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September 06, 2008


Ocho Seis

No excuses!

Ocho Seis

For Palm Beach Canes ONLY:



Need something to turn up and get you ready?


:22 seconds in - Boss Man Shannon
:34 seconds in - MEAST taking a Croc out

Headin up to The Puddle in a couple of hours.


This as well ... nothing but goosebumps when turned up loud.



OK Legion...



Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

"Not so fast. I remember last year, we all counted out Va after a subpar first week, and they spanked us in our most important game. Don't get carried away with week one. We are not as good as week one, and I can assure you Fla is not as bad as week one.

I don't have a good feel for our game. I like that our players seem pumped but they will have to play discipled defense regardless of emotions in this game. I do have my doubts that ALL of our inexperienced players will do so. But to be honest, I have more concerns that even our Secondary with experience will do so. These are the same guys who didn't play the base defense against OU last year.

We will score, and alot. But I am concerned that our guys will break down when they are most needed..."

Posted by: VaCanesFan | September 06, 2008 at 01:36 AM

VA, we actually are better than what we showed in week 1. You must not have seen game 1. We haven't looked this sharp on defense since VT '05.

And I expect UF to play on more adrenaline at first but overall I don't know if they'll play "better".

See, the UH game didn't expose any weaknesses in the minds of the Gator players. In fact, it gave them a very false sense of confidence because Hawaii's QB absolutely sucked. So everyone thinks their DB problems are gone. Despite the fact that their OL couldn't seem to push UH's smaller, less talented DL.

I know the coaches may have said, "We need to work on X, Y, Z" but truly don't believe the players are listening. Just consider Louis Murphy's statements. They think they've already won.

Meanwhile, Shannon has had our guys focused like lasers since last season ended and the dead weight left; focused on the next step, nothing more. That's why we're bigger, faster and stronger at every position than last year. That's why you hear the guys saying they worked this summer on uniting as a team and learning the system before they thought about any opponent.

Now, it's UF week. Next week it will be someone else's turn. That's why JoJo said, "The intensity is always there. It's not different that it's UF week."

Also, for UF, they're an open book. We have a year's worth of film on all their players, except the freshmen but other than T-Bone, UF's system has somewhat interchangeable parts.

If you understand how to dismantle or at least slow down that system, the players aren't as important, T-Bone aside. T-Bone is the one you really, really analyze, and the OL.

We, OTOH, are an almost completely unknow quantity.

This is without question our biggest advantage. Shannon knew this and closed the practices and scrimmages.

Oscar knows some things about some of our players because he recruited a lot of them but his players have been reading their own press clippings for so long, I don't think it matters what Oscar says.

Besides, he started the shyt-talking himself.

These are the ingredients for a perfect storm.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Zakk, our boys will be fine mentally. UF's players will be interesting to see handle avdersity. T-Bone's a battler our DL's going to neutralize him.

But when that defense of theirs gets put on their heels and they throw in the towel. They did it against Hawaii in the 1st half. They didn't start dominating until they were up 21-0. lol

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Gibby, what did fowler say??

the Wizard

Hey canespacers, it's the Gaytors. WE GOT THIS MAN !!!!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

CURB STOMP! Not Gator chomp. JJ for Heisman.


Was at the Plant/Armwood game last night that ESPNU televised. A whole lot of talent on that field - but was probably the sloppiest game I've ever seen. Final score: 9-2 .. enough said.

Armwood made Aaron Murray (#2 ranked QB ESPN, #3 ranked QB Rivals) look no where near his ranking .. partly though b/c of his O-Line and Armwood's defensive pressure. They're the only team to never allow Murray to throw for a TD against them. Three times over the past two years, Armwood has been the Crocs and Murray has been Peyton Manning. The kid just can't beat them. He threw for only 119 yards and a INT at the end of the game to seal the defeat.

Orson Charles did nothing ... and he couldn't help it b/c Murray couldn't throw him the ball b/c it was like he was in a pool of piranha, wearing Armwood uniforms.

Ryne Giddins, a DE from Armwood, sacked Murray 4 damn times - he had 21 sacks last year. He's the one that forced Murray to throw a floater at the end of the game for a pick. The kid hasn't committed to anyone yet - think he's going to the game today up in The Puddle. Probably going to be a Croc though.

I covered 34 high school games last night - I never want to know that much about high school football teams, I'd never even heard of half of them.


Just some food for thought...

Now I am not wanting a shoot out tonight, however I believe the Canes are 41 or 42-0 since 2001 when scoring 30+ pointd in a game. So maybe a little excitement wouldn't be so bad. That being said I got....

Canes 31 Turds 27


Anyone else watching the Boston College/Georgia Tech game?

Or the Auburn/Southern Miss game?

