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August 25, 2008



brandon harris?


Keep Randy.com

















yikes, not first





well maybe not lol


DZ28 - good post, albeit a shade optimistic.


First pitch and I go yard. Booyah.





My inner monologue escaped into my typing fingers while playing Nintendo Wii Little League World Series Baseball.

p.s. Greg Cote's opinion sucks in my opinion.


LOOSE against Wake Forest hmmmm...Miami will be on fire by then and Wake will be like a few years ago...BLOWOUT!!


"What pisses me off is Coker promised him that no other QB would be taken. "

Yes, he was an ace recruiter and developer of talent. That much is for sure.

Posted by: dj moonbat | August 25, 2008 at 07:11 PM

Save this for tomorrow night's blog, you will need it!


In the back of my mind something keeps tugging away about Miami being a scoring dynamo this season. Its the new qtback, the depth at receiver, good O line, good running backs and fullback. I feel if the U keeps pouring fresh receivers out there it is going to wear teams down badly and this is a balanced offense. The last few yrs. have everyone seeing dismal offenses but that tugging keeps coming back , so I look for the U to score big all season.


gnTampa: Who the hell are you, and where the hell did you come from????

You need to get your facts straight:

- Fair weather fan? I've been following the Cane's since 1982. I've forgotten more than you'll ever know about Miami football.

- Don't remember reading anything from me? I was posting when Susan Miller Degnan at the Herald first started a Q&A online and would get 3 responses to a post...in a week! Where the hell have you been?

- I've said it once, I'll say it again: I'm not a fan of Shannon as HC. Here it is again: I'm not a fan of Shannon as HC. Let me know if that's clear enough for you.

- I don't give a s*it about Florida, and would love to see us crush them on the 6th. Nothing would make me happier. Know what? I don't think it's gonna happen. For a variety of reasons. Guess I'm not a real fan after all.

- You want constructive criticism? Try this on for size: Canes went 5-7 last year. They had the 11th ranked offense in the ACC. We return what, 4 starters on O? I think we marginally improve this year to 6-6. Reason: inexperience and depth issues. What's your take?

The problem with this blog is that unless you're willing to predict 12-0 and a national championship you're classified a "hater" (I hate that term) and a skeptic.

gnTampa, this won't make sense to only but a handful of people on this blog that are actually sensible and can understand a logical argument. Here goes, see if you can figure this out:

Florida 45 Miami 13
Go Canes! Beat UF!



Nice story bro. I agree with you about the UCF game; this is one that I'm keeping a close eye on.

I was back on campus today here in Orlando with classes kicking-off, and THIS GAME has people buzzing. It was also covered a bit on the local radio too, and I believe that O'Leary is gonna pump-up his squad knowing that this may be the only time the Knights can win against one of the Big 3 in the state.

Expect a BIG CROWD to come down from O-Town. It seems for The Knights this game has ALOT riding on it for the in-state recruits that are left-overs (or should I say "left-out") from the Big 3; as USF, FIU, and FAU are trying to build their programs.

Put it this way, they almost had a taste of it last year (beating a big school) during the game against Texas so The Knights WILL NOT be affraid.

But first things first... TAKE DOWN THE BUCS!



Six: I agree with Cote. Just my opinion.

Like the saying goes, we all have one.

I respect his, and I respect yours thinking his sucks.


gntampa - Good to see another 813 'Cane like myself ... there's a couple of us on here. You know we live in enemy territory here - and I thrive on it.

There's also that "s.woodward - a die hard 'Cane in Tampa" cat that posts/posted alot on allcanes.com blogs as well. 813 'Canes taking care of business.


