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September 17, 2008







Good article in the Palmbeachpost on Young dc for Miami.


CINCO!!!! CHico


Now Cinco Chico!!!!




What happened to my posts????


Does that count as like first comment,as only blank, no words ?


Vegas has UM -3.5 across the board. Wow, the blob is talking football again. Don't blink, it might not last. Good post, 86. Too y'all going to the game -- enjoy...it's a really fun campus...

dlu, Milian's been hitting out of the park lately up @ the Post. He broke the Moncur story, too.

CANES, baaby


DarC...whachu got? Inside scoop?


when was are last shut-out? I think we gave FIU a goose egg after the brawl. wasn't it like 35-0?? correct me if I'm wrong.


More arrests at PSU...



Is anyone but Six watching baseball???

At least the Yankees are out, other than that I could care less!!

Go Canes, need a big win on Saturday!!!!


Lucky 13!



I hear cricketts!!! Everyone watching the Louisville game?


new blog up



jimmy i went and watched the jacory harris clip, so in other words, jacory got aggressive DADE COUNTY style not nix, all hell, this ain't what i want to hear. Than again it is, and it ain't,, it's good because jacory checked off to the perfect play, it's bad because nix would have went the conservative route 1st. I don't want to see a sec offense, we need to see a regular offense.

Even tex a&m is running the pro-set now. The sooner we get back to a continued pro-set the more balanced we'll become sooner than later. Other wise if we're going to keep running the ball, we might as well have kept marquise mosley since it seemed like he excelled at teaching wide receivers how to run block.

The majority of teams never fear a running team, they fear a quick strike offense.

When we play north carolina this year, they won't jump out on us as quick as they did last year because we got a real defensive coordinator now, who'll chop shat down early, as long as our offense gets aggressive, we'll be alright sooner than later. I know alot of people are saying we'll beat the hell out of tex a&m, so far, i haven't seen anything on offense that suggest that.

We got the players, all we need now is the discipline and the scheme.

dilated cane

Screw Nix that dumb azz redneck. He's a joke and so is the randy.I will say he ws like the eight choice for shannon, so obviously Randy wanted someone better. But we had to go the cheap route and now look. We rank 108th and now 106 in passing offense, way to go Nix. At this rate we'll move up to 98th by the end of the year. Randy got hired because Shalala liked that he said nothing good happens after midnight. That's a direct quote from her. Yeah that's a good reason to hire a head coach. The U is not committed to fielding a top football team anymore. The administration has raised a billion dollars and not a sniff of it has gone to the football program. Inferior coaches and faclities equals an average program. Heres to another 6-6 or 5-7 season. Thanks Shalala.

Is anyone else tired of Randy's rehashed one sentence answers when asked about anything. I know he's not the brightest guy and doesn't feel comfortable around the media but damn coach can you be anymore vague?

Oh and can somebody tell me why we never attack the middle of the field when we do attempt a pathetic pass play. Our o line can't pass protect for shyt, they made the Turds dline look like they were the fearsom foursome or something. I'm just tired of this bs we as fans have to endure year in and year out.

Look at GT they're running the bone for christs sake and they execute way better then any canes offense i've seen for the last five years. Oh yeah that's a brand new system they run but with a real coaching staff they make it happen. He doesn't have his guys as everybody likes to say and yet they still execute the o


Also, part of the reason we're starting to look like UM again is because we're recruiting real Miami players now. sean spence, forston, gotta like how he tracked tim te-slow down, jacory, aldarius, kendal thompkins. If you play in the heart of DADE, more often than not, you're going to play strong in college.

By the way, eddie royal is not doing to bad in the pro's from v-tech, plus he cooked the hell out of de-ain't no hall-of-famer, now playing cornerback for the raiders. Talk about one of the most overrated db's of all-time.

dilated cane

I'm with you calvin pro set is the way to go. But what are we I can't figure it out. We run the spread like 65% of the time and the i maybe 20% from what I see. We have no identity on O. And that my friends is totally on the coaches. Randy your honeymoon is over we need to see big time improvement this year in all phases of the game. Randy gets three years but if we don't improve this year the heat gets turned up real high on that azz!