Wanted to see how Boston College would do without Matt Ryan .. also wanted to see the option run at Georgia Tech.


Let's shock the CFB world tonight!!! Send a message to the nation... Go Canes!!!


Halftime: Michigan 10 vs Miami of Ohio 3.

All year long last year and this year Michigan have strugled against nobodies.

Incredible - when you think how in the heck did Florida loose to the Michigan.


The Suckeyes are losing 7-6 AT HOME at halftime to Miami of Ohio, with one of their field goals coming from an INT returned to the 20.

Year in and year out they are by far college football's most overrated team.

p.s. Win or lose the Gators suck ****!


The Gayturds are surrounded by Hurricanes. Hanna on the right, Ike on the left and the REAL CANES, coming on up the middle, from the real U, in Coral Gables.
I'm nervous, scared, but pumped. Will cheer and cheer and cheer no matter what happens. Proud to be a CANE.

Sarasota 'Cane

Wee can doo it!!

Go 'Canes!!


On interstate 75 down to Gainesville from Atlanta. I am so pumped I had no sleep last night!

The canes are going to shock college football tonight!

Where is everyone'tix at? I am in section 49 row 68.


On interstate 75 down to Gainesville from Atlanta. I am so pumped I had no sleep last night!

The canes are going to shock college football tonight!

Where is everyone'tix at? I am in section 49 row 68.



"Ohio Stank" is playing Ohio.


Hurricanes leave La. gators few places to nest
By Cain Burdeau
Associated Press — Aug. 3, 2006
Updated: August 3, 2006, 4:29 PM ET
NEW ORLEANS — Every fall, hunters string up baited lines in Louisiana's swamps and marshes and carry out a custom that has been practiced for generations: The alligator hunt.

But this year's hunt for gator skins will be smaller because last year's two monster hurricanes stripped and chewed up much of the Louisiana coast where alligators nest.

"From the air you're looking at miles of mud flats with just a few patches of green," said Philip Bowman, a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries administrator who oversees the alligator harvest.

It's a sight usually seen only in the winter.

The barren landscape has been detrimental to alligators, which like thick vegetation to nest in. Instead, the animals have moved farther inland.

Recent surveys have found the alligator population under stress. In some places the number of nests was down by 90 percent, Bowman said.

For that reason, managers are recommending a 12 percent cut in the harvest statewide and as much as a 40 percent cut in some parts of southwest Louisiana, Bowman said.

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission will take up the issue on Thursday. People can hunt alligators starting Sept. 6.

Alligator skins are used to make many items, including boots, watchbands and bags.

To snag alligators, hunters typically tie sturdy lines to a tree and hang pieces of chicken on a hook a couple of feet over water. Once the alligator bites the hook, a hunter can slowly reel the alligator in and shoot it.

The cut in the harvest in areas badly hit by the hurricanes may mean a windfall for hunters on other unaffected parts of the coast.

"I'm smiling," said Merval Landry, a 72-year-old hunter in Bayou Vista. The area was not damaged by either Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita.

"The year before last the hide was in the $22 to $24 (range)," Landry said. "Well, last year they increased $8, and we feel it could increase that much again this year."

He doesn't have to worry about hunters from damaged areas competing with him because he has an exclusive contract on his hunting grounds, which yield about 250 alligators, he said.

Nuff said. Its ours to lose.



check out this link:


But you are absolutely right -

Win or lose the Gators suck ****!

My man.




Did you delete my post? If so, why?



"To snag alligators, hunters typically tie sturdy lines to a tree and hang pieces of chicken on a hook a couple of feet over water. Once the alligator bites the hook, a hunter can slowly reel the alligator in and shoot it."

One problem, all the chickens are on the Gators sidelines. Point well taken though.

True cane

Guys, it is not going to be easy. I do not think that we're going to win this game. I know that most of you do not want to hear this, but we must face reality.


MidWestCane - I hear ya brah, seems that Michigan would play down to the level of their competition at times.

How they beat the Crocs though?


- Constant pressure and blitzing on Tebow of Nazareth.

- Overcoming their 4 turnovers, not letting it get in their heads, keep fighting

- QB Chad Henne (Sr) .. Walter Camp/Maxwell/Manning Award/Davey O'Brien Award watchlist .. making pinpoint throws the majority of the time, when he didn't his WR's made great adjustments and concentration.

- RB Mike Hart (Sr) .. Maxwell Award semifinalist, Walter Camp & Doak Walker Award watchlist .. running over people and letting them know it.

- LT Jake Long (Sr) .. Lombardi Award finalist, Outland Trophy watchlist .. #1 pick overall in NFL Draft .... handled 1st Round pick Derrick Harvey all day.

