentum that we had in terms of recruiting last year is not there."


Jsut one question, if he hasn't seen James play and ITU considers themselves the best site for UM coverage, how the hell can he make a judgement on him? All of his credibility and argument goes out the window. Maybe, just maybe, Berry has bad grades. I think the staff would know more then us fans. We are already going to take 1 grade risk at RB in Miller, why take another in Berry and have a chance for both of them to not qualify? If that happend, the staff would look real stupid. James on the other hand has a 3.6 GPA and absolutley blew up at a recent camp. He can be used both as a FB and RB. And he sounds like a good kid. Maybe if Berry got his grades up, we would offer him. But from what people say, his grades are horrible. Worse then Millers'.

Anothe thing Rudy, Winston and Fox worked out pretty well as TE turned OL. Where are the examples of these converted OL having their career's ruined?

And Highsmith only getting an offer because of the connection with Randy and Highsmith Sr? What kind of BS is that? Maybe it has to do with the fact that he is athletic, can play DB, is a legacy, and is willing to work hard. Real lame to throw a kid under the bus like that who worked hard to get that offer and has dreamed of being a Hurricane. And obviously he isn't coming here to play QB.

86, I know you are boys with that site. But this was just ridiculous.

Cat5 Cane

Dallas... I don't have the answer but we are going down a one way road with oil and the dependence associated to foreign products...
I'm behind improved carburetor kits for the old and newer cars, alternative gas ans US independence of oil... (offshore, Alaska and Canada). If we just had the carburetors... and 100 MPG, we wouldn't foreign oil alone! But oil is old school and alternative fuels is the way to go in the future!


looks like Ruidy @ InsideTheU is none too happy with the 2009 recruiting class...then again he questioned the staff down the stretch prior to Feb as well...


I do agree we need some O-linemen... How many spots do we have for next year (15-16)?


Didn't see that Super just posted the same link... BTW, if Plein is 6 '6 240 as a Jr. he'll be easy 6 '6 300 at OT in couple years. I like his frame and desire to be Cane. Reminds me of a BC, UVA, or VT type of OT (VT and UVA have had GREAT success getting guys 6 '5+ w/ big frames and turningthem into All America/All Conf O-linemen).

Rudy knows all...

Cat5 Cane

Guy's,... it's been a longggg day, I'm out but will return...


Cav - i never compared Weiss to Boss Man Shannon. What I was saying is that how does Notre Dame get a top 5 recruiting class every year, have a NFL pedigree coach who obviously kids want to learn from, and be in a similar situation in the QB department as The U is this year ... Jimmy Clausen was on the #1 recruit in the nation his senior year in high school - just like Terrell Pryor was this past year. If I was comparing anything, I was comparing the fact that Notre Dame had such a high profile frosh at QB, just like The U will this year .. albeit, just like I stated, Marve has a year of studying under his belt - but hasn't taken a single snap in a college game, like Clausen has. It's not like you can blow too much smoke up Weiss's ass if he's pulling in the type of kids he has .. it's not like these kids aren't wanted by a laundry list of other big time programs.

Weiss also has a little higher of an academic standard wall he's backed into at Notre Dame - do you seriously think Urban Myth would be able to recruit the same kids to Notre Dame as he would with Florida? You gotta be f*ckin kidding me if anyone thinks that. You think Notre Dame would take Percy Harvin? Channing Crowder? who didn't even know where the hell London was - he even thought it was a country? Look at how many of Urban's players got arrested or were in trouble with the law since he's been there. Urban's best player on the team, Percy Harvin (who isn't homegrown talent from Florida), was banned from Virginia High School Athletics his senior year. The kid was kicked out of games both his junior and senior year b/c he liked to throw hands with opposing teams, he "allegedly" hit a referee and also "allegedly" stole trophies from his high school. You think Notre Dame would've allowed him in? Hell no. Weiss has 9 kids on his roster from Florida - 4 of them from down in Dade/Broward and 1 of them is from 'Cane blood .. Maurice Crum Jr. I have no f*cking clue why everyone is so enamored with ND, but they are. Tradition? Do any of the kids nowadays even know who the 4 horseman are? Joe Theisman? Do any of them even know that Joe Montana went there? When's the last time they even won a bowl game? I know for a fact that Ohio State is #57 in USNews Best Colleges 2008 - opposed to #19 Notre Dame. Michigan is closest tied at #25 with UCLA .. Illinois is #38. But it would be interesting to see what the minimum GPA and test scores are to get into Michigan, Ohio St., Illinois and Notre Dame. Esp. now with Rich Rod at Michigan, look at the kids he took at WVU. NOEL DEVINE among others?

Weiss has two real recruiting classes now under his belt, none of which are above sophomores in college. So essentially, he's got one class ahead of Boss Man - who's to say he didn't have "his" type of kids in yet and he was working with what he had to deal with already ... kinda like Boss Man did.

I can't stand Notre Dame, and I don't want to come off sounding like I'm defending them in any way .. my only purpose was to wonder about the comparison of a all-world recruit frosh QB in Clausen to the QB's that The U have. Copy and paste where I said Weiss and Boss Man Shannon were alike. I think I was comparing the QB situation if anything.

