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June 27, 2008




"Malaprop" was the word of the month used on

You don't have to be a rock scientist to know that was a good stuff.


true cane

Hello folks, just wanted to stop by and say hello. As far as Rudy, I think that he is just passionate, I do think Randy needs to keep the fence around south florida. Let's go canes!!!!!!!!!!!


And I dont see how he was "mis-interpreted" or "mis-understood". He wrote the blog, and we have proof of what he wrote. He came off sounding like a big 305 homer and a Berry lover. He got caught talking out of his *** once again, and was slammed for it. If a website prides itself on being the best, at least get your facts straight.


Without using google
What is Charleston Southern's team called?

Who is their starting qb?

....unh huh I thought so


Old Skool

Is there a Charleston Northern?


skool they aren't nearly as famous as Southern



"There's Something Wrong"

geez, you don't say?

CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it's "ridiculous" to reward untested rookies with lucrative contracts, and wants the issue addressed in contract talks.

"There's something wrong about the system," Goodell said Friday. "The money should go to people who perform."

Goodell referred to Michigan tackle Jake Long's five-year, $57.75 million contract -- with $30 million guaranteed. Long was the first overall draft pick by the Miami Dolphins in April.

"He doesn't have to play a down in the NFL and he already has his money," Goodell said during a question-and-answer period at the end of a weeklong sports symposium at the Chautauqua Institution. "Now, with the economics where they are, the consequences if you don't evaluate that player, you can lose a significant amount of money.

"And that money is not going to players that are performing. It's going to a player that never makes it in the NFL. And I think that's ridiculous."

Goodell said he favors lowering salaries offered to rookies, but allowing a provision for those players to renegotiate their deals after proving themselves on the field.

His statement was greeted by a long round of applause from the estimated crowd of 2,000 inside the amphitheater.

Speaking to reporters before his appearance, Goodell said he plans to open negotiations with the players union on a revamped labor deal this fall. He's listened to concerns from all 32 owners in meetings over the past month.

"We just finished a series of one-on-one meetings with all 32 teams, where I have a better understanding and people have a better understanding of the economics each team is facing," Goodell said. "I think we can identify what it is we need in a negotiation to continue to make the agreement work for the NFL and for the players."

Goodell said the key need is to have the NFL Players' Association appreciate the financial challenges owners face with rising stadium construction costs and a faltering economy. Those issues were not anticipated in the previous collective bargaining agreement, which provided players a 60 percent share of the league's gross revenues.

"As our costs increase outside of player costs, that other 40 percent ... squeezes the margins and just makes it financially unworkable," Goodell said. "There has to be some more recognition of the costs."

League owners, last month, voted unanimously to opt out of the CBA that was signed in spring 2006. The decision to opt out maintains labor peace through 2011, but will result in changes regarding the NFL's salary cap and contract signings if a new deal is not signed by March 2009.

Goodell referred to next March as a deadline, but "not the end deadline," but hoped a deal could be reached by then. If not, teams will enter the following season without a salary cap. While there are concerns some of the NFL's richer teams would use their vast resources to buy up star players, there's also a drawback for players.

Under the new rules, the time for free agency in an uncapped year would rise from four years to six and allow teams to protect one extra player with franchise or transition tags. In addition, the two-year lag would allow many teams to extend the contracts of their most important players, maintaining the continuity that is important to winning teams.

Goodell acknowledged the NFL and its owners failed to foresee the economic issues that would face the league when the last CBA was approved.

"There have been some things that none of us could've envisioned," Goodell said. "You have an economy that's weakening. You have aspects of the deal that we didn't realize that we were going to be building billion-dollar stadiums. ... Things happen. I don't look back at it as a mistake. I look back at it as what do we need to do going forward?"


"Goodell referred to next March as a deadline, but "not the end deadline," "

thats how we roll in the NFL


CAN YOU DIG UP THE INFO FROM YOUR RESOURCES 86'? 'Cause if Collin's is on point we're a legit final 4 contender.

Holla at ya boy...

Posted by: CoCane | June 28, 2008 at 10:38 AM

COKE...I'm on it. Give me some a week and I see what I can dig up.


Rudy may just be trying to entertain and get a rise out of cane fans and many of you guys.

Posted by: canechic | June 28, 2008 at 10:40 AM

He claims that is NOT the case. I just think his passion gets the best of him. He really is a Canes fan, and that may get in the way sometimes.


"Who is the best receiver in college?"

