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September 18, 2008





Well, well, how you doing?


Nice shot of the UCLA girl!



Its all about the Canes


Nice shot of the UCLA girl!


Posted by: AngryCane | September 19, 2008 at 12:10 AM

you should see ours...


I LOVE how we're not on the “The unfortunate majority” List AGAIN! Mercy, blob writer!

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the Pac-10 and how great they are? Although – gotta say - that ucla pic is a friggin GR8 marketing tool for them…Makes me wanna go back to school…well done!

Try being positive thru the weekend, Legion…I know it’s hard for y’all – but it really will make you feel better. If not, no worries…life’s too short to sweat stuff ya can't control…but hey…I'm sure y'll do like U do.

One rollover comment from the last blob: “I agree with you, Cal: The season begins against Butch. Saturday is just another great day on Nat'l TV...

To the recruits;
To the coaches;
To the players;
To Ur families!

ALL bout dem CANES!


Several things I need to see in College Station:

1) More wide open offense, take the training wheels off our MOST TALENTED PLAYERS
2) get the ball to our playmakers
3) cute cheerleaders
4) see #3
5) better special teams: tackling, covering the field better
6) More 1st down passing
7) #33 or #32 making plays. For that matter, #2 making plays
8) better catching from the WR's
9) better blocking from the OL
10) more aggressiveness from the coaching staff


oh and im sure this has been discussed already, but if you thought larry coker ruined a program fast, you musnt have met bill stewart. Not only has WVU performed poorly on the road, just watching them today they looked confused and horribly mismanaged on the sideline, something you never see with a Carroll/Richt/Stoops/Brown and hopefully a broken-in Shannon team.


damn right, bob

RandyCane called the WVU demise before the season

Matt Drudge

What I want to see this weekend from our boys:

1. A very Physical D
2. A physical OL that blows aTm D off the ball
3. Ball to playmakers - More Yards After Catch
4. No 3 and outs
5. Punt at the most 2 times
6. 500+ yards on O and 40+ points
7. Pass/ Run balance
8. 10 long pass plays minimum
9. 1 pick 6
10. 1 PR/ KR TD

dj moonbat

It's worth pointing out that the 'Canes are still a lock for a BCS bowl if they win out from here.

Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

If I had a second team it would be UCLA after seeing that picture. Go Bruins...not really


Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

by the way, in case you forgot...


Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

don't make me say it...

orange 'n green in the vein

FUCLA sucks. But at least their cheerleaders don't dress like they're going to a sock-hop in the '50's.

Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

Does Brain Mitchell know what Dolemite Jenkins would do to him???

He needs sit down before he gets dealt with.

Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

Atleast UCLA's cheerleaders go to UCLA...

Southern Condom has to hire theirs.


I like'em Matt, and elbow

Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

second best website ever...


Elbow-Foot (formerly known as BCS and NCAA)

curt scilling is a biiiiiitch, too


Nix needs to let our QB's play, WR's catch, and RB's run. Calling offense is not difficult


bill stewert=larry coker, i feel sorry for WVU and devine.too bad,they coulda been good.


agreed, Stewart is ruining the program before everyone's eyes.

Did you hear that halftime interview? It was worse than that guy

Cat5 Cane


LOL... From my POV, Bill is a nice guy but watching Bill Stewart's facial expression of looking like a crying clown and saying WHAT NOW??? was amusing for most of the night... WVU wasn't prepared for Buffalo's game plan

Any upset win is a Great game but should have been a blow out, if Hawkins(QB) keep control of the ball.

Other games to watch...



• Last spring, the NCAA released its annual Academic Progress Report (APR) and the Hurricane football team scored a 969, the eighth-highest mark out of the 119 Bowl Sub-division football programs. Miami's score - also the third-highest mark in the 12-team Atlantic Coast Conference - put the team in the 80th-90th percentile nationally based on its performance in the classroom.


86...I think the timer on the first page is a few hours off...no?

Cane Since 1982

"Dropping down the depth chart
Kirby Freeman,below, the former Hurricanes quarterback who transferred to Baylor, lasted one quarter in his start for the Bears in their season opener. He has yet to win back the starter's role. Freeman was pulled in the 41-13 opening loss to Wake Forest and was replaced by freshman Robert Griffin, who has gone on to lead the Bears to back-to-back routs of Northwestern State and Washington State. Freeman was 4 of 11 with two interceptions in his Baylor debut."

From the Sun Sentinel


University of Miami looking to create turnovers against Texas A&M
Miami's defensive line is focusing on giving its offense a leg up against Texas A&M by putting an emphasis on turnovers.
Posted on Thu, Sep. 18, 2008reprint print email

[email protected]

The Hurricanes' defense has been solid through two games -- dominating Charleston Southern and holding then-No. 5 Florida to one touchdown through three quarters -- but hasn't created a turnover this season.

