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August 23, 2008



i don't to see Marve suspended, but i understand the thought process. its about being accountable. marve got arrested. any player that gets arrested even if it doesn't come to anything gets suspended automatically. he was redshirting so couldn't get suspended last year so would have to get suspended this year. now you can disagree with the timing of it. but telling him a month ago or telling him yesterday its whatever. they were going to have to wait til monday to see who started anyway so if anything the team got a 2 day head start on preparing for who is going to start this week. personally i think this is something you just put out in the open way in advance, but he have wanted to keep CS from being able to prepare ahead of time for Harris - knowing shannon i wouldn't doubt it.

its nothing to go nuts over to me.



QB can not be a week to week competition. You cant have your QB always looking over his shoulder. You need to have an established one. Plus this idea of having open competitions every week is just garbage as well. You always talk about the Canes way, listen to Jimmy Johnson. He always says different rules for different players. Plus, Marve punched a window in big deal. Should have been suspended from Spring Game.

Have you ever lived in South Florida? If Shannon is going to suspend guys for doing that, I dont think recruiting in South Florida is a good idea lol.

macjones de Albuqerque

Right on canechic regarding your notion. Since this broke last night common sense would indicate that ESPN, SI, FoxSports, et.al. would have run an A.P. newswire, then circa Monday the college football pundits, of these particular sports publication, woudld commence with their HATEFEST on The U. And, Hurricane fandom ALL know the same old tune they'd blowhard about...Miami this, Miami that, ad naseum!!


"Houston, we have an imposter."


No problems Cav. I've probably over-reacted to the rumors, but I believe, and have for a while, that Shannon isn't cut out for this. Part of it is my frustration over his constant cat and mouse games with the media..that, I believe, isn't necessary at all.

And there were too many games last year where the team just flat out wasn't prepared.

Finally, and I can't quite put my finger on this...but this disciplinary system of his....I'm just not sold that it works. I believe in discipline, and would even advocate a zero-tolerance policy, but if you implement something like that you've got to get through to the players. If the suspension rumors are true, something's amiss in a big way.

Call me crazy..call me a skeptic..call me negative - but please don't call me ignorant! That hurt my feelings!!

(p.S. Also, please don't call me a non-Canes fan..I live and die with this team, which may be a mistake unto its self!)


Just so you guys know, I'm hearing its six guys total who are suspended. Lengths are not believed to be more than 1 or 2 games.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | August 23, 2008 at 02:08 PM


Manny just said that only six guys are suspended, with the longest suspension being two games. So that list is BS, like everyone has been saying.



And D Shalala is eating Special K berries at my table right now. I'll go ask her what the deal is.



Manny says up to 6 players are out with some suspensions going for 2 games...No names yet except for Marve of course.


They say Miami is ruled by Leo. The "Its all about Me" sign. Humm.

I am now a believer.

Old Skool

So she switched to Special K? When she was at my place, it was Frosted Pop Tarts.


NYC, I didn't say I agreed with the punishment. Given the situation, I think community service and lots of extra sprints and such would have been sufficient.

But these are Shannon's rules. The kids know, so there it is.

Until we have something confirmed, I think Shannon's doing it for other reasons.

And as far as JJ is concerned, I never said Shannon was doing things exactly like JJ.

It's well known that JJ cut his stars a little slack. I don't think Shannon will EVER do that.

Now, is that good or bad?? It's neither.

Does that mean Shannon is "in over his head", as you always like to say?? It doesn't mean squat about that.

But you always see the worst, most dismal possibility of any situation, so it's not surprising that you see the situation as that.

And why can't a kid be forced to perform every week, nothing guaranteed??

It forces you to be sharp, every day. What's wrong with that??

To you, I guess it's too demanding. You might crack under the pressure. You know who thought exactly like you do, don't you....KIRBY FREEMAN.

In fact, he used your exact words.

That's why I say you don't even understand what your money is going to pay for. lol


I agree with Cane36)..what the hell is wrong with us? I mean, we should ALL know that list is shyt and not true, and so what if Marve is suspended for CS...we go from loving RS to hating him and doubting him over this? Stop being bandwagoners... be Canes!



