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July 09, 2008


DallasTX Cane

Great article Cav! I love your unwavering optimism and enthusiasm.

IMO, 8-4 this season WILL mean the program has taken great, bold strides forward. I expect to see flashes of brilliance followed by youthful screw-ups. I expect to see a better team at the end of the season than at the beginning. I expect to see a season that sets the stage for future greatness. Don't forget that experience and headwork and just as important, perhaps more important than, talent. Its the combination of the two that produces champions. This will also be the defense's 1st year in Young's system. We will see vast improvement, but shouldn't expect to realize the full potential of that hire until next season.

Rome wasn't built in a day and Shannon's MNW Boys didn't win a NC as freshmen in high school. Give it time. RS is on the right track.


It doesn't matter that our QB's have not taken a college snap. All that matters is that they play better than Fukface and Jerkoff have played over the past several years. It is physically impossible for them to be any worse than those two.

Give us an average QB last year and we lose 4 games. Give us an average QB this year and I believe we improve on that.

All we have to look at is an improvement at QB and this is a totally different team on O and D.

No general= no team. Marve is a fukin soldier! And is going to lead this team to greatness. Just not this year ;)

JMO of course



Hi guys been gone a couple of days, been down in the dumps!! We are down to no employees at work and now down to working 32 hour weeks (which of course won't work for me) so I will be looking for a new employer. Stinks but could be for the best. Real Estate is such a streaky business, feast or famine!!!!

86, we still on for the Gator game?

I have been away for awhile to you guys already debate the whole "U" controversy at the new stadium?

Go Canes beat the Gators!!!!!!!!!!


Look what I found on the orlando sentinel:

Gator's have trouble????

Ex-Gator Teddy Dupay arrested on rape charge: His fall from grace may be one of biggest in state history
posted by Mike Bianchi on Jul 10, 2008


Yes Cavaleer... 10-2.

Drink up baby, the Kool-Aide just keeps getting better!


we could have the exact same team as last year and potentially go 8-3. GT and UVA are going to be down. And if Kyle was healthy we win against NC State. That would make us 8-4 with the same team. 8 wins won't mean this team improved much. now this team might improve a lot and only win 8 games if the teams on our schedule end up being better than what they look like they will be. its going to be about how they look in the games more than what record they end up with tho.

Old Skool

Saw the article on Teddy Dupay. It doesnt' say whether he's accused of raping a man or a woman. Being that he was a Gator, the article needs clarification.


^^^^that is funny Old Skool!


Roach, no Kool-Aid here.

You guys are funny. You say Kool-Aid to anything more than 7-5 but you give no reason or refutation of the position.

Tell me what WF did between a 5-7 2005 and a 11-win 2006 that the U can't do??

Tell me Kool Aid mixers...lol


I played against Teddy is High School. He was one of the best players in Florida HS Basketball History. The kid would take one step over the half court line and jack three pointers up all day. From the freakin coaches box. How do you stop a guy like that? Too bad man. I always wondered what happened to the cat after the gambling fiasco.


That was a nice article, I didn't realize you wrote it, I read it seven minutes after it was posted without credit to the author.

I thought, man cav is going to love this blog, now I know why.
Good work my man!




Dupay had unlimited range. He dropped like 70 points ON DILLARD! Then the next game dropped 50+ on ELY! His SR year he averaged over 40 POINTS A GAME!!!


ESPN 150 Watch List athlete Quarterback Brandon McGee is now only considering Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, Ohio State and Tennessee, according to ESPN's Billy Tucker.

McGee will announce his decision August 11th during a 10:00 AM press conference at Plantation High School.



we CAN accomplish everything WF has done.
The question on some of our minds is WILL we.
We have been fed the Mr Gatorades 1 2 3 Kool Aid, remember how kyle was going to be better than Brock and go in the first round as a Junior? Kirby would step right in and win the NC.
We now have a couple Mr Floridas, a Mr Tennessee, Two more Mr Kansans, I just want some real Miami Hurricanes.
Untill they beat someone like Dorsey did they are just potential stars.


carlos, thanks for the link. It kind of reminds of a saying from my grandfather "you never know how well a car really runs until you take it on a long trip" or something like that


carlos, thanks for the link. It kind of reminds of a saying from my grandfather "you never know how well a car really runs until you take it on a long trip" or something like that

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | July 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM

ur welcome and I agree.

