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September 08, 2008



Great pics...
LOVE the Don w/ 86.

wv cane

a new guy first, wow




I'm sure we blob all the time but, 86 - who's the dude in the combat boots? In the solo pic with the Ibis? And in that pic with the absolutely SMOKING Cane cheerleader -- the tall one with the ripped stomach....yow!

Man oh MAN...come on, guys -- at least THAT part of the trip was fun, no?



the 48 hour esteban rule is now in order.


3rd isn't 1st but it's a Medel.


ogv, there gotta be a 48 hour rule or something. Complain and moan all you want for 48 hours. After that on to the next opponent.

Posted by: esteban | September 08, 2008 at 06:42 PM

NOTE: The 48 hour rule, henceforth known as "The Esteban Rule", shall now be formally implemented!

Positive only please...




DarC...Donna was VERY gracious in taking the photo with us. R E S P E C T!

A great time was had by all. The event at the Hilton was top shelf and first class all the way.


Woosh whoosh

Dude, if the Dolphin blobs had the Esteban Rule, no one would post anything all week!

Sahweet CANES!


dlu that i really wish i knew too. i feel the practices being closed is irrelevant maybe he did not want any distractions. my whole point is look around college football if you look around at the qbs who trow up crazy stats as freshman or first year starters they are usually from offenses that run a spread ie sam bradford. (the lone exception being fswho which runs a i dont know what they run and their qbs just plain suck. lol) all sam does is throw short passes and his recievers run. but if you look at teams that stick to a power i running offense such as uga, auburn, even alabama their qbs do not have great first years. I just think the identity that shannon is trying to make and is telling nix to make is a power run you over kind of running attack first and sprinkle in passing. thats even what dorsey ran. if you remember they would run willis, portis, gore left, right, up the middle out of an i formation with a fullback its just that they were all beasts and would bust long gains just cuz they were nasty and then dorsey would playaction and pass deep. sorry for beating a dead horse but i just wanna say we should support our team cuz we cant expect miracles its a long process like everything else thats good in life


I saw somthing sat. on the faces of several UM guys I didn't see much at all last year--the want --not just will--to win.


marve spiking the ball at the end of the game--as oppossed to handing it to the ref-- CLASSIC! remember it several games from now


first off i'd like to say i'm honored to have a rule named after me. secondly i think its ironic that me being the main opponent to all previous rules has a rule named after him.


I love positive! GO CANES!

86 showed us all a great time, we had a blast! The best was the bus ride to the swamp after we downed quite a few drinks, very fast. We made those gator fans hate riding with the U fans. 86 U did not get any pictures of us with the U fingers.


Watching tailgate overtime-all the gator homers actually giving us props, WOW!

I just saw that Randy handshake, I can tell you guys something I would not want to piss him off. He was seething!! Anyway on to the Aggies!!


Not to get too far ahead in the future, but I hope that J Harris could rdshrt as a soph or jr. I really want to see what he can do with total control of the offense. When I see him ,I just keep thinking of Dorsey. Am I crazy or what?


Walsh,dead on in his analysis.SunSportNet.


yeah nice pics wish i was there im in med school now so its too busy to go while i was in undergrad i used to fly down for the fsu games i used to save up all the money i had hehe well i really hope that i get the chance to be able to pregame/tailgate with you guys one day looks like a lot of fun

one thing i just had to add the whole time i was watching the game i was just so glad it was wasnt one of our previous two qbs imagine the humiliation we would of faced ^^


Esteban, that is the way of the world , paradoxes. No rules guy gets rule named after him. another paradox, People who complain the most are often the biggest fans just cannot let it go. But the rule is good helps everyone let it go.


likedis what medical do you go to?


meant medical school


86 showed us all a great time, we had a blast! The best was the bus ride to the swamp after we downed quite a few drinks, very fast. We made those gator fans hate riding with the U fans. 86 U did not get any pictures of us with the U fingers.

Posted by: canechic | September 08, 2008 at 07:51 PM

canechic, that was awesome on the bus. LOL


This place blows!!

I hate my life!!

I can't do nuttin in this house!!

Ok I got it all out. I'm good now.

Anti-estblishment Este LMFAO!!!



Oh man...I love this Prozac, blog...86. Nicely done.

Another happy thought?
If the game were this weekend it would DEFINTELY be cancelled given Ike's current, track/ strengh. Looks like itz supposed to pass south of College Station...but not by much. And we don't have another bye week.



Check this out a Miami-Dade County commissioner offended by steriods-please


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

"hey guys just wanted to share my thoughts on marve. I have been a long time reader since this site first opened up and i probly read every post ever made.

I wanted to say relax about marve and nix they will be fine. put everything in perspective. look at matt stafford over at uga he is supposed to be the best qb this year and a possible top pick. do you remember how he was his freshman year if you dont look up his stats they were not great at all i would even say ugly. his freshman year at OLE FREAKING MISS he threw for 91 yards i mean 91 YARDS that was his second game on the road but in his first game on the road at south carolina he did throw for 171 yards but had 3int!! is that what you guys would want from marve. Let nix and marve settle down and grow together you cant just expect them to come in and be all american off the bat. As much as we are THE U and I bleed orange and green thats just not possible. you didnt see richt fired who is supposedly a offensive guru. Now look at stafford hes a possible top pick. I use this example cuz i feel that ugas offense is similar to what we would like to run which is a pro style power i offense which utilizes their tight ends and plays hard defence. So guys just relax and stop being all chicken little and saying the sky is falling."