My opinions are often wrong, my intuitions are usually right. I have spent a life time discerning the difference between the two opinion and intuition , my intutions say Canes do very very well this yr. For what it is worth to anyone else , which is probably little still it is a blog so I throw it in the circle with the other bs.


i love how ppl like to keep comparing us to the 5-7 team last year and how returning starters mean everything.

so Kyle Wright is better than Marve cuz he was a 5th year senior? ya ok...so was Kirby right?

im sure Zampogna was also a returning starter we seriously miss right now..

and Leggett was a receiver i will miss dearly...what with his cat-like reflexes of getting away from anything coming at his face.

the only returning starter i will actually miss is Kenny Phillips...but he was at a position where we have PLENTY of guys..

i cant believe ppl still fail to see that we r different AT EVERY POSITION...not many teams can say that, which is probably y ppl fail to see the difference.

o and one more thing...the running game will seriously turn some heads this year with the addition of...PATRICK HILL...i cant remember how many times James or Coop or McNeal were one block away from housing it last year...THAT ONE BLOCK IS NOW HERE...he will be a HUGE difference. This will take A LOT of pressure off the QBs..


Opinion, Randy will get no breaks in the press, as Randy is anti press or appears to be. So RS needs to get the wins rolling or the press will eventually hurt him. How? if the press paints a bad enough picture the U eventually startes to take notice. Wins silence the press so get going Randy.


Alpha - I hear ya.

This will be the last I'll talk about it on here b/c we've already beat this horse dead, buried it, dug it up, beat it again and then buried again ... only for it to be dug up and beat again .......

What Cote was talking about is apples to oranges when he used the example of a teenage daughter breaking the rules, letting it pass for 10 months and then telling her she can't go to her prom. How?

Boss Man laid down the rules .. you break them, you miss a game. I repeat, you break the rules, you miss a game. I freaking understand that rule and I live 280 miles away, have no eligibility to play ball at The "U" and didn't sign a contract that the Head Coach handed out which clearly stated the punishment.

It doesn't get much more black/white or cut/dry than that. How can you suspend someone a game when they're a RedShirt and not even playing a game the entire year? How? Make them run until they puke? They do that in practice anyway. Make them get on the ground and roll from one end of the field to the other a few times? They do that in practice anyway with the kangaroo court they set up, players policing themselves. You have to wait until they can play a game - b/c those are the RULES THAT YOU SET. Shannon made the kids sign contracts and the kids knew the exact punishment. The comparison that Cote used was complete apples to oranges. Period.

I am done talking about it ... on here, at least.


ava, now that you mention it , it does seem like the backs were one block away from long gains on many plays last yr. good point.


DZ: hardest games to call this year in my opinion are TA&M, NC and FSU. NC has a lot of returning starters on offense, and Butch is turning around the program. A&M: I think match up talent wise, but College Station tough place to play. FSU, throw out all the stats and predictions, it'll be close.


On Sun...

Gridiron Greats
Oct 7, 2000

FSU vs. UM


Open a Sam Adams, sit back in your most comfortable chair, and get ready for the season.



Six - let's discuss further when you come to ATL for the GaTech game. Over a beer.

On me.

Bring gnTampa as well - I'll buy him one too.


I'll be posting play-by-play of the game in preparation for the upcoming season...

UM punts.
FSU fumbles.

UM ball. UM ball. UM ball.



Ava: returning starters isn't perfect, but can give a good gauge on how a team is going to perform. i.e. Texas Tech has 10 starters back on offense, including Harrell and Crabtree. I think they're going to light it up again, no?

Good point about replacing starters that were walking dead. Can't argue a bit with your Leggett and QB examples. And yes, our running game will help, as will the emphasis on the short passing game.

The real test will be when opposing teams load the box....can Marve/Harris and receivers step up and make them play honest?

Can't wait to see. (Read somewhere where Hill is being mentioned as possibly one of best FB's Cane's have ever had...must be a load).


Shannon has spent all fall camp building depth with his new talent. That will be the key to the season. Very few teams can match up on 2nd 3rd and 4th players at positions. The U has a huge talent pool of young players. If the U comes at them in waves they will crumble one after another. So to me it is the DC and OC using the depth to beat down teams, if they have good schemes for doing that its all over for a lot of teams who appear good but cannot stand up to the Cane waves.


what up Six? 727 also known as 813 in the blob.

Dammmmnnnnnnn Alpha. Mental took a huge toll last year. I think you should at least wait this one out. Shannon has a few recruits from last year gonna make a huge difference. DVD, Coop, Marve, Bailey, etc. Gotta give it at least 8-4.


i'm predicting a 1-0 record for this team.