- WR Mario Manningham (Jr) .. Walter Camp & Maxwell Award watchlist .... being Mario Manningham.

- WR Adrian Arrington (Jr) .. playing out of his mind and making TWO great catches
(:45 seconds into the clip & 5:14-5:28 probably one of the sickest catches you'll ever see).

- OLB Shawn Crable (Sr) .. Bednarik & Butkis Award semifinalist, Bronko Nagurski & Lott Trophy watchlist .... being a pain in the Crocs ass all day

- SS Jamar Adams (Sr) .. Bednarik/Jim Thorpe/Lott Trophy watchlist .... being a pain in the Crocs ass all day


It's going to take perfection to beat the Crocs today .... perfection.

This Boston College/Georgia Tech game is low scoring, 9-7, but fun to watch, ha.


Yes, if we get to T slow then it will make things ten times easier. We cant let him just run around without paying a heavy price. They dont run in the NFL.

Sarasota 'Cane

You know I'm watching this Luckeye game and I cannot but think, "Wee tooo can doo it!"

Go 'Canes!



When Urban Crier said that he thinks we have them in speed, Fowler laughed and pretty much said not a chance and Corso came back with "This Miami team isn't chop liver now." Then later on in the show Desmond said we would be playing for a national championship in 2010 he laughed and said "you must have been in the sun too long" then preceded to Desmond's forehead off like he was sick.

I cant wait to see what they have to say when we pull off the impossible. No respect.

Sarasota Cane, whats up man? Sarasota Sailor C/O 2000 here. Good to see some Canes Fans back in that Gator and Nole infested place!!


*wipe Desmond's forehead


"Guys, it is not going to be easy. I do not think that we're going to win this game. I know that most of you do not want to hear this, but we must face reality."

Posted by: True cane | September 06, 2008 at 01:53 PM

Your Reality is the sum of your experiences. None of us is Omnipresent? True or not?

So, ask youself, are you experience with the South Florida talent and compared it with the talent from other places? Have you experienced their mentality in football competition?

Urban Myers made a reveiling statement on Espn this morning - He said - South Florida has the best talent. He left it just like that - ". . . the best talent."

He is a recruiter, so I would think he is speaking from his experience.


ohio st losing to ohio 14 12 230 left in 3rd


on espn

orange 'n green in the vein

I think Harvin will not finish this game. He's rushing back ala Ron Mexico in 2000 and will be ineffectual. Spikes too. Both guys are in a catch 22 for UF, can't win without them, can't be healthy enough to win with them while keeping them on the field. Urban is going to get Tebow BACK-BROKEN before midnight strikes on his best chance to turn the tide in this rivalry.

Oh, and the traitor twerp Patchan is in for a nasty evening in Gaineshell thanks to Stoutland's boys. You've had this coming for a while now punk, don't say it isn't deserved! CURB STOMP!


You have got to be kidding with that muffed punt.



I love it, I love it.

"- Constant pressure and blitzing on Tebow of Nazareth.

- Overcoming . . ."

And the great thing about it all is that we have all the tools to do it - JUST - LIKE - THAT.


we are going to be flying around out there today.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Six, I guess Murray still has some things to learn from Marve. lol

Meechigan had those same players and LOST to Appy State and got blown out by Oregon's spread at home in week two 39-7.

It wasn't the players and all their award nominations and draft status that beat UF.

It was the DC's and OCs strategies and the player's mentality, their will to win.

They didn't have it at the beginning of the season, or against Wisconsin L-37-21 or OSU, 14-3.

But for some reason they figured out how to drop 41 on the supposedly fast and talented Gators.

This is the same reason why we'll beat them. Xs and Os, speed and mentality.

I don't think we need perfection, we just need to execute and not get discouraged when they break a few because they will.

Other than the obvious factors, LOS, field position, missed tackles, I think the biggest factor will be how quickly Marve settles into his groove. If he and the OL settle in quickly, it's going to be a great day. If they take a little longer it could make us more one-sided.

If I were Nix, I'd call a deep ball on the first play, just to get some of the tension and excitement out of Marve and let UF know we have speed to burn too.

It'll be interesting to see what he calls.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

It looks like Tressel is being exposed for the one-trick pony his offense has become.

He might turn to the freshman sooner than he expected.

USC's going to whoop their azz. Hahaha.

At least we won't have another Suckeye in the championship by default.


True cane and six,

There is one thing, one tool, I did not consider in my last two posts.

Experience, it is the only tool that our very young players don't have. But that is why it is so important that they TRUST what their coaches is philosophying. Thats the major reason why RS did a team overhaul last year.



"But for some reason they figured out how to drop 41 on the supposedly fast and talented Gators."



