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June 22, 2008



Whose house is this?



Meyer is scumbag


Love the article and great story regarding Teague and the Mercedes. lol


LT, a true Cane!

Great interview guys. (86 & 36)

Does LT have a prediction for the 08-09 season?

Thanks again Canespace...


Roach...thanks! And to answer your ??? about a season prediction, the answer is YES! Tune in Tuesday night for details...


SIX, I am number six!!!


U asked my question 86, thanks. Great read man I am so bored with no sports. Cannot even watch Marlin games here in Orlando. But I am so happy they are doing so well even though they lost today.

Lamar is a great guy, just a bit emotional, that is what makes him great!


soup, emailed alph waiting for reply
hi canechic


Hey Solar how is summer in NC?

Pretty rainy and boring here in FL! The lazy, hazy days of summer have begun!


CC...of course I asked your ???

Some others too! More to follow...


yea canechic, its boring here too.. can't wait for football to wash away the blues.
I even had women's softball on for a little bit.... cripez!



Yes, I was watching softball too, Nick and I. I said to him why are we watching this, he says "So we can see the gators lose." We do not even want them to have a softball championship. We are crazy Canes!!!


Fresno is killing UNC 6-1 Maybe the dogs playing the dogs. Who would of thunk it??


Ok, good job soup, you asked the question, and as much as i dis-owned and wanted to dis-own lt for years for letting teague do that, i can tell he's all UM so i'll cut him some slack because of how he handled the horace copeland situation from the start. Also, appreciate the feedback on the harland gunn situation from the last blog as well.

dj moonbat@gmail.com

I've always liked his attitude, but this interview has him flying up my Top 25 'Canes list.


Calvin...gotta let it go dude.

LT#36 is TRU U to the core!

Trust me, he LOVES the U like his own family, maybe more.


Lamar Thomas lived above one of my friends in a condo when we played for the Dolphins. Said he was a real nice guy.

I love LT. If everyone had his attitude on the team, we'd win the NC every year.


Great work Soup. LT is great. I hope he reaches his ultimate goal. It might take a little while because Hill has some things to prove I'm sure before he goes to the next level. But LT would be perfect to eventually step in.

Super, what did Oscar do now??


"Screw Urban Meyer, what a prick:


"It turned out to be a positive. Now, don't get me wrong, if ESPN had shown some of our rivals playing in their spring game with 12,000 people in the stands, that wouldn't have been a positive; that would have been a negative."

God I hate him. I know I have said we have no shot against them, but boy would it be sweet if by some miracle we pulled it off. Just to see the reaction of Meyer and his top 1% of 1%. Condescending **********."

Posted by: SuperCooper | June 22, 2008 at 05:57 PM

Super, Oscar's not condescending. A Gator could never be condescending to anything about the U.


Let him take his little side swipes, just like he did last year with recruits. He's playing right into Shannon's hands. He's such a damm fool he has no idea what Hurricane Football means. He thinks it's the Coker version.

He's going to learn a lot of hard lessons for the rest of his time in FL. lol


DJ, thanks for that correction on Wayne and Moss. Why did I think Wayne left in '99??

I still don't know if I'd take them over Williams, Copeland and LT. Santana was the only real burner out the 200 class but all three of the '91ers were deep threats and they HATED to drop balls.

I think their attitude was a little more hard-core Canes as well. The Ruthless Posse. WRs calling themselves the Ruthless Posse?? That's some arrogant shyt right there. lol

Classic Canes I might add.


Calvin, you can't judge LT by that one play. Teague made a great play.

Besides, you can't remember him by that play and forget that late, game-winning TD against FSU.

dj moonbat@gmail.com

Oh, geez. Look how memories fade: I forgot all about Irvin, Perriman and Blades all on the field at once.

The shame of it all.


How about that trio of Johnson, Mackenzie, and Byrd? Or customize your own trio ;-)

Great interview, LT is a great guy and a true Cane. Its all about the U!


