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June 09, 2008



Why's it gotta be directed at you Carlos? I don't know who said that, but I read it somewhere. I don't take names, t'aint personal!Posted by: JC | June 09, 2008 at 04:33 PM

probably because I was the only who made an assertion (best pitching) close to what you stated (best team). Pitching-wise AU is the best we've seen, unless you can find a pitching staff with two 1st rounders like they had. UNC was #1 in the nation in E.R.A. and we teed off on their pitchers. If they are #1, then I REALLY think we are going to go far and win the whole damn thing.


Carlos...wad up bro'? Good meeting U and your lovely wife at The Titanic and look forward to seeing U at future Canespace events!


Carlos...wad up bro'? Good meeting U and your lovely wife at The Titanic and look forward to seeing U at future Canespace events! Posted by: 86Cane | June 09, 2008 at 04:56 PM

Thanks for the kind words, 86. Are you guys going back to Titanic for the opening round of the CWS? I'm def gonna be there. first round of drinks are on me!


JC...hey, they got this right:


1. Miami
2. North Carolina
3. Virginia
4. Georgia Tech
5. Duke
6. Virginia Tech


Carlito...I will not be there, remember I live in the Orlando area. We are going to try to organize a game watch party up here somewhere? Orlando or Ocala???


Here's the whole article, good stuff:



F$U hitting..worries me..


Carlito...I will not be there, remember I live in the Orlando area. We are going to try to organize a game watch party up here somewhere? Orlando or Ocala???

damn....forgot about that, lol. My wife's mom lives up there in Orlando by Alafaya. Aren't a good chunk of the Canespacers on here from the 407/321 area?




Lots of new details and info posted above in the blog main feature article...



Onward and Upward? Hmmmmm...Sounds like the words of Charles H. Wesley too me, do you know him by chance? If so, I assume you really like broiled lamb chops with hash brown potatoes on cold December nights.

Hurricane Mitch

Is humid in Omaha?? Maybe not since it is in the midwest but maybe the field will not dry out because of the humidity!

Posted by: canechic | June 09, 2008 at 04:16 PM

It is humid here. We have had a ton of rain.


I dont know him. Dont know how onward and upward made it into my vocabulary. Lamb chops and hash brown potatoes sounds fine to me. Googles onward and upward and saw some reference to christian soldiers. If I had to guess before the days of google I would've said I got that from some CS Lewis book. Shows what I know.

Nobody has anything on Abdallah?


MH - you really shouldm't have - LOL lots of burger flippers in that thar video...


DZ8...nothing here. I'll check some sources and get back to U.

Just a general assupmtion: Transfers at this time from this team are NOT surprising. We have seen several already.

Common sense says that when Abdallah realized he was never going to play DT with Forston, Regis and Lewis coming in he had two choices:

Move to OL OR Transfer. It would seem fairly obvious which choice he made...


I understand. Just dying for football to start. Desperate for any news then cringing when I hear something 'cause it is probably bad (injuries, trouble or transfer). I might be a baseball/basketball/soccer fan but I am strait up FANATIC when it comes to football.


DZ8...for more news check the latest from Manny at the MH:


orange 'n green in the vein

Luqman was always a marginal prospect at best to begin with, he had the size, the rest he was going to have to work on to ever be a contributor at the expected level of performance. He wasn't going to cut it, good riddance and good luck for just some more roster dead weight.


OGV...could you please be more direct and to the point? Thanks!


86, good find on that blog


I've got the scoop on Abdullah.

The dude is a benchwarming puzzyazz Cokerite who should have been cut a long time ago. We are witnessing the final stages of Chemo here and it feels real good, real good!!

Fuk that punkbytch!!

By the way it has been hot as hell up here the past few days. I don't know how you hicks ;) down south do it all summer. F that shyt!!!

I lived in Davie for a couple years when I was young but I guess the heat doesn't get to you when your that young??



I spoke to a source at UM who confirmed the news by saying "he should have never been here in the first place."

That says it all right there. There were way too many of these puzzies creepin around and infecting this team. They are slowly but surely being flushed out of this program.

Love it!!



Another Cokerite bites the dust.

Do you guys realize now what Medioker did to this program?? He had almost 80 deep full of players like Luqman, at every position.

Maybe now we will take THREE RBS in this years class.

Jamal Berry COME ON DOWN!


Canez1, you're on a roll today, dog. LOL

Any other prediction on transfers? The only places left are along the OL and DL, the reserves. I wonder if Symonette sees similar writing to Luqman??


DZ8, I think "Onward and Upward" is actually a derivative of Julius Caesar's phrase...EXCELSIOR! Which means "ever-improving, excelling, onward, upward, achieving" and all related ideas and meanings.

This is an educated guess....

Matt Drudge

Another Cokerite bites the dust.

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 09, 2008 at 08:55 PM

Cav, is that really you? I thought you were high on L. Abdallah a few months ago. What happened?

The Truth told us long time ago, he should never have been here in the first place. He fell straight back on his fannies so many times last year.

Matt Drudge



Way to go Canes! Zona was tough, tough, tough. Great win for our guys.

