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June 17, 2008



Every Gators biggest dream has finally come true...



CS82 I guess it all matters where you grew up and who you hung with. I graduated highschool in 92 and we used to get into fights and smash people with shyt all the time and where I grew up wasn't that bad! Whatever goes.

That's just the way things were. I have hit and seen people get hit with all kinds of shyt. Just a way of life. Maybe that is why it doesn't phase me about what happened. I'm desensitized I guess.

With that being said if you are at a major university playing ball you need to check yourself no doubt about it.

Was it a smart move?? Absolutely not. Is it something the kid should lose his football future and academic scholly over. Absofukinlutely not!

JMO of course.

You are correct about our history. That is a huge part of why I love this program. I don't want a team full of criminals but shyt happens when you are young. Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

He has Cane attitude and ability and he IS a Cane so I have his back.

Like I said shyt happens like this with athletes all over the country on a daily basis that we DON'T hear about. Not a big deal in my book.

JMfukedupO of course ;)



Baseball junkies ONLY:



UM-FSU recap just for FUN!!!

Re-live the glory of knock, knock, knocking out FSU from www.hurricanesports.com:



More baseball awards for UM players:



In case U haven't been attending class lately or paying attention:

"Miami's 53 wins is the Hurricanes' highest total under Head Coach Jim Morris, as Miami also won 53 games in 2001 - the school's last national championship season."

eh, hmmmmm....


If the charges stick, Zach is out.


Ocala - LOL batteries are for flashlights


86 - who are the people in the third pic on the blog article before this one?



when in AC stay at Borgota, all hot clubs are there....
best cheese steaks....pat's and geno's (across street from each other on passyunk), and there is a pat's in AC
forget fireworks here....they sell them here, but cant buy them, and they only have boring stuff anyway, I have to drive to MD to get anything....makes sense, like state controlling booze stores....


kane hitting someone when they arent looking is NOT a cane attiutude....
punching thier f'ing lights out eyeballing them is....
pulling a gun on someone is NOT cane attitude
Merriweather defending his house from a guy who shot his roomie in the ass is....

IF kane did this he is a punk, and can stay at home at rutgers

happy 1 year anniversary!

and, geno's and pat's are tradition, and atmosphere.....plus going thru the itailian hood to get there....plus italian market is right next door




I heard some of our boys are on campus?


The folks at Sun Sports had one of those tasty ideas that never goes flat four years ago when they began their summer series of "Gridiron Greats" games involving classic football moments from the illustrious histories of the Florida Gators, FSU Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes.

They have 50 games in their files and 26 will be seen this summer including five first-time additions that recently became available. And these shows are far more than just re-playing a tape. Each telecast includes players and coaches providing behind-the-scene memories and anecdotes that flesh out the history on the screen.

"There's not a dud among the new five," said Sun Sports Producer Jeff DeMoss with unabashed pride. "Each one is a game we've wanted since the start but they just became available to us."

A look at the two of the games being seen for the first time:

*June 21, 6:30 p.m. -- Florida at Miami, Sept. 7, 1985: The last time Florida beat the 'Canes (and the two meet this season). The Gators won, 35-25. Kerwin Bell: "That was the beginning of the trash talking era for Miami." Well, maybe before the game but not right after.

*July 26, 9:30 p.m. -- Miami at Penn State, Nov. 3, 1979: QB Jim Kelly made his first career start as a 'Cane and led his team to a 26-10 upset victory. Kelly: "First thing I did when I found out I was starting was to run to the bathroom and throw up."

I hope Marve pukes his guts out...and then beats the Gators!!!


86 - who are the people in the third pic on the blog article before this one?

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | June 18, 2008 at 05:26 PM

No clue! Don't know if they are just fans at the game or Mitch's friends from Omaha???


Another NCAA 09 Update. Here is a screen shot of Dolphin Stadium decked out in The U attire! LOL



1 more hour til gametime! LETS GO CANES!


June 18, 2008

Game 64
Wednesday: Miami vs. Stanford
June 18, 7 p.m. (ET)/6 p.m. (ET) (Rosenblatt Stadium)
Radio: WVUM (90.5 FM), WQAM (560 AM),
Spanish Radio WWWK (102.5 FM) and WPIK (104.5 FM)
Probable Starting Pitchers:
Danny Sandbrink, Fr., RHP (2-1, 2.85 ERA)
Enrique Garcia, Sr., RHP (7-2, 4.56 ERA)

No.1 overall national seed Miami (53-10) faces Stanford (40-23-2) in its second elimination game of the 2008 Men's College World Series. First pitch is slated for 7 p.m. (ET)/6 p.m. (CT).