Man, it is amazzzzing how fickled fans are. Just look at what is happening:

"Shannon needs to go.
Posted by: AlpharettaCane | August 23, 2008 at 01:16 PM"

"If that list is true, Miami could possibly have a worst season than last year. Shannon seems to be over his head right now. Posted by: nycanes25 | August 23, 2008 at 01:32 PM"

"Pannunzio needs to go too.
Posted by: AlpharettaCane | August 23, 2008 at 01:26 PM"

"Shannon's fukkin' up...
Posted by: CoCane | August 23, 2008 at 01:28 PM"

Damn, I'm in the Midwest, but if I turned on the TV would Breaking News be on every station stating "Miami is on fire, there is rioting and looting in the streets, the president has set a STATE OF EMERGENCY for Dade County. Please, stay in your homes, or get out, yes, GET OUT NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE; WOMEAN AND CHILDREN FIRST. NO, EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES. SAVE YOURSELVE, THE END IS AT HAND!" And All because of a one game suspension, and 86 (THE GREAT PUPET MASTER!).

This is going to be some year, on The Space!


Alpha, I've got to run out for a second but I'll come back and address each of your skepticisms. They're legitimate so I want to give you my perspective on what happened and what they mean.

Hurricane Mitch

I don't care for the Marve suspension. Why wait a year to do something? Jacory almost has to start vs the Gayturds now. It doesn't make sense to bring Marve back against the Gayturds with no prior game experience. I have to wonder what Shannon is thinking. I reserve my judgement until I hear the full story.

See you guys & gals at the game. GO CANES!


If people are waiting for RS to come clean and lay it all on the table regarding this issue it AIN'T happening.

All he is going to tell us is Marve is flying around and stuff.

Suspensions?? what suspensions?? I don't know nothin bout no suspensions!

RS reminds me of Attorney Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld. LOL


Balm? what you know about a balm? who told you to put the balm on? You even know whats in a balm?





And D Shalala is eating Special K berries at my table right now. I'll go ask her what the deal is.


Posted by: Canez1 | August 23, 2008 at 02:15 PM

LOL! I'll be back.


Midwest: even if NO ONE is suspended, my thoughts remain the same. Our special teams performance has been abysmal and overall performance in ACC games alone inconsistent and sloppy at best.

The buck stops with the coaches!


Truth - We need some info!

Where are you?


It's hard to judge what should or should not be done about a situation when none of us know the details of what happened. Shannon knows the details and we have to trust him. Besides I agree w/ Blowfly, let's sit back and enjoy watching what Jacory can do. Now if we're down a significant number of starters for the Florida game, I may change my tune.


The Sky is STILL always Falling On Miami Part 50

Did they say the suspended Marve for a game against a team anyone in a Cane uniform could beat..
or did they say they shot Marve in the head?

Sometimes the over reaction on here is ridiculous.

think people:
Shannon picks an out of conference game against a team Duke could beat by 30 points and you guys go off.

What happened to I don't care who starts?

You know what? Jacory and Marve probably knew about this in private conversations between each other a long time ago.
Before all the "I know what Randy is thinking/ doing 24/7 " crowd started flopping around on the floor hyperventalating.

I picked the best day in the world to go pick my lawn tractor up from the shop.
just got back read the blog.

I off to mow.



Let me say one thing if Randy was suspending Robert for 1 game, I am quite certain that the team knew way before the summer started. So it just now came out to the public.

The others?? Maybe they did do something wrong. We are making pure speculations on pure speculations. Let more level heads prevail. Come on guys let's wait till we hear the whole story.


Do you think Marve knew of this much earlier and it was just announced now? Or was he blindsided?

Scary to think we'll be playing the Gayturds with a QB who has never taken a snap if it is Marve.



Looks like Harvin will be ready Sept 6th.

Sorry for the long post!

One week until the season opener against Hawaii and junior wide receiver Percy Harvin is finally back on the practice field after missing almost all of preseason camp. Harvin, still rehabbing from off-season heel surgery, was limited in Saturday's practice but at least he was out there.

Harvin was limited but did practice on Saturday.

"He didn't do everything but he did a lot," junior quarterback Tim Tebow said. "You can still notice there's a different gear when Percy steps on the field. Everybody has been going this whole fall camp. There legs are a little bloated, a little slower and then Percy comes out full speed and makes everybody look that much slower so it was great to have him back."

