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June 20, 2008



im likin it im likin it


To all who kind of have doubts about the recruits that have committed and the ones who seem to be about to committ, basically what you're looking at is simple, this staff, led by shannon is getting back to the basics. They're doing it how recruiting should and use to be done. By now you should know shannon's philosophy, if a guy is making plays on film, but especially if a guy is making plays at a randy shannon camp where they actually are seeing them with their own eyes, it should come as no surprise that alot of these kids are getting offered.

As for me personally, i'm loving it, they're proving they are not going off some who's who list, they are going after who they want, pound for pound, this next class will be just as strong as the previous 2 classes when it's all said and done with. You gotta love the fact that Cane coaches are popping up everywhere at the highschool level, that's how we got john calhoun, that's how we getting the tennesee players, and to let yall in on a quick reminder, this year is the year shannon uses the challenge to so called top players that was used on him when he was being recruited to UM.

By the way, good interview with lt, just goes to show why it's always good to have guys like sol & kehoe on staff, their value here has been priceless. The fact that lamar asked sol if he knows irvin is funny, lol. I know this much, if the runningbacks don't progress, sol is waiting.


Oh yeah, by the way, don't worry about the guys committing who have tight-end by their name, get use to it, because orson charles might not be to far behind as well.


Prayers to you CoCane. You were given another chance at life. Make every minute count and every minute is a special joy. I've spent the last week in Critical Care too. My boyfriend or 24 years had a heart attack, but has recovered almost fully, which is a miracle too. What a life changing event. All the stupid little things don't mean a damn thing. Your health and the good works that you do on earth count for all the marbles. Those of us who get a second chance at life are truly blessed. Family, friends, good works and the CANES.


CoCane, glad to hear you are doing better. Blood clot in the lungs?! Wow, it could have been worse... But, great to hear you are back.

Now its time to smell the Canes Roses....


MaryLou...sorry to hear about the recent challenges life brought your way. We have missed U on the blog and want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Mary Lou...

U are in my thoughts.

Go Canes!!!


ESPNews just did a break down of Va Tech's schedule... UM a key game...

To all of you with health problems or who have loved ones with health problems, get well soon..


ESPN just did a feature on a new rule in the NFL. All rookies are now required to go to the NFL Hall of Fame before reporting to camp. It is called the "Michael Irvin Rule" because MI said during his induction speech that he might have acted different had he visited the Hall earlier in his career.

They showed #47 as he led the Cowboys rookies around the Hall on a tour. Good stuff!


great 1st interview. looking forward to the next two.

cocane, glad your able to be back on here with us.

marylou, i'm hoping u n ur bf got 24 more years together ahead.

and last and least important the host for the show gotta be a homer! its for the fans by the fans.


Mary Lou: well said. We all experience this stuff, the loss of a loved one, someone hurt, and it shocks us into realizing what's most important.

Sadly, alot of us (me included) go back and find ourselves in the daily grind again. Tough to step back and say I'm gonna step off teh gerbil wheel, rat race, whatever.

Anyway...forgive me if posted already, just a quick summary of my thoughts on the 'Canes baseball season:

1. What a year! What a fun ride and a great team.
2. Weeks: weak fielder exposed in W.S.
3. Alonso: has all the tools to be a great pro. Quick bat, clutch hitter most of the year.
4. Jackson: what a joy to watch him play the shortstop position.
5. Sobolewski: tough college W.S. Failed in too many clutch situations, both at plate and in field.
6. Grandel: came on during 2H of year; bright future at catcher.
7. Severino: one of the few that delivered at plate for 'Canes. Tough out.
8. Tekotte: IMO, the team's MVP. Will be sorely missed next year.
9. Rabin: as hot as he was against Arizona, went cold when needed most. Steady in field. Like his attitude.
10. Dinatale: disappeared.
11. Haggerty: didn't sulk when benched and came up clutch a few times.
12. Hernandez: awesome as a frosh. Super bright future.
13. Erickson: nibbled and hung in there, but ultimately wasn't enough.
14. Bellamy: great year, but would like to see more emotional control.
15. Gutierrez: tough error against UGA, not the same after that.
16. Coaching: felt they stayed with Garcia too long against Stanford....should've gone to the pen when down 3-1. By 5-1, 7-1 and 8-1 it was too late. Younger relievers couldn't hold the fort. Hitters were pounding fastballs, but never could handle breaking pitches all throughout the series.