All i know is, if nix gets fired this year, the times has definitely come for shannon to bring back soldinger and let him run the offense, he'll get em lined up right. He was the one who should've gotten the oc job before dan werner, he'll open this shat up, hell if we got old azz bill young, we can definitely bring in soldinger, nobody knows how to use Miami talent better than he does, besides, he's been a headcoach and knows how to build a power-house for sure.


dilated, nix doesn't have an identity because when he came in he kept saying he'll use whatever it takes to win games, mofo trying to talk good but so far not showing shat yet. The formations he keeps choosing to run plays out of are killing us. It's simple mathematics, if they got 9 and 10 men in the box, you migh wanna go with 3 wide receiver sets, and get the fullback out the damyum game.

And if i see those stupid azz hand-offs he had marve and jacory doing during the gator game, i might loose it, i'm trying to hold back judgement, but this mofo ain't showing me aggression like i need to see it. I mean you to tell me jacory was the one who swithced to the slant at the goal-line, i'm starting to get pissed off now. Why this mofo nix gone keep asking jacory whether or not he was nervous or scared yet, WTF, if you don't understand the mentality of the players you're around,that's a bad sign, instead of wondering whether or not he's nervous, mofo nix, are you nervous.

That fake azz yelling he did during that time-out is still getting to me too. That showed me all i needed to see right their, and than when you look at the faces of the players, but especially shannon and barrow, they were looking like WTF is this fake azz mofo doing, score some points. After the game nix looked like he was scared about something shannon said to him too.

ALl i'm saying is, freshman or not, show us some consistent aggression on offense, make them mofo's back up off us.



That Freshman RB for The 'Ville just ran another long one into the endzone...

I hope we see Cooper have a similar day in College Station!


That one play where he had marve fake it to the runningback and than marve kept and ran for a couple of yards, we don't need that shat, that's what the hell shannon went out and got all these wide-receivers for, not for the qb's to be taking licks. I don't give a damyum if marve or jacory can run, we only want them running when all other options have failed, not as the 1st option.

shannon so far has made the right moves and the right correction moves, all he needs is one more move, and it's over. One move he can make is tell nix, we need to run nothing but strictly from the pro-set. design a play-book around that. That way nix can get focused his dam self and stop being all over the place when it comes to calling plays.


You guys think Kenny Dorsey will become an Offensive Coordinator some day with his football mind??

Maybe if Nix gets the axe, we'll see him on the sidelines...

orange 'n green in the vein

Dorsey will go QB coach then OC I figure, but I'm in no hurry to usher him out of the NFL like a lot of others want to see.

Matt Drudge

Calvin, I am with ya Bro. I have decided not talk about the last game, but damn.

dilated cane, Randy has done an excellent job so far. This offensive woes are all on Nix and I sure hope he fixes it before going the way of Walton. I want Randy to be here at the U as long as he wants. He is TRUE U.


This offensive woes are all on Nix and I sure hope he fixes it before going the way of Walton. I want Randy to be here at the U as long as he wants. He is TRUE U.

Posted by: Matt Drudge | September 17, 2008 at 10:55 PM

It couldnt have anything to do with our players sucking last year could it?

Matt Drudge

It couldnt have anything to do with our players sucking last year could it?

Posted by: pb(CSHOF09) | September 17, 2008 at 11:00 PM

pb, I didn't blame him last year. But 140 total yards in a game? That is inexcusable for any OC.

We all come to view the UNC-Rutgers game as a blow out, right? Actually, Rutgers had more total yards than UNC. I didn't see our O moving the ball and that is inexcusable.

I couldn't make my point without talking about the last game, but that's it for me. I am patiently waiting in the SHOW ME mode.


Let's take dorsey out of the equation, he still needs to pay his dues, i wouldn't hire dorsey as oc yet, but at the rate nix is going, he couldn't do worse. I understand why shannon hired nix, but at the same time, it's up to him to show why shannon hired him. Once again, and o-coordinator will make any offensive line coach look bad. After the gator loss, funny how not to many people if any mentioned stoutland's azz, and stoutland laid lo from the interviews. I think stout is a good o-line coach. nix, don't phuck em over with those formations and conservative azz game plans.