Let me ask you this, would you rather have Charlie Weiss as your O-Coordinator or Patrick Nix? Who do you think would do better with Marve, Harris, Smith and Cook?


Super, I have to agree with you. First of all, what does the kid being from Davenport have to do with ANYTHING? You can't build an argument base off of something completely unrelated, and besides, Allen Bailey grew up in the middle of nowhere, does that make him any less of a player?

Second, while CONSTANT position changes may have messed up careers, ONE position change has probably done more good than harm. Sean Taylor (RIP) was a running back. Sapp, Winston, Fox, etc etc

Third, it doesn't matter if they never played on the line before in high school, at TE, you still have to know how to block, and you pass block against DE's sometimes, which is the same whether you're a tackle or a TE... And most people in high school just play (if they are playmakers) where they can have the most impact. Hester played EVERYWHERE in high school. What's wrong with converting a QB? See Anquan Boldin and Hines Ward

Fourth, who cares if the recruits are highly touted? Who cares (other than ITU) whether they are on ITU's top recruit list? Wasn't Reed a 3 star? I think Taylor was a 2... So who cares?

Fifth, yes, we could use more corners. Maybe there just aren't any true corners out there right now. Maybe there is no Patrick Johnson or Brandon Harris. Or maybe Randy and co. are in a wait and see mode. Remember, there is still a whole 'nother YEAR to play

Finally, ITU is trusting that when Berry says that the coaches tell him they are trying to "fit him in" that he is telling the truth. He may just not have the grades, and they may have already told him that, but who would want to say THAT out loud to anybody? I mean come on, you can't trust everything you hear


CGNC it's working smarter not harder!! The american way ;)

As for recruiting it is a down year in SoFla. RS and the boys are taking what is given to them and if it's not there they are thinking out of the box to fill holes.

You gotta do what you gotta do when you are rocking a 5-7 record!

Someone at ITU need to take Berry's nutz out of their mouth. Get over it... He is not being recruited for a reason. O but maybe the entire staff has overlooked this kid and he slipped through the cracks, oops!! Ya that sounds about right!!



Let me ask you this, would you rather have Charlie Weiss as your O-Coordinator or Patrick Nix? Who do you think would do better with Marve, Harris, Smith and Cook?

Posted by: Six | June 24, 2008 at 07:36 PM

That's not a fair equation. There's plenty of great O coordinators that didn't pan out as head coaches. Norv Turner anyone?


What? I was asking who you would rather have as your college O-Coordinator .. Charlie Weiss or Patrick Nix - how is that not a fair equation? It's a simple question. Aren't both coaches in college? Charlie Weiss had 2 years to work with Brady Quinn and 1 year to work with Jimmy Clausen. Nix has 4 years under his belt as an O-Coordinator. 3 with GT and 1 with The U.

Tell me how many college coaches have actually succeeded as an NFL Head Coach - Jimmy Johnson and who ... Barry Switzer? Inheriting Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys? Bobby Ross maybe, with the one year he went to the Super Bowl with the Chargers but got absolutely blown out by the Niners?


BTW Six... Go Fish! lol


Its not a fair ? because Weis is the head coach, not the O-coordinator. Its the same with Randy and his defense


Super, consider the source. thats all i gotta say.


Dammit loco - GO DEVIL RAYS - man, you guys have 2 World Series, we don't even have a winning season yet in the 11 years we've been alive. I'm a die-hard and they're finally showing what their kids can do. Too bad the fans here suck, ha.

Come on Loco, I think you know that Weiss is really the O-Coordinator. He's the one given all the accolades for how their offense in 2005-2006 obliterated all Notre Dame offensive records and why Brady Quinn set 36 career, single-season, single-game and miscellaneous records after breaking 25 in that '05 season alone. Quinn is the Notre Dame career and single-season leader in passing yards (3,919 in '05; 11,762 in his career), pass completions (292 in '05; 929 in his career) and touchdown passes (37 in '06; 95 in his career).

Michael Haywood (the "labeled" O-Coordinator/RB coach) isn't the one credited with the offense explosion. Even if you look at his bio - all it talks about is what he has done with the RB's in the 3 years he's been there. Not once mentioning being the architect of the offense.

It's like Spurrier was with the Crocs. Can anyone name the O-Coordinator while he was there?


How about a 5'7 (in heels) 170 lb. Japanese 2nd baseman going yard to left field? Ha.

And that last play with the keystone cops crap - the ball falling in between 3 players b/c Longoria can't seem to follow a damn pop-up - is why the Rays haven't been over .500 in their history.



Just because he gets all the credit doesn't mean he does it all.. And it wasn't all him with Quinn, quinn was a good player and so were the players around him. Just because they get "top" recruiting classes doesn't mean they are actually good recruiting classes, see OUR "good" recruiting classes the last few years before Shannon (the BS years, if you will)

Also, I hope you guys do well. I want you guys to have a winning season, and to meet us in the WS. How awesome would that be? An all Florida WS?

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