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June 09, 2008



Timcanes u r not alone in this. I agree that we seem to be wasting scholys. It's time to stop recruiting kids that WANT to be at Miami and start getting kids that NEED to be at Miami, which is why we've fallen so far in the first place, because we seem to be offering kids who's goal is to play d-1 ball period, much less for the U! Many of u feel that stars don't matter and that is true if you have a good coaching staff but unfortunately this staff has yet to prove that they can mold and develope talent. And as far as this crap about we don't need anymore qb's, rb's and dt's goes, since when is it bad to have too much talent? Beggers can't be choosers.


Why wouldn't we offer J. Berry? He would see playing time immediately, on special teams! Remember we had Coop, JJ and others, injured, last year.


thanks guys for gettin my back on this one...


good point...when was last time we had dominant return man...hester...last yr gordon was back there...so u put berry back there and let him tear it up...or let him beat out miller for rb and put miller back there


I think you guys are way too concerned. You act like signing day is next week. There's so much fluidity in this process. A lot can change. They still have a season of high school and college football that hasnt been played!


It's never too early, to worry....lol

Hurricane Mitch


Be more than happy to get you some cold beverages 6/20 and/or 6/21.

dj moonbat

I think between saving Coker's recruiting class in '07 and this year's recruiting class, Shannon et al. have earned the benefit of the doubt. If the class in April is Bryce Brown and a bunch of obvious losers, then you can start bitching.


If we don't get some really successful playcalling from our coaches this year...there sure will be beetching, dj...

Cal, i agree about Nix ("nix is more of a second half type oc.") and think that is a real good thing...

heck, even Butch was pretty flat coming out of the locker room at halftime re: adjustments...

Coker? won't even go their...every choad he kept in the position was TERRIBLE at adjustments...

Remember Sonny Lu? Incredible vision for play callin in 3rd & 4th qtrs...

If that's what you think Nix brings...I'm all over it...

78 days...27 minutes - BRING IT!

c- a- n- e- s




LT#36, who is your favorite Hurricane ever and why??


That would be 86Cane!


Just messin' around! LT#36 has left the building. He just posted once to learn how the blog works and he is now gone. We have agreed to schedule a LIVE chat and do a pod cast interview during the season ala Manny.

GREAT guy, True Cane, awesome interview!!!

Tons of good stuff and lots of things that you have never heard before, but will on Canespace!

Heading back to Fort Lauderdale from the Titanic to write some stuff up and email it to him for approval before posting (our agreement). Recorded most of it too!


Lamar, thanks for hookin' us up. Can't wait to read the interview.

What was playing with Marino like?


86, U punk


MM01...good work! You'll get your chance to get those ??? answered during the LIVE chat another day. Call me in 15.

Now, I am out...later.


closer to 9:00 your time, still @ work


First off, how the hell do you not get at least a 2.5 GPA? What is that, a C average? I played ball in school, practiced long hours, didn't feel like doing my homework b/c I was tired but I still knocked it out, did extra curricular activities that took up a lot of time .. I can see certain situations that make it difficult, such as, a kid having to try and take care of his siblings if the mom or dad or both are working multiple jobs. Also, if the kid has a learning disability or has something like dyslexia - Frank Gore is a perfect example of that, but he got help and made it. If a kid wants to make it, then he'll put the time/effort/determination into doing it, knowing the result will pay off.

How many pro-athletes try and tell the young kids that getting their education is just as - if not more - important than playing ball? Ya, they use all the muscles in their body except for the one that counts the most and will get them the furthest - their brain. Not only on the football field but also in the classroom and in life. I know the background of some of these kids isn't all Leave It To Beaver - believe me, I know ... but wouldn't that make them want to work harder in order to get out of that situation in their future?

These kids also have to realize the statistics that they are going against in making it to the NFL. The majority of them aren't going to make it - once again, how many pro-athletes preach that to kids? Get your damn diploma - esp. if you have a chance to get your name on a diploma from a private institution such as The U. I think the players at The U get it - that's why they've had more athletes in football on the All-ACC Academic team than any other school in the conference the past few years .. that's a conference that includes Duke, Virginia, UNC, Wake and Boston College. USNews put out their rankings for America's Best Colleges - Duke (8), Virginia (23), UNC (28), Wake (30), Boston College (35) .. Miami (52).

