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August 17, 2008



spread em!


whos faster then me? NOBODY SIR


oh yea oh yea oh yea




maybe 5th?


sorry SIX

not sixth


Vaughn Telemaque?






Orange...damn son, way to cover being FIRST!

This from Matthew Bunch at UM on TS Fay:



Can I count towards 2nd? lol


CAN'T WAIT..... 11 DAYS...!!!


Orange, you're on baby! lol


How many scholy's do we have to offer next year?


DJ, I don't if we don't have guys who can run that fast as much as the guys who can NEVER think about track.

In Jamaica, you play soccer or run sprints. That's it.

An American like him would never even think about either. They'd be on the basketball court or the football field, of late.

But Bolt's been running track for at least a decade. Who's to say some of our guys who have a similar build/stride might not develop that speed if they train for it?

I think some Americans will see Bolt's success and say, "Hey, I can do that."

Because it is that stride that kicks in around 60 meters then he's just gliding.

That's probably why his coach didn't put him in the 100 until Bolt begged him to do so. His coach probably thought his stride was too long for the 100, that by the time he reached top speed it would be too late.

WRONG!!! lol

We'll catch him, just you wait. It might be Tyson or it might be someone built like Bolt who's 12 years old right now.

I hate to see any gold escape our graps but especially in the sport we basicall invented.

Posted by: Cavaleer | August 17, 2008 at 03:00 PM


4-Real, the number seems to grow all the time. lol

I think something like 18-21. And we're half-way there right now.

Add the Seminole Trio, maybe 4 OLs, maybe another DL, and that leaves room for Randle and another CB, and maybe Miller.

That would be an incredible class to my eyes.

The Dude

Orange is lonely, LOL!


You know what's so funny about all this "can he coach" crap is that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has established what exactly a good-great HC does.

I have yet to hear one of these two-bit hacks say, "Well, if we compare what Shannon has done in one year to what JJ did, or what Butch did, we can say he's right on course or way off course or somewhere in between."

If you compare Shannon to coaches like Lombardi, Walsh, JJ, Bryant and others, you can't deny the similarities in methods and goals. Their styles vary slightly but the methods and goals are virtually identical.

Yet I hear this shyt so much it's borderline irrational. Irrational because no one says, well his decisions so far show us nothing.

From my knowledge and study of leadership, across the world and through the ages, Shannon is spot on.

No one comments about his executive decisions and hiring, except JJ. No one comments about the amount and quality of research and analysis it takes to make decisions like that.

Hell, people don't even realize that his style of recruiting is a selection process.

We only need to look at Coker to see how clueless his decision-making process was, and how inept his overall executive ability is, to say nothing of recruiting, preparation, training and development.

Posted by: Cavaleer | August 17, 2008 at 03:45 PM


Watching the Big East preview on ABC right now, hearing head coach Bill Stewart of the Couchburners of West Virginia. ABC did an all-access type coverage of their practices, interviewing players and coaches. The players spoke of how different it is from Rich Rod to Bill Stewart - how Rich Rod would basically just get in their face, yell, berate and embarrass them in front of everyone if they made a mistake. Bill Stewart is different in the aspect, he'd stop what they were doing, talk to the kid and team and show him/them what the player/team did wrong and how to correct it, then go over it until they got it right.

The guy gets it ... period. He spoke of how he doesn't micro-manage, he hires good coaches that know more than him and he lets them do their job.

Sounds like what Boss Man Shannon does, is doing, and trying to achieve - not micro manage and if he sees that one of his coaches is not doing his job, look what happens ... welcome Bill Young and Aubrey Hill, aloha Tim Walton and Marquis Mosely.

Cracks me up when people say or imply that Boss Man Shannon isn't head coaching material. One year ... ONE F*CKING year and people are saying he isn't head coaching material.

Those people don't get it, the damn reporters that seriously question why Boss Man is giving certain players in practice more reps than the perceived "starters" (Lee Chambers, Shawnbrey McNeal, Damian Berry over Baby J & Coop) and still don't get it or why ...

"I told you, guys, we got to find depth at running back. I mean, we got six guys, but we can't get caught like we did last year when we ran out of running backs .. so, the more we get those guys work, the better off we'll be and if they do a great job picking up the offense then we'll be ok."

- Boss Man speaking to reporters and once again having to explain why he's doing what he's doing.

The best part of that interview is when he says "I told you .. GUYS" - he says it in a tone of, I know what the hell I'm doing .. I've explained it before .. You reporters have instant amnesia or something?

He also says at the end of the interview: "As a matter of fact, I can tell you right now, I would take Javarris James off ... I'll use, uh .. Lee or Shawnbrey. And Kayne Farquharson, I'd substitute Travis Benjamin b/c he had a better day than Kayne Farquharson ... IF THAT'S OK WITH YA'LL. Travis did well tonight, that's why I'm tellin you that. Kayne didn't do nothing at all. Javarris didn't do anything tonight also."