Whether he plays against Hawaii is still unknown. Coach Urban Meyer said there is a "chance" Harvin will be ready for the opener and said he will make that determination next week. Harvin had 59 receptions for 858 yards, both team highs, and four touchdowns last season. He was second on the team in rushing with 764 yards and six scores on 83 carries.

Overall, Meyer said he's been pleased with the last couple days of practice even as the Gators had to deal with working around the path of Tropical Storm Fay.

"I have to take my hat off to our players," Meyer said. "The only guy distracted was the head coach. We ran around and came out and put 140 plays on the board (Friday). It was the eye, when the eye (of the storm) came over the top of us and we went out there. Half the defense was in there lifting and the offense was meeting and I blew the whistle and said, 'Get taped, get dressed and we're on the field in 15 minutes' and went about 2 ½ hours.

"We invested and put that in the bank and then we came out this morning and got weather report, weather report, weather report and cut our meetings short and came out here again and had another long practice."

Redshirt sophomore Emmanuel Moody has performed well at running back and Meyer singled out wide receivers Louis Murphy, Carl Moore, Riley Cooper and then Deonte Thompson but Meyer is not altogether pleased with the offense because players are banged up. He hopes by Monday the group is fully together and healthy.

"Right now, our offense is not very good," he said. "We're not very good because we have linemen beat up. You have receivers who aren't (100 percent). Once the full complement is out there going, I'm kind of counting on Monday when the ball is snapped our best 11 players are going. Right now, they're not. That affects quarterbacks. That affects everybody. Our offensive line is beat up right now…

"Moody has come on. He has to become an all-purpose (back). Right now, we have role players. That's hard as a guy that calls plays. This guy can do this, but he can't do this. That's kind of where we're at so kind of disappointed in that but they are getting better. Real talented players."

At defensive tackle, freshman Omar Hunter has practiced for three or four straight days and is coming on strong. Redshirt sophomore Terron Sanders is making a push, junior Troy Epps is doing much better and redshirt sophomore Lawrence Marsh continues to impress.

Freshman Matt Patchan, limited with a pectoral muscle injury, did scout work Saturday but is not 100 percent yet. Monday might be the day when Patchan is let loose.

Meyer said senior Jonathan Phillips is "a little bit ahead" of freshman Caleb Sturgis for kicking duties, sophomore linebacker Lorenzo Edwards is not ready to be a major contributor yet and freshman Will Hill, the top-rated athlete in the 2008 class by Rivals.com, is still No. 3 at safety behind Major Wright and Ahmad Black.

"Sometimes he acts like a 3, other times he plays like a 1," Meyer said. "He's real talented."

Meyer on his first-ever meeting with Chris Rainey: "Ever sit with a 3-year old and had a good, solid discussion about Santa Claus? That's what it was like. Now we talk about life, football and academics. It's kind of neat now. We're beyond the Santa Claus thing."



"The buck stops with the coaches!
Posted by: AlpharettaCane | August 23, 2008 at 02:26 PM"

Does it? Then why don't we let it.


I never agreed with Shannon's discipline plan. I just feel the punishment should fit the crime. Unless Marve did something else beyond the spat with his girlfriend, the punishment don't fit the crime. I did say I'll wait until I hear from Shannon himself. I BELIEVE Marve needs that live game action against CS.


Solar: Re your above reference to Duke, I actually think Cutcliffe is going to improve that team dramatically in the next few years.

He'll do wonders with their current QB. If Duke can beat CS by 30, we should be able to handle them...by say, 34.


All he is going to tell us is Marve is flying around and stuff.


Tuck in the lips and starp up.

I hope Shannon pulls a Triple Possom and starts Cannon Smith

out for real


Rebecca, you don't even know what you're talking about. If Marve didn't handle himself properly none of this would be happening in the first place.

Stop being childish and superficial.

Posted by: Cavaleer | August 23, 2008 at 01:23 PM

Nice job with the person attack you hypocritical loser. Talk stupid and inaccurately all the time but try to weasel out of being held accountable for your own garbage.

Strap up 10-2!





Jacory and Marve did not know this prior to yesterday according to Barry Jackson who broke the story. His source said Shannon purposely didn't tell them until yesterday cause he didn't want Marve to lose focus and wanted him competing for the job.

I think Randy announces Marve the starter tommorow but just has to serve his 1 game suspension. What i am worried about is the other 5 players Manny is talking about, especially the ones with 2 game suspensions.


