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June 15, 2008



FIRST!!! Yeah Baby!






Okay 86 now who is slacking??? Going out to dinner while the canes are playing such an important game??? I was here holding down the blog!!! TISK, TISK, TISK!!

This canes team is uber talented but last night over confident with no spark, they should have scored more runs in the earlier innings and GA would have never been in the game. I will however question the pitching change and I am quite sure that Morris is thinking the same thing. I think they are talented enough to overcome and still win but sometimes you have to get lucky, ie Marlins against Cubs and Marlins against Yankees (who had the most talented team?)
In order to begin that process they must put this one behind them.

Any hoo Happy Daddy day to all the father's at Canespace. And always GO CANES!!!


I think all the Dad's are getting breakfast in bed cuz I am #5




Angry will be sooooooooo jealous!


I didn't get breakfast in bed but I did get breakfast...so that is good.


If we're going to get eliminated... It better not be by the Noles.


LOCO agreed, I hope it is not payback for the end of the game in Tallahasse, not that we did anything wrong but that Karma thing stinks!!


Let's not forget Gutierrez is one of ours.

Some of the bashing on this blog last night was just wrong and proves once again that many are fans of winning, not fans of the Canes and it's players...

Go Canes! Win or lose huh?


Pb, Goot DID look scared during the game. And he did throw away the game... But you're right, he's a Cane and should be supported. Its not over yet, and we had plenty of chances to win the game before that, but just didn't come through. You can't leave men on base like that


PB you feel the same way about KW?
Anyway he is a cane but you must play like a cane, agreed it is not all his fault.
As I have been saying we should have scored more runs in the early innings and they would have never had to be in that situation. But just as Posey learned in the game earlier when you are in a big game that is when it counts. People only remember how you perform in the BIG GAMES, not all season long just the way it is!

If you follow College Baseball it is near to impossible to win the whole thing after losing the 1st game. Matt in NY will concur but let us hope we can make history. GO CANES!!!


Everyone cheer up. We lead for Marsalis Teague, a CB:

"I would give Miami a slight edge at this point," Teague said. "It's because I had a good time interacting with the players - with the quality players they bring in I can see the program almost turning itself back around. It's kind of breathtaking at this point. It's `I want to be part of this,' but I'm still going to weigh my options out.

"Miami has a slight edge above everyone else, but not that big. The Miami trip was great."


I always supported Kyle, win or lose. He was and is one of ours.

Everyone knows I was one of the few.


NO PB Angry always defended Kyle so we will have to remind him of that. Since he was the biggest hater last night.

Go Canes!!!


any of you saying that we shouldnt bash guiterez is retarded. He blew the game, he was in a pressure situation and he CHOKED, he looked like a little leauguer out there. And i love grandal trust me i do since i am cuban as well, he is one of my favorite players, but i do not think he should be in there, he is only a frehsman, i say we put haggerty in and but grandal at DH. Grandal passing that ball that would have been a strikout lost the game for us. But now we get to play fsu,, whichive been wanting to do , and i kno that morris will have thee guys ready



Canechic...You are so right. It is almost impossible to win the tournament if you lose the first game. The pitching is just not going to be there for the amount of games that have to be played to win. And now that the championship is a 3 game series, and even if they make it that far, they might have to play as many as 7 games between Monday and next Wednesday. Not going to happen. Unless they pull a 2005 Boston Red Sox over the Yankees and make history, I am sorry to say folks but this season is over.


What a shame to end the season like this, all b/c of 1 friggin inning.


Well , I do not think winning it all has ever been done after losing the first game. So Canes make some history, win it all and score a first.


There's a reason its a double elim series, we aren't completely out of it yet.. MattinNY brings up the best point, that the pitching has to be there for us to have a shot, so lets take a look at what the pitching would be like for us to go all the way

Obviously its either going to be Erickson or Garcia tomorrow against FSU, with most people thinking Garcia. He's pitched well lately, and hopefully can keep it going

The next game would be wednesday agsainst the loser of Stanford-UGA, and whichever starter doesnt pitch tomorrow will pitch that game. Assuming its Erickson, we'll need him to pitch like he CAN, not necessarily like he HAS.