HAHA - Boss Man, classic. "If that's OK with ya'll", telling that to the reporters, asking them for their acceptance in an off-handed smartass way. Love it. And you could tell that they were all wide-eyed and trying to write it down as fast as they could or come up with questions in their head to why he'd substitute Baby J out and put Shawnbrey/Lee/Berry in.

Posted by: Six | August 17, 2008 at 02:48 PM


Last year CGNC did a feature called "Legends Of The Fall" where she talked about great UM players and one in particular who was selected by the fans, some guy named Kenny Dorsey.

Well after that we all voted on who we all thought my make a BIG impact in 2007. Boy were we wrong! Here's the list:

Final Legends List - thanks for everyone for participating!

Carlos Armour - Aqua
Allen Bailey - OGV
Micheal Barrow - Canadiancane
Calais Campbell - CGNC, Daytonacane, Esteban, 86Cane, Hassan, Jake, DallasTx
Graig Cooper - Cavaleer, Rebirth, CoCane
Dajleon Farr - thirstybuzzardcane
Jason Fox - slim 32, CoCane, Canadiancane
Kirby Freeman - djmoonbat, 86Cane,
Leonard Hankerson - OGV
Chavez Grant - CGNC, Eastlansingcane
Javarris James - Esteban, Roachcane77, 86Cane, Jake. DallasTX
Kayne the Cane - LongliveRonMex, DallasTx
Colin McCarthy - Zakkee, Canez1 (posted by Cavaleer), Jake, LACanefan
Lance Leggett - CGNC, CoCane,
Darnell Jenkins - rebirth, Zakkee, cubancane. Canadiancane
Patrick Johnson - EK
Eric Moncur - slim32
Patrick Nix - LongliveRonMexico
Kenny Phillips - Roachcane77, LACane, TLuv
Randy Phillips - MDCane
Lovon Ponder - Cubancane
Randy Shannon - Solar, CGNC, Jake
Glenn 9o'clock Sharpe - 86Cane, Eastlansingcane, CoCane
Sharpton - Cavaleer
Sam Shields - Eastlansingcane
Jeff Stoutland - Rebirth, 86Cane
Andreu Swasey - Solar
Tim Walton - Eastlansingcane
Doug Wiggins - Cubancane
Kyle Wright - Zakkee, Cavaleer, DallasTx, CoCane, Canadiancane
Reggie Youngblood - pb


Williams Just Misses a Medal in 100-Meters

Jamaican's Sweep with 1-2-3 Finish, Williams Fourth

Aug. 17, 2008

BEIJING, China - Former University of Miami track star Lauryn Williams finished fourth in the 100-meter final, just missing out on her second Olympic medal in the event. The Jamaican trio of Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart finished first, second and third, respectively.

Williams, coached by UM's Amy Deem finished with a time of 11.03, Fraser won the race with a time of 10.78.

This is Williams' second Olympic appearance. She won a silver medal in Athens in 2004 in the 100-meters. Earlier in 2004, Williams won the National Championship in the 100-meters as a member of the Hurricanes. In her three years as an UM student-athlete from 2002-04, Williams earned nine All-American honors.


Alex Rodriguez Park construction photos:



Beamer on playing two qbs this season

Beamer says he'll go with a two quarterback system again if it gives the Hokies the best chance to win, but it's not something he wants to do. "I don't think there're many of us at Tech that wouldn't like one quarterback. When you play two, it's really hard. We had two different systems for each quarterback last year and I thought it hurt us in the Orange Bowl."



The Canespace Tees look great bro!
Can you email me your street address again
I'll be sending up a check for two x-ls



good comments on the last blog.

about Lighning.
I think he knows from practice how fast his best really is.
He was clowning for the cameras , but I seen guys sandbag lots of times.

That guy would be an instant Cane legend just by his attitude.

Run a kick back and take your helmet off at a bout the 15 and back pedal into the endsone.
LT36 would go bananas!


orange 'n green in the vein

For Legends of the fall this year I've got to take Robert Marve on offense and I'll have to settle with Marcus Fortson on defense. The defensive pick is virtually impossible to settle on just one though this year.


I wouldn't sweat what anyone says about Randy being a good HC yet.
Remember how we felt when JJ took over for HS.? I don't think any of us ever heard of him before.
I think he lost 5 games the first year and ended up 52-9 four years later.

No one thought JJ was all that his first year either as I remember.
Weren't we beating Maryland by a zillion points at halftime and managed to choke it away?

Randy's got the tools and the blueprint together.
Hes building the beast now.


Legends 2008
C-Mac if he doesn't get hurt



im so lonely


NYC, just remember my words about this year's talent as the season continues.

