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September 12, 2008


Cat5 Cane


Cat5 Cane

give me ... TOO SLOW...

Cat5 Cane


orange 'n green in the vein

I so could have been first, but my girlfriend was using Photoshop to work on some art. That's two weeks in a row, maybe next Friday.




Cat5...finally! Nice work.


go canes


Anybody watching USF on ESPN2?

Anybody see what an offense looks like?

Anybody see what 27 points looks like?

Anybody question that USF is better than Miami right now?


That Bullz Offense is OPENING IT UP!!

Cat5 Cane

Talk about 2 halves... Bulls are on fire.
Hopefully Nix and our WR's are taking notes


crunky soup

easy man, I can't take a week of how we are the best team in the state , no matter what everybody else's offenses is doing


orange 'n green in the vein

Kansas misses Bill Young Chunky.


dont go praising usf too early now...kansas just tied it up... usf has a good offense, but there secondary is very florida

orange 'n green in the vein

crunky soup solar? That's good. Accidental but good.


Kansas misses Bill Young Chunky.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | September 12, 2008 at 11:13 PM

U got that right!

I know USF's defense may be suspect but their O looks great. Kansas too for thst matter.

34-34? More than 10 passes OVER 20 yards by both? Are U kidding me?


Bulls win on a late FG after an INT.

Kansas went for the win, give them credit.


good game...kansas should have just taken it into overtime instead of going long and giving up the interception

orange 'n green in the vein

The Big East just ducked a huge bullet when Mangino bailed them out.




OGV...great blog BTW. Thanks for your contrbutions!


What's up Legion...

Your boy is killing in the DaOne Super Dynasty of NCAA 09. I'm 4-1 with my only loss being to Florida in a close one. Check out my game footage.



USC got three starters in their secondary that are at least 215 (one of the CBs is the former starting FS and the two safeties are both 230)...i'm thinking somebody eats up that secondary sooner than later. it looked great against UVA's non passing game though. i don't see Ohio State doing anything against them though this week. Ohio State's OL is WAY overrated. even with Wells the buckeyes would lose.


Vote 3rd Party if ya ain't into McCain or Obama.


interview with Ron Paul and Ralph Nader after they had a press conference were Ron Paul said he declined to back McCain and wanted people to not vote for the lesser of two evils and instead vote for a candidate you like which may be among the 3rd party candidates. Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader were in attendance and all spoke.


Wow it is dead here!!!

Esteban U r going to get in trouble. But as far as I am concerned do not let Karl Rove be right about stupid Americans. His motto herd the sheep. Throw some stupid ideal out there and we will be blinded by the stupid ideal and not vote for issues. Don't be an "American Idiot"

Go Canes!!


OH YEH!! Finally the Canes are coming to Nebraska and I'll get to see them in person for the first time since Toretta lead them up to Iowa in '92. I'm amazed Nebraska agreed to another a$$ whooping. I can hardly wait 6 years to watch it.


Congrats to USF on a great win over Kansas. Always good to show the midwesterners which state rules college football.


Don't be an "American Idiot"

Go Canes!!

Posted by: canechic | September 13, 2008 at 08:29 AM

Don't wanna be an american idiot
one nation controlled by the media
information age of histeria
this is going out to idiot america

-Greenday "American Idiot"

by the way, OGV i noticed WE aren't off the shortlist ;-) or are and you just forgot to mention us, like UVA. But its a good article

Cat5 Cane

Remember... VT/GT playing today... Should be interesting to watch GT triple option and VT defend it.


Cat 5 cannot even believe that in 2008 someone is running the triple option!!!


Lansing newspaper

The Legend
Master rebuilder Schnellenberger and Florida Atlantic seek program-boosting upset at MSU

It's one thing to say outrageous things, quite another to do them.

Howard Schnellenberger's one-of-a-kind career as a football coach will be remembered for both.

"You have to study that, you have to work hard to do it," he said of being quotable. "There's gonna be a damn headline anyway, so it may as well be yours."