In the end, as Mephisto said earlier, this team wasn't peaking at the right time...and that's what winning the College WS is all about.

At the end of the day though, what a magical year....and a great way to spend the time between football seasons.

Well done 'Canes.

Cat5 Cane

FUTURE CANESPACE... All Canes live!
Creative thinking outta the box... Hosting is huge and is the 70% of the draw, but what would happen if you formatted the thing like "The Best Damn Sports Show"... with multiple (3 plus 1 host)guest appearances on the show.
Discuss recruiting during the recruiting season and what a recruit needs to know from the guys who have done it and who's hot, who's not and different views maybe from Inside the U, Manny, Larry, Shandell, current Coaches, past players, new hot comments
Maybe do UM baseball during the season,...

I'm rambling on... U get the drift


Gino DiMare resignation article from www.hurricanesports.com:



Alpha...GREAT post! Are you still the leader of the 7-5 2008 season club?


and last and least important the host for the show gotta be a homer! its for the fans by the fans.

Posted by: Esteban | June 21, 2008 at 12:15 PM

LT is as "homer" as U can get and would be a great host. He wants to coach but would do TV in a minute.

TRUST ME on this one!


More from the UM web site:

Hurricanes Continue to Climb in Preseason Polls: Miami men's basketball ranked as high as No. 8 in nation in latest round of polls.

June 20, 2008

CORAL GABLES, FLA. – With the start of the 2008-09 season still nearly five months away, the University of Miami men’s basketball team continues its climb in the early preseason polls. The Hurricanes are ranked No. 8 by ESPN, No. 15 by Fox Sports and No. 17 by CBS Sports.

If Miami takes that No. 8 ranking into November, it will be the highest preseason ranking in program history. In addition, it would tie the highest ranking achieved by the Hurricanes – as they were eighth in the nation in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll on March 1, 1960 – and mark the highest ranking for a Miami squad since a No. 9 standing in the AP Poll on March 1, 1999.


Miami Hurricanes 1991 National Championship team starting lineup:

SE - Horace Copeland
TE - Coleman Bell/Joe Moore
WT - Leon Searcy
WG - Rudy Barber
C - Kelvin Harris
SG - Claude Jones
ST - Mario Cristobal
FL - Lamar Thomas
QB - Gino Torretta
FB - Stephen McGuire
TB - Darryl Spencer

RE - Rusty Medearis
RT - Eric Miller
LT - Anthony Hamlet
LE - Kevin Patrick
WLB - Jessie Armstead
MLB - Michael Barrow
SLB - Darrin Smith
RCB - Herbert James
FS - Darryl Williams
SS - Hurlie Brown
LCB - Ryan McNeil

PK - Carlos Huerta
P - Paul Snyder
DS - Tom Patterson
HOL - Joe Moore
PR - Kevin Williams
KOR - Kevin Williams, Darryl Spencer

Coaching Staff
Head Coach - Dennis Erickson
Assistant Coaches
Gregg Smith, assistant head coach/offensive line
Bob Bratkowski, offensive coordinator/receivers
Sonny Lubick, defensive coordinator/defensive backs
Dave Arnold, tight ends/special teams
Bob Karmelowicz, defensive line
Art Kehoe, offensive line
Ed Orgeron, defensive line
Tommy Tuberville, linebackers
Alex Wood, running backs
Carmen Grosso, volunteer assistant
Scott Auker, graduate assistant
Eddie Gran, graduate assistant
Jim Michalczik, graduate assistant
Randy Shannon, graduate assistant


Did U note who was a GA?

Guess who was the leading receiver?


