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July 06, 2008







More photos to follow...


University of Arkansas-Monticello, six



soup. I'm hoping I got you all the pics for this one, if I missed a couple sorry bro


Aren't all tennis players punks...except those two linebacker girls I mean

Posted by: solarcane | July 06, 2008 at 09:14 PM

You mean the Predator(s)? I'm surprised they turned off their invisible cloaking devices long enough to play their matches. They also had to take off that helmet and dis-engage that laser gun they wear on their shoulder.

Here's pic of one of the Williams sisters with their full gear on ..


long live ron mexico!

i've been a fan of the banana slugs ever since Pulp Fiction


When soup gets this article tuned and the pictures oriented... I'm thinking Pulitzer boys



six lmao!

wad up ronmex? nice balmy 96 down there?


long live ron mexico!

ya nice and steamy. i was in your neck of the woods today buying some furniture


I always thought Lil' Red looked ridiculous, although Cornhusker isn't all that inspiring either.

long live ron mexico!

i always thought that whole schooner thing was garbage

Old Skool

Mascots are cool to love, but how about bands. My favorite is Stanford's. Here's a mash-up of their greatest hits.

The Stanford band has been banned from the South Bend campus since a 1991 performance there ``mocked members of the Catholic faith.'' At the time, the band's drum major donned a nun's habit and banged a drum with a cross. During the pregame show and first half of the game, the drum major had been dressed as an Orthodox Jew, where the wooden cross was part of a menorah-like baton.)

The traditionally rowdy musicians parodied, among other things, the 19th-century Irish potato famine -- which took more than 1 million lives -- and portrayed a Catholic cardinal as an anti-intellectual advocate of flat-Earth and other unscientific theories.

In 2004, the Band drew national attention and Mormon ire for joking about polygamy, This occurred during a game against Brigham Young University. The Dollies appeared in wedding veils with the Band Manager of the time kneeling and "proposing" to each in turn as the announcer referred to marriage as "the sacred bond that exists between a man and a woman... and a woman... and a woman... and a woman... and a woman

In 1994, the Band was disciplined after nineteen members of the band skipped a field rehearsal in Los Angeles to play outside the L.A. County Courthouse during jury selection for the O.J. Simpson trial. The band's song selection included an arrangement of The Zombies' During the halftime show of the football game against USC that year, band members drove a white Bronco with bloody handprints around the Stanford stadium track.

During the halftime show of the home USC game on October 19th, 1986, the band spelled out "NO BALLZ". Finally, for the next game they performed an anagram show and spelled out an anagrammed four-letter word: "NCUT" (Think about it)

In the 1970s, one halftime show lampooned Cal student Patty Hearst's kidnapping with a formation called the "Hearst Burger": two buns and no patty. The band gave a tribute for the anniversary of Jayne Mansfield's death, by announcing over the PA the urban legend of how she had been decapitated in an automobile accident. The band then played the song "Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Body." In 1999, when UCLA football players were caught in a handicapped parking scandal, the Band formed a handicapped symbol on the field, and wheeled the Tree in on a wheelchair.

The student-led band threw away the traditional marching music and uniforms, eventually settling for a mostly rock and roll repertoire and a simplified uniform consisting of a white fishing hat with red trim (and as many buttons as will fit), red blazer, black pants, and "the ugliest tie you can get your hands on."In the springtime and at non-athletic events, band members appear at performances (and sometimes even at rehearsals) wearing "rally" attire, which can range from swim suits to Halloween costumes to furniture and pets, always displaying their freedom from the usual rules of fashion. .

long live ron mexico!

that stanford band is the tits

Old Skool

That should be the Zombies "She's Not There"



Your predictions 'bout next year is all hope. I said you're a hater OR IN DENIAL. I was at the spring game too. They looked better against themselves. As fukked up as we've been the last 2 years that shyt ain't mean nothin' to me. I ain't see enough at the spring game to think we're a lock to win 10 games. We can with luck & IF we improve throughout the year. There's too many offensive questions to be answered.

