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June 01, 2008



Strong, old skool...

Itz gonna be fun.....
Well done, 86 ---




Why is it no one friggin knows anything about college baseball? Is the post-season that convoluted? Susan's article in the MH is TERRIBLE. The Canes WILL host no matter what, and Arizona is NOT the #3 national seed, that would be Arizona STATE. Who fact checks at the MH? Jeez.


First of all, yeah the NCAA announces super regional sites. But that's for cases where the national seed loses, like if FSU or UGA go down, then the NCAA has to decide who hosts btw the winner of that regional and whatever the other regional that they were paired with.

If a national seed wins, it hosts automatically. The Canes will host. And it will be against Arizona, bc the Coral Gables regional was paired against the Ann Arbor one. Didn't matter who won. No way we're paired against FSU. That was pre-set. The earliest we'd face FSU is the second game of the CWS assuming both teams win out from now til then. Our first CWS game might also be against an ACC team though, if Georgia Tech wins the Athens regional or if NC State beats UGA if they win. The Canes are paired against that Super Regional winner.

GO Canes, beat Arizona!

BTW Darc, I remember listening to that ASU game on the radio. One of the best wins ever. There was a grand slam that won one of those double header games for the Canes. Best regional ever for the Canes. Great memory.

Best CWS memory for me is beating FSU in the 1999 final. I was with my teacher who was a huge Nole fan.


I did a review of Mark Light Field on my new blog. I was down there for the Mizzou game what a place for baseball!



JC...well said...it WAS a 4 grad salami...ummm good...

nothing about Bertman
nothing about RS in Iraq

CANES, baaby

sec is for tards

Funny how the only coaches who received national press for visiting Iraq was SEC coaches

Cat5 Cane

Regionals...We don't need no stinking badges!


C A N E S!!!...Canes,Canes,Canes!

Five'n in the 5


Check it out when U get a chance:


Day 3: Miami advances to Super Regionals
Hello all Eye on the U faithful, this is Andre Fernandez filling in for
"moving" Manny Navarro.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated here over the weekend. It was hot, but it was definitely fun.

By all means, we'd love to have you check out the high school sports blog on miamiherald.com/hssports.

Me, Larry Blustein, Manny will continue bringing you updates on football recruiting in the 305, while Patrick Dorsey, Larry, Manny and Bob bring you the 954 and 561.


JC says: "Why is it no one friggin knows anything about college baseball? Is the post-season that convoluted? Susan's article in the MH is TERRIBLE. The Canes WILL host no matter what, and Arizona is NOT the #3 national seed, that would be Arizona STATE. Who fact checks at the MH? Jeez."

JC...that why The Space rules college baseball. Between U, Mephistopheles, MattinNY (who has been strangely absent lately?) we gotchU covered.

Now you and Meph have work to do my friend. You can do the regional wrap up and Meph can do the Super preview and we are good to go!

Thanks in advance...


Keoki...Ocala and I will be there for the SUPER regional.

Details to follow, but let's just say there will be signs and banners everywhere!


I watched Kimbo fight for the first time and although I love his story when and if he fights anyone with a martial arts background he will lose. He is the Choosen One right now and I agree the fight was stopped when it should have continued. GO CANES ALL THE WAY TO OMAHA


The FSU catcher is putting up crazy numbers in their regional.


Baseball game re-cap:



Anyone know if the Super Regionals are televised?


I was at the game on Saturday and saw Lance Hurdle and James Dews there supporting the team. They left before all the action started to happen. I'm really surprise Jim Morris didn't get the boot.

Mr Troutman

Good comeback though. IF we fine tune our pitchers( in other words get them to work) and BATTERS put the ball in play more so we can put more points on the board. We strand quite a few runners and that can be more points for us. We just have to get this pitching back on fire, get hiting up and have BALLS IN PLAY MORE and we will knock anyone out. Only a little more WORK FOR THE CANES and we'll be back for the number #1 spot SOON!! AND I MEAN IN A HURRY!!

Posted by: mr troutman | May 17, 2008 at 05:01 PM

If we do what I suggested that day we are going to win the ACC championship and have the #1 rankings come next week. Whoever wins the Championship out of NC, Miami or Fsu will be the #1 rank team in the country. Miami knows with a NC lost last night they can retain the Top Spot this week. Even with last weeks lost to them the SUN can still shine on Coral Gables.


Posted by: Mr Troutman | May 22, 2008 at 10:08 AM

Sorry Guys My computer was out ALL week but I saw that THE CANES has done their job. They really did well despite who they had in their regional. We kept the ball more in play and the pitchers PITCHED good so we continued to DOMINATE.

Cane Since 1982

Mic Check 1,2,1,2
Hello is this thing on?


I found who is 96cane...He is completely at the end of this video...



86 was 96 from Lizard Land?


Whats up Monty?
Can't wait to be in the Gables...
Lots of new people to meet!


Monty new blog at side link to this one


New blog has been up since earlier today:


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