Kirby Freeman, because he catches so much crap from everybody

Anyway I'm off to work and family birthdays, enjoy the write-up. And feel free to grill me if you disagree


Precisely, standards of professionalism have been replaced by sharp opinions, glitzy graphics and big personalities. Entertainment rules and popularity is its most important asset. How and who delivers the news is more important than the news itself. Truth is subjective.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 28, 2008 at 11:00 AM

Old Skool obviously went to class every day because he is not only "Old" but very, very wise also. Nice post!


Old Skool, those things you mentioned are what you learnn in Journalism 101, along with grammar, sentence structure, stating the facts, supporting your position with facts and history, and that corny-azz "AP style" of writing that to me is often average at best writing.

Rudy might be passionate about some aspect of the Canes but he doesn't seem to have a clue about Hurricane Football and how it's built.

I think he's like Rev. Wright: got a little spotlight and he loses all perspective and sense.

Furthermore, if he's going to put his words out there as an authority on the Canes, he should expect to be grilled when he's wronng and plain stupid.

It comes with the territory.

If you want the spotlight, be ready for exposure.

But like a good demagogue he says he was "misunderstood". What a crock.


Good to see CoCane is back in good health, with total non-sequitor posts about basketball in the middle of a heated football discussion.

Classic! ;)


You don't have to be a rock scientist to know that was a good stuff.

Posted by: solarcane | June 28, 2008 at 11:06 AM

Solar...are you making fun of Geologists now? Canechic may have something to say about that. Didn't she just take a geology class?

What does a rocket scientist say when something is not that hard?

"It's not like nuclear physics or brain surgery."

What does a brain surgeon say???


New blog up at 8 PM tonight by Loco.

Breakdown of the Canes freshman WRs and DBs and their roles for 2008.

Poll included for U to vote and a countdown feature by Alf that I am hoping works!


"Or he doesn't know what he is talking about. He has as much credibility as any of us here, which is none."

Posted by: SuperCooper | June 28, 2008 at 10:57 AM

But he expects people to PAY to listen to his gossip and ramblings.

Has he ever made an accurate prediction since he's been over there??

Seriously. Has he ever pointed to a player ot made a prediction that actually came to fruition??

All I remember him doing was ranting about all these players who the coaching staff were stupid not to offer.



What does a rocket scientist say when something is not that hard?

"It's not like nuclear physics or brain surgery."

What does a brain surgeon say???

Posted by: SOUP | June 28, 2008 at 01:22 PM

A brain surgeon says,

"It's not like trying to coach Turf Face and Jitters. Now THAT'S hard!"



Mike James has apparently commited to the staff. Don't know when he will make it public though. Somewhere, Rudy is crying for his boy Berry.


Anyway, Larry Bluestein likes him. So that is good enough for me. Miller, James, Brown. A little bit of everything. Great RB class.


Soup, I said it before and I'll say it again, you are a brilliant blog orchestrator. You have time and again made moves for this blog that makes one scratch his head or just wonder in amazement. The most current move, defending Mr Chomat seem to go against the grain -- or does it really? Rudy is probably a fun guy to have a couple of drinks with and talk about sports. He is never boring, controversial yes, but always interesting. His skill as a writer is not even the point of conjecture. But by defending him (kinda) you generated an easy but passionate subject to say something on the blog. On the backside, you probably created one of the most loyal dog in Rudy. I can't believe Rudy can be a good writer all the time, but he was been good some of the time. So in the future, when the time is right, he probably gives Soup a scoop that will enhance Canespace into outer space in celebrity.

In the meantime, the hornets nest is abuzz with comments about Rudy in the "Sky with diamonds" (butchered that one). Canespace will have another 2000 blogs and a million more hits courtesy of Rudy...LOL

I love it!!!


I'm Hawaiian - but I live in Tampa, so look for the little red dot on the Feedjit map in the 813.


Canechic - the only time I've seen O'Reilly or Hannity, or those eerily weird looking cats Shepard Smith and John Gibson - is when a couple of people in our newsroom have them on their televisions at their desks as background noise. Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace are also two that I'd like to get permanent laryngitis - eesh. The only time I really pay attention is when one of our reporters or anchors starts laughing out loud in our newsroom while they're watching it to point out something Fox did wrong .. again. Rush, well, he's proven his idiocy to me over and over again and I didn't even have to listen to his show for more than 10 minutes. I haven't listened to him since. When I saw him making fun of Michael J. Fox on the air, saying that he was using his Parkinsons as a political tactic and how he was moving all over the place for the camera, saying that "he didn't take his medication" .. well, that showed what kind of guy Rush and what an expert he is about doing research before bumping his gums and going on a national talk show to share his opinion with half-twits that take his word as gospel b/c they can't do their own research. He obviously doesn't know anything about Parkinsons - saying that MJFox was overacting for the camera .. hey Rush, when people with Parkinson's TAKE their medication, they have involuntary motions like MJFox had - when they DON'T TAKE their medication, they become genrally immobile to the point where they can't move at all. You'd think Rush's only area of expertise would be medication, looking at his addiction to it. Guess not. His remarks on Donovan McNabb were completely idiotic - obviously Rush has no clue what these things called "statistics" are, or else he wouldn't have made such asinine comments about McNabb.

