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June 17, 2008



i wouldn't question people's fanhood based on questioning the coach. guys are fans of the team not of the coach of the team. but i do think it doesn't make much sense to question Randy on recruiting issues. The staff has shown it can recruit. Now it has to show it can develop the recruits and make this team a winner again. But haven't had time to really develop anyone considering they've been the staff for a year going on year 2.

dj moonbat

From the type of TE recruits we're getting this year, it looks like we've decided that the Eric Winston route is the way we want to get our tackles developed.

None of these guys is the Kellen Winslow or Greg Olsen type. Plus, I just don't see Nix running a whole lot of bruiser sets with the big blocking TE. So a couple of these guys are going to be groomed for the O-line.


JoeCanes - you are leaving me after all we've been through together??? j/k - LOL!!!


yeah looks like we are going the kellen winslow/jeremy shockey beef up a WR route for TEs and the Winston/Fox route for OTs. Which is what we are all about.


DTC haven't been up to much - P-cola - I have some ex-in-laws that live there....ick


Let me clarify my last post. How can you question Randy's performance so far? Yeah, I know we lost 7 games last year, but look who our choice of QB's were. And it was RS's first year as HC. I'll give you that.

But look at what he's done recently. He's still cleaning out the roster, brought in a new DC with exciting possibilities, and a top recruiting class.

Anyone who says RS can't do it, or develop players, doesn't know football. First, he has had only 1, count'em, 1, year being a HC. Look how he developed those defenses several years ago. Dan Morgan, DJ, Vilma, Wilfork, those guys developed nicely, didn't they?

dj moonbat

"looks like we are going the kellen winslow/jeremy shockey beef up a WR route for TEs and the Winston/Fox route for OTs. Which is what we are all about."

Except we seem to have stopped doing the same thing on defense. Maybe training techniques have gotten to the point where the same tradeoff of speed vs. size isn't required, but it seems to me like Miami's LBs and DEs, particularly, are bigger and a little less lightning quick than they once were.


From Sporting News

The Pac-10 is the final installment of Matt Hayes' rankings of the BCS non-conference schedules. He previously analyzed the ACC, Big East, SEC, Big 12 and Big Ten non-conference slates.

1. USC: at Virginia, Ohio State, Notre Dame 2. Washington: BYU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame 3. UCLA: Tennessee, at BYU, Fresno State 4. Oregon State: at Penn State, Hawaii, at Utah 5. California: Michigan State, at Maryland, Colorado State 6. Arizona State: Georgia, Northern Arizona, UNLV 7. Oregon: Utah State, at Purdue, Boise State 8. Washington State: Oklahoma State, at Baylor, Portland State 9. Stanford: at TCU, San Jose State, at Notre Dame 10. Arizona: Idaho, Toledo, at New Mexico

Quick observations:

-- Let's all take notes, shall we? Here is how you schedule (this means you, SEC and Big Ten): play everyone in your conference and play realistic non-con games. Please, a moment of thanks to the Pac-10 ADs.

-- I don't think I'm going overboard when I say USC has the best non-con schedule in the nation every season. And you know what? The Trojans • surprise! • are among the top five teams in the nation every year. SEC fan: "We play rough here in the SEC, son. We don't have to play tough non-con schedules." Get over yourselves.


dj moonbat, the funny thing is that one of the guys who's an example of the old move a LB to DE mentality is also by far the biggest guy at the position in bailey.


The Canespace sticker looks great on my truck. You and whoever else may have helped did a great job. I suggest all to get one they look awsome.

Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | June 20, 2008 at 10:58 AM

I agree! They are awesome and everyone should get one for the upcoming season.


Great posts today...ahhh, glad football is back! All the experts say the Canes are going to go 9-3? What do you guys think???

Cat5...I told you to contact OcalaCane.

I am also going to give your cell# and email to another conact in South Dade. I'll email you details.


