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June 07, 2008


Cat5 Cane

MEETING AT THE TITANIC... WAS FUN AS USUAL, the place was jammmmm'n with excitement waiting the the game to start... met Carlos and his bride for the first time and for those who don't know, I strongly suggest not to argue with him, as he looks like a cross between a over-sized fullback and a small tackle!... whatever but definitely a truckload if you want to piss him off!... LOL, Soup and his brother, The big O from Ocala, Rick and Roland, Jerry, Pat and her friend, Mrs Jackson of Ryan Jackson and Keoki, my new best friend with tickets in hand, when needed... Thanks!

Carlos... if reading this,.. don't know yet if I'm going tonight but plan to meet you at the Ti around 6:00, if possible.

Tailgating Bus... just to let you know, that Hooligans closed a couple of weeks ago and are no longer a viable bar.
Daisey Dukes located at 10060 Pines Blvd (Pembroke Pine, Fl) is still researching the bus thing and they have a place called The Sand Grill in the Grove for a southern pickup.


Cat5 Cane

Mary Lou... and to the others, yes, it was allot of fun and it's a damn shame that more of you can't come to the games, as I know that all of you who blog here are nothing but Canes fans who believe in the Orange and Green... To the dynasty, Go Canes!

Cat5 Cane

Mary Lou... and to the others, yes, it was allot of fun and it's a damn shame that more of you can't come to the games, as I know that all of you who blog here are nothing but Canes fans who believe in the Orange and Green... To the dynasty, Go Canes!

Cat5 Cane

Damn Type pad...


I think they used up most of their good pitching that mesmerized us in the first game. Now it is a drag race and we can hit all day long and all night with lights on!

Goooo Caanes!!! (Destiny awaits!)

Hurricane Mitch

Great win last night. I don't think Zona has the pitching to keep it close tonight.
86 tell me you got this tonight.


Mary Lou I vowed to never watch another horse race after the eight belles debacle!! Owners are greedy bastards and killed that horse. Sorry guys I love horses and animals more than some human beings.

Great game last night, MH and I had a great time blogging and also with Green on the herald. Everyone who went to the game I am sooooo jeolous, Nicole(canechic Jr) even sat with and watched the entire game.She knows zip about baseball but she has quite the crush on Blake Tekotte and Kyle Bellamy.

Hey KL glad to hear that about Robert Marve, I have always thought he was a great kid.



Hey all - trying to beat the heat here - it is suppoed to be 96 - anyway good win last night. Marylou too bad about Big Brown but - he wasn't on his steroids this race...makes you wonder. Shut Dutrow up though. Now they are trying to make steroids illegal for these horses finally. I don't condone the cruelty in the sport but there are some trainers that are not like that - the jockey was cool, realized there was a problem and pulled him up in case it was something. LOL I bought the $2 win ticket and program again.....



I hear you about that HEAT up there in the Carolinas! My buddy up in Columbia, SC has been telling me that you guys have been near 100 the past several days. But it's a DRY HEAT so that makes it better right? ;)

Also I think I'm starting to see why "regular horse people" don't like the racing side...

The other day I was watching one of the early races at Belmont, and they were trying to load one of the horses into the gate; the horse just DID NOT want to go in & it took about 6 guys to push & pull it into position!

I have a classmate in my protein chemistry class and she shows horses like you (she has 3 of them); her feelings are the same way.



It's 94 degrees up here in Michigan with high humidity!! Just got back from a walk---stupid idea in this high humidity temp. Reminds me of the U when I was a freshman----Mahoney Hall; NO AIR CONDITIONING; 100 degrees in early Sept.; all I had was a fan for the whole damn year. moved next door to Mahoney for my soph. year and finally had AC. That's the way it was in the old days.
Hope to retire in a year or two (maybe longr in this economy). I have a small condo in Satellite Beach FL and looking forward to spending half a year in Florida. Then I will be able to drive to a game or two. Are there any Legion who live in Brevard County??? Just for future reference to meet up with some CANES>




ON THE VERY NEXT PITCH, the Coastal Carolina player JACKED A 2 RUN HOMER!!



The fan thought the ball was going foul, reached over the fence, and caught the ball just as the FSU player was going to get it...

Just like what happend to the Cubs!

They are NOW making the guy LEAVE THE STADIUM!! Maybe for his own safety...


Cat5 Cane

Yes, that's right,... It's me. A proud carrying card member of the "Jorts World Society", since the 60's.


I saw you guys at the games taking pictures, are they up yet? where would they be?


"the Coastal Carolina player JACKED A 2 RUN HOMER!!"


Meant the Wichita State player...

You gotta love their name, THE SHOCKERS!!


caneprincess I believe 86 is still sleeping!
Anyone heard from 86????