Our next game would be against the winner of Stanford-UGA on Friday, in which Hernandez would start. He's pitched well, and would need to stay on top of his game.

Should we win that game we would have to play the next day (saturday), and Garcia would likely pitch again. Again, he would have to be on top of his game

After that wer're in the finals, getting one days rest before the best of 3 series. Erickson would start game 1, because he would be the most rested after 4 days off. Game 2 would be the trickiest game, but I would think that Hernandez would pitch, even on 3 days rest. If necessary the 3rd game would be the killer, which i think would be a combination of Garcia and the bullpen to pull off. Depending on Game 1, game 2 could be a combined effort of the other gutierrez and our bullpen, with Hernandez being saved for game 3 if the pen didn't get the job done

That being said, we have to get that far for any of it to matter. The key to this will be our bullpen, and I don't just mean Bellamy and Gutierrez. It will take Nalepa et al to get us to the finals, and to win the CWS. Our hitting MUST step up as well, and stop leaving men on base and swinging for the fences every play




Loco I agree w/ you and in a perfect world yes, that is how it would go. But I think you are also forgetting about the fact that for some reason lately, this team has failed to hit when it counted. I would love to know what the 3-4-5 numbers were w/ runners in scoring position. Sobelweski has come up in preassure spots countless times and has failed to deliver. There must have been 3 times last night when we had 2 on and less than 2 outs and did not score. Only putting up 3 runs on the UGA starter who had a 4.40+ ERA is exactly hitting the cover off of it. We saw it in Game 1 of the AZ series and we saw it last night. Miami had many times where they could have broken the game open and when you let teams hang around, as I have said time and time again, bad things happen and it has now happened 3 of the last 4 games. remember we only scored 4 runs in the 3rd game if the AZ series. Where the offense has gone I do not know.


The key is hitting the baseball and Miami has done little of it the past 4 games. In college baseball, a 1 run lead is like being tied, anything can happen. The strength of this team is the hitting and it is why we have lost 2 of the last 4 b/c they have failed to hit in the clutch.

Alex D

Most college baseball games are pretty determined by the last 2 or three inning play. That's why I don't even bother to watch the whole entire game. A team can control a game for the first 7 or 8 innings and still lose it in the last one or two innings. Same thing could be said for basketball, I only try to watch the 4th quarter of those games now.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Can someone explain to me the meltdown last night in the 9th? I am not a baseball follower so I didn't understand why the guy was first struck out (I thought) and then told to run??? Huh??? It's funny, Bellamy was hot and I thought when they took him out that taking out someone that is in the zone like that could be a mistake.....


Matt, maybe the bats are not as hot for the U because the calibre of teams has gone up as well?

macjones de Albuquerque

CanesgirINC, good pitching tends to nuetralize excellant hitting at all levels of baseball, i.e., junior high, high school, JC, major college level, and the Majors.


Hey guys Rice is losing 11-0 to Fresno State just going to one of those series were the underdog wins.

CanesgirlNC it is one of the crazy college rules, do not know the reasoning but if you drop the pitch after the strike out U have to throw the runner out at first base or tag him. Very silly but they know the rule.

The problem with the canes bats-they are constantly swinging for the bleachers instead of just getting a base hit. Go back to the fundementals of the game and you will win. Get on base and all you need is one hit at a time and you will score plenty. You do not have to get it all in one swing.


Alex D agree I do not even watch a Basketball from beginning to end!! You can just watch the 4th quarter and not waste time watching the first 3! I do like to watch baseball though generally(not always in college) the first 3 innings go pretty fast.


CanesgirlNC it is one of the crazy college rules, do not know the reasoning but if you drop the pitch after the strike out U have to throw the runner out at first base or tag him. Very silly but they know the rule.