Fox News - or "Faux" News as many like to call it are pretty far from being "fair and balanced" .. that's a pretty laughable label. Not to mention the constant flubs and f*ckups they have on the air, either by anchors mis-reporting or the graphics that they have at the bottom of the screen. Perfect example? America's Newsroom, Megan Kelly host talks about a very grim suicide story .. as she's introducing the story, the graphic at the bottom of the screen says "How Not To Do It If You're Going To Kill Yourself" ... huh? So, you going to tell me HOW to do it if I kill myself? I laughed when I heard an anchor on Fox News also talk about how "if the residents had gotten into their basements for protection" - she was speaking of people whose houses were hit by tornadoes .. in Central Florida back in February 2007. WHO THE HELL IN CENTRAL FLORIDA HAS A BASEMENT? CNN has flubs also, I've seen and heard some. They labeled Omaha Nebraska, OBAMA Nebraska. I heard an anchor say Obama Bin Laden, then correct himself and say Osama Bin Laden. Both networks are catered to who they represent primarily - Fox News, the right .. CNN, the left. Seriously though, Fox needs to get better Assistant Producers and Producers for their shows b/c it's like a drinking game to see how many f*ckups they have in each show.

I'd like to give Glenn Beck the benefit of the doubt by stirring the pot to get ratings, but I think I'm being too generous in that and I'm pretty sure he's just a lunatic. "If I were President of the United States, I'd go on national television and say .. the Supreme Court says we don't have Guantanamo, so that is over, we're going to release all of them, our policy from here on out is to not have prisoners, we're going to shoot them all in the head, if we think that they're against us, we're going to shoot them and kill them .. period." Nice. Glenn Beck, CNN host everyone. That statement was almost as nuts as everything Ann Coulter decides to let dribble out of her mouth.

If I'm going to get an opinion or perspective from the red, I'll listen to Joe Scarborough - he's more than qualified than anyone on Fox News and isn't biased. The one guy on Fox that is just as qualified as Scarborough is Newt Gingrich .. I don't like everything the guy has done, or like him in general (calling out Jack Murtha for instance) - but you can't deny his resume being Speaker of the House. I'll also tune into Dan Abrams, Lou Dobbs or if I want to laugh, Chris Matthews. Personally, I'd like to see Olbermann and O'Reilly in a debate, one on one, neutral network.

I've worked for a Fox station, NBC station, PBS station and currently for CBS. I've been in television for 13 years, news and government television for combined 8. I've been in thousands of news meetings to push the agenda for the day, where the main anchors/reporters/associate producers/executive producers/news director/general manager are always involved .. everyday. You decide what's going to be covered, how to cover it and what to show. You can't lie about a factual event - but - you can put your little "spin" on it, by how you report it. Every station and every network does it to an extent, it's just how much each one decides to do it. Some do it for time sake in the newscast, some do it for political agenda, while some do it b/c they're just straight up lazy and give you the essential bare minimum.

Guys like you mentioned, O'Reilly, Faux News, Rush - they know their audience and they give them what they want and what they'll thrive off of. But to do some of the sh*t they do or day is completely unprofessional to the Nth degree. People who know anything about Debating 101 - would know how O'Reilly bullies his guests and doesn't let them truly get their point across without him cutting them off constantly or diverting the conversation if it's not going how he likes it, to something else. Same with Rush. The main problem I have with these guys is that they know the majority of their audience is too damn lazy to look up the facts of the situation themselves, that they depend completely on O'Reilly and Rush to get their news or form their opinion on something. The apathetic way of thinking of people in this country is sickening.

Anyway, I'll get off my little soap box now.


Six I completely agree!! I call it Faux news too!!

Go Canes!

Hurricane Mitch

Finally have power back and got a chance to read some posts. Loco & Solar are keeping me laughing.