I didn't see anything impressive in the charleston southern game besides jacory scrambling for 30yards to get that touchdown.

RIght now here's what we know, apparently Hawaii has a better offense than we do, they scored 10 on the gators. Now if the citadel or whoever else scoes more than 3, the case might be closed on this one folks.

dj moonbat

"You guys think Kenny Dorsey will become an Offensive Coordinator some day with his football mind??"

I'm a big Dorsey fan, but I don't really think that Coker/Chud offense was particularly sophisticated. It was balanced, and it had crrrrazy athletes powering it. Yeah, Dorsey did (almost) always manage to find the open guy, but that's largely because no defense in the world could cover all those dudes.


Even Michael Irvin said not to hire Nix:

"Michael Irvin was right in his assessment of Nix, telling Shannon not to hire him as his complicate scheme required receivers to read the defense and know where defenders were, impacting their route running - which is now the reason young receiver aren't catching on immediately"

lol @ ANY Canes fan that defends that dolt, Nix. He has and always will be clueless and until Randy dumps him, in my humble opinion, we won't get to the next level.


I would make Ken Dorsey the QB's coach in the blink of an eye if he were up to it.


Steve Walsh = Offensive Coordinator
Don Soldinger = RB's coach (he mentored 4 NFL All-Pro's: Edge, McGahee, Portis, Gore

dj moonbat

"I would make Ken Dorsey the QB's coach in the blink of an eye if he were up to it."

I think you mean "if he were up FOR it." 'Cause if you'd hire a guy who wasn't up to the job, you'd be doing just what you're saying Randy did by hiring Nix.



The ABC coverage map is out and I am squarely in the zone for the Canes game. Bonus: I can watch Michigan State beat the hell out of Notre Dame on ESPN.

It looks like our friends in the Orlando area are not as fortunate.


damyum carlos, looks like you digging up real shat, if irvin said that, than damyum, shannon definitely should have taken that into consideration. Now one of the knocks on shannon is that he's always been a stubborn type of guy, so if he has his heart set on something, e's going to do it, so since he felt like nix gave him alot of fits, that's who he went with.

I didn't like the hire just because it came from g-tech, at the same time, nix is the type of oc alot of people were asking for, back when, people were saying we ned to hire a young up and coming oc, well, nix is here.



The ABC coverage map is out and I am squarely in the zone for the Canes game...

It looks like our friends in the Orlando area are not as fortunate."

Posted by: BamaCane | September 17, 2008 at 11:28 PM


I bet the ONLY reason is because the UF vs. TN game is on the same time; now I have to spend the x-tra $ to see the game. You would think that NBC would have the ND game on, but freakin golf is on instead!

This is why I can't get Marlins games here, but I can see PLENTY OF BRAVES GAMES... STUPID!

Here are the coverage maps:







that was on the allcanes.com blog...

Every Miami fan knew that hiring Nix was a stretch but it's hard for me to still be supportive after seeing the packages he called for in certain situations last year and in the Florida game. I said this already; his playcalling has sucked in too many games compared to the ones that didn't (vs. TamU & FSU in that last drive). Nix was calling a run with 8 in the box and Jacory knew better. For a TRUE freshman to make that recognition over your OC, that's pretty alarming.

This game IS the lynchpin of our season.

Lose and we are staring at another piss poor 5-7 season dead in the face. Young team or not, we have plenty of veterans on this team on O and D to ball like we can.

Time for Nix to step up...NO EXCUSES!

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


damn looks like espn 360 for me this week.

Sarasota 'Cane

Why would ABC "cut" our game out of Gaytor Country like that? HMMMMM...I wonder...


Go 'Canes!



Freakin Turban & his recruiting tactics...

All chummy with his Gator brethren here in Orlando/Central Florida.



Calvin said

it's good because jacory checked off to the perfect play, it's bad because nix would have went the conservative route 1st. I don't want to see a sec offense, we need to see a regular offense.

That just about sums up Nix on O, an SEC O.

Dilated Cane,

I disagree with much you said earlier but count me in as one who is sick of RS one line/one word answers. He answers as if everyone is trying to trick him.