Asking him to identify his most ridiculous public statement is like asking Joe Paterno to name a favorite linebacker. But he answers with no hesitation.

"It was when I got to Miami (Fla.) in 1979," he said, "and I said we'd win a national championship in five years."

Which is exactly what the Hurricanes did, of course.

That's still the achievement the 74-year-old Schnellenberger deems his most significant. He's working on one that would blow it away: A national championship at Florida Atlantic University, which did not have a football program 10 years ago.

Beware, Michigan State. Considering what Schnellenberger and the Owls have already done in a short time - and what he's done repeatedly over time - an upset today at Spartan Stadium shouldn't be dismissed as inconceivable.

It would be a "near miracle" in Schnellenberger's words, but consider that FAU debuted as a Division I-AA program in 2001, moved to Division I-A and the Sun Belt in 2005 and last season became the youngest program ever to reach a bowl game.

When he talked national title upon the program's inception, laughter followed. It has quieted.

"I've quit rolling my eyes and being astonished," said Ted Hutton, who has covered the program since 2001 for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "He says a lot of outrageous things, but a lot of them come true."

Schnellenberger has crossed paths with MSU before. Recruiting Joe Namath to Alabama in the early 1960s as Paul "Bear" Bryant's offensive coordinator, after Namath strongly considered Duffy Daugherty's Spartans.

Learning and teaching at Daugherty's national coaching clinics. Helping 'Bama to three national titles, including in 1965 when the polls were split between the Crimson Tide and the Spartans.

MSU is scheduled to be a part of a crowning day for Schnellenberger, the planned opening of a $62 million, on-campus stadium when the two teams meet again on Sept. 11, 2010. The Owls are hoping the Spartans arrive with revenge on their minds.

'A pretty dumb move'

Paterno and Bobby Bowden are sitting at 374 wins apiece in the well-documented race for the all-time record, adding each year to their legacies as two of college football's most cherished treasures.

But two years ago, Bowden said Schnellenberger would have the all-time record if he'd just stayed at Miami. Schnellenberger, who looks like a cross between Mark Twain and Richard Dreyfuss from "Mr. Holland's Opus," agrees he'd be up there.

He's sitting at 142 career wins entering today, which doesn't register among the game's giants. But when you're turning diseased goats into thoroughbreds, you're going to endure losing seasons along the way.

And Schnellenberger made some bad turns, too. After he introduced dropback passing to Alabama, he went to the NFL to coach for George Allen's Los Angeles Rams.

Then it was on to Miami, as Don Shula's offensive coordinator with the Dolphins. The perfect 17-0 season of 1972. A failed shot as head coach of the Baltimore Colts. Back to the Dolphins.

Schnellenberger was swayed to leave for the Miami Hurricanes in 1979, for a pay raise from $50,000 to $75,000 a year. He arrived to find a program on the verge of being scrapped altogether.

"I said, 'Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I'm in trouble. They've got less confidence out here in their team than some of these guys out diving for pearls,'" he said.

But he quickly took control of recruiting in south Florida, and the 'Canes were the toast of football after beating the Cornhuskers in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1, 1984. They were set up for years of dominance ... and Jimmy Johnson led the way.

That's because Schnellenberger bolted for the lucrative chance to be coach, general manager and part owner of a USFL franchise in Miami. He never coached a game; the franchise moved to Orlando and dropped him. The league folded soon after.

"A pretty dumb move, in hindsight," he said.

'They will write books'

But he landed, back in his hometown of Louisville. The Cardinals football program was considering a move to Division I-AA. They were playing at a minor league baseball stadium, giving away tickets.

Basically, it was Duke.

"This program is on a collision course with the national championship," he announced when he arrived. "The only variable is time."

Schnellenberger had them crushing Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl in year six, laying the foundation for what is now a strong BCS program. Louisville built a stadium and named its football facility after him - long after he was gone.

"That's unheard of," he said, especially considering that he had bailed for a shot at glory with Oklahoma.

