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September 05, 2008


Sarasota 'Cane




Sarasota 'Cane

I cannot believe I was 1st!! What a great omen! Because I was 1st, we will definitely win tomorrow!!

Can the U win the game tomorrow? Yes!

Then we will!!

Go 'Canes!!

Seoul Cane



Whoo Hoo, we gonna party!

See ya in Ocala and Gainesville...

Seoul Cane


Seoul Cane

Dammit Sarasota...that was my closest attempt ever!~!


Sarasota...U got that right!

MD...alomost, no cigar.

Seoul...nice try buddy.

Go Canes, Beat the Gators!!!

Sarasota 'Cane

Way too many T's in your "1st" Seoul!! Stick and move my friend!!

Go 'Canes!!

Seoul Cane

I got so excited all of a sudden I couldn't find the send key. The Ts were likely a distraction...I'll remember to avoid that next time;)

Well, if you are first and that means we'll win Saturday, I'll take that one for the team anyday.

Sarasota 'Cane

Hey Seoul, I spent 2 years in Korea back in the 80's while I was in the Army. I was stationed at Yongsan Army Base in Seoul in 1985, and Camp Red Cloud in 1987. Are you from Korea? Army/Air Force?


speakin of korea...emmanuel moody highlights from freshman year at usc. get to know the opposition.


Seoul Cane


Sweet. Yea, I was in the Army for 9 years, the last 3 in Korea...fortunately all Yongsan from 2001-2004. Then, I was loving it so much, after I got out I stayed in Seoul for 2 more years as a grad student, living in Itaewon.

It was so tough watching the U play football over there (thank god for ESPN gameplan), I had to come home:). When I started reading Omar's blog back in the day I was still there, hence the name. Now I'm working in Winchester, VA.

Seoul Cane

I'm from Florida, though...grew up in Tallahassee, but pulled away from the gravitational force known as FSU and went to the U for my undergrad...that's when Army ROTC was still on our campus.


Thanks for the info "Ocho Seis". Will you officially change your name like Chad did?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Matt, Big Daddy's just doing the old "Us against Them" thing that's been woven into American's national consciousness since the Pilgrims.

But if you're naive enough think the fans in Gainesville aren't thinking along these lines, you're missing a BIG part of this picture, for them at least.

I'm sure you can do the math on that. haha

For Us, it's almost traditional, dare I say expected, that we walk into some media celebrated team's stadium and beat them down.

Let's look at the list..

Nebraska 1983, the greatest team ever but the dust.

Notre Dame 1985, ultimate beatdown of ultimate media darling 58-7.

OU 1986...Again, we beat them down but everyone was so enamored with OU, Switzer and Bosworth I think. They were probably ranked higher just because.

PSU 1986.. we lost but that entire game established Us as the bullies and dominators of CFB.

1987..FSU, UF, ND and OU....FSU was probably ranked higher than we were. ND got the beatdown just because they're ND. OU was part III the final chapter. And don't forget Arkansas at Little Rock...51-7

1988...#1 Ranked shyt-talking/rapping FSU 31-0, Meech at the Big House 31-30, LSU at Baton Rouge 44-3, and a final beatdown of Neb 23-3.

1989....Wisconsin at Madison 51-3, #1 ranked 20 game win streak ND 27-10.

1990...only one that year but it was arguably the greatest of them all..9 game winning streak, shyt-talking Texas at the Cotton Bowl..46-3

1991...the only real signature win was the last game of the season against Neb. 22-0

Then the wheels came off for a while...

But by 2000-2002 we were at it again with FSU, PSU, UF, UT.

So, for many insecure Gators it is all those things that BDC mentioned. For us, it's picking up where we left off.



more get to know ur opponents.


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Este, her's another one of the whole offense and defense, from the Spring Game. Moody's toward the end.

They're fast but at how pathetic their DL and tackling is.


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Este, we're on the same page baby. lol


lol...i like how all the highlights in the spring are offensive outside of Carlos Dunlaps sacks. can't wait to see cooper running through their secondary.


Know your opponents


last time i try this. from the creators of Gatorade



Sometimes us fans don't realize Miami football is poltics. We are always hated by the media, we are the one of the few schools out there with a BLACK head coach, we are discriminatied on and labeled thugs with dreds and gold teeth even though they are college men. The good ole boy fans out there love to come on here with thier races attitudes.(LIKE THEY DON'T HAVE BLACK PLAYERS ON THEIR TEAM)... Last but not least they get the culture surrounding Miami twisted with the University of Miami.(LIKE WE ARE SOME TONY MONTANAS OR NEW JACK CITY WANNABEES) SO Every now and then I will throw in a few comments that might tickle some feathers of some sensitive fans out there. All in all though FOOTBALL is mainly disgust out of my mouth!!



