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June 29, 2008



What happened to Ryan Hill at CB. Everyone is forgeting about him, he might be the X factor we are looking for 2 accomodate DVD and B. Harris. He was a Good CB from what I heard coming out of H.S. Before being converted to WR.


Ryan Hill is at safety though.


From Sporting News

These are the days when Nick Saban should be relaxing on Lake Burton in Georgia, decompressing until the grind of the season kicks in. Instead, he is dealing with this reality:

Last week's arrest of linebacker Jimmy Johns -- on five counts of selling cocaine -- brings the total to 10 players arrested since Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa.


how many of his players got arrested while he was at LSU?

dj moonbat

"And DTs will be very important in stuffing the run. If they do a good job with that then we can keep the safeties away from the line of scrimmage."

Everybody scoffed at me last year when, after the Marshall game, I was freaking out about the state of our DTs. Marshall wasn't good enough to really expose them, but a lot of subsequent teams sure were. We had other problems, sure, but if we had been stout in the middle, a lot of other guys could've been freed up to make plays.


dj moonbat, i know i wasn't worried about DTs last year until we were in there against OU and had our 4 top DTs on the sideline hurt.


Well in that case I guess its over for Hill. I thought he was moved to CB not safety.


brown, i am still holding out hope for Hill. Never know might turn into a ball hawking safety. just probably wouldn't catch the ball if his hands stay the same way they were at WR.


I think Hill is gone after the year. He has to buried on the depth chart plus we got holton and vaughn coming in. I think Shannon switching these guys is his polite way to getting transfer. I think the Canes are going to have at least 22 schollies next year after alot of these guys get the handwriting on the wall. I think the clearing out of the dead wood will be complete soon.


i look at the switches as trying to salvage something out of a bad situation. The other option for the player is definitely just to transfer which has been done, too. I think Eric Houston at FB could work. Him at LB had no chance of working. I think the same is true with Ryan Hill. He was going to fall even further down the depth chart at WR. So a switch might motivate him to take advantage of a new opportunity. Plus if he's more natural on defense -like many have suggested - then he might take to the move like a fish to water. We'll see. I'm optimistic that the moves will work for the team and for the individual player, but of course I know it won't work out in each case.


I think your drinking the kool-aid lol. I just dont think somebody that been in the program for 3 or 4 years just moves to other side and is successful. I hope it works for them but I cant ever remember a switch this late and drastic that was successful. I see these guys going the way of James Bryant Lugman Abdullah.



Everything I read & heard was Hill got moved to CB. I haven't heard anything 'bout Safety. With depth at Safety & the lack of depth at CB it just don't make sense. Especially when CB is his natural position. Plus, he ain't big enough for Safety.



Don't forget 'bout that Dwayne Collins info...


Question: What does Morgan have in common with McCarthy other than the color of his skin?

Posted by: Cavaleer | July 01, 2008 at 01:02 PM

Their names both start with "M"?



1) CGNC - yep, I was asking about Stoutland after reading the article about Trickett up at FSU making sure none of his players were 300 lbs. Look at CGNC bringing the inside info, like a straight up CIA agent.

2) SuperCooper - As for Rene Howard, back in June of 2005, he ranked 3RD OVERALL at the LA Nike SPARQ Challenge. Here are some of his numbers:

- 4.39 40 time
- 38 inch vertical
- 3.90 20 yard shuttle

He didn't place in the bench press of 185 lbs. The lowest number in that category was putting up 185 lbs. 28 times. Only 1 person that placed in the bench press was ranked in the top 10 OVERALL SPARQ RATING. That kid ranked 9th. Rene ranked 3rd.

In case anyone isn't familiar on how the Nike Sparq Rating system is - the SPARQ Rating weighs and combines the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, vertical jump and bench press into a single number that measures an athlete's overall athleticism.

Rene had a SPARQ Rating of 94.52 - that was in 2005, imagine how much faster/stronger he is now. His times from the L.A. Watts Summer Games in 2005:

Long jump - 19'6"
4x100 Relay - 45.24

If you look at Rivals or Scout, a lot of the kids have their SPARQ Rating next to their picture when you see their measurements and numbers they have put up.

Rene now has measurements of 6'1 208. One of his coaches was quoted as saying "He's a man,'' Rose said. ``If he puts it all together, he can be an NFL guy."

Here's a link to a page of his stats from this past year ..



COKE...I haven't forgot about your info on DC. I'm workin' on it, but I have a busy week at work this week. More to follow...


Just pre-ordered my ncaa-09...

Whats the friggin dealeo with the screen shots?

That FSU pic with bobby's #5 blowin past our defender...who's either doing pushups on the field or else he's getting burned - HARD!

Besides...it looks like the Doak...hello? EA?

Pretty sure we're playin in the stadium formally known as JRS...

Whatever...July 15...psyched

CANES, baaby


darc have u played the demo?

it's awesome...even tho we gotta play with 2 teams we all hate. but it's definitely a lot more realistic.


All I know is, I almost started crying b/c I was laughing so hard at two pictures that Ryan Hill has on his myspace with the captions he wrote underneath them.

The look on the face of Ryan Hill and Derron Thomas in this picture is priceless ...


This is the one I couldn't stop laughing about though ...


In one of Manny's audio interviews at the Herald with Big Allen Bailey, you even hear Big Allen Bailey joking about Ryan Hill killing possums - it's the most recent interview with Big Allen Bailey in the audio section .. I think it even says "Bailey talks about hunting possums back home".



I'll have the game either on the 10th or the 11th and the review will be forthcoming. I'll have the X360 version.

Darc, also I posted a lot of screen shots (pro-UM of course) several blogs back.


Anyone here play Goallineblitz? Pretty fun when at work during the dog days of summer. Not very good though, lol



Great story Mike...

Reading it really reminds me of how it was when we would go to The OB... Hanging-out in the West Endzone, high-fiving & hugging strangers, eating the street-food right outside of the West Ticket Plaza & Gate.

Our seats were just at the "top point" of the dude w/glasses hat (#52) up at the top


Man am I gonna miss that view of Downtown at night from up there.... along with the breeze.


Uh... did someone say Cane lock??



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