Posted by: likedis | September 08, 2008 at 07:24 PM

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

UCane, don't say that and not tell us what he said. Come on dude.

What or where did he say that?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Carlos, also, I don't know how you can call me a homer when I hit the nail on the head and was one of teh few who actually argued why we'd compete and win against UF.

You must've missed those blogs. haha

Furthermore, one would think you'd eat your own shoe considering how you first tried to say Shannon didn't know WTF he was doing.

You and Rudy. lol

Just give credit where it's due, that's all.

Posted by: Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer | September 08, 2008 at 07:50 PM


Cav, I don't wanna beat a dead horse here...but I know you're one of the few on here who can at least get my point without you going apesh1t. I think there are some questionable calls that Shannon has made in certain points of the game. As a matter of fact, I spoke with Keoki earlier today about everything this weekend and we both agreed on this:

When Mavre drove down the field for 9 minutes on our only score, RS shouldn't have taken him out. Keoki said that Shannon did the same thing last year when we played OU after Kyle Wright led our guys to the score. What did Shannon do? He put in Kirby back in the game....Now, before anyone goes crazy, no...I'm not pimping Wright but the point is that football is a game of momentum.

IMHO, we lost the momentum there when Randy decided it was more important to keep a promise to a recruit being given PT instead of keeping the foot on the gas pedal.


and Cav, you very well might be on the mark w/your 10-2 prediction. The ACC is a hot steaming pile of garbage.


Fabulous pictures!! Nice to put some names and faces together. Can't wait to be part of the party at the VA TECH game, representing the "older" alumni>

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Carlos, come now, those calls are totally debatable. Marve himself said he felt in rhythm the whole game. Jacory cam in and executed standing on his goal-line. Clearly there was no loss. I think that drive ended because of a drop.

My point about Shannon is that he's the singular reason behind this one-year turn-around.

He changed the attitude and mentality of the team as a whole. He told the Cokerites to get lost. He assembled the staff, who have trained the kids and recruited the right type of kids. He closed STRONG in recruiting each year and this year looks to be the same, though smaller.

That's what I'm talking about. Big Picture, my friend.

Now, Nix has question marks these kids are so young it's very difficult to tell what's what at this point.

So we'll see how the season unfolds, THEN DECIDE, right??


long live ron mexico!

hey soupcan youve got mail at your canespace acct

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Carlos, I wasn't talking about giving me credit. I was talking about giving Shannon credit.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Carlos, we should finish this year 12-1.

Our toughest games will be Wake and GT because of their defenses, DL in particular.

Fortunately by the time we meet them Marve should be in a groove with the WRs.

And what happened to Figs?? He went out but did he come back in??

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Solar, I think Oscar's decision to kick that FG had a lot more to do with protecting Vegas and boosters, as DZ8 said, than trying to run up the score just for the sake of it.

But in that same situation, Shannon doesn't add a FG just for the fukk of it.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Remember guys and gals, we didn't really find some semblance of an offensive identity until TAMU. So this is good. lol


Posted by: Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer | September 08, 2008 at 08:59 PM

no arguments from me.

305 in ATL

Thought this was interesting. Tebow's response to Shannon's comment about the late field goal



I don't know what yall have in mind when reading what i say about us passing the ball, but what i'm talking about is simple, doesn't take doing it in practice, just throw and catch, if you got one on one coverage, that's what any wide receiver ask for and offensive coordinator. To say do i not think that an offensive coordinator wouldn't call a play that worked in practice, hell if that's the case, all those running plays that we ran saturday night worked in practice, but i bet they were called at the right time and not with 8, 9 and 10 men in the box.

I'm sure those running plays would have worked better if it wasn't 9 to 10 men in the box, it's basic football. The point is not whether the plays work, it's about when youcalling them and how you're setting them up. Let's be real, some coaches are just conservative come game day. Like when butch davis was here, all the offenses we saw under him were basic offense, but they were balanced, so whether they were basic or balance, you didn't know whether to load up to stop the pass or run which made the difference.

I remember under butch, edgerinn would have probably been the all time leading college rusher had he not left after his junior year, nothing fancy. But than butch takes his azz to cleveland, and the first monday night game the browns are playing in, and the very first play they're running a reverse, i was like GTF outta here with that shat. Ran that old boring azz offense between him and thee incompetent, it was until chud took over our offense started exploding, some of yall have been giving the wrong guy credit.

Now i'll give yall a perfect example of what i mean by throwing down field without needing much protection, just watch these highlights:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejV2o4pcouE

phuck phil fulmer, just look at the passes tee martin threw to peerless price, to the outside, man coverage you gotta try it like that, especially in the second half.


Tebow is such a whiny little beyatch!