Posted by: canechic | June 15, 2008 at 03:24 PM

Actually, its an every-level rule. Major leagues have the same rule. You can run on a dropped strike 3 until the runner is tagged or thrown out. This is how there can be more than 3 Ks per inning


Its only one game folks, calm down. The underdogs are off to a great start (R U watching the game 3?) Relax.

Gut did not choke. I disagree with most of what UMAD posted, but he has a point about the passed ball. It changed the game. Instead of having a runner at 2d with 2 out, they had 1st and 3d with one out. Gut's best pitch starts in the zone and breaks down into the dirt. He has 13 wild pitches and our catchers have 18 passed balls this season. Those are very high-by comparison Posey at FSU has 4 passed balls all year long. With a runner on 3d, Gut can't throw his bread and butter pitch because he knows he can't risk another passed ball. If he's got a runner on 2d, he can keep the ball down and go after the hitter.

As you recall, the pitch that Allen hit to left field was up in the zone. Also, even if Allen gets that hit, there is no way they score from 2d on that hit because Severino has a gun. IMHO, if Grandal blocks that ball, we win.

I'm not saying we're in great shape, but 2 of the last 10 winners of the CWS have lost the opener. Not exactly impossible. The new format makes it easier because in the old days, you stay in the losers bracket for the entire tourney, but now, if you can win your bracket, you start over again. Also, the games are spread out more now, so you have many more rest days for your pitchers. If we do the same thing we did last week and win the next 2, we get to Friday with a fresh Chris Hernandez-if that happens, I like our chances. Granted, we need some production from Sobo, Raben and Dinatale, or noone will pitch to Alonso. But the next 2 games with be against the oppositions' 2d and 3rd starters. It's not over until its over.


Sorry Loco I thought the announcers said last night it was only in college ball that happens. Maybe they were wrong, U know like the humidity drying out the field comment.

Go Canes!!


Sorry Loco I thought the announcers said last night it was only in college ball that happens. Maybe they were wrong, U know like the humidity drying out the field comment.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: canechic | June 15, 2008 at 04:02 PM

Or the game will start in 2 hours? lol


I got a question, is it appropriate for a guy with the last name "teague" to be allowed on the team. Is it CANE LAw!


Okay Calvin not sure maybe I will get blasted but why no "teague"?


I don't know if 86 vaulted it when i asked him to a few blogs back when the Regionals/Super Regionals started - but i said the 'Canes downfall was going to be them trying to go yard all the damn time instead of playing small ball ... canechic has the exact same line of thinking - why the hell is everyone trying to act like they're playing in a damn slo-pitch softball league and trying to prove their "manhood" by trying to deposit the ball 400 feet away? F*ck that. Play with a National League mentality, screw the Earl Weaver 3 Run Homer ball mentality. Hit and run, base hits, moving runners over, station to station, etc.

Sobo, Raben and DiNatale went a combined 0-12. Tekotte and Weeks went 2-9, with Weeks getting a walk - those are your leadoff and 2nd hitter ... that can't happen. The 'Canes only got 7 hits, and 3 were homeruns. Homeruns are a gift and usually the result of an accident by the pitcher serving one up - or - all the pieces fell completely into place for the hitter, swing wise, ball location wise, etc.

Just like Matt said, and it should be common knowledge - a one or two run lead in college ball is nothing .. why? two words - ALUMINUM BATS. My god, what's the trampoline effect of a wood bat as compared to the metal thunder sticks that Easton/Louisville Slugger/Nike put in the hands of NCAA.

The 'Canes pitching is doing their job a hell of a lot better than their hitting.