Last, if you recruit a kid that doesn't take care of business in the classroom - then you're basically "wasting" a scholly anyway b/c he won't be academically eligible to play. So, how's that any different than not recruiting him in the first place if he's not serious about getting his grades up enough to even qualify to make it into your school?

I've never doubted recruiting for depth - it's just you recruit for depth at positions you know you're going to be hit hardest by .. QB is not one of them right now. How many of the quarterbacks at The U right now have all 4 years of eligibility left? Exactly. If Eugene Smith said he's not really looking at the Crocs b/c of their QB depth, what would make him want to go into the same situation at The U? I can understand going after a couple of QB's next year, but not this year. The U needs help in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Didn't anyone read the ESPN link I put up from my post earlier about the kid? They think he's pretty decent - and he has this upcoming year in high school football to improve, get bigger and stronger.



Want to see where The U needs the most help for building depth?




Just like I said, The U needs help in the trenches on both sides of the ball ... look at the O-Line and D-Line - they need to recruit their secondary as well.


grid iron greats UM Penn state on sun sports old school canes!!!
Mark Richt Um Qb
check it out!!
The beginning!!!!!


Wow urban liar admits that ever since Shannon became Boss Cane its hard for him to recruit or get players from south fla.

Cat5 Cane

Lamar Thomas... One Kool Dude who's still got the "IT"... in "It's a Canes Thing, you wouldn't understand!" with lots of personality, heart and soul, as a person and a Cane... Bottom line, a straight-talker without the bullsh...!

I'm glad to have met him!


SuperCooper is my hero!!! You know I want the Seminole Trio in Orange and Green baby. And Randle to boot.

I think J. Berry will bring up his grades and be ready to roll wherever he goes. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up a Cane, y'all, seriously. We may have another deeparture before Fall Ball is over, you never know.

TimCanes and 4-Real, you make good points about how we've been caught short-handed before BUT calm your nutz, brothers. Team Shannon HAS this.

I want Berry at the U as much as you guys do but with Bryce and Miller in hand, and Jakhari and a few others in the c/o 2010 we should be solid.

HOWEVER, Shannon got burnt last year with NO RBS down the stretch, and Shannon hates to lose and be caught off-guard or unprepared. Chambers and S-Mac look good but not great, at least not yet. There's a reason why Shannon moved D. Berry to RB.

So we'll have a stable of 5 with Cooper and JJ out in front. If JJ leaves early, which I don't think he will but he might, that would leave S-Mac, Chambers, Cooper and Berry. Right now, only Berry could be considered an every down back because of his size. The others need more muscle and speed.

And we didn't take a RB in this year's class.

Sooooo, don't be surprised if J. Berry is offered and signs on the dotted line.

With Bryce-Miller-Berry, you could just start counting the Rings baby!

Our weaknesses are OL-DL-CB, just about in that order. We have 18 or so 'ships. If we get 10 between OL and DL, that leaves just enough for skilled position players and ATHs.

If Luqman's one extra 'ship is the difference between Berry and a CB, I think Berry will get what he and we want. lol

Now all Berry has to do is focus, focus, focus on his grades.

From the little I've seen and heard about him he seems like a level-headed kid, so I give him a vote of confidence that he'll take care of business.


Whoo Hoo...back in Fort Lauderdale after my trip to the 305 to meet Cat5, and oh yeah, this guy named Lamar Thomas #36.

WAY cool guy who spent three hours with us answering all kinda ??? and laying down the law, CANE LAW!



Willie Haulstead

Couple or words 4 Willie- Get ya act together homie.





Someone the other night didnt care if the Celtics won/ lost or even played...s'okay...

Just one thought for Coach Shannon: Umbutu...