In the spring game Harris & Marve looked talented but still looked like frosh. WR's still had butterfingers. You really think those INT's by Spence & Brown would've been made against a veteran QB with a proven explosive offense. Shields couldn't get open against DVD. That ain't all that 'cause a lot of CB's have put a blanket on Shields. Shields is all talent no production, YET. The running game looked better. Coop was bigger & more explosive & JJ looked more like his frosh year. BUT! They ain't look better than Moreno at GA. The play-calling was vanilla, so Nix is still under the microscope. I ADMITT THE DEFENSE DID LOOK SERIOUS!

Now I'll ask you. What have you seen other than your own dreams that makes you believe you know we'll be soooo raw next year.

I saw potential at the spring game, not a revelation. Potential to be better than last year. 7-9 regular season wins at most. I have to see the big plays being made in the clutch against the UF's, & VaTech's. Even the GaTechs & UNC's. In reality even those teams have whipped our azz the last SEVERAL years.

I'll stick with my 8-4 prediction & stay tuned...


skool, your killing me bro!

Had this article come off without a hitch,
Rudy Flyer, Banana Slug, and Boll Weevil would have brought the house down..oh well


LLRM...where U been mano?

Matt...good to have you here. Email me at host@canespace.com. I have some ideas and plans I would like to share with U.


sent a slug


I do hope you're right Cav. You & Calvin make that kool-aid sound refreshing. I might take a sip if we start out 4-1...

long live ron mexico!

ive been busy
makin moves


CoCane I been saying 8-4 all along.
Saddest part is the 4 could come way sooner than the 8


k Legion
i'm out,
soup good luck with editing the article i'll
check in the am if you need something

dj moonbat

"Saddest part is the 4 could come way sooner than the 8..."

I don't know HOW in Hell people have gotten the idea that we're off to a rough start. UNC? No WAY we lose to them again. Even last year's crapasstic team just barely lost to UNC. Even spotting them nearly four touchdowns.

And A&M? Puhleeze. Every year it's the same old overrating nonsense with the Aggies. Like last year, there's team's I'm worried about, but A&M ain't one of 'em.

Maybe FSU beats us. I guess they're one of the more likely candidates. But it's hardly a gimme; most accounts coming out of Tally say they still kinda suck. Plus, it's in Miami this year.

Now, unlike certain Pollyannas-with-bongs frequenting these parts, I don't think we're gonna beat Florida. So, 4-1 or 3-2 after five games, I figure.

But people anticipating a truly ugly start are still just curled up in the fetal position from the shell shock, murmuring "Why, Kirby, why?"


last year Calias Campbell and JJ were going to win the ACC regardless of how the rest of the team performed.

This year a group of kids that never played a down of college football are going to win the ACC for us regardless of how the rest of the team performs

you see a pattern here?



last year was the demolition year.
This year is the foundation year
NEXT year we build the fort


ok I'm out for real.
and no one on here would be happier than me if we went 9-3 or better.
I think you have to play the games on the field and not on a blog to see what we are all about.
UF will tell us where we are.

dj moonbat

solar, I'm only concerned about TWO of the guys who haven't played a down of college football: Marve and Harris.

Will Marve be great? Maybe, but probably not. But he won't yet be the husk of a man that BOTH of our QBs were last year. Just that addition by subtraction will be worth another couple victories (say, the NC and NC State games).

I won't be looking past any of the over-.500 ACC teams, for sure. But I think we will stop losing to the sub-mediocre.

Old Skool

More Stanford band trivia;

Supposedly, they got into a penal formation and "raped" the ND tunnel?

Did a "Tribute to the Spanish Inquisition" at ND

In the 70's they were playing Colorado in Boulder and as a tribute to CU students, formed a nose and a spoon and had members carrying white cards overhead run from the spoon up the nose


I'll say it again. None of our QB's have thrown a collegiate pass. Marve is the man. He has just as much a chance at being strait garbage as he does at being great. 50/50


Carried over from the last blog:

Blue and Gold Illustrated reports that Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, is "privately projecting anywhere from nine to 12 victories this year." "The only regular-season game in which Notre Dame figures to be a serious underdog is the finale at USC, so Weis could conceivably have an 11-0 team heading out there if everything comes together. At that point, anything's possible."