"They will write books and make movies about my time here," Schnellenberger declared upon his 1995 move to OU.

But he was gone after one 5-5-1 season. He did not get along with his superiors, and his team appeared to quit on him midway through the year.

He was forced out, and there were whispers that he had a drinking problem that had derailed his performance.

"There wasn't any truth to it, that's for sure," he said, but he also said he quit drinking so it couldn't be used against him in the future.

Then he got out of football, at age 62. Moved back to south Florida and became a bond salesman.

"I looked back on my career and I said to myself, 'What more could I possibly do in football?' "

'Get used to it'

"Winning. Excellence. Great offense. Very sound."

That was MSU coach Mark Dantonio's response Tuesday when asked to describe "Howard Schnellenberger football."

When Florida Atlantic University, nestled in scenic Boca Raton, approached Schnellenberger in 1998, he needed little convincing.

"I feel a higher power put me here for this," he said.

Schnellenberger was to be director of football operations, putting everything together and hiring a top, young coach. But when area high school coaches and big-money boosters insisted that he should coach, he listened.

"This is closer, so much more personal for me than anything I've done," he said. "I was there to conceive, give birth, the baptism, bar mitzvah, confirmation, to now young adulthood. This is my own son, where Miami and Louisville were adopted sons."

Schnellenberger has had to be creative in recruiting, taking some kids who were academic risks. The NCAA took three scholarships away from the program last year for failing to meet the new Academic Progress Rate requirements, but the talent level is rising.

And although Schnellenberger is known first as an offensive mind, he's also a fiery, demanding coach. He refuses to build an indoor practice facility "because he thinks it'll make his players soft," Hutton said.

"He changes you into a man," senior defensive tackle Jervonte Jackson said. "A lot of guys I came with aren't here anymore. It's hard, but I'm up for the ride. When he says something, we believe him. If he says we're gonna outhit someone - we're gonna outhit them."

Jackson believes BCS games are in FAU's future under Schnellenberger. Schnellenberger believes his program can ascend to the level of Florida, Florida State and Miami.

That's what he said at a Tampa press gathering in July, claiming FAU, South Florida, Central Florida and Florida International were just inches behind the "Big Three" and gaining fast.

"And y'all better get used to it," he vowed to a room full of reporters.

He was ripped pretty good for that. No matter.

"I said it because it's true," he said. "We're all eating from the same trough. It's going to happen. It's irreversible."

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?



Yes guys Kirby really stinks:



Vote 3rd Party if ya ain't into McCain or Obama.


interview with Ron Paul and Ralph Nader after they had a press conference were Ron Paul said he declined to back McCain and wanted people to not vote for the lesser of two evils and instead vote for a candidate you like which may be among the 3rd party candidates. Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader were in attendance and all spoke.


Its your vote, but I got to disagree there. Reality is that no 3rd party is ever going to win. Its going to be either Obama or McCain. 3rd party candidates actually cost votes sometimes, as was the case with Ralph Nader and VP Gore, and that led us to all this sh!t with George Bush's 2nd term (wars, wars, and more wars, as well as a recession). I think as intelligent voters, we should realize things like that and say, hey its bascially a 2 man race, which of those 2 is the better candidate for America right now. Just my opinion.


by the way, OGV i noticed WE aren't off the shortlist ;-) or are and you just forgot to mention us, like UVA. But its a good article

Posted by: Loco | September 13, 2008 at 08:45 AM

I'm going to have the optimism of CP fko Cavalier when I say this: the Hurricanes haven't done anything to be off the shortlist. One tough road loss to a Top 5 team in essentially your first game of the year doesn't eliminate you. Heck, history (1983) tells us that we can come back from this.

Miami looks to have tools to be a very, albeit young, football team. If the offense can develop some game confidence and begin to consistently score point, this team will be good.

As long as there are no undefeated teams left at the end of the year, a one loss Miami team has just as good a shot as any.