BDC/Troutman ;-D - it's all good - I knew exactly what you meant


Do these guys that write this stuff know anything about the teams? How can you say a kid with 9 career receptions is a STUD? Then turn around and put UM down by saying that they lack experience at (enter position here. They give UF credit for Harvin at 2 positions. I know that he does both but when he is running the ball he isnt playing WR.He is good but he doesnt do both at the same time. Riley Cooper cant stay healthy and isnt an elite WR. Murphy is no better than Shields. he just happens to play on a team that is more explosive on offense. Plus he benfited from having to be the number 3or 4 option on the team. UF definitely has the edge at WR but dont say that they have all of this experience and studs all over the place. If Dunlap is a stud so is Bailey. They have accomplished just as much. They say that major wright has a quick burst and playmaking ability. Dont get me wrong he is a nice player and he is from Miami but that kid is Roy Williams part deux. The pass he intercepted was thrown 5 yards behind the wr and right to him. Haden is a baller though but he is only 5'7. I take Hank in the redzone all day though. Look I am a realist. I know that we are in for a fight bu cmon

Posted by: jimmy | September 05, 2008 at 01:18 PM


i got a new found appreciation for jorts after watching that video.

and jimmy, its a double standard all the way.


Jimmy - nice post.


Loco...be there at 9-10 AM

Posted by: 86Cane | September 05, 2008 at 11:44 AM

you realize you have to get there BEFORE gameday starts right? lol

Where exactly will the canespace bus be parked so we can visit when we get there?


Esteban.... people think its really hard to make jorts but it really isnt. The best jorts seem to be the older jeans. i found a better one. heres the team urban built for the 400m

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Jimmy, that is the truth. It's amazing how everything UF is roses and filet mignon but the exact same things at the U are weeds and chittlins. lol

Not even our own reporters, Manny and Shandel, have actually sat down and compared 40 times, since everyone is making such a big deal about it. It's such a simple thing but no one has done it.

They'll learn about Miami's speed tomorrow though, when Benjamin houses a punt.

In watching those Gator clips against Hawaii, I wasn't so struck with Demps' football speed. He beat that UH player to the corner but he didn't blow by the guy. He didn't look any faster than Shields or Benjamin. Maybe he's best in a straight line.

Rainey is more dangerous as is James, because they have moves.

But when you talk about moves, we'll have plenty. Haha.

I hope SS, TB Collier, DJ and J-Mac run track next year, along with DVD of course.

Sarasota 'Cane

Can we win this game? Yes!!!!

Then we will!!

Go 'Canes!!


Just a reminder of why I don't do jorts...



sweet loco that is a great reminder.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Dau, those are some funny commercials.


If i was going up to canesville i would for sure bring a camera. Jorts are hillarious

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

With all this talk about speed, let's take a look at the standard..Mr. Hester



your history is shady... you left out beating FSU in Wide Right I. We beat PSU also at home with Lamar Thomas, Horace Copeland, and Kevin Williams all kicking tail.

In 1992, we had a three week stretch of Arizona, FSU, and Penn State. All hard fought games. All close. We won them all.



Does anyone have, or can you refer me to a breakdown of UF's recent trouble/run ins with the law (penalties enforced or not) as compared to UM? I had a meeting with someone in my office this morning who told me how her husband has jumped all over the gator bandwagon and wants her son to become part of gator nation. I told her I was sorry to hear that, but since they are both red sox and patriots fans, I could understand why they would/could make yet another poor rooting decision. However, what truly irked me was when she then said, "you're a Miami fan?...oh, I heard bad things about them - they like to start fights...they start fights". Due to time restraints, I wasn't able to provide her with a breakdown then & there regarding how corrupt and immoral the gator is, but I'd like to give her some reading material for the weekend.
I intended to showcase the AK-47 incident, breaking & entering a tow yard to illegally reposess a towed car, stealing and using a dead woman's credit card, exceedingly questionable recruiting practices in terms of contacting recruits girlfriends to recruit players and offering scholarships to gf's of recruits, but I'd like to give specs on these incidents and any additional info or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I know I've seen many of these listed, but not sure which of the myriad Canes sites I check daily, they were from.

Appreciate any help.


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Another Hester, this time NFL


In these clips you can really see how superbly he USES his speed. His vision and timing are probably the best ever. He waits then when he sees the crease explodes. One move and he's gone.

I think Collier and Benjamin have that ability. They showed flashes of it against CSU but the plays didn't open up quite right.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

CVS, you know you're the king of our wins and scores!! lol

I just ran down the obvious ones. Always feel free to correct me. ;-)

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Delray, someone one here has that list, probably Solar. I've seen it a few times but it's been a while.

Old Skool

Don't have it anymore, but if there's a search function for Typepad I've posted the Gator police blotter in the past. Try Jamar Hornsby if you can search the old posts.



I know this has been posted before but boy do I get jacked up when i view this!!

The Believer

Not one picked us to win. They are all going with the flow. Go canes!!

Campus Watch bloggers make their picks for Miami's visit to Florida on Saturday (8 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Michael McCall, Florida: The game will be close early, but the Gators are too talented and will pull away. Florida 31, Miami 17 (For a more extensive preview by McCall, click here.)