Yeah and if you clap hard enough Tinkerbelle will live.

Posted by: Old Skool | July 06, 2008 at 09:49 PM

You think about Arthur Brown and all the crap about yea he's fast as hell but his technigue sucks

Take a close look at Rohan closing on guys, he outruns every Cane on the field and hits the ball carrier, his tackling style is a train wreck.
I bet evey running back he faced looked to see where Marley was lined up when he came out of the huddle



Posted by: solarcane | July 06, 2008 at 09:54 PM

That play where the Rock is running down the ball carrier and Rohan blows past him and hits the guy is classic Marley

Posted by: solarcane | July 06, 2008 at 09:59 PM


cav, yea I thought Stein's breakdown needed to be posted here. i hope he liked the recognition, although loco said just about everything the same way.


Just felt that it should be noted that he broke down a lot more than I did, seeing as I only did the freshmen that didn't enroll early. But I agree with soup and solar (the fact that they agree on something is crazy enough) that matthew and Stein should come join our discussions more


Maybe FSU beats us. I guess they're one of the more likely candidates. But it's hardly a gimme; most accounts coming out of Tally say they still kinda suck. Plus, it's in Miami this year.

Those must just be the accounts coming out of Tally. All the other publications (I.E. ESPN) are still in love with them and think that they will be amazing again next year, like they think every year


Ingredients needed to win 10+ games:

Must emerge as stars:
E. Moncur
Big Geechie
R. Phillips
Lil' Morgan
J. Fox
S. Shields

Must emerge as solid starters:
R. Marve
Lil' Shannon
I. Symonette
M. Fortson
D. Sharpton
chronicles of Reddick
King Aurthur
D. Epps
P. Hill
M. Bosher
J. Wieclaw
K. Farquharson or L. Hankerson(K. Jones sux)

Must have reserves:
S. Spence
B. Harris
J. Harris
S. Adkins
S. McNeal
J. McKenzie
A. Johnson
R. Gordon

T. Benjamin or
D. Johnson returning kicks & tearin' it up.

Coaching must not fukk ups:
Shannon can't lose the team toward the end of the season.

Nix has to show promise.

Bill Young has to "do his thang".

Can't remember special teams coach name but he needs to get his shyt together.

Plus, no serious injuries to the stars.

Other than Cavaleer & Calvin who thinks all the above will happen???


Don't worry, I'll be speaking up a lot more now...I've left comments once or twice, but sometimes it feels intimidating to work in to a community like this. Now that I've got the blessing, how can I stay away? And I'll be encouraging Dan to start coming over here too, if he doesn't already.

CoCane, I'm sure that Marve won't be a world-beater right off the bat, but I would say the odds that he's going to be "straight garbage" are lower than 50/50. At some point, one of our highly-rated quarterback prospects has to pan out, right?


Nope. That's what we hope. When it's all said & done, he is or he ain't...


Did everyone hear about Lamar Thomas' new gig? According to his facebook, he's going to be working at Boynton Beach High on the coaching staff, but I don't know in what capacity.


Playing solid is the best you can expect from a frosh.

I hope I'm wrong & our reward as fans for watching that Kyle & Kirby fukk shyt the last 4 years is that Marve is waaaay ahead of the game...


Goodnight & wet dreams to all my "Cokeheadz"...


One thing is for sure, anytime you have a qb, that can and will attempt to throw all over the field, guys will run routes harder, but more importantly, if the bombs start dropping, that gets the whole offense, excited, which we know in the past, that's what hyped up the defense. While defense wins championships, offense ignites the entire team.

That's one of the main reasons in UM history, we mostly won all our games when scoring a touchdown 1st. The last several years the has been handcuffed by it's on offense, having to play it mitake free knowing you had a qb play that made it always seem like we couldn't afford to get behind in points.