Beckhm, the SS for Georgia, and I think Posey, the catch for FSU, are in my mind the two best players in college baseball right now. Georgia's raking big-time, so it should be a high-scoring series.

Did anyone else notice Rabin? After he flew out to the wall late in Game 1, he went by the mound and gave that kid Perry a mouthful! He had the swagger all series...kinda like a RF version of Jeremy Shockey!


Matt, I don't remember ever saying anything about Abdullah, pro or con.

The fact that he's transfering says about everything that needs to be said.

This just means more reps and time for Regis and Lewis, and another 'ship for '09. If he's really the deadweight it's great all-around.


I curious and surprised as to why everybody on here is glad that luqman is leaving, apparently yall haven't seen his UM highlights starting at the 2:22 mark of this clip:



SOUP dont mean to be a pain in the butt, but do u have the numbers?



BIG news to follow shortly on the baseball AND football fronts...


The freshman class, ranked No. 1 by ESPN, has received their jersey numbers for the 2008 season.

Here is a complete list of the incoming freshmen numbers:

1 Brandon Harris, CB

7 Vaughn Telemaque, DB

17 Taylor Cook, QB

28 Thearon Collier, WR

38 Kendal Thompkins, WR

39 C.J. Odom, S

41 Joe Wylie, DB

45 Marcus Robinson, LB

46 Ramon Buchanan, LB

47 LaRon Byrd, WR

54 Micanor Regis, DT

58 Jordan Futch, LB

62 Andrew Smith, DE

72 Brandon Washington, OL

80 Travis Benjamin, WR

81 Davon Johnson, WR

86 Tommy Streeter, WR

95 Brandon Marti, LB

98 Jeremy Lewis, DT

It is not known which numbers these incoming freshmen have been assigned:

Ben Jones, OL
Gavin Hardin, LB
Zach Kane, LB
Antonio Harper, LB
C.J. Holton, S

These freshmen were awarded numbers this spring and participated in spring practices:

4 Aldarius Johnson, WR

11 Arthur Brown, LB

12 Jacory Harris, QB

16 Cannon Smith, QB

30 Patrick Hill, FB (junior college transfer)

31 Sean Spence, LB

40 Jake Wieclaw, K

43 John Calhoun, FB

99 Marcus Forston, DT


Call me...


Calvin, that's funny. lol

You know if he's being moved to the OL that means it's over. Two freshmen would come in and take his position. That's not pretty.

It's a win-win, really. He'll go somewhere and get more PT, get his degree and keep rolling with life.

We get another 'ship for '09, more time for Regis and Lewis and Joseph, and better preparation and depth for everyone on the DL and OL.


Fresno State 11, (3) ASU 5 in the seventh inning!


This is the main reason we lost to oklahoma this year, if you're the senior receiver coming into a hostile environment and you know you got young guys behind you coming out the tunnel set the damyum tone, no emotion nowhere.



Scooter, good lookin'.

VT got #7 huh. He must be a baller.

Lewis got #98. Those are some serious, gi-normous shoes to fill.

I suppose everyone qualified, Andrew Smith included. That makes the DE a little stronger. He could come in for speed rush situations to give the others a breather.


Calvin, that said it all.

Compare that to the Cottom Bowl Massacre and Dale Dawkins entrance or the old OU games.

These kids were totally and completely Cokerized.


cav, from that clip, can luqman be viewed as the emotional leader of that teams? For those who haven't seen him(luqman)in action, ladies and gentlemen i give you #96 in action at the 2:22 mark again:



Also interesting that Buchanon is still listed as a LB.


Exactly cav, that had to be the most pathetic entrance i have ever seen, they came out walking as if they didn't know if they were going to win or lose. Oh well, those days are coming to an end. The guys coming in are going to take it personal that other teams think they're going to beat them just because they're young.


Him being on the team is a perfect example of poor evaluation and focusing on the wrong recruiting areas.


The guys coming in are going to take it personal that other teams think they're going to beat them just because they're young.

Posted by: Calvin | June 09, 2008 at 10:11 PM

Calvin, YOU KNOW that's what the West Boys, Marve, Brown, J-Mac, Hank, VT, BH, Davon, Futch, Zach Kane, Robinson and a few others will think.

I can see Marve and Jacory right now reading the stories about T-Bone. lol


OK college baseball fans here it is:

Brian Foley, the Executive Editor of the nationally recognized: "The College Baseball Blog", has agreed to do TWO LIVE chats with us here at Canespace!

These chats will be held on the Canespace blog from 9 PM to 10 PM on Friday June 13 and Monday June 16.

On Friday June 13 we will be previewing the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

On Monday June 16 we will be reviewing all of the weekend action including the Canes game against UGA on Saturday.

Join us and post your questions here on the blog for Brian starting at 8:30 PM each day.



Fresno State 11, (3) ASU 5, top eight.


I'm with ya, Truth, particularly since things spread have a tendency to jump from board to board... :)

The Truth

Thanks 86 and Calvin...

I'll behave. I promise!


Clean-up process has been completed...

Truth, U owe me one!


Wow that was fast!!! LOL

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