''Turnovers is a change in momentum,'' Shannon said. ``It comes in bunches sometimes. You may not have a turnover for two or three games, you may have one the next five or six games.''

The Hurricanes have one turnover this season, but it happened on special teams, when defensive back Ryan Hill recovered a fumbled punt.

After making turnovers a focal point in practice, the defense hopes to change that against the Aggies.

''We're working on stripping the ball in practice,'' cornerback Bruce Johnson said. ``When you have an opportunity to get the ball, as a DB, you've got to get an interception instead of knocking it down. We've been working on it in practice, and I think it's going to take effect this weekend.''


Shannon said the coaches have stressed to defensive players about taking advantage of opportunities and have offered a little extra motivation for players who are unable to do so.

Dropping a potential interception is being rewarded with 10 push-ups.

''That's the money ball,'' Johnson said. ``You can't miss out on that money. If you miss it, there are consequences for it. We're just trying to limit the consequences and make more turnovers.''

Creating turnovers means more to the Hurricanes than avoiding in-practice calisthenics. Creating turnovers also means helping boost an offense that is still looking to find its rhythm.

Although the defense kept the Hurricanes' deficit to 9-3 against the Gators heading into the fourth quarter Sept. 6, the offense was buried on its own end of the field for most of the game and couldn't sustain long scoring drives.

With the offense trying to break in two freshmen quarterbacks and a group of young receivers, defensive players said they know they can relieve some pressure by creating turnovers and setting up the offense with good field position.

''It's extremely important,'' linebacker Glenn Cook said. ``I think it's going to help our offense a lot, give them a short field. It's something we harp on, it's something we've got to jump on.''

Turnover margin was a problem last season.

The Hurricanes finished tied for 96th in the nation in turnover margin, and the team struggled for victories.


Aside from helping out the offense, Johnson said creating more turnovers also is the key to helping the Hurricanes go from a good defense to an elite unit.

After proving they can slow opposing offenses, Johnson said it is time for the defense to start making more plays on the ball.

''We could be dominant,'' Johnson said. 'We're shutting teams down. You start getting turnovers on them, as well, [and] that'll hurt a lot of teams' hearts and make them give up easy.''

Miami Herald sportswriter Manny Navarro contributed to this report.


Look for Marve to have a huge day rushing the ball.


When was the last game that we played a great in all aspects of the game that wasn't against a team like Charleston?


Had to put this up.


Lou of M

Killa Army U

Cane Since 1982

I like watching this one.


Sarasota 'Cane

Poor Kirby! Do you realize how embarrassing it must be in the locker room when he takes his shirt off and his new teammates see that giant U tattoo on his back?!!!

That kid is going to be scarred for life! Kinda like the Norwood character from the 1st Ace Ventura movie!


Go 'Canes!


86...I think the timer on the first page is a few hours off...no?

Posted by: UMike | September 19, 2008 at 09:08 AM

No sir its correct


Poor Kirby! Do you realize how embarrassing it must be in the locker room when he takes his shirt off and his new teammates see that giant U tattoo on his back?!!!

Its no longer a U its a 0 or an O


Orange..when I came to the site..it was like 9:00 and it said 1 day 3 hours..wouldnt that put kick-off at 12? I thought it was 3:30...


Ok..NOW it shows different..was off this am..


still to far away lol



I just think you are going crazy.

j/k :)


hey its friday..that coule be the case to lol


UM wins a wild one 62-59.
I dreamt it last night.


wooooooo..sunrise..that's one hell of a dream! lol You think our D lets A &M score 59....lol


Something I ate must have disagreed with me. That's more of a nightmare..
No way, no how....
40 something to 10 or 17.


AM offense will be lucky to score one TD against our D

Like ive been preaching for days now.

This will be a totally domination. All the TRUE freshman including ABrown will be in by the 4th qtr.

Bring on the BABY BLUE and OFF WHITE


I just hope we dont overlook TAMU to UNC...but I can't see them moving the ball on our D. We went downfield last year with badly underthrown balls by Turface, so we should be able to score a lot. My boy Damien Berry gets a lot of PT 2moroe!

Sarasota 'Cane

We could score over 50, they would be lucky to break 10!

Go 'Canes!

Cat5 Cane

The D goes bonkers and controls the red zone... for another MIAMI WIN!!!!

17/3 at half
34/6 game...

as the announcer says... "AND ANOTHER MIAMI FIRST DOWN"!!!


we will not score over 50 unless we get some INT/Fumble returns for tds, or 2 special team 2tds.

Canes will score in the high 30's low 40s.

Defense 1st string defense will not give up a td, our true freshman/mop up duty players will.

AM will score only 7-10 points



Cat5...I dont think the announcer will say that in College Station lol

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