I really don't care if we win this game...they have more depth and experience-that's it, but it's a big IT.i know we're young and rebuilding and i'm a realist.so i will be extatic if we go up there,keep it close, knock the shyt out of them as much as possible to let evryone in america we're on our way back.if we win,i'll be a very happy man,but i don't expect it out of these youngens.just don't get blown out and hit them in the mouth as hard as you can and that should be enough to make all canes fans happy.if they lose i don't want people callin for randy's head or dissin our boys-remember-20 of the those players on the field just got out of high school,so cut the team some slack if they don't come home w/ the W.can't wait for the game...woke and had goose bumps just thinkin about it.peace and enjoy the game



Virginia Tech 3
Furman 0

at the half...wtf?

Maybe think about something...
How retarded these AP voters are and much the SEC benefits...

These SEC schools start out so high, then they play nobody for 4 weeks because "the SEC is too tough" to play decent out of conference opponenets. But when they do lose to other SEC schools they don't move down in the polls.

Last year LSU lost their last game of the season to an unranked team. First off, how is it possible for a team to lose the last game of the season and still be BCS eligible. That's BS. Anyways they moved down 1 ranking spot in one poll and didn't move in the other. Then they played a 4-loss team in the sec championship.


The BCS system and their obvious favoritism of large schools with a big fan base reminds me of the Mike Judd movie 'Idiocrocy' were the only people reproducing are stupid hicks.


Now back to Virginia Tech...

They are just unwatchable. 3-0 against Furman????


Cav - true in a sense that the preseason award and watch lists didn't help them in their losses, but those players were good enough to be on those lists and showed it. They took care of their business - but did the rest of the team? Not exactly.

Just like the Playmaker #47 said in the post I put a few blobs ago ... "In all my years of winning championships, the one common thread that was woven into each of those teams, was a promise made ... one man to another ... I will get .. my job .. done." Henne, Hart, Manningham, Arrington, Long, etc. got their job done a hell of a lot better than the rest of the jabronis wearing that Blue/Gold.

Michigan got worked by Dennis Dixon the game after Appy State - they were probably so shell shocked, it carried into the next game. Dixon dropped 4 TD's and 368 yards on them. Oregon dropped 624 total yards on them. The same Oregon team that didn't have Dixon at the end of the year, dismantled USF in their bowl game. Dan McCarney was the D-Line coach of USF last year - he's now the D-Line coach of the Crocs. Henne went out with an injury and true Frosh Ryan Mallett came in - Michigan just fell apart in the 2nd Quarter, giving up 21 points. Oregon only scored 7 points the rest of the game.

Hart had 131 on the ground. Manningham had 117 in the air. Arrington had 69 and a TD. Michigan just couldn't stop the run AT ALL. Dixon had 95 on the ground, Johnathan Stewart had 112 on the ground with a TD, Jeremiah Johnson had 92 on the ground. Michigan plain sucked ass at Run D that day, ha.

Jim Tressel just flat out OWNS Michigan & Carr, it's not even funny. 6-1 against them.

Chad Henne only played 2 possessions before leaving that Wisconsin game and Mike Hart didn't play at all. Manningham and Arrington both got their job done that game with 113 yards 2 TD (Manningham) & 101 yards 1 TD (Arrington). Costly INT in the 4th by Mallett. Michigan D once again didn't do their job, giving up 237 rushing yards w/3 TD's and 245 yards in the air.

They got their sh*t together for the Croc game, but they still gave up a hell of a lot of points and overcame 4 turnovers. Those players I mentioned all did their job that day ... without Jake Long, Chad Henne would've been asking Derrick Harvey to bring him flowers if he was going to be his girlfriend all day long. Mike Hart was the heartbeat of the team, running over Crocs and getting up in their face about it. But esp. Arrington and Manningham, just flat out making plays and having immense concentration.

Like you said, ya it was good X's and O's by their coordinators ... but also they were playing for their long time coach in his final game and they had that mental toughness of a win at all cost attitude in that game.


Sorry, it's 'Idocracy", by Mike Judge



MidWestCane - that's what Boss Mann Shannon preached last year to the players ... they HAVE to trust what the coaches are telling them. They HAVE TO.

When you listen to players in the audio interviews, they repeat that as well.

It's like Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) in "The Hunt for Red October" when Capt. Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) was telling him to turn the Red October into the oncoming torpedo. The American Commander Bart Mancuso (Scott Glenn) told Jack Ryan not to do it ... Capt. Ramius just said calmly, to turn into the torpedo. Jack Ryan trusted him, the Red October cut the distance in between the torpedo and itself so it didn't have time to arm.

Odd comparison yes, but, it's about trusting the person that knows a hell of a lot more about it than you.

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