I think we got the same idea covered w/o the name...

but the name is what the U/ or anyteam needs: Umbutu

Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu
By Martha Bebinger

Listen to story http://www.wbur.org/news/2008/77863_20080610.asp

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers, during Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Lakers in Boston. (AP)
BOSTON, Mass. - June 10, 2008 - Sports quiz time. Can you name the Boston Celtics' new rallying cry? It's something the team chants...not the fans.

The word is "Ubuntu." It comes from the Bantu languages of Southern Africa and means, loosely, "I am because of you."

WBUR's Martha Bebinger explores how this concept is defining this Celtics team.


MARTHA BEBINGER: The men in green chant Ubuntu in the locker room before games, wear it on practice t-shirts and wrist bands and refer to it slogan when it really counts.

GAME ANNOUNCER: Certainly not the sight Celtics fans want to see, Paul Pierce in a lot of pain.

BEBINGER: While Pierce is carried off the floor in game 1 of the finals, Celtics coach Doc Rivers calls the rest of the team together.

DOC RIVERS: What did the guy from South Africa say about adversity, nothing can get you down. That's why we play 12 guys, alright. Let's beat this team.

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU: In our country we've got something called ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu.

BEBINGER: This is Archbishop Desmond Tutu explaining the concept during a lecture to college students last year.

TUTU: In our culture, there is no such thing as a solitary individual. I want you to be all you can be, because that's the only way I can be all I can be.

BEBINGER: Coach Rivers adopted ubuntu at the beginning of this season after a colleague suggested it and Rivers read some of Tutu's work. Boston Globe Sports writer Marc Spears says Rivers needed a way to unify a team with a lot of new players and 3 superstars.

MARC SPEARS: It's given them something to become a unit, to become a family, to put all their egos aside. And I think it's that mentality that has helped them get to where they are right now.

BEBINGER: Not just the mentality, the word has become part of Celtics culture, says former Celtics forward and current commentator Cedric Maxwell.

CEDRIC MAXWELL: If they're playing cards right now, you'll hear one of them go ubuntu dog, so you know they joke about it, but you know they want to win.

BEBINGER: Maxwell, who was the MVP when the Celtics won the NBA championship in 1981, says ubuntu helps Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce focus on a common goal.

MAXWELL: None of the big 3 last year made the playoffs. So as players, sometimes they're like kids, they look for themes, they look for concepts that are going to bring them closer together.

BEBINGER: While Ubuntu may be important to the team...most fans don't know it.

BEBINGER: Have you heard of Ubuntu, the team's slogan? I have not, no, the who, no, no, no at all.

BEBINGER: Outside the Garden, before Sunday's "near miss" I get 37 confused looks before I find Ed O'Neill and Suzanne Nevins from Connecticut.

SUZANNE NEVINS AND ED O'NEILL: I hadn't heard it until he told me, told you what, the ubungo thing, that means oh, that's right. Ubuntu. That means, we're together, we're a team. That's what we're here for. It's not a one on one thing. Not like, we got the big Kobe guy. No, we got big 3, no we got the big 5, no we got the big 12.

BEBINGER: The Celtics aren't marketing ubuntu. There is at least one unofficial t-shirt on line that merges the old and the new...black and white hands clashed over a shamrock with ubuntu in bold letters. Sports Promoter Stephen Brown says it might be best to leave ubuntu alone, for now.

STEPHEN BROWN: At least for this series; if it's a private moment within the team, that shouldn't be commercialized.

BEBINGER: At least, says Brown, until the Celtics give the OK.

So for tonight, Celtics fans will stick with the well known refrain... Beat LA

For the U...sub in BEAT FSU
...BEAT UF (or FU!)







Be more than happy to get you some cold beverages 6/20 and/or 6/21.

Posted by: Hurricane Mitch | June 11, 2008 at 06:27 PM

Great, I'm staying on West Dodge. Send me your contact info @ Keoki1@USA.com and GO CANES!!!







Oye, nice pics, Ocala -- of the Light
Last game at home...of the season...

Soon, amigos...very soon
This year,
oUr HC
will take us far enough



F*K the gaytors...

CANES, baaby


So we'll have a stable of 5 with Cooper and JJ out in front


Actually this year we have 6. We still have Derron Thomas

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