I'd be more optimistic about the number of wins this year if we had a better O-coordinator to guide our freshman QB's and WR's...I have no qualms about Bill Young and the amount of damage he's gonna do on his side of the football and the youngsters he has.


"you never know how well a car really runs until you take it on a long trip" or something like that

cgnc, If memory serves me, didn't you have an adventure in your automobile just recently?
Have you got a firm list on the games you will be able to make yet?



U've got skills. I do agree with you on improved leadership and chemistry. But I respectfully disagree with your position. Here's why:

I've been guilty of drinking the pre-season hype punch before. Not again. "That guy" actually drove me to drinking after watching his last two teams play and being riddled with average and mediocre players.

But I digress.

Some of U guys amaze me. 10-2, 9-3 pre-season predictions. I hope and pray it becomes reality. I think this team has more potential than the previous three, but until the whistle blows we really don't know what kind and how much quality this team really has. What we can count on:

A) More experienced and veteran O-Line play
B) Better and more experienced secondary play, with a FR. with potential contributing early
C) Better LB play, with two FR. with loads of potential to contribute right away
D) Very good RB's and an improved running game b/c of the veteran OL
E) Our starting QB will have never taken an official D-1 snap


A) Kicking game. Bosher came on late last year punting, but who's gonna kick? A FR.?
B) WR's. Who's done anything? We will need young guys to help us here. Hopefully #83 and #82 can step up. It would really be nice to see #87 catch the ball.
C) TE. Epps showed what he's capable of vs. FSU. Not consistent, at least hasn't shown it yet.
D) DL. We're gonna need Forston (FR.) to grow up in a hurry. Bailey, looked good in the spring. Moncur, not been consistent, but has shown flashes of being an ALL ACC type player. Depth is a MAJOR concern at DE and DT.
E) Coverage teams and Return teams. We haven't had a threat back there since Hester left. Gonna need a young guy to help us here, too. You don't want to risk injury to Cooper. Coverage has been average at best, needs to improve. Kickoff returns need work as well.

10-2 would be nothing short of incredible.

Posted by: miamimike01 | July 09, 2008 at 05:56 PM


Columbus wide receiver Gary Bush committed to Purdue University yesterday. He listed his reason as Purdue has 5 WR leaving next year....


LOL Solar - I had bad or watered gas - but didn't know that at the time. I have a Honda and it runs like a charm (she posts knocking on wood). I will be at Duke and NC State for sure. And two games down in Miami that are TBD. Don't know about GT. Contemplating Charlottesville


Football Guilty Pleasures
( Teddy Greenstein should be a Canespacer)

What’s your college football guilty pleasure?

Charles Davis: College football guilty pleasures include, band pre-game shows/traditions (Tennessee’s “T”, Ohio State’s “dotting the I”), team entrances (I actually compare and loosely rate them), and finally small college rivalry games (Amherst vs. Williams, Harvard vs. Yale, etc.)

Stewart Mandel: It used to be the MAC until the league nosedived into Sun Belt territory. I'm a sucker for the Noon syndicated games, just because they're the first of the day and often the only things on besides the Big Ten ESPN games. It's usually a fairly crappy game like Pittsburgh-Rutgers or Florida-UAB, but I still end up watching.

Bruce Feldman: I love Signing Day. There’s usually surprise and disappointments and kids who botch their moments in the spotlight. And everyone spins like crazy about how they did. Plus you usually get some coaches taking these bizarre backhanded shots at other coaches.

Teddy Greenstein: I like when Charlie Weis is interviewed at halftime on NBC with his Irish trailing by four touchdowns.

Fiu: Holly Rowe. Actually, I love the late night games. During a college football Saturday I have three TVs and two computers going to try to keep track of everything going on and I’m writing most of the time, and unless there’s one really big game happening, it’s almost impossible to focus on any one of them since I sort of have to know what’s going on everywhere. That’s why I love the Hawaii home games that come on in the wee hours of the morning. Late night Pac 10 games on FSN are always a blast for me.

Steve Greenberg: My alma mater, Wisconsin. But I won’t watch the Badgers if a significantly better game is on … unless they’re playing Michigan or Ohio State.