Tebow defends Meyer, tees off on Miami's Shannon

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — While Florida coach Urban Meyer was terse in his response to a statement made by Miami coach Randy Shannon, when asked about his opponent's late attempts to score in the Gators' 26-3 win on Saturday, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow wasn't as diplomatic.
Shannon didn't directly talk about Meyer by name. He also hinted the Gators' trying to score will help UM recruiting. Florida threw a deep pass late in the game to try to score. Jonathan Phillips kicked a 29-yard field goal with 25 seconds to play.

"I'll just say this one statement," Shannon said on Sunday. "Sometimes when you do things, and people see what type of person you really are, you turn a lot of people off. Now, whatever you want to get out of that, I won't say it again. But it helped us. It helped us more than you'll ever know."

Tebow said he read Shannon's statement on Monday.

"I did see that. That's OK," Tebow said. "The only part that really, I guess, offended me was when he questioned Coach Meyer and I'll have Coach Meyer's back on anything and to say something like that about Coach Meyer isn't true at all. He is one of the best coaches in the game. That's why I came to the University of Florida is to play for Coach Meyer, because of the type of person he is.

"So if you want to talk about him, you should definitely talk about a lot of other coaches before Coach Meyer. You can talk about running the score up, I don't care. They are paid to stop us and (Gator offensive coordinator Dan) Mullen is paid to score. And if they don't do that? OK, oh well. But you don't have to talk about Coach Meyer as a person and getting in recruits and doing that stuff. That's not necessary. You don't have to go after him as a person. That's not necessary at all."

Tebow continued: "(Meyer) has tried to work guys into being better people on the field, off the field, never says anything bad about anybody, always tries to do the right thing. He tries to take young boys and make them into men and do the right thing. We play with character and strength on the field and off and I don't think you usually see many cheap shots or anything wrong that we do. Yeah, maybe we're going try to score through the whole game. That's our job. We like playing football.

"And when you're on the football field … we're going to try to score. We're going to be nice, we're going to shake their hands, we're going to do all that, be men. But we're not going to not try to score. I don't think that has anything to do with the type of person you are and it's not like we were up that much and we're playing the University of Miami. We're only up by two touchdowns."

Meyer didn't take any shots back at the Hurricanes' coach.

"It was a great football game," Meyer said. "Why don't we talk about the players that played a great, hard-nosed football game and quit measuring up to worrying about Florida. I learned a long time ago just coach your team and take care of yourself. Special teams, offense and defense occupies all our time. So I'm good, we've got to move on."


I'm sure we blob all the time but, 86 - who's the dude in the combat boots? In the solo pic with the Ibis? And in that pic with the absolutely SMOKING Cane cheerleader -- the tall one with the ripped stomach....yow!

Man oh MAN...come on, guys -- at least THAT part of the trip was fun, no?


Posted by: darCANEgel | September 08, 2008 at 07:33 PM

DarC...the guy in the combat gear with the Ibis is OcalaCane. With him and Angry on each side and Carlos out in front leading the way, U ain't got no worries bro.

The cheerleader you mentioned is Lacee, the #1 cheerleader. I believe she is the Captain of the squad and I know she is a Canespace reader. Ocala will be sending her the pics for her MySpace page (set to private).


Soup....when is the next Manny chat. I had to read the Shandel blog (not a friend of the canespace program) today just to get my fix.


Chicago...I emailed Manny about that very subject a little while ago but have not heard back yet.

He usually does a 2 PM LIVE chat at Eye on the U on Tuesday or Thursday but they haven't settled on a consistent day yet.

I asked him about The Space and hope to hear back from him by late tonight or tomorrow so I will let you know ASAP!


Thanks beautiful canechic for this info:

Sept. 8, 2008

IRVING, Texas– The Big 12 Conference Office and its television partners announced the selections for the weekend of Sept. 20. Texas A&M vs. Miami will be televised by ABC.

The network will use one of its three six-day notices to determine whether the game will kick at 2:30 p.m. central or at 7 p.m. central. The 2:30 p.m. window is regional with the 7 p.m. kick more of a split national telecast.


McGee has sprained shoulder, could play vs. Miami

September 8, 2008

The Associated Press

COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee will sit out practice this week with a sprained throwing shoulder, but Coach Mike Sherman wouldn't rule out McGee returning in time to start the Aggies' next game.

McGee was injured on the sixth play of A&M's 28-22 win over New Mexico on Saturday. Jerrod Johnson replaced McGee and went 10-for-19 for 124 yards and three touchdowns.

McGee underwent an MRI exam on Monday and Sherman said the injury was "not as severe as we originally thought."

The Aggies next play on Sept. 20, against Miami. Sherman said McGee will sit out practices this week, but will be "day to day" next week.

Manny Navarro

New blob... The Recruit Report: '09 class impressed by Canes in the Swamp...



your welcome Montreal- we needed some info on the Aggies because we are still too focused on Gators. Got to move on!!!


Darc - That is hilarious. One of my favorite movies - I am a Val Kilmer fan and he was great as Madmardigan. Ok this blob has less negativity that the other one - good news!!

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