Pat Mitsch, Pittsburgh: What a game for Robert Marve to pick for his collegiate debut. Florida roughs him up, Tim Tebow does what Tim Tebow does, and running back Chris Rainey has a breakout game. Gators win huge. Florida 38, Miami 14

Martin Rickman, Wake Forest: Miami will keep this closer than Florida wants, but the return of Percy Harvin and the Gators' run blocking will be too much for the Canes. Florida 35, Miami 24

Casey Callanan, West Virginia: Miami is still in the heart of its rebuilding years, and it's going to take a lot more quality recruiting to get the Hurricanes back on Florida's level. Florida 34, Miami 14

Andrew Kovach, Notre Dame: While coach Randy Shannon's Hurricanes are on the rise -- and are a team to watch in a down year for the ACC -- they just don't have the firepower to stop Tim Tebow and the Gators. Florida 38, Miami 17

Pete Jensen, Penn State: Tim Tebow will prove to be way too much for a rebuilding Miami squad to handle. Plus, the Gators are at home in The Swamp. Florida 41, Miami 10

Barry Goldenberg, UCLA: Never underestimate the intensity of the rivalry
between Miami and Florida, but with the game at The Swamp and the
talent level of the Gators too high, Miami can only hang with the 
Gators early until Florida pulls away. Florida 35, Miami 17

Andrew Heberling, Tennessee: The Gators look to ease superstar Percy Harvin back into their offense against Miami and keep their reign atop the Florida football world. Randy Shannon and the Canes face a major test in his second rebuilding year. Florida 38, Miami 17

Mike Abrams, Indiana:Tim Tebow is too much for the Miami D to
 handle, especially on the road. I expect Miami to hang in for about a 
quarter purely on the rivalry factor before Florida becomes too much. Florida 31, Miami 14

Steven Jones, Oklahoma: I know it has been a full year since Oklahoma routed Miami in Norman, but I can't get the picture out of my head. Tim Tebow will have his way. Florida 42, Miami 24

Patrick Perkins, BYU: Miami may have history on its side, but the "U" wont be able to keep pace with an extremely balanced Florida team. Florida 37, Miami 10

Alex Altman, Michigan State: Tim Tebow is a monster. No, seriously, I think he might be a monster. Have you seen the guy? Not even a real hurricane could stop him on a gridiron. That being the case, certainly these Hurricanes don't have a chance. Florida 38, Miami 17

Matt Gelb, Syracuse: Can we even consider this a rivalry anymore? Florida 45, Miami 17

Brian Dalek, Marshall: Randy Shannon will turn the Hurricanes around eventually, but not this week. Tim Tebow slices the Miami D like he is performing circumcisions in the Philippines. Florida 38, Miami 17

Caleb Troop, Ohio: Miami AD Kirby Hocutt left the same position at Ohio University for greener pastures a few months ago. On Saturday, it will be the Gators, not Hocutt's Hurricanes, running to greener pastures ON the field. Tim Tebow and company all the way. Florida 41, Miami 10

Stephen Hill, Kentucky: Miami will fail to re-arrive at big-time college football in an embarrassing loss. Florida 35, Miami 12

Sam Hellman, Rutgers: Miami will come out ready to play, but the Hurricanes will be unable to keep up with the Gators' athleticism. Florida 35, Miami 17

Joe Stapleton, Michigan: Florida's talent takes care of business at home. Florida 34, Miami 10

Brad Merritt, Tennessee: Look for USC transfer Emmanuel Moody to have a breakout game for the Gators. The running back, combined with QB Tim Tebow and WR Percy Harvin, will be too much for the still rebuilding Hurricanes. Florida 38, Miami 14

Bryan Wheeler, Kansas: Florida defensive tackle Ron Wilson opens fire on the Miami offense, igniting a Florida victory. Whether this is figurative or literal, we shall see. Florida 56, Miami 10


Cav & Old Skool - thank you very much, I appreciate it. Your efforts here will go towards hopefully saving a wee tot from growing up and being pointed north toward the land of jorts, mullets and wife beaters.


Matt Drudge

BDC, Its all good man. Just didn't want the blog to descend in to contentious politics. That's all.



Loads of talent heading to Gainesville, Fla. this weekend

ESPNU 150 offensive tackle Xavier Nixon is going to make an official visit to Gainesville for the Gators' clash with Miami. Also making their official visit to Florida this weekend are defensive tackle Isaac Holmes (Hoboken, N.J.) and tight ends Desmond Parks (Greer, S.C.), a Gator commit, along with Darion Howard (Cedar Falls, Iowa), ESPN's JC Shurburtt reports.

Linebackers Jon Bostic (Wellington, Fla./Palm Beach Central), Frankie Telfort (Miami/Gulliver Prep) and Jarvis Jones (Columbus, Ga./Carver) are expected to make unofficial visits.
The three Seminole (Sanford, Fla.) Under Armour All-Americans, athlete Ray Ray Armstrong, wide receiver Andre Debose and defensive end Dyron Dye are slated to attend. The visiting Hurricanes are also serious contenders for the nation's best trio.
Tight end Orson Charles (Tampa, Fla./Plant), defensive tackle Antwan Lowery (Miami/Columbus), cornerback Michael Carter (Pompano Beach, Fla./Ely), safety Zeke Motta (Vero Beach, Fla.) and defensive end Kedric Johnson (Palmetto, Fla.) are also expected to attend.


This is why we may not have to win....but we at least need to make a good showing.

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