And will someone please tell that Trev Alberts look-a-like with a wig - Erin Andrews - that you don't go around the dugout when you're down and get everyone else all hyped up by pushing each other around, yelling like a damn cheerleader to each other, hitting each other on the shoulders, bumping heads, etc. like you do in football to get pumped up? When ESPN went down to her in the bottom of the 9th and she was standing in the Miami dugout, talking about how Jim Morris didn't gather the troops and start yelling, getting them excited, bla bla bla - when the hell do you ever see that in baseball, college or pro? I've never had a coach do that and I've never seen a coach do that .. I've been part of little talks in between innings where the coach called everyone together, told us to "bear down", "let's go fellas" and "we know what we need to do" - but it was never yelled, it was in a matter of fact confident tone and that's it.


canechic - George Teague .. Alabama .. Sugar Bowl .. stripping of ball .. embarressing .. that's why


According to the way the CWS is going - LSU will beat UNC .. it's good to be the lower seed this time.

As for Gutierrez, just as others have said, the 'Canes wouldn't be where they are without him. Yes, he put on his UPS uniform on that tapper back to him and airmailed it to Minnesota with his throw - but sh*t happens. The 46-0 when leading after 8 innings was going to stop at some time for the 'Canes, just wishing it wasn't in Omaha in that fashion. Here's something else that will make you sick .. Georgia was 1-20-1 when trailing this year heading into the 9th.


On the recruiting front, check this kid out .. Jelani Jenkins, #1 ranked OLB Rivals from Maryland -

"My first really big offer was Miami, once Miami came then I knew that there were a lot of big schools most likely to come after that .. I want a school in terms of depth chart, I have a chance of playing early .. I'm looking for a place where I can feel comfortable, where my family feels comfortable .. I want a good football program, a good academic program"

He's a 4.0 student and member of the National Honor Society

"Academics are going to be just as important as football, I want a place with good counselors, I'm going to balance it like I do now"

"Whenever I make decisions, I ask God to help me out with my decision. Whatever God wants me to do in life, he'll have a sign or something that will push me in the right direction"

We need to hook this kid up with Arthur Brown, he said something similar on his announcement day about how he prayed on it and thought Miami was the best place. Hopefully the God Jelani is asking is a 'Canes fan and the sign he shows him will involve an orange and green U.


Under highlight videos, look at the Books and faith key for Jenkins video - the first hit is nasty.



Jenkins looks GREAT to me! I love that speed of his; nice downfield tackle chasing down the ball carrier from behind.

Nice to also see that the kid has brains; should translate into intensive flim & playbook studying... Reminds of Vilma.


And for the record, I'll support Goot all the way. I was just pissed 'cause it seemed that mentally he was scared; he's had that look in his eyes most of the time I was watching the games.

Be confident young man, be confident.


Six, he also wants early PT... which he may or may not have a chance of getting at Miami.



I'd tell him just like the rest of 'em... "Yeah you'll get a chance, you just have to EARN IT".

Just like it seems that Spence is doing.

I'm sure Coach Shannon will make that point loud & clear.


Que pasa, Canespacers? I'm still walking around with a heavy heart after watching our team give the game away last night... hopefully they will get themselves motivated to beat the Nolies tomorrow.

In reference to the dropped strike three... it happened in the majors today!



Angry - the kid is impressive and seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, when he said academics are just as important as playing ball and he'll balance them as he does now - that's a kid you want on your team b/c you know he's not going to be academically ineligible. He does seem like a young Vilma .. another kid like that is Luther Robinson, the kid got a 1600 on his SAT, wants to be in engineering and he's a straight up baller on the field.

As for him wanting to play early, Boss Man Shannon gives everyone the opportunity to play - frosh thru senior - you just have to earn it. We'll see how that fits with Jenkins, I'm sure if he's a competitor then that will be no problem.


Tiger is on the PROWL. Final day of a major and he has just...

Taken the LEAD at -2.


Great posts today by Six, Loco, Matt and Meph. Baseball gurus all!

Six...missed U at the Ray-Marlins game today. Marlins were winning 8-2 when we left in the eighth.

Go Canes, Go Marlins!!!


Game 1 summary:




True that holmes.

Thanks for putting up his Info!

I also like his jersey number (3); I think it cool when Backers have single-digit or "low #'s" like in the teens or 20's.

One of the best:


More good ones:



Go Canes


Angry...Happy Father's Day! Did U see Canechic was FIRST?

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