Last post was from canechic not Angry, wow WS is coming back on FSU


Weather now in Coral Gables:

Miami, FL
Partly sunny 88°F
Hi/Low: 87°/76
Winds: ENE at 10 mph

Hello canechic! How do you feel about the game tonight?

Do you have an update WS vs FSU?

I will come back later...


I'm surprised that Zona is scoring the runs they are...[16 runs against us]..IMO we see that 97mph pitcher, today, for a while..

This is a tough opponent. Home field advantage reigns...GO CANES


7-4 5th..


Angry/Canechic...I'm here now! Back in the CCC after the trip home this AM from the 305. We left Coral Gables around 8:30 and I got home around 1 PM after three stops for various reasons including dropping OcalaCane at an undisclosed location to get his car and head back to the 352.

Unloading the car and trying to remember what the wife looks like and getting reacquainted...I recognized her because she was wearing orange and green! LOL


and she recognized you, because you were wearing Jorts?


86 tell me you got this tonight.

Posted by: Hurricane Mitch | June 08, 2008 at 11:05 AM

I think the Canes win, but I can't tell U "I got this" Mitch because I will not be at the game.

There are times when I am there (like FSU last year, ask Canechic and her son Nick) where I feel I can simply will a player or the team to win.

I do think a lot of runs will be scored and the Canes win, but I offer no guarantees like yesterday.



M.H...Nice try, but it was Cat5 that was wearing JORTS, I was wearing the latest Canespace gear.

I told Shandel that I was upset with him that I was only rated at .50 cents?

Ask him, I told him I wanted to be a $1.50!


who is pitching for canes tonite?


Posey connects for another HR...

FSU 9, WSU 4, seventh inning.


I saw you guys at the games taking pictures, are they up yet? where would they be?

Posted by: caneprincess | June 08, 2008 at 02:20 PM

CP,,,the Canespace photographer U met was OcalaCane (Steve). He was using a new camera and forgot to load the software onto his computer so we could not transfer them.

They will be among many others that will posted tomorrow...



New blog up AT 6 PM for the game!


The Canes need to increase their stadium
capacity to 5,000...They had to refuse the entrance to many fans over the weekend...
With a baseball program of this caliber...
a capacity of 3,250 is just not enough...
Many games were sold out this year.

What do you think 86?

Let's go Canes!!! Play like champions!!!


Monty...I wrote this:

We also wanted to mention that during the first and second inning Canes fans were still trying to get into the stadium but were turned away. Some of these resourceful fans fled to the multi-level parking garage behind right field to try to get a view of their diamond heros. At one point there were about 30-50 fans packed on various levels and even the stairwells. That was of course until the UM Athletic Department decided to ask the "boys in blue" (CGPD) to run them off.

If there ever was a WRONG thing to do that was it! How do you run away fans desperate to catch a glimpse of their team? In a town where the Marlins struggle to draw 5,000 disinterested fans for MLB game you just can't do that, can you?

Well at least when the renovations are done (thanks to ARod's generous donation) that will NOT happen again!


If anyone is watching the UC Irvine / LSU game, the Ant Eaters are playing baseball the way it should be played ... fundamentally and small ball. Hit and run, not trying to play "gorilla" ball and waiting for the 3 run homer, base hits.

I think ultimately that's going to be the 'Canes downfall either tonight or in the tourney. Mark that down, vault it, whatever. If they don't play small ball - then they'll lose. If they wait on someone like Yonder to hit the bomb to save them - they'll lose. Arizona is going to throw everything they have at the 'Canes today - that includes the guys in the bully that abused the 'Canes batters in the first game .... Ryan Perry (3 2/3 Innings, 2 hits, 3 K's) and Jason Stoffel (3 innings, 5 K's) and who knows if Schlereth will pull some drama out of his ass and come in a throw, injured or not.

This can't happen like it did in the first game - Blake Tekotte, Mark Sobolewski, Ryan Jackson and Dave DiNatale going a combined 0-for-17.

And here's an idea .. don't f*ckin give Jon Gaston anything to hit, I don't care if you walk him and "shhhhhhhhh" him all day long like they were doing in the stands - the guy is the 'Canes nemesis.

You play small ball - you win. Sure it's nice to hit homers and it's sexy to a degree .. but so is winning the damn game and not trying to go up to the plate with the mentality you're in a slo-pitch softball league.


Also, for anyone that said earlier the 'Canes could hit the guy that was throwing 96+mph with a solid changeup (that would be Ryan Perry) - just how many runs did the 'Canes get off of him and Jason Stoffel? ... Exactly.

Take it pitch by pitch - win each pitch - you'll win the game. I can't say that enough. And freakin stop swinging for the damn fences all day. You don't "try" to hit homeruns .. you hit them on accident b/c you had a good swing & correct follow through on a birthday present location on the pitch.

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