The Cyclone Simulator first week predicted scores
(Don't ask me what a Cyclone Simulator is, perhaps a 66 Comet with a Commodore 64 plugged into the cigarette lighter portal)

That is very comical Solar, but may expose our age.

orange 'n green in the vein

My thing is, there's plenty of opportunities to correctly criticize this staff after a 5-7 season, but when the VERY FIRST PLAYER THE RANDY RECRUITED AS A HEAD COACH LEADS THE TEAM IN RUSHING, it becomes a huge stretch to jump to criticisms of recruiting. The first class was cobbled together under less than ideal circumstances and the 2nd class was put together after the program's worst non-NCAA sanctioned season in over a generation, yet still looks like a coup (so far, recruiting only really starts to pan out after three to five years), so why start talking junk about what is obviously the strength of the staff so far?

And Jitters earned all that flak he's catching Loco. Believe me, I tried to talk myself into having him back for one last go round, just in case Marve let's Jermaine drive him home again, but once he took his U tattoo to the religious zealots in Texas, I realized it was much better off for everybody involved that way. He can always yuck it up thinking about the last OB game in a Texas Denny's just as well as he can in Coral Gables.


There is no doubt this coaching staff and current group of players at the U have much to prove. But Rudy sounds crazy and emotional when he attacks RS on recruiting. After the latest class no-one expecially a so called insider should not criticize the U for recruiting because although I don't know if they can coach these kids up I am confident with their ability to recruit and close. Rudy if you want to be a professional take your emotions out of your stories but continue to give your opinion and facts. Hell be glad people are reading you enough to critize you and when you do get critized man the fukk up!


All it took for the Canes to land their latest commitment was mom's okay.

Davenport (Fla.) Ridge High School RB Mike James said earlier this week that if he enjoyed an unofficial visit to Miami today he would commit on the spot.

He went on the visit and enjoyed it.

But he didn't pull the trigger on the visit. Now he has, though – he talked things over with his mother after returning home and made the decision to give his pledge to the Canes.

"It's good to finally make a decision. I'm glad I'm part of the Hurricane family. It's a done deal. I'm a Hurricane. I'm probably not taking any other visits."


Super and 4th, thanks for the instant updates.

From the clips this kid reminds me of Edge more than anyone. He's not blazing fast but he runs hard and I'm sure he's willing to do anything for the team. Every great team needs guys like that.

Any word on whether Tervaris is staying or leaving??


i just pretty much disregard Rudy. When I brought up Quavan Taylor being undersized for LB and he replied by saying he's the exact same size as Spence I knew he was some b.s. Especially since he's the person who i found out Taylor's size from - reading an article of his where he listed Taylor at 5'9, 185. So i knew him speaking was just that - him speaking and no substance included.


Has anyone else noticed Jason Giambi's porn mustache he has going? Looks almost fake, like one of the Mario Bros. or Luigi. It's big and nasty, like a big hairy Snickers bar above his upper lip.

As for Mike James .. he doesn't look that bad


He's toward the end of the clip.

- First matched up against Jordan Jones, 6'0 220 LB out of Lakeland.

- Second matched up against Willie Ferrell 6'1 220 LB (LSU verbal) out of Tally FAMU High. Rated #23 ILB. He gets about 15 yards of separation from Willie .. Geaux Tiger Geaux, eat that 'Cane dust.

- Third matched up again against Willie Ferrell.


Well getting mike james is no surprise, plus remember when tommie robinson was talking way back, when he was talking about he wanted guys that are no football is a collision sport, and geting a guy like james and if we top it all off and get miller, we'll definitel be back to the style of running backs that we have produced in the past. I like this move, it has more benefits to it than just getting berry, it's also another part of Florida that shows we're paying attention to and have a better game plan when it comes to recruiting.

You got to focus on a broader area than just Miami, and berry is one of those runningbacks we can live without, but as alot of players, it would be good to have him on the team thoug, no doubt. That's not to say he won't end up here as well, it could come down to if miller wants to be here or not which those who know says he does. Offensively it's looking pretty good for us for sure, after this year though, no more excuses for us for not scoring points.

That's not say we won't score points this year either, because if we become a high powered offense this year, for the next 3 years, you better hope we not on your schedule. WHen shannon 1st took over, i rememebr him saying you can't trade or cut players, which was a sign how he wanted to gut this team out. Well that mission has for the most part been completed, and now we know we got guys on this team now and guys coming in that will take it to heart that the elder players on this team want to win this season too.

We'll have a team full of young guys who understand that one day, they'll be juniors and seniors and wouldn't want to see the younger guys on the team at that time half steppin so the guys coming in now, add that with the guys already here and look out yall.