The best way to let a freshman go is to come out attacking the other team before they start trying to attack him, that'll keep the defense on it's heels. Once they get on their heels turn jj and coop loose.


After that, hit em with the WOO-WOO-WOO-WIT IT-WOO!


Coke, I think Spence will emerge as a solid starter. that guy is GOOD


Dan Stein breaks down the UM linebackers over on Canespace (homerspace) His reviews are less than glowing. This guy is 10X more reality based than any blow up helmet analysis that the giant imbecile canestool could post. You’re a MORON Canestool. Even with Stein’s somewhat reality based analysis, he makes the enormous mistake of constantly projecting how each players upside could have him playing like a former cane great.

Example:Daryl Sharpton- Best case: Vilma, Jordan Futch- Best case: next D.J. Williams.

The above comments are what you say when there is nothing else good (like past production or proven skills) to say, so you just say, “he could be the next …blah…blah ..blah.” Any analyst with professional skills would have a much more negative view of this group of underachieving upperclassmen and unproven high schoolers.

Overall this is one shaky unit. Tim will run straight over half of those guys. Much like he ran over FSU’s ENTIRE secondary on the way to a 44 yard burger. Florida’s hugely experienced O-line and the twins will crush DuhU’s front. You, Canesrule,( how many pseudonyms do you have on THIS site ??? 4?...5?) are a colossal moron.


Here's what the colossal moron "Canesrule" has been posting just down the street. C'mon Cane fan with a brain, call this idiot out.

"By canesrule 9 'ships
July 6, 2008 3:38 PM | Link to this
When all is said and done Teebow is a glorified fullback with better than average speed. He has been spoiled by an SEC that is playing stone age football, and is light years behind Bill Young, Da U’s new defensive coordinator. Teebow will not get away with the floaties he throws in the SEC because a ravenouz cane secondary will pick him off all day long. With Harris and Bailey looking improbable on the D line, Teebow may have all day to throw on some passes, but Da U will come thru: Canes 31 Da Turds 24. Take it to Da Bank."

Apparently Canestool didn't see Tim's 49 yard cannon shot that hit a full speed running Mr. Harvin PERFECTLY on the numbers. In case you are still wearing your blow up helmet Canestool (and he IS), just ask the ENTIRE nation about what Mr. Tebow brings to the table. YOU, Canestool, are an embarrassment to "DuhU"


Ok Legion, I'm out "on a money making vacation" as they say, for the next two and a half weeks.. I'll check back in when I can. If anybody wants to help out, even a little bit, shoot me an email t.locrotondo@umiami.edu

(and I'll at least try to read the articles :-P)


Well said Calvin... I agree strongly with your analysis...

We need to open it up and have EARLY offensive success, everything else feeds off of that... then EVERYBODY loosens up and plays CANES FOOTBALL!

Cat5 Cane

Guess the colors and nicknames of division 1 well-known college sports teams in the 2006 season.

1. As far as team colors, which college colors are different?

Ohio State

2. University of Florida, Arkansas, and Syracuse all had the colors of orange and blue.


3. Which team has a nickname that does not fit the others?

Mississippi State
Kansas State

4. What was Miami University's (Miami of Ohio) main team color?


5. The Scarlet Knights was the nickname for which University in New Jersey?

Seton Hall

6. Which college does not have the name of a color in their nickname?

Saint John's

7. Which teams nickname was the Cornhuskers?

Iowa State

8. Which college's nickname didn't start with an "s"?

Michigan State
Arizona State
North Texas

9. Which college's nickname didn't start with a "c"?

Bringham Young

10. Which colleges nickname didn't start with a "w"?

University of Kentucky
Louisiana Tech
North Carolina State

1. As far as team colors, which college doesn't fit in?

Your Answer: LSU
The three incorrect answers all have red and white/gray as their team colors. LSU's colors are purple and gold.

92% of players have answered correctly.