As bad as Miami looked at times last year, they were a very talented 5-7 team. They will be a very talented, but young team this year.

The key to the CS game will be how do the players respond to the first bit of adversity.

We all believe that they should blow out CS, right?

Well, what happens when a blown assignment leads to a big play? Do we immediately take momentum back, or do we sulk?

Not to dwell on this Gridiron greats game, but Ed Reed (obviously an exceptional player) was burned on a play by Antrews Bell, but followed it up with a interception the very next play.

The "no excuses" motto for this team should be a two part phrase.

"No excuses. No memories"



busy, we'd probably still talk about gettin burned more than the INT if that game happened in the time of blogging. so damn negative constantly.

Seoul Cane


Are we almost done bytch slapping each other over the suspensions? I'm like an ibis coming after the storm.

See if this helps...living in VA, it's the one of the funnier things I've ever seen on TV. See how many Canes you can count....



as i read a few entries above i cant help but wonder how we r all pi--ed at boss man. let s take a close look at this team and the WEAPONS WE HAVE. KEEP IN MIND THE DIFFERENT FORMATIONS WE CAN RUN. 1ST. PRO STYLE SET, WR SAM S& L. HANK , PAT HILL, BABY J, GORDON, MARVE. NOW PLAY SMASH MOUTH FOR 3 SERIES. NOW WE SWITCH IP UP WITH BOTH BABY J AND COOP IN THE BACKFIELD , I can send baby j in the slot or throw both of them in the flats. now at ( wr) trvis b.& laron byrd. as the defense now buckles after a few scores. now we go 4wr or 5wr. what defense can hold back this kind of fire power.
now granted the defens e is young both in name and youth. now we do need the dline 2 play like the giants did the patriots. a strong dline is the key 2 the defense. we have ball hawks at safety. now we just have 2 execute. we have the talent 2 at least win 7- 8 games. we need 2 support our team . marve goes up against players he is going 2 face against the gators everyday in practice. houston we r ready 4 take off!!!!

Cat5 Cane

War Games

Hello one and all.
You know I lov this place but it is becoming very clear, that we have many strange and different points of view and no matter what we say, it really doesn't matter, because at the end of the day, who the hell is reading this that matters, except for maybe one and we all know that is to be the Truth... So let it be said that the only one that matters is the one and only you...

Group therapy works in many strange ways when you have company...

How about a nice game of chess. LOL Cat5


It is so f***in amazing Esteban. Those kids payed so hard, but watching the game, they made a ton of mistakes as well.

The line between winning and losing in college football is very fine.

Miami was up 17-0 in that game, lost the lead, and came back to win.

Yeah, Dorsey deserves a lot of credit for leading that drive, but it was a total team effort.



Dammmmnnnnnnn Alpha. Mental took a huge toll last year. I think you should at least wait this one out. Shannon has a few recruits from last year gonna make a huge difference. DVD, Coop, Marve, Bailey, etc. Gotta give it at least 8-4.

Posted by: Cane360 | August 25, 2008 at 08:57 PM


Seoul Cane

Here's some more Canes...ID them, too, if you're bored...



gntampa, you got spunk, son.
I always love to hear bashing of that mullet wrap tribune with their adventures of alley-gator cartoon.
Go CANES!!!!!!!

Cat5 Cane

I know what you mean and although not said, you are looking at game two and beyond... and yes we have many different weapons to use on all offense fronts that we should not have a problem scoring... The question is not if we will win, the real question is how many we will win...
Go Canes


Was there a "Southeast Jerome" or "Sheriff Gonna-Getcha" sighting in that youtube link?


Sarasota 'Cane

Nice blog! It would not surprise me one bit if every prediction came true.

Go 'Canes!!



One last Portis video.

Meet "Choo Choo," world famous dance instructor.


Hey Yo!

NOW on Sunshine.

FSU vs. Miami
Oct 2007

Great Game and Great Home Crowd at the OB!
Great Players for UM Played in that game.
Pretty good players Played for FSU.

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