Calvin, people are sleeping. But if injuries keep happening than they won't need to wake up since we still don't got the quality depth yet.


Soup, I said it before and I'll say it again, you are a brilliant blog orchestrator. You have time and again made moves for this blog that makes one scratch his head or just wonder in amazement.

Canespace will have another 2000 blogs and a million more hits...LOL

I love it!!!

Posted by: Rubcatcane | June 28, 2008 at 02:23 PM

As Sgt. Shultz used to say on Hogan's Heroes:

"I know NOTHING!"


Este...when we roll 60 on somebody, and we will, they will wake up, but then it will be too late because they will be smack in the middle of a Hurricane nightmare!



Word of caution, RB James was initially high on Louiseville, then almost committed to UCF before pulling the trigger to the U. He says he is now Canes all the way. (Source is Canesports.)

Seems to have the good being 4.4 with a good build but he will add depth and that is what we need.

All this talk about Berry... we don't know what is happening directly with the lad. Hopefully Truth will chime in. I bet its a combination of grades, attitude and commitment that has kept the Canes from offering.





Rubcat, it sounds like James just upgraded. No biggie.

Speaking of Rubcat, I discussed the idea with Soup on the last blob about a few of us with various perspectives on the upcoming season writing a blog that states our various cases, predictions and why.

Calvin, OGV, Six, Solar, Carlos, Esteban, and any other multi-paragraph posters who want to state their case for their predictions, talk to SOUP.

This should get us all over this next month with a reasonable amount of sanity. lol


It's not over for berry though, but it ain't looking good. esteban and 86, a storm is brewing, although these guys committing now won't be here for another year, the foundation has been laid, and the team we have right now, barring injuries, it's going to be a lot of games where we start laughing again.


Calvin, you with me on this "Tell Us Why" blog???

General, thanks for that. James has the goods. Her seriously reminds me of Edgerrin. Maybe someone should send this link to Rudy so he can see what he was running his ignorant mouth about.

As for Berry, if he really wants it, he'll find way to take care of business.

Either way, I hope he takes care of his affairs right now so he'll learn how to do it in college, when the distractions, expectations and pressure will increase a million-fold.


it's going to be a lot of games where we start laughing again.

Posted by: Calvin | June 28, 2008 at 06:35 PM

I am soooooo ready to start laughing again. When U leave your last game in the OB in tears, laughter seems so far away and sounds really, really good.

The first time we see Davon Johnson or Travis Benjamin shake, bake and take one to the house (a la Hester) you will be able to here me laugh from the 305 all the way to the 352 and the 850!


Cav, James is the perfect complement to the backs we are bringing in with Miller/Brown. They all bring something different to the table.


This is some interesting news. According to James, it is only going to be him and Brown in this class, whoa. No Miller:

"According to James, the staff told him he would be the last running back commitment they take for the class of 2009. "They said me and Bryce Brown will be the only two," James said. "They only want two in the class and that will be me and Bryce Brown."

This changes everything.


But apparently that was from ITU, so take it FWIW. Somehow, I doubt we don't take Miller.


Well, we ain't getting Lamar Miller. Per FootballCane (the most reliable insider on any site):

"Yeah, just two, because the next year we will bring in two."

Stinks because I really like Miller. Ah well.

Manny Navarro

Hey guys. Took a break from vacation to find out the Canes landed Mike James. I've got an audio interview with him I'm posting on Herald.com, plus a quick story I did for the paper.

As per Miller, I've got on the ultimate authority this is it for Miami's running back openings in the '09 class. Miller has way too many grade issues and the only way he ends up a Cane is if he pulls off a monumental rally and UM still has an opening -- which is highly doubtful. So, those reports are correct at least from what I've heard.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello.

Manny Navarro

My friend Charles Fishbein of EliteScoutingServices.com, one of the guys who like Larry Blustein goes to every single freaking combine/workout around the state, said Davenport is very, very underrated. Fishbein by the way is an FSU guy. He said he thinks he can be just like a Kevin Smith from UCF.

Manny Navarro

oops.. I meant the kid from Davenport High. You know what I mean.

Manny Navarro

The two kids UM likes a lot in '10 are Eduardo Clements of Booker T. Washington and Jakari Gore of Columbus.


The Mandingo, always working, always helping out when he can!

Manny, thanks for stopping by, we will be over to read the story and hear the audio.


Manny...we saw Clements tear it up for BTW last year. Was he a junior?

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