2. University of Florida, Arkansas, and Syracuse all had the colors of orange and blue.

Your Answer: False
The University of Florida had the colors of orange and a royal blue. Syracuse had the colors of orange and dark blue, while Arkansas had a red, white, and black themes.

93% of players have answered correctly.

3. Which team has a nickname that does not fit the others?

The correct answer was Mississippi State.
The other nicknames were all Wildcats. Mississippi State's nickname was the Bulldogs.

4. What was Miami University's (Miami of Ohio) main team color?

Your Answer: Red
Miami University of Ohio Redhawks main color was red. Some mix them up with the Miami Hurricanes.

73% of players have answered correctly.

5. The Scarlet Knights was the nickname for which University in New Jersey?

Your Answer: Rutgers
Seton Halls nickname was the Pirates. Princeton's nickname was the Tigers. Duke's nickname was the Blue Devils in North Carolina.

91% of players have answered correctly.

6. Which college does not have the name of a color in their nickname?

Your Answer: Maryland
Maryland's nickname is the Terrapins. Rutgers was the Scarlet Knights. Syracuse was the 'Orange'. Saint Johns was the Red Storm.

89% of players have answered correctly.

7. Which teams nickname was the Cornhuskers?

Your Answer: Nebraska
Iowa State-Cyclones

97% of players have answered correctly.

8. Which college's nickname didn't start with an "s"?

Your Answer: North Texas
Michigan State Spartans, Oklahoma Sooners, Arizona State Sun Devils, and the North Texas mean green.

75% of players have answered correctly.

9. Which college's nickname didn't start with a "c"?

Your Answer: Idaho
Stanford Cardinal, Bringham Young Cougars, Idaho Vandals, and Louisville Cardinals.

66% of players have answered correctly.

10. Which colleges nickname didn't start with a "w"?

Your Answer: Louisiana Tech
Nevada Wolf Pack, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Kentucky Wildcats, and Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.


I scored 9... Cat

Cane Since 1982

(From ESPN)

Big names lead the field in a very early look at Omaha contenders
By Aaron Fitt
Baseball America

Updated: July 1, 2008

They're still sweeping up the confetti on the streets of Fresno, Calif., but it's time to look ahead to 2009. Plenty can change between now and next June, of course, and these predictions could become obsolete if a few unexpected things happen with the draft. But here's an early look at some of the teams who could make it to the College World Series in 2009.

Cal State Fullerton
The core of Fullerton's explosive offense returns in center fielder Josh Fellhauer and freshman All-Americans Christian Colon and Gary Brown. All three play with energy and make things happen on the base paths, as well as in the field. First baseman Jared Clark should be back as a fifth-year senior to give the middle of the order some pop, and catcher Dustin Garneau will be back as a senior to anchor a defense that should be outstanding. Pitching is more of a question mark, but coach Dave Serrano always maximizes his team's talent on the mound. Expect big years from right-handers Daniel Renken and Michael Morrison and lefty Jason Dovel.

The Tigers used the nation's No. 2 recruiting class to make a run to Omaha in 2008, and that deep class should leave them well-positioned to get back to the CWS in 2009. Standout freshmen D.J. LeMahieu, Micah Gibbs and Leon Landry will only get better, strengthening a lineup that boasts returning stars Blake Dean (a first-team All-American this spring), Ryan Schimpf and Jared Mitchell. LSU will miss the grit of departed seniors Michael Hollander and Jared Bradford, but the players who remain aren't lacking in that area. Expect young pitchers Anthony Ranaudo and Austin Ross to emerge as stars on the mound in 2009.