Dennis Dodd: I could be a smart-ass and say actual Saturday afternoon games. (Where have they gone?) But I love walking around campus or college town on Friday afternoon or Friday night feeling the energy build before a big game. Downtown Columbus. State Street in Ann Arbor. Walk On's in Baton Rouge. Anywhere in Athens, GA. You get the picture.

There's a place in College Station called the Dixie Chicken. It's pretty much the only place to go in town -- for everyone. It's this little juke joint that features beer, boots and bubbas. The Aggies are so cheerful anyway (howdy!) that it's weird to see everyone from Brent Musburger to the drunken freshman hanging around the place.

Richard Cirminiello: I’m a sucker for the human interest stuff. Hey, we all enjoy the Xs and Os and what happens on Saturday afternoon, but I can’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes stories that peel the onion on today’s college athletes. If there have been hurdles cleared, afflictions conquered, or unique paths to success, I want to know about it. To that point, interviewing a player’s support group, such as moms, dads and uncles, is also one of the profession’s little pleasures.


Tampa plant tight end Orson Charles said his time at UM's camp went really well and that RS was able to clear up questions he had like "RS is going to get fired" and UM "already has 5 tight ends committed and don't want him" Shannon was able to clear up some concerns that Charles had about the school based on what he had been hearing from other coaches.

"A lot of people had been lying to me," Charles said.


Solar, we will because we have the ingredients to do it.

I truly had not idea how FUNDAMENTALLY CLUELESS Larry Coker was about player development, talent evaluation and development, coaching hires and mental preparation of the team.

That change nullifies any comparison to Shannon and the players he has brought in.

Remember, Kyle's first play was ominous against GT. He was sacked for a loss. Brock looked pathetic and clueless his first year.

Marve and Jacory already look better in the pocket, reading defenses, reacting, throwing accurate passes.

I can't say for sure that they will be the next Steve Walsh or Ken Dorsey but I sure as hell know THEY think and work like they will be.

A similar comparison for me was when I first saw UGA's Stafford play two years ago against someone. As soon as I saw him I knew he was going to be very good. His presence in the pocket, his footwork and his deliveries, his arm strength....he had IT.

Marve and Jacory have IT.

I always hoped that Kyle would develop. He showed tons of heart at FSU but he never seemed entirely comfortable in the pocket. He never made me say, "Oh yeah". You'd see his arm strength and say, "wow", but never his total presence in the pocket. He never looked in command.

Kirby had flashes where he looked much more comfortable than Kyle. The drive against FSU would have been impossible with Kyle back there. He, Kyle, just never seemed to get the rhythm of being a top-flight QB.

To add insult to injury, he had Medioker telling him everything would be OK and blowing other such smoke up his azz.

What we have NOW is the absolute OPPOSITE.

That's why and how we'll do what WF did.


CGNC, these other coaches are scared. I'm sure Oscar's not the only one.


More from the roundtable discussion

Currently, the most overrated aspect of college football is …

Dennis Dodd: Returning starters, schedule, all that crap in preseason magazines. Pete Carroll has played 43 true freshmen the last four years. They weren't starters at the time.

Joe Schad: Preserving tradition of bowl games. The number of bad bowl games is an embarrassment to the sport.

Stewart Mandel: Arguments over conference superiority. People (in particular SEC fans) spend so much time debating this when the reality is it's almost impossible to prove, the strength of each league changes from year to year and the overall discrepancy in talent amongst the six conferences is not nearly as dramatic as some people make it out to be.

Fiu: (Never insult the readers … never insult the readers …) Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and recruiting. How many Boise Staters could’ve gone to Oklahoma? How hotly recruited was Troy Smith? Jason Gwaltney was the star running back recruit of a recent West Virginia haul, and then some Slaton guy, a relatively unknown pickup from the same class, became a Mountaineer legend. How many Heismans has Ryan Perrilloux won?

Yeah, for a few days in February I’m interested in where the mega-prospects are going, and I do care what the trends are as far as which teams are getting the most top prospects, but to make recruiting a year-round point of interest is a little strange, and an extreme waste of time considering most of the name guys never come close to living up to expectations. I’ll never understand why so many people care about recruiting, but have no interest in other aspects of the game, like spring football, when things are actually happening that’ll affect the season.