Oh and for the CWS finals... Go Bulldogs! lol

Really though, go Fresno State, because I don't want to hear anymore about the SEC


86 part II was excellent. LT is indeed a great guy and hurricane to the bone. Cant wait to hear what he has to say about 08.

on another note, oscar is such a tard. do you know why the turds have so many at their spring game? because what else is there to do in that town? they (usually) dont whip out the kegs of natty that early. Those delusional fans dont understand what mediocre football is, thus they show up in droves. but, i digress.

LT is the man. Hopefully he sees in the eyes of the new guys what he saw in his teammates of years past.


Loco...Johnson (Aldarius), Johnson (Davon) and Streeter (Tommy) are my trio.

ReggaeBob...U had to be there. LT was just great to talk to. For almost three hours we talked and laughed. Ask Cat5 he was there.

There were a lot of things said that will never make the blog. But trust me, they were all positive and they were all about The U!


Just read that sun-sentinel link above about Meyer.

I didn't understand what the heck that writer was trying to say. You know there is nothing worth writing about when a 50 year old web journalist is proclaiming how cool a 40 something head football coach is. If Maxim wrote the story, it might have more street cred...

Anyways, I love LT and I hope he is very successful in broadcasting. I just hope someone gives him another shot after the whole FIU incident. I would love to hear his passion about football, but he needs to learn the craft a little more and I think he will.

To tell you the truth though, I think he needs to spend more time coaching at the high school level before he can become a position coach at Miami.




I don't know if anyone saw this, but The Miami Hurricane (I work there) did a story on Lamar getting his degree earlier this year. Really interesting; seems like a really nice guy:


And why is the Sun-Sentinel featuring Mike Bianchi? He's an Orlando guy, and falls all over himself praising that school up north. Disgusting.


Dammit - canechic stealing my signature spot *shakes fists in air above head*

Good interviews with Lamar Thomas - I'd like to know if Marve, Forston, Jacory, etc. know about the past 'Canes and have seen footage of them and how they played ... if Lamar talks to them about bringing The U back.

I dunno if anyone would be interested in my verbal jabbing back and forth, stretched over a 10 hour period with a former Croc player in the late 80's/early 90's - who then went on to get drafted by the Vikings, go to the Bucs for the majority of his career and play along side one of my favorite 'Canes of all time - #99 Sapp.

It started out as me trying to be nice and start up a convo with him, after the first 3 minutes of it, I realized he was more of a myopic kool-aid drinking homer Croc than any other Croc fan I've met. He wouldn't give Miami credit at all, said they had no athletes, also said that no other coach in the state - or in the country - is as good of a recruiter as Urban Myth. I think he was a bit taken back by how I basically didn't give a sh*t who he was or what he's done b/c I was relentless in stating fact about how UF is no where near and will never be close to being a powerhouse like Miami. I told him his two little National Championship trophies were cute and all, about how embarrassing it must be to have less titles in football than Cornell, about how rare it is to even find a Croc on an NFL roster that is worth anything except a body on the practice squad, etc. .. I'll write more later if anyone interested, I just covered some basics right now of the convo.

Christopher Stock, InsideTheU.com

Hey everyone, just stopping by...I just got done putting up some stuff on Bryce Brown after my trip to Wichita to meet up with him.

Check out the site if you're interested: www.insidetheu.com


Cavaleer, I think everybody here knows how I feel about Urban M. This is just one of his ways to make the other school look bad, and make himself look good. He will try everything and anything to get and edge on his opponents. Just like his friend from New England. It only takes time before he gets caught doing something he is not supposed to be doing. I think his head is getting too big, and that will be his biggest weakness.


Check out the site if you're interested: www.insidetheu.com

Posted by: Christopher Stock, InsideTheU.com | June 23, 2008 at 02:35 AM

Chris thanks for stopping by! What's your plan for the summer "dead period"? See you at Fall practices and scrimmages.