The game will be televised live on ESPN2. Mike Patrick has the play-by-play while Oral Hershiser will serve as the color analyst and Erin Andrews as the sideline reporter.


PhillyS I am staying at the Borgata. I have been there before just have not stayed there. Really nice place. I will have to VIP, bottle it up at the bars.

Thanks for the heads up on the steaks. Always appreciated! Your right atmosphere is a big part of the whole deal. Maybe I will grab one from all three!! LOL

U are right about hitting the kid from behind. I don't think the story everyone heard is the TRUE story. Kane does not seem like a kid that needs to sucker shot some little punk. We need to hear the real story before passing judgement. The kid is a badazz regardless and I like it that way! JMO

Why did I think you can buy all the kinds of good fireworks in PA??? MD is not on the trip plans but who knows...

Thanks again Bro!!



From www.hurricanesports.com:

Miami first baseman Yonder Alonso needs just one home run to tie Phil Lane's single season record (25) which he set in 1982. Alonso actually would already have the single season school record. Back on March 23, 2008, he homered twice in the first three inning of the second game of a doubleheader with Wake Forest. But due to inclement weather and a travel curfew, the game was called in the bottom of the fourth inning (five innings is considered a complete game). Alonso lost two home runs as did sophomore designated hitter Joey Terdoslavich. Junior centerfielder Blake Tekotte lost one home run as well with Miami leading 9-1 in the bottom of the fourth.

Miami first baseman Yonder Alonso leads the nation with 76 walks, which is second all-time at Miami in a single season. Pat Burrell walked 83 times in 1997 to hold the school record.

The 2008 Hurricanes have hit 105 home runs on the season, which ranks second in school history. The 1998 UM team hit 139 to set the school record.

In just his second season with the Hurricanes, sophomore reliever Kyle Bellamy is in the record books. Bellamy leads the nation with 43 appearances which is tied for eighth all-time at UM in a season and sixth all-time in appearances in relief. One more appearance will move him into a tie for fourth place.


Big Bryce killin shyt!!

Game looks nice!! I can't wait to grab it. Makes the summer not so bad!

My bro said the new metal gear is Gangsta!! Best game ever....



Dan Morgan
Jon Vilma
Mike Barrow
Randy Shannon
Rohan Marley

you picture any of them bashing someone over the head with an object from behind?
It isn't Cane attitude, it's criminal attitude.
We all fought in high school.
We were all playground super villains
We were all azzholes.
It's 2008 there isn't an invincible Orange Bowl, there aren't camouflage costumed players striking fear at steak fries.
It's a slow painstaking process to have the best football program in America comprised of the best citizens in the community.

The MNW boys,Marve, the Kansas brothers, and Brandon Harris are what the new Canes are about...its called class.



New Metal Gear got perfect 10 like GTA. But I don't have a PS3 so I don't really care, I can't wait until Gears of War 2 in November.

More NCAA 09 flix.

Marcus Forston vs UCF: http://www.operationsports.com/images/u/media/1211490284-media.jpeg

Miami vs Clemson Intro Screen: http://www.operationsports.com/viewshot.php?id=3121&no=447&outof=1195


More NCAA 09 Hurricane Photos

Marve sacked vs Ohio State

Kayne with leaping catch vs Ohio State

Ohio State WR makes a catch vs UM

Chris "Beanie" Wells takes the handoff vs the Canes


Even More NCAA 09 Hurricane Photos

Coop springs one thanks to the blocking of Big Orlando Franklin

MLB Ratings (Cook, Arthur Brown, and I assume Zach Kane)

DT Ratings (Dixon, Forston, Hendricks, Washington, Johnson, Regis)


Last batch of NCAA 09 Hurricane Photos

WR Ratings (Shields, Farquharson, Hankerson, Johnson, McKenzie, Jones, #80 - maybe Tommy Streeter)

QB Ratings (Marve, Harris, Cook, Smith)


bg working overtime,
nice stuff bro


Solar I can actually picture all of them except RS smashing someone! Morgan was an animal and if you think he was a gentleman off the field you are out yo damn mind!!