More NCAA 09 Miami Flix

Sean Spence gettin' after the Oregon State QB (Notice the Green tops, I like them alot)

Graig Cooper vs the Ragin' Cajuns!

Randy Phillips and Collin McCarthy vs Ga Tech

Dedrick Epps being tackled by Clemson Player


7th Floor crew, good times:



86, as long as the injuries don't continue to accumalate this team will do better than expected. injuries though will keep that from happening since quality depth ain't something we got just yet at most positions.


hey bg...i played the ncaa 09 demo on my ps3 yesterday...great graphics and atmosphere..tackling looks a lot better too.

too bad we can only use LSwho and the suckeyes so far..


Beanie Wells has to be a beast in that game.

DallasTX Cane

BTW - Happy Belated Father's Day Esteban!

How's that little baby of yours?


I know. But It will be out soon!


bg, when is the release date?


I know this article is not cane related but it is very interesting. I wonder how many people on this site are addicts.



ncaa 09 is out july 15th


I hope to have it (NCAA 09) by the 11th of July. We'll see.


Thanks DTC. She's doing real good - which is expected since she got me for a daddy. But seriously, yeah she's doing something new each day along with getting heavier to carry each day - especially when carrying her in her car seat. She's helping to keep me in shape.

DallasTX Cane

Thats awesome Este! Appreciate the Now. Even when she gets to 50lbs, she'll still want Daddy to carry her!



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friend request us!!



MM01...Thanks for all of your hard work in helping Canespace expand our presence at MySpace.

Going to work on the LT#36 article. See you all at 8 PM.


I'll calm my nutts when we start winning again lol. But I sincerely hope for the sake of the U that you guys are right about this current staff. It's not the recruits that i'm worried about. I'm worried about this staff's ablilty to coach. I know they only had one season and they're still learning but judging from the comments of opposing coaches these guys don't have a clue. Bill Young has proven he has what it takes but i'm not yet sold on Nix. And no one loves Shannon more than I do but I still have to question his ability to take over the play-calling duties when his staff is making piss-poor decisions. As I said before I sincerely hope you guys are right for the sake of the U, cause nobody loves the Orange n' Green as much as I do. I stayed up 48 straight hours after the 03' fiesta-bowl fiasco! Just you guys remember all this sweet, forgiving talk if things go sour next season but let's hope and pray that they dont.


4-Real, we all have the passion for the U as much as you but just look and read a little more closely at what Shannon's been doing and why.

But don't ever expect him to start calling offensive plays. No serious HC would do that to their OC unless the HCs last name was Spurrier. lol

Now if you have questions about Nix, that's fair, most of us do. He doesn't have much of a track record to speak of, and according to our friend Carlos, he SUCKS!!!! lol

But with Truf Face and Jitters behind center I'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt for at least a year.

Otherwise, everyone is proven...Young, Hurtt, Barrow, McGriff, Stoudtland, Hill, Robinson, even Pannunzio I'm willing to write off because of Cokerization.

So relax and get ready for the fun. Don't expect 2001 or even 2000 just yet but those ugly days of the last five years will be ancient history soon enough.

Past is indeed Prologue.

orange 'n green in the vein

This team is only 1/2 stocked with players so far IMO. I'm thinking 5-7 means no pool day's again this year. So sad.


OGV, I'd say we're closer to 75% because the worst of the Coker kids are gone and most of the remaining are becoming Shannonites. Players like Sharpton, Dix, C-mac, SS, R. Hill, Adkins et al, I expect to improve and become serious ballers, especially on defense.

Plus, the classes of '07 and '08 are not your ordinary classes. They're stocked with leaders and True U types, so their energy, especially Marve's and Jacory's, will be infectious. This class of '09 won't have as many leaders as the last two. It will have plenty of True U ballers but you don't come across serious leaders at key positions like QB in every class, at least you usually don't. Team Shannon might figure out a way to do it.

Either way, it will interesting to see how much they've come together as a team. I have high expectations as always. lol


OGV, what's a "pool day"?

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