Cane Since 1982

To all those who write sports articles. YOUR STORY WILL ALWAYS LOOSE ALL OF ITS CREDABILITY WHEN YOU MAKE 2 HANNA MONTANA REFERENCES. That was the most pointless article ive ever read. I dont think recruits care as much about the hipness of a coach and the TV's that are in the coaches office as they do about the National Championship Trophies in the display case.

Cat5 Cane

Lamar... from my perspective.
From my seat... looking across the table at a guy who has soooo much potential to do anything he wants to do and he's just getting started in round two in his life. He's been there and done it. Played as a Super Star at the U. Went on to be drafted in the NFL as a player and has played as a starter in the Pros... Probably one tenth of one percent of all football players from high school can note that on their resume' and that ain't shabby!

He's a gifted individual with brains and great looks as a guy. Hell, he could model, if that was his thing and yes, girls, he has a great body to match is good looks.... definitely inspiring for those who would like to walk in his foot steps.
From the short time I spent with him, I can tell you that, as good as his looks are, his personality and smile outshines everything and I really enjoyed his persona as a person. He's appears down to earth and doesn't have barriers to hide the person behind the wall. He's open and I believe he's honest. Do I like him? Your damn tootin... Yeah, he's a Cool Cat with a "K"



Mary Lou and Cocane I am catching up on the blog today since I spent the entire weekend with my 12 and under travel baseball team dodging rain and playing baseball. I want to say stay tough and isn't it amazing the events that happen in our lifes which put all the little things into the proper perspective? The hugs from a son, daughter or loved one makes all the other road blocks in life go away. STAY STRONG COCANE AND MARY LOU!


Cat 5 sounds like you have a man crush!


LOL, vince, I was thinking the same thing when I read Cat's post! I guess if you are going to have a man crush it might as well be on someone worthy... Cat, you're right, he's definitely not hard on the eyes. ;)

I've enjoyed reading the LT interviews so far. It's interesting to get his perspective on the state of our U...


Ben Jones has qualified!

Mr Troutman


Leave that guy alone. He just showing off his MANLY EMOTIONS!! lmao HE DOES SEEM A LITTLE TOO MUCH ON HIS jOCK THOUGH..... CAT DO U SMELL TIDE OR FABRIC SOFTNER????!!!!


Hey, you guys know that Charlie Jones transfered to Memphis? Check their roster:

Old Skool

What about Brandon Washington?


Brandon Washington, CJ Holton, CJ Odom and Antonio Harper are not qualified yet. BW is waiting for his new ACT scores to come in.. if he does not get a 17 then he will end up in prep school.


Super, one down a few more to go.

KL, I heard Holton did qualify.

Fingers crossed on the others.

I think B. Wash tried to cram and we all know how successful cramming is.


Esteban...just for you:

New LINKS posted top right under the calendar, including one to the web site.


You guys know what I think of this whole "man-crush" nonesense.

40, 50 years ago American men actually taught each other the finer points of grooming and complimented each other on their looks and style.

What's changed?? This whole h*m* BS.

Cat 5 is old school. Let it rest.

Cat5 Cane

Laughing ... to each his own!!!
OK Guys... If I were that way... you could call it a MAN CRUSH thing...LOL, but for those who know me, you wouldn't say it to my face... As I would put you on your azz and laugh as you were going down.

Listen guys, at my age, I have no walls and I say and do things the way I see'em with little concern of somebodies perception of me, as I like and know who I am as a man... LOL and to that I say... Here's to the "Scent of a Women"... Bless them all!... LOL

PS... I still like the guy, so stick-it... LOL


LOL! BELIEVE ME there is nothing wrong with a man crush... I tease my husband with that all the time. :)


Norm, he doesn't and couldn't make the U look bad. It just shows he knows nothing about SoFl and even less about Hurricane Football, that's all it does.

It also reveals that he is deep down sleazy and nervous.

He feels the storm brewing because he can't understand how Team Shannon keep reeling in such talent, especially stealing one right from under his nose.

So when a punk is scared they start name-calling or trying to insult someone in a cowardly, passive-aggressive way.

This will be interesting on Sept. 6th.


86 check mail

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