Plus, expect those SEC teams to canabalize themselves, and the same for the Big 10 if Ohio State is less than dominant.



The most telling line from the Baylor article!

Griffin replaced ineffective senior Kirby Freeman, a transfer from Miami, in the season-opening 41-13 loss to No. 20 Wake Forest. Griffin then had 337 total yards and four TDs in his first start, a 51-6 victory last week over Northwestern State.



Man how does the media love Ohio state! How do they even give them a chance? Wow, I say trojans win by 20!

Go Canes! I am with you bg1906!!!


A radio show host here in Lizard Land (Jacksonville) had a call in poll asking listeners to give their thoughts on what the Top 5 Florida football programs would be/look like in 2012.

The consensus:

1) Florida
2) Miami
3) USF
4) Florida State
5) UCF

Manny would argue that the list isn't too dissimilar from today.

However, it affirms to me that people in the state are giving Miami a lot of credit for being on the right track.

Some more important things to note in this unscientific process...
1) I reiterate that this is Gator Country. The radio station has a nightly show for 2 hours calle "Gator's and More!"
2) This was before the September 6 showdown in the Swamp, a game that was surprisingly competitive to many Gator fans in the area.



brw - in the above post, it should have read,

Many would argue

instead of

Manny would argue


I don't know what Manny Navarro thinks, but I've got to believe that Manny the fan would have Miami at 1! Manny the beat writer might have Miami at 1 as well.



Also, solar, not a peep our of FAU or FIU on that show.



Don't forget canechic.

Kirk Herbstreet is an Ohio State alum. He is probably considered one of the most respected college football authorities in the country. He also has plenty of accolades for the Hurricanes. Maybe it is because he knows they didn't deserve that ring from the Fiesta Bowl.



Yes busy and they will continue to pay for that robbery-u know Karma is a B!tch!!!!


An excerpt from an insidetheu.com inverview with Marcus Forston. This attitude is the reason why the future of Miami looks so bright.

Q: Sean was the only player in the game to get a sack on Tebow. Has he bragged about that to you guys yet?

A: “No, he doesn’t talk about it. He took the loss hard. We come from a winning school and I don’t even know when the last time we lost was. That hurt us bad and brought us down, so we just have to keep our eyes on the front of our head, not in the back of our head. We have to keep looking forward.”



Love the quote from Forston. Vault that right there because that is why we are different this year from last. What Shannon talked about in February, " the Foundation". He said this class would be the foundation upon which great things are built. We might not be ACC champs this year but we won't ever take losing lightly.

"He took the loss hard." Awesome.


"there was something special about that 2001 Miami team"....Kirk Herbstreit when asked who was better a few years ago as USC closed in on our record. That is why he likes the Canes I think


Oh my goodness this is the dead zone! Wow


Out of respect to insidetheu.com, and per CampbellsSoup's rules, I won't post the entire Forston article.

I do want the entire legion of canspacers to know that the big, bad MF (Marcus Forston) doesn't sound like a true freshman. After his effort against Florida, we know he doesn't play like one either.



44 to 12?

Is that right? Is North Carolina that good or is Rutgers that bad?

This forces me to re-think our competition.

However, I should thank NC because, for us, another prime time Game is coming up. Another chance to make our case (- to the poll Gods). Another opportunity for recruits to peep the immediate future.
Another 60 minutes in the spot light. Another chance for Justice.


But Damn! 44 to 12?


Midwest - Rutgers is that bad but the NC game will be a tough one, no doubt!!


"Midwest - Rutgers is that bad but the NC game will be a tough one, no doubt!!"

Posted by: canechic | September 13, 2008 at 12:28 PM


Did you see that game?

Honestly how did NC look?


Watching Maryland play Cal here. Maryland up 14-3 and driver for another score. Friedgen got these boys playing inspired ball.


I think NC is a good team but Rutger's defense is pretty bad. But it will be a tough game for us! Canes have to prepare that every game will be tough, look what the Terps are doing to Cal, who would of thunk it?

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