This blunt is relaxing. I'm now in fukk it mode. I can only do what we all can only do. STAY TUNED...



Midwest: I think Shannon should get until the end of the 2010 season. Next year's schedule is too tough, and by then he'll have four seasons under his belt, three with his own guys.


U can't hide!

orange 'n green in the vein

The entire point of Mr. Football I and Mr. Football II being recruited counting against the same class was for stuff like this. Mr. Football I has a bad night in the Grove, you get Mr. Football II to step in. I'm thinking that Mr. Football I is named the starter but then misses the first half vs. C. Southern due to suspension. I can't see an entire game being lost here for some reason, but then again, I'm not setting the punishments.


thanks I get what you are saying.
What I was implying is Marve has probably
remarked to Jacory," be ready man, Shannon is liable to pull anything". Marve said he and Jacory are beat friends. I really think he and Harris know more than the sportswriters about whats going on, them being the quarterbacks, the writers being the coatail riders wanting a paycheck





haa best^



sometimes i prefer the days when there wasn't blogging for people to go nutz over every little and not so little thing. we don't even know if Marve was going to be named the starter. it just was speculated by a lot of people. Harris might be better for leading us to more wins. its not like we got to wait long to see this team in action. just a lil more patience.


"Midwest: I think Shannon should get until the end of the 2010 season. Next year's schedule is too tough, and by then he'll have four seasons under his belt, three with his own guys.

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | August 23, 2008 at 02:38 PM"


By that time, you may come to love him. Get married, and have a host of childen. At least, I hope.


I agree Este. No doubt

orange 'n green in the vein

This is why The Randy said he'd have two QB's playing, no matter what. He did know more than we do all along!


I hope he knows more than we do, it could be a problem when the fans know more than the coach. lol


MWCane: I am married. With two kids. And yes, I'd love to see Shannon coach of the year and the 'Canes winning 10+ games by then.

Just don't think its gonna happen. But would love to eat a ton of crow if it does.

Again, just my opinion.


Unbelievable. Same type sh*t I was reading the past year before the season and then during it ... people turning on The "U" and Boss Man like they were all Don f*cking King walking out of the ring with his hand raising the opposing fighter's hand, after knocking his own fighter out. The hell is wrong with you people.

Don't like it? You think the 'Cane coaches care? If they tried to please every 'Cane fan out there - esp. ones on message boards - by succumbing to their every want and need and idea, then Sports Illustrated would have been half right in calling for Miami to cease playing football b/c of how f*cking awful they'd be. Lack of discipline due to hypocrisy displayed, losses on the field due to bad recruiting b/c players would not be academically eligible, etc. would be a couple of the problems. Seriously, have you seen some of the suggestions written on message boards by Sunday morning blogger head coaches following a Saturday Miami college game to the real coaches?

Weren't a lot of the players last year talking of how under Coker that there would be preferential treatment for some players and what a load of sh*t that was for it to be happening? Call me crazy, but that's exactly what I heard in some of Manny's audio interviews with the players.

How exactly was Boss Man Shannon going to punish Marve last year while he was redshirting? If it's true that Marve will not be starting b/c of his actions that happened in Coconut Grove that time back - then think of the impact it will have on the team with them realizing it isn't the same lackadaisical-country club-bending rules type environment that were there before them. I'd sure the f*ck know that I would NOT BE doing anything stupid if I was a 'Cane player. Is it really going to divide the team or mentally screw them up by this announcement happening? Really? Isn't that why the coaching staff doesn't name starters? Isn't that why the coaching staff makes sure the younger guys are getting equal to more snaps than the veterans? Don't people listen or read what is being reported from these practices from the players or coaches? Hell, in some of the interviews - some of the damn players don't even know or remember who threw a long/short TD to the WR/RB/TE. All they know is, there was a TD, everyone on their side of the ball got their job done in order for that to happen.

Isn't Boss Man Shannon trying to get the 'Canes back to that "stormtrooper" state - where if one guy goes down or comes out, the next guy comes in and you can't even tell b/c the team doesn't miss a beat? Then why the hell are people praying to their chosen religious deity b/c the end of the world is here and calling for Shannon's head b/c of a disciplinarian decision that has to be made or else he'll lose credibility with what principles he laid down for THE TEAM?