It's hard to imagine Miami getting back to Omaha after losing stars Yonder Alonso, Jemile Weeks, Blake Tekotte, Dennis Raben and Carlos Gutierrez, but the Hurricanes should still be loaded without those players, all of whom went in the top three rounds of the draft. ACC Freshman of the Year Chris Hernandez and Eric Erickson give Miami a pair of stellar left-handers atop the rotation, and righty Kyle Bellamy will be back to anchor the bullpen. Between Jason Santana, Alex Koronis, D.J. Swatscheno and Iden Nazario, the Canes should have enough power arms to fill out the rest of the key pitching roles. Miami should still be strong up the middle thanks to premium defenders Yasmani Grandal behind the plate and Ryan Jackson at shortstop. Getting draft-eligible sophomore Mark Sobolewski, a fourth-round pick by the Twins, back for his junior year would be a boon, but Miami is counting even more upon the return of corner bat Adan Severino, a 26th-rounder who could be poised for a monster senior year. Outfielder Dave DiNatale will be back for his senior season, and Joey Terdoslavich could become Miami's next great slugger.

North Carolina
The Tar Heels have to be the favorites to start 2009 ranked No. 1 in the nation and strong contenders to reach the College World Series for the fourth straight year. Accomplished seniors such as Chad Flack, Rob Wooten and Seth Williams might be gone, but UNC was a sophomore-dominated team in 2008 anyway. Two-time All-American first baseman Dustin Ackley and standout second baseman Kyle Seager will be back to lead the offense, and Tim Fedroff (a seventh-round pick as a draft-eligible sophomore this June) will be back also unless the Indians pony up well-above-slot money to sign him. All-American right-hander Alex White was the best pitcher in Omaha this year and will be one of the top candidates for national player of the year honors in 2009, along with Ackley. Rising sophomore righty Matt Harvey has just as good an arm as White, and righty Adam Warren should be back for his senior year as well. The Tar Heels could be embarrassingly deep on the mound if recruits such as Tim Melville, Jimmy Messer and Quinton Miller arrive to bolster the pitching staff further.

Oregon State
The Beavers missed the NCAA tournament with a very young team in 2008, but they should leap back to national title contention as the members of their highly touted 2007 recruiting bonanza mature. Oregon State has young, power arms from the right side (Greg Peavey, James Nygren and Kevin Rhoderick) and from the left side (Tanner Robles and Josh Osich), and all should be improved with a year of experience under their belts. Expect second baseman Garrett Nash and first baseman Stephen Hagan to take major steps forward next year, and Ryan Ortiz to continue to blossom into one of the nation's best catchers. It will be crucial for right-hander Jorge Reyes, the 2007 CWS Most Outstanding Player, to put his horrid sophomore season behind him and re-emerge as the veteran ace of the pitching staff.

San Diego
The Toreros couldn't win a regional -- let alone get to Omaha -- in three years with left-handers Brian Matusz and Josh Romanski leading the way, but they're still positioned to break through without that outstanding duo in 2009. USD should still feature one of the best pitching staffs on the West Coast, led by freshman All-American right-hander Kyle Blair and standout closer A.J. Griffin. Lefty Sammy Solis should parlay his solid freshman year into a big sophomore season, righty Matt Thomson has a power arm and could be primed for a huge junior season, and senior righty Matt Couch will be back from Tommy John surgery. The lineup won't scare anyone, but it has some excellent pieces to build around with freshman All-American third baseman Victor Sanchez; outfielders James Meador and Kevin Muno; and infielders Sean Nicol, Zach Walters and Stephen Kaupang. Kaupang is a key -- the hulking first baseman was a disappointment as a freshman but has big-time power potential.

The Longhorns haven't been to Omaha since winning the 2005 national title, but they have enough young talent in place to end that drought in 2009. The lineup could get a boost if seventh-round pick Jordan Danks returns for his senior year, but even if he does not, Texas shouldn't be hurting for offensive firepower. Outfielder/DH Russell Moldenhauer should emerge as one of the best hitters in the Big 12 as a junior next year, and he'll be surrounded by an exciting group of sophomores in Cameron Rupp, Runey Davis, Bobby Buckner, Tant Shepherd, Kevin Keyes and Kawika Emsley-Pai. That group should take a big step forward in 2009. The lineup also has good veteran leadership with catcher/third baseman Preston Clark and infielders Michael Torres, David Hernandez and Brandon Belt. The pitching staff will be anchored by All-American Chance Ruffin, left-hander Riley Boening and righty Brandon Workman, who has a big-time power arm and must take a major step forward.