86, check your mail. Got a ew different options for you. Check out the screen shots


1991 stats leaders:

A-C-I Yards Pct. TD LP
G. Torretta 371-205-8 3095 55.3 20 99

No. Yards Avg. TD LP
L. Thomas 39 623 16.0 6 71

No. Yards Avg. TD LP
R. McNeil 5 73 14.6 0 50


Alf...I'm on it! Back in a few.



friend request us!!

nice going, 86.


"To win one national championship is amazing. For guys to win their second in three years, that hasn't been accomplished by many. That's what makes this championship special. And it came in a situation where we had not been picked to be that good. Some people said we'd be No. 3 in the state of Florida."

- Dennis Erickson, Miami head coach


MM01...best is yet to come!!!


1991 (12-0-0)
Head Coach: Dennis Erickson

Date UM Rank Opponent Result Score
Aug. 31 3 at Arkansas W 31-3
Sept. 12 2 (10) Houston W 40-10
Sept. 28 2 at Tulsa W 34-10
Oct. 5 2 Oklahoma State W 40-3
Oct. 12 2 (9) Penn State W 26-20
Oct. 19 2 Long Beach State W 55-0
Oct. 26 2 at Arizona W 36-9
Nov. 9 3 West Virginia W 27-3
Nov. 16 2 at (1) Florida State W 17-16
Nov. 23 1 at Boston College W 19-14
Nov. 30 1 San Diego State W 39-12
Jan. 1 1 *vs. (11) Nebraska W 22-0

Total Points: UM 386 - Opponents 100


86, got mail. they should be good to go. email if you need help.


Points: 386 to 100! Plus 286 points!!!

Most points allowed: 20

Most points scored: 55

Those were the days...


Alf...not working? Check email.



Get stronger and take your time. No rush. I don't even know what your condition is but this rule applies.

What have you missed??

Ehhh, Zach Kane, the promising LB recruit from NJ, is about to have his goals blown up in smoker, at least for a while. Apparently he smashed a bottle over some other kid's head. All the recruits

Team Shannon are doing some serious work, as you know.

What else??? Not much yet. We still don't know if B. Jones and B. Washington have qualified. Anyone?? Anyone???



I'm sure your love guided your man thru his tribulation. That's how you stand up in the paint for the 1 you love. YOU GO GIRL!!!


Much love to all. Blessings have & will continue to come. Recognize & appreciate them. I appreciate your concern. Just remember: GOOD COKE COMES BACK FAST & HAAAARD AS FUKK!!!



Haith & dem made it to the "big dance", won a game, is ranked in everybody's preseason top 20, espn's top 10 at #8 & still can't land a blue chip recruit, YET. WHAT DA FUKK???!!!


We need really need Washington. The kid is massive. He works out at my gym sometimes. For the guys who love the strength numbers, he is probably already one of the strongest Canes. He is going to monster run blocker.


Not sure COKE? Faith in Haith to recruit and coach? Apparently those making the rankings do, we should too!


NY...we need all the OL help we can get. Gotta have depth and gotta have those road grader, run blocker types to get 'er done!

Haven't heard anything about entry status lately. Maybe something next week?


Well he is big and massive. He is not a depth guy, he is an impact guy.


What else??? Not much yet. We still don't know if B. Jones and B. Washington have qualified. Anyone?? Anyone???

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 21, 2008 at 04:29 PM

The ACT scores wouldn't be back yet. They just took the test on June 14, so the scores wont be available til june 25-august 8 at the earliest.


CoCane, I don't think we're the #8 team, yet.

I thought Haith landed a few big fish.

NYC, have you seen him lately at the gym? Ask him if he passed. J/K.....;)


Loco, thanks.

dj moonbat@gmail.com

Man, that '91 team was awesome. Especially the front 7 (and particularly the LBs) on defense and the WRs.

Copeland, Thomas and Williams were almost on the Wayne, Moss and Johnson level. But I don't think we've ever had a front 7 like that one, with Hamlet, Medearis and Patrick up front; and Armstead, Barrow and Smith flying sideline to sideline mopping up whatever was left.