Shannon is doing what we so happily blast every other coach that we despise - for not doing ... holding their players accountable for their off field actions. Is it somewhat petty what Marve did, compared to what 3/4 of what someone like Urban Myth's inmates have done - yes .. but that also sends a stern message to the 'Canes on the team, don't be out doing stupid sh*t or else you will pay the consequence ... just like Boss Man has preached since DAY 1.

All the hype, excitement and trash talking of how the 'Canes are going to do this year from people on here ... people on here breaking everything down you can imagine on this team ... people blasting anyone else coming onto this blog, chirping off about the 'Canes ... now the attitude has completely changed b/c of what we have just learned?

Tell you what, all you doom seekers and harbingers of the end of the world go start your own "Fire Randy Shannon . COM" website. You can sell Tshirts, keychains, flip flops, coasters, etc. and spread your gospel. Same goes for any f*cking fair weather bandwagon supposed "CANE" that puffs their chest out about it, but then has it deflate at the first sign of some microscopic adversity.

Believe me, I love Marve, love the kid - watched him play and followed him while he was here in Tampa. I would've liked to see him start against Charleston Southern, but I'm not sweatin it or making sure I have month long supply of Depends on hand b/c I'm sh*tting my pants every 5 minutes thinking of "what are we going to do? what are we going to do? what are we going to do? Marve isn't starting .. what are we going to do?"

There's a reason Mr. Football 1 and Mr. Football 2 are who they are. Both have taken equal snaps in the practices, both have been throwing TD's and INT's in practice. Neither one has taken a college snap, neither one has thrown a college pass. Lemme ask you this, if the situation was reversed and it was Jacory who was the RS Frosh who sat out a year and it was Marve who was the incoming Frosh, fresh off a season of leading his undefeated #1 team in the country ... would you feel the same? Would the sky still be falling if Jacory was the one suspended for the first game and Marve was the starting QB?

The only minor glitch I see is Marve not being on the field to see game type situations ... but really ... is Charleston Southern going to be able to duplicate anything to prepare him for the 'Crocs? Do they have the same type players or run the same supposed 3-3-5 defense?

I'm not some myopic rosy colored glasses 'Cane fan either - I'll won't hesitate to question Boss Man and his staff if I see something that deserves it ... but it seems people aren't practicing what they preach about this program to others that blast it. PATIENCE. It's f*ckin sickening to see just how fast people on here turn on Shannon though - people blasting him after 1 YEAR of coaching when he's never had head coaching experience before and when he was left with a near bare cupboard to try and feed a nation of impatient and sometimes ignorant 'Cane fans.

What would people be thinking if none of this happened, Marve was named the starter tomorrow, went down after the first snap of the Charleston Southern game and Jacory came in for the rest of the game, splitting time with Cannon if needed. Same mentality for the doomsday crew?

I trust Shannon and his decisions. If I don't see improvement after 2009, then I won't hesitate in calling things into question. I'd like to think this is 1998 again people, you're either with me or against me.


Ive gotta say something on this. I hope the list isnt as long as some are saying. If it is just a couple its ok. I almost think this is good for the Uf game. U aint going to be able to get a good scouting report on Us. If U look outside the box it almost makes sense Uf wont be able to put a finger on this team. Thats assumming this rumor is true.


I do not think being critical of one decision of a coach is" jumping ship on the guy." I reserve the right to retain my critical judgement on everything. I do not trust human nature in anyone including myself. Is anyone perfect. I back Shannon. I think that the business of no media, closed practices and being secretive has come back to bite Shannon. Shannon needs to be more open, develop a sense of humor and work on his communication with fans, the media and apparently players. It is an area he needs work in , SO WHAT, I need work in those areas as do most of us. I still think that he is the man for the job , but he needs to work on a little more flexibility. My opinion.


Just read the blog...
Felt like lookin at an antpile just kicked over.
Me, I reserve judgment...
We all need a "fattie". Up here we call it "Micanopy Madness"
Chill People!!!
More importantly. RESPECT!!!



Good point Six Ive thought the same thing about this team it is like 1998. I think the Boss had alot of work todo after Coker left. We will be just fine at QB also the Young Cats can step in and play in real Game type situations. This team will be fine its not the end of the world. We have alot of players coming back with experience. I cant wait for Thurs game in Randy We trust. If things arent changing by the end of the year then We can talk about Our Coach I like the way Hes bringing in young talent. And with experience We will see how He reacts around game time

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