Texas A&M
The Aggies have fallen to Rice in super-regionals each of the past two years, but they should have enough pitching in 2009 to break through to Omaha. Freshman All-Americans Barret Loux and Brooks Raley could be joined in a star-studded weekend rotation by right-hander Alex Wilson, who sat out last season with Tommy John surgery but showed big-time power stuff before transferring from Winthrop. Wilson was a 10th-round pick of the Cubs as a redshirt sophomore and his return would be a huge boon for the Aggies. Clayton Ehlert, Travis Starling, Shane Minks and Scott Migl further bolster a staff that should be one of the nation's deepest. Much will depend upon whether Wilson, right-hander Kyle Thebeau (ninth), first baseman Luke Anders (16th) and third baseman Dane Carter (22nd) sign pro contracts, but it's entirely possible that all four could return. Carter and Anders, in particular, would provide a boost to a lineup that will rely heavily upon Kyle Colligan, Brodie Greene and Kevin Gonzalez.

Four More To Follow
After failing to qualify for the SEC tournament for the third straight year despite fielding a talented team, Auburn fired coach Tom Slater and hired John Pawlowski away from the College of Charleston. Pawlowski inherits a talented team, led by freshman All-Americans Hunter Morris and Brian Fletcher, and the lineup has other potential impact bats in Trent Mummey, David Cunningham, Joseph Sanders and Kevin Patterson. Eighth-round pick Mike Bianucci could be back for his senior year, which would be a huge boost. The pitching staff was carried by freshmen Grant Dayton and Cory Luckie in 2008, and that duo figures to get more help in 2009 from quality young arms like Taylor Thompson, Austin Hubbard and Scott Shuman.

The Bears were one of the nation's biggest disappointments in 2008, as their top-ranked 2006 recruiting class failed to develop as hoped. Next year will be a referendum on that class: Have Dustin Dickerson, Aaron Miller, Raynor Campbell, Shaver Hansen, Shawn Tolleson, Kendal Volz et al just underachieved, or were they never that good in the first place? Craig Fritsch and Willie Kempf are also capable of bigger things.

The Owls have made three straight trips to Omaha and will have a chance to make a fourth in 2009. As usual, Rice should have plenty of pitching depth, led by right-handers Ryan Berry and Mike Ojala and lefty Matt Evers. Losing junior center fielder/right-hander Jared Gayhart as a 13th-round pick to the Tigers was a significant blow, but the lineup still has a strong core of dynamic players in shortstop Rick Hague, third baseman Diego Seastrunk and outfielder Chad Mozingo. Junior college transfers Brock Holt and Steven Sultzbaugh will help bolster the lineup, and the bulk of the recruiting class will provide reinforcements on the mound.

The Commodores were a veteran-laden team in 2008, but they're chock-full of quality young players who will now get a chance to seize regular playing time. Andrew Giobbi held his own in a starting role after an injury sidelined Pedro Alvarez last year, and youngsters Curt Casali, Aaron Westlake, Joey Manning and Steven Liddle should make similar steps forward in 2009. A loaded recruiting class will provide further reinforcements, from slugging outfielder Matt Marquis to electric righty Sonny Gray. The rotation should remain intact, with Mike Minor, Caleb Cotham and Nick Christiani, but some young arms could push for rotation spots as well.

Cat5 Cane


BUT... GIVE ME FOOTBALL... You know, that oblong looking ball, that looks like a blimp... WOW, talking about a BLIMP...I could use one of them too!



Urban at it again:

"A lot of people had been lying to me," Charles said. "Recently, people have been telling me that they have five tight ends committed and they don't want me. And telling me that Randy Shannon is going to get fired. And why does everybody go to Miami if they know they are going to lose. We just sat down and talked."

After the visit, Charles says that Miami is "definitely still in the mix" and he plans on narrowing his list of schools down to 10 before the season starts."

Glad Mr. Charles saw through that.

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