Richard Cirminiello: It’s a toss-up between December bowl games and the growing hype over the recruiting process. The post-season used to be a charming time to celebrate one last time the solid years of a handful of quality programs. Today, it’s a painfully watered down display of mediocrity with one opening for every two eligible schools. I suppose any football is better than no football, but how many times can you watch the Sun Belt runner-up lock horns with the ACC’s No. 7 team in front of 41,000 empty seats without longing for a rerun of Entourage? While I’m sure this is blasphemy in certain circles, way too much time is spent following the whims of 17 and 18-year olds, many of whom will never impact a game we cover. Tell me about the uber recruits and let me know who had the best classes, but otherwise, wake me up in three years when the majority of these recruits will finally be ready to make serious contributions.

Teddy Greenstein: Well, after seeing Michigan and Ohio State get spanked in their bowl games, the Big Ten has to wear it. You'd also have to say recruiting rankings are overblown. But they are kind of fun.


Miamimike01 is dead on. Lots of questions that need to be answered when the whistle blows. On top of that, this team needs to play in some meaningful games - on the road - and compete or win. Those are building blocks for a ten win season in 09-10.


I really hope we get Orson Charles...

Brandon McGee vistis Coral Gables, now he's ready to announce his decision. I gotta good feelin' bout shyt...

What up with Michael Carter from Ely?

Are we still the favorite of DE Lawrence Henderson out of J-Ville?


LOL Cav - Oscar was the first person I thought of too.....Co, I see you are putting me to work but I will try and see if I can find anything out for you......


Co- Michael Carter and his family want to think the offer over so he probably won't make a decision soon as of the end of June

Lawrence Henderson has Miami listed in his top 3 - as of the end of May - can't find anything since

Loco needs to sell $9600 more by July 23rd... www.cutco.com t.locrotondo@umiami.edu :-)

I'd be more optimistic about the number of wins this year if we had a better O-coordinator to guide our freshman QB's and WR's...I have no qualms about Bill Young and the amount of damage he's gonna do on his side of the football and the youngsters he has.

Posted by: Carlos | July 10, 2008 at 01:01 PM

Raise your hand if you didnt think that would come into play somewhere. Anyone? ;-)

And CGNC, you WOULD be following Charles' recruiting closely.... :-P

DallasTX Cane

thanks for those posts solar. a couple of the quotes nicely sum up my feelings bout recruiting and the year round feeding frenzy.


James Jones signs with the Heat see Miami Herald.

Boy I like having the local guy to root for and beasley is very hot. I might watch a few games next season.



Bet that up baby...


I wanted to see if that Croc responded to anything I wrote to him on the last blog - it's not like I didn't give him enough material to try and come up with something ..

As for Teddy Dupay - talk about a complete assclown. And what the hell is that idiot Bianchi talking about, "Fall from Grace" - are you kidding? It's freaking Teddy Dupay, it's not like it's actually someone that's an esteemed member of society. If you guys/chicks remember, he was busted by head coach Eddie Munster up at UF and dismissed from the team for on-campus gambling and sharing winnings with another Croc student. Also, if anyone can remember what he did to Mateen Cleaves up in Indianapolis during the Championship Game in 2000 - that could've been filed as assault and battery.

This is probably the most laughable statement Dupay made: "How can you rape someone you love?" I'm thinking Dupay and that piece of sh*t Jerramy Stevens are along the same line of thinking. And Jon Gruden likes the guy enough to sign him to an extension - even further reason I hate Gruden.

"bruises on her outer right thigh, scratches on her back, large bruises on her back, large bruises on her upper arm and shoulder and a swollen eye ... X-rays taken following the incident showed the victim had two broken ribs ... additionally, there was dried blood around her lips,” the court documents said. "The victim said Dupay told her he would catch her and kill her family if she attempted to leave".

I dunno Teddy, I guess your version of "love" is different than hers, and pretty much the rest of rational thinking human civilization. If this was in college, he probably would've gotten away with it. Rape happens all the time in marriages and relationships - forcing your mate physically against their will or her just giving in and surrendering her body for material support from him .. technically, that's rape.

Kobe Bryant: "Don't worry Teddy, just go drop $4 Mill on a ring and give it to her, it worked for me in my relationship"

What a winner. Just make sure to keep telling yourself "How can you rape someone you love" over and over and over in jail Teddy, when the tables are reversed and someone is making u feel like she did in the showers or somewhere else in the prison, ala, Shawshank Redemption.