ABC coverage in all the south except that one area. Now that is amazing, are they that concerned about recruits?

I'm not quite bailing on Nix yet, but I'm very close.

Finally, a sports show host on ESPN radio said something I belive to be accurate, if you have great talent in college football don't over coach them, let them play. This is the secret to Carroll's success according to the host. Let's get these beast out there. Would you rather see Cook read the play be in position but miss the tackle or Brown, be out of position but use his ability to blow the play up anyways. Sure he'll cost us some first downs but If he's agood as advertised he'll more damage to the other team. Hell maybe I'm wrong but the 2000-2002 teams just lined up and made it look all so easy, they were that much more talented then everyone else.

Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

Jacory called for the slant at the goal line?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

I wake up in the middle of the night to check my favorite blog and what do I find....Carlos spreading HEARSAY AND RUMORS ABOUT WHAT SOMEONE SUPPOSEDLY, ALLEGED MICHAEL IRVIN SAID ABOUT NIX.

Here's the full story from AllCanes


"They're also saying Michael Irvin was right in his assessment of Nix, telling Shannon not to hire him as his complicate scheme required receivers to read the defense and know where defenders were, impacting their route running - which is now the reason young receiver aren't catching on immediately."

"My take? It's too early to tell and Nix deserves time to prove the doubters wrong. Whether he can do that or proves everything above to be correct, time will tell. Regardless, you don't judge the man based on two games - one against Charleston Southern and the other at #5 Florida, both with first-time, brand new quarterbacks."

"Everyone wanted a more aggressive attack against the Gators, but the game plan was to slow down the pace of the game and keep it close. Going three-and-out and giving Florida the ball back would've made a 26-3 final closer to 40-3. Miami couldn't afford a blowout and the closer score will pay dividends on Signing Day next February, though that means little right now."

"Has Nix made some mistakes? Absolutely. But the first two games of 2008 aren't indicative of the season. Miami faces no one of Charleston Southern or Florida's capacity down the stretch. Marve and Harris will only be newbies for so long."


Carlos, my friend, do you work for the Republican spin-doctors??? Because you sure as hell clip and slice information just like they do.

But the bigger point is, if Nix wants to prepare these WRs to be able to make reads on their own, like they do in the NFL, why would Irvin have said in 2006 that Shannon shouldn't hire him??

This is completely illogical.

Furthermore, isn't that what The U prides itself on doing...PREPARING PLAYERS FOR THE NFL???

Explain this one to me Carlos.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Dilated, welcome to The Space but brother you';ve got a lot of information to catch up on about Shannon. It sounds like you don't know jack about him.

Just because he doesn't give long-winded answers he's somehow slow??

WTF kind of logic, or rather, illogic is that??

And you definitely know next to nothing about why Shalal hired Shannon.

One of the quotes immediately after the hire was, "I like promoting people who are at the top of one level and they're ready for the next. That's why I wouldn't have hired myself for this job because I was already a university president."

Did you catch that one??


Those maps can't be right. It has the entire state of VA and NC getting the ND vs michigan state, but has the entire midwest, including Michigan and Indiana getting the Va Tech NC game. That would be downright retarded.


It sounds like you don't know jack about him.

Posted by: Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer | September 18, 2008 at 04:40 AM

Why because he doesn't agree with you? Cav, look U know I respect you and appreciate your comments and opinions but everybody can't simply be WRONG because they don't agree with you.

Please stop framing issues and arguements in a way that if someone disagrees with U they "are ignorant" or "don't know anything".

U have to allow for opposing points of view. Attack the opinion not the person.

Thank U, blob on...


Ken Dorsey = Jason Garrett


The OC needs to be a proven guy, at small time level driving a pinto, that is watering at the mouth to get the keys to a lambo in the bigtime....

this was my guy, when Werner got canned


only reason he isnt still OC, they hired a new HC, who brought his own guy in

Having said that.....I hope it doesnt come to that, and Nix gets it done....we will see

Other than that, Calvin, you are right, I would take Soldinger back in ANY capacity we could get him....Recruiting co-ordinator? whatever, just need his mind, and skills

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