As for last year, only Phillips is a loss. Everyone else is either the same or an upgrade. Cook's experience at MLB neutralizes T-Good's talent. Campbell would be on the bench behind Bailey by the third game, if not sooner. Bailey would go high in the 1st THIS year if he wanted to leave early, just on potential alone.

We've upgraded everywhere and grown deeper and smarter everywhere. We've eliminated the half-hearted and the incompetent.

The only thing missing is experience as a unit. Shannon knows this and is doing everything he can to bring them together as a unit.

Why do you think The Blur said he didn't even know who threw the pass he housed??

Why do you think S-Mac and Chambers say, when my name is called I do my job?

That's a soldiers mentality, boys and girls.

This is very much like a battlefield maneuver where a few changes of troops mean the difference between being routed and routing the opponent.

I don't want to get too deep on you but I'll quote master Sun Tzu/The Art of War to illustrate my point, since everyone is all China-fied these days. lol

"And so, one skilled at the battle seeks it in Shi (Potential Energy of the Moment) and does not demand it of people. Thus one can dispense with people and employ Shi."


legends 2008
Marcus Robinson


Solar, yeah, he handled it very Cane-like. lol


Bloody Jamaicans handling Us in sprints. This has to end.


OGV, yeah, other than Marve I can't call it for the Legends.

If this team is truly back, it will change every week.


The Canespace 2008 Hall Of Fame election process has been completed. With 289 votes counted here are the results:

SolarCane 18%
Manny Navarro 17%
The Truth 16%
CGNC 10%
Cavaleer 10%



For Legends of the fall this year I've got to take Robert Marve on offense and I'll have to settle with Marcus Fortson on defense. The defensive pick is virtually impossible to settle on just one though this year.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 17, 2008 at 04:46 PM

OGV...that's the way it is done, one on offense and one on defense.

I've got AJ and Spence.


5PM Advisory:

Track has shifted slightly WEST.

Dade, Broward and PB are out of the CONE.

The Hurricane Watch is from Fort Myers to just north of Tampa.

Models are scattered all over the place from Pensacola to Sarasota.


Please Cook compared to Gooden. What are you smoking? Cook might be experienced but he never makes plays (FSU). Gooden was a 1st day pick, Cook probably undrafted free agent. Allen Bailey in the 1st please. His workout numbers are good not great yet. He is not yet the Freak Gholston was. If a player just went on physical numbers Kyle Wright and Lance Leggett would have been 1st rounders. Bailey has never played a down at position. You are just guessing not basing on fact. No one has seen any of the young guys ever really play.


You know what's so funny about all this "can he coach" crap is that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has established what exactly a good-great HC does. Why do you right this compare him to all time great coaches?


"We've dominated for years, and now it's their time," Lauryn Williams said.

Spoken like a True U champion. It still irks me though. lol


ESPN Game TV schedule




All of the CSHOF08 inductees will be given two FREE Canespace T-shirts, FREE UM football season tickets for life and a FREE two week all expenses paid vacation to sunny Miami for the BCS championship game at TNP in January!!!

Manny Navarro
The Truth


Well, maybe only the T-shirts...


NYC, I told you to remember my predictions as the season progresses. But I have seen Bailey play and he would've passed CC at some point in the season.

Cook won't be drafted but remember the last time he was our MLB. How many time did our guys look confused?? Maybe once or twice.

T-Good was a great playmaker but he only played the position for one year, and if you think he was the field marshall that Cook was, you must have a very selective memory.

Shannon hasn't done anything?? lol

You, like all the two-bit hacks, say this but have no basis for comparison or judgement.

Study the great football coaches, any of them you want, then compare their methods and goals to Shannon's, in particular the things that you think aren't important, or that you think are just coaches talk.

Lombardi, Bryant, JJ, all defensive guys, all disciplinarians, all believed they should win every game and HATED to lose, all paid great attention to detail and strategy, all used a combination of fear and inspiration to mold their players, all had a very clear vision of what they wanted from day one.....

I could go on but I'd like to see you do something other than quote pre-season rankins and pre-season award nominations. lol


Damn it man, forget the season tickets and vacations, I just want one of those nifty CANESPACE tee shirts!!!!



NYC, tell me what a HC does. Then tell me what the difference is between a good one and a great one.

This should be funny. lol


Soup, how generous of U. ;-)


Your just a fool. Where have you seen Bailey play? This ought to be funny.


How do you know he has the respect of his players? THe Virginia Game looked like they quit. You are so ignorant its funny. Whats funnier is that I looked back at your predictions from last year and they are the same is this year.


You are the hack. What has Shannon done besides your his warrior mentality lol? 5-7 record with players he helped recruit. You are so ignorant its funny.


I just want one of those nifty CANESPACE tee shirts!!!!

Posted by: solarcane | August 17, 2008 at 05:17 PM

That I can do! I will post more pics of the T's and the tickets later.

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