Here's some for ya COKE:

Miami Basketball Adds Malcolm Grant

Guard transferring to Miami from Villanova.
April 24, 2008

CORAL GABLES, FLA. - Rising sophomore Malcolm Grant (Brooklyn, N.Y./Winchendon [Mass.]) has signed a grant-in-aid to attend the University of Miami and play men's basketball, announced head Hurricanes coach Frank Haith today. Grant will be eligible to play with the Hurricanes beginning with the 2009-10 season.

"Malcolm is going to be a great addition to our squad," said Coach Haith. "He is an explosive player - great from long range with strong ball-handling skills. He is a tough player and will be a key component in our continued growth as a program."

The 6-foot, 185-pound guard played in 29 games and made four starts in Big East play as a freshman with Villanova in 2007-08, averaging 5.6 points and 1.4 assists in 12.7 minutes per game. Grant converted a team-best 46.6 percent from three-point range (37-44), 84.1 percent from the line (37-44) and 39.0 percent from the field (46-118). He posted seven double-figure scoring efforts, including a season-high 23 points (6-7 3FG) versus Rutgers and a 22-point performance in an upset win over then-No. 13 Pittsburgh.


U want more? I thought U did!

Men's Basketball to Aim for Second Paradise Jam Title

May 13, 2008

CORAL GABLES, FLA. - The University of Miami men's basketball program is among four NCAA Tournament teams to headline the 2008 U.S. Virgin Islands Paradise Jam at the University of the Virgin Islands Sports and Fitness Center in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, from Nov. 21-24.

The Hurricanes, ranked as high as No. 12 in various preseason media polls, is joined by Connecticut, Wisconsin, San Diego, Southern Miss, La Salle, Valparaiso and Iona in the impressive eight-team field. Both Miami and San Diego reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament last season, while Wisconsin advanced to the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen and UConn bowed out after a first-round loss to San Diego. Connecticut has been ranked in the top 10 in a pair of preseason polls, while Wisconsin has been listed among the top 25.

Miami (23-11, 8-8 ACC), winners of the inaugural Paradise Jam men's title in 2001, will take on Southern Miss (19-14, 9-7 CUSA) in the tournament's opening game on Fri., Nov. 21, at 1 p.m. (EST) in the first meeting between the teams. San Diego-Valparaiso (3:30 p.m.), La Salle-Connecticut (6 p.m.) and Iona-Wisconsin (8:30 p.m.) comprise the remaining first-round games.


Man, that '91 team was awesome. Especially the front 7 (and particularly the LBs) on defense and the WRs.

Copeland, Thomas and Williams were almost on the Wayne, Moss and Johnson level.

Posted by: dj moonbat@gmail.com | June 21, 2008 at 06:08 PM

Here's two quick facts for you:

1. LT said that LB Darrin Smith was one of the SMARTEST players he ever played with. Now, take a guess which CURRENT Cane reminds him of Smith?

2. LT said the Canes had so much talent on the field that year that he said (and I quote): "My Momma could have played QB on that team and we would have scored. The coaches knew that all they had to do was get us to the stadium and we could take care of the rest. Just get us to the stadium..."


Old news on Haith's FIVE year deal:


Faith in Haith!


DJ, I'd say that front seven was the greatest, followed closely by 2001. I'd say 2001's DL was deeper though and the defense overall was a little stronger because of the DBs.

Who was the 3rd LB out there with DJ and Vilma??


Soup, I'd say Sean Spence or maybe Sharpton.


Canes vs Gaytors in '85 is on now on sunsports.



I think it was Darrell McClover? 7th round pick I think.


Soup, I'd say Sean Spence or maybe Sharpton.

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 21, 2008 at 06:45 PM

And U would be correct:



SF...sneaking around I see? I still owe you a prize for being FIRST EVER!

How about a couple of 2008 Canespace T-shirts???


hey guys late to the party here... but awesome job on the interview 86! definitely looking forward to part 2.

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