Football is a violent sport that makes violent people out of otherwise docile ones. Bottom line.

I still get the itch to go elbow someone in the mouth when I am working out. It's a reaction to the physical activity. Your body says O the heart is pumping and then the brain says it's time to go lay someone out. Throw in some music that gets you pumped up and its tough to calm down. Some dudes just can't control it.

I'm telling you that story is not correct. Don't believe the hype Soiler! ;)

BG I hear ya on the GOW2 might be my favorite game ever!!




bg and other Canespace video gamers take on the world in a blog-to-blog challenge match on the Internet in NCAA 2009!!!

dj moonbat

I could EASILY picture, say, Ray Lewis whacking somebody with a bottle.


I hope it isn't true but the more NJ blogs I read the more stuff I see about daddy springing him over and over.
You're correct that he is innocent until proven guilty.

Nobody on that list would sucker someone over the head from behind.jmo
Marley was the most insane on the field and he's as peaceful off the field as a rastamon could be.

Morgan never had an incident in the paper high school, college, or pro about decking a fan or party goer that I'm aware of.

don't elbo me man!


I didn't put Ray on the list, I agree if he thought it would get him camera time he would be up to sucker punching someone.

Randy Cane

Congratulations Canespace, where there's a will there is a way. Everyone who contributed to your success is to be given many, many cudos for a job well done. It has been enjoyable for this old school cane to have participated in many discussions about our beloved canes. Onward and upward!


LOL I hear ya bro!!

My point is to totally throw away this kids future over some bad judgement seems a little harsh for a 18yr old kid. No matter who they are!

I rest my case.... ;)



I think he plays football at a school that gives guys generous second chances like say Hawaii.
If it's a misdemeanor, and he was the first person to notify Coach Shannon about it immediately after whatever took place, then yea maybe he plays here on a very short leash.

Ok I'm done... turning slowly to look over my shoulder as I raise arms above head


How would you like Yonder to get crazy at a party?
spits out a dozen sunflower seeds and orbits five or six guys for saying gootz sucks



LOL Man I miss Ray lewis!!

I wish we had a team full of that badazz!! That dude could knock you out with a look!!


Cat5 Cane

I'm Backkkkkkkk.
TIC TOC...15,14,13.... minutes to go!


Will be watching on TV and bragging in between innings...... I Gotta feeling we're blowing up tonight! and it is all goood. look for a 12/4 ball bame!


aight back after dinner
hope the wind is blowing out for us tonight

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat5 Cane

We batting last!!!




Solar, it would be nice to see Yonder break the HR record tonight!!!


Way to bunt Weeks


GAME ON! Tekotte on base!

Stanford starting pitcher Sandbrink.

No idea who that is. This was the MH speculation this afternoon:

"A pitching update, looks like Austin Yount will not be the starter today. Erik Davis continues to look like the best bet since he hasn't pitched yet. Left-hander Jeremy Bleich (3-2, 1.02 ERA) would be the other."

Herald now says

"The Cardinal will go with right-handed freshman Danny Sandbrink, who is 2-1, with a 2.85 ERA in 19 appearances, which includes 5 starts. His other numbers (1 CG, 53 2/3 IP, 54 H, 20 R, 17 ER, 18 BB, 27 Ks, .262 opp. avg.)."



Happy Birthday Canespace and Go Canes!


ESPN 150 Watch List talent Rueben Randle said after his trip to Coral Cables, Fla., "They are on top right now. I got down there to see how everything would work and how it was going on," affiliate Web site InsideTheU.com reports.
He continued, "Miami helped themselves. They showed me that they are very interested in me and they are not going to beat around the bush with me."


Miami 1 - Stanford 0 Top of the 1st 2 outs


Canes up 1-0. Alonso struck out and Sobo sacrified Teko in. Weeks on third. Teko and Weeks stole to advance.

The Stanford kid has good numbers, but he is not a regular starter and just a frosh. The Canes need to knock him out of the game early.


Bottom of the 1st
Stanford is coming up to bat


Teko and Weeks continue to be the only consistent contributors. Hope the whole lineup 1-9 finds their grove as the game goes on.

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