Six you and I agree on so many things. I hate Gruden too!

Men rape women they supposedly "love" everyday. That kid is a scumbag never liked him. My son had a very bad nickname for him one that cannot be shared but never liked the kid. Men beat up women everyday that supposedly "love". Kid hopefully you get some help in lock up because you need it.


welcome DTX
When you look back it was insane how everyone's life was on hold while 17 year old kids ran the world.

When people take off work to see where a kid that isn't remotely related them is going to school maybe it's time put priorities in perspective.





CB Carter from ELY said he wont announce a decision until the ARMY ALL-AMERICAN game i which he said he was notified he will be invited.

Cane Since 1982

Why all the Nix bashing?

1 year ago we were all happy as pigs in mud to get him because of how he tore up Randy's D and Randy admitted that he kept him off balance all game. Randy said he hired him for the way he was always a step ahead in his in game moves of the D coordinator.

At the end of last season. When we all felt alot worse than we do now. Everyone was saying that Kyle & Kirby were the reason our offense was so held back and vanilla. That we couldnt do anything when the guy that always touches the ball wouldnt remember and didnt know what to do with it.

In February the day after signing day everyone was saying wow its time for Nix to show what he is worth now that he has some players. Some people predicting he would run all sorts of wide open stuff with our new found speedy receivers and improved backs and QB's that may actually benefit the team.

Since then each day has gotten more and more negative on Nix. It has gone from he has to prove himself or he is gone to he sucks and we need a new one but everyone forgot to let him take the test.

Lets let him take his test this year and not call for his head prematurely.

In the words of Solar.


I think the most important thing is not what the record is going to be, at least in my mind. The most important thing is how we play the game, again i don't won't to have an 8 & 4 or 10 and 0 record and we barley beat alot of these weak teams out their, no more drive ending interceptions to beat neveda, no more, Overtime, kenny phillips, save us at the last minute b4 they get in field goal range. I wanna see domination again.


"Boy I like having the local guy to root for and beasley is very hot. I might watch a few games next season."

Thats why we like watching Danica Patrick race indy cars.
Who cares if she has a knack for running over other race cars.
long flowing mane,slightly moist skin tight driving suit, well you get the idea.



Nix has all the tools a OC could ask for now.
It might be his turn to say "how do you like me now" before this season is over.

I still believe he has undying loyalty to JJ.
With Jame's having walked through the fire last year, Nix has someone light years beyond KW in leadership credibility on the field.



"1 year ago we were all happy as pigs in mud to get him because of how he tore up Randy's D and Randy admitted that he kept him off balance all game. Randy said he hired him for the way he was always a step ahead in his in game moves of the D coordinator."

Not me. I always thought that he was a dolt and hasn't done anything to prove otherwise.


I wanna see domination again. Posted by: Calvin | July 10, 2008 at 02:28 PM

First things first. I'd like to see us field a competitive team again instead of those puzzies that took the field in the last game of the Orange Bowl or a team that doesn't take halves off (like vs UNC).


you don't get to see the skin tight racing suit but twice tho. once before the race and once after. all in between she's in a car.


From day 1 I never though nix was a good choice. I watched ALL THE GT GAMES, NOT JUST THE GAME AGAINST UM. We needed an O-cood and fast, he was the best of what was left and avail 4 the $.

Be4 carlos, everybody just dumped on me when i spoke up about it. Thanx 4 the company Carlos.


"Not me. I always thought that he was a dolt and hasn't done anything to prove otherwise."

Man Carlos, that surprises me.

I'm not convinced Nix is the cure, but I'm giving him a season with real players to show what he can do.

You have to admit he was dealing with a paralyzed squad last season.
Having the forward pass in your offense is a big asset in football games.


Old Skool

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones faces a felony drug charge in his former college town after police say he was inside a car cutting up cocaine with a credit card.

And in other news.

OKLAHOMA CITY - The father of an Oklahoma quarterback says he plans legal action against a Nebraska football fan who posted a bogus story on an Internet message board claiming two Sooners had been arrested on cocaine distribution charges.

Gee I don't understand how anyone could believe a story like that.


You make a good point este,
but more times than not she wrecks herself or several innocent bystanders garnering herself an early exit. This can save several hours of boring auto racing while waiting